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When the Coatls sealed the Rakshasa Maharajah within the Silver Flame, they found that his power was still too great, and could still set his will upon the world. So the feathered serpents set upon his imprisoned body, ripping out his eyes, his Tongue, his fangs, his claws, and his heart. These parts were scattered across Khorvaire, protected for eons, disguised as ordinary gemstones. The lords of dust would do just about anything to get their hands on these stones.

The gems have been put through rigorous protections to hide their abilities and origins. Any and all divinations cast upon them turns up blank. Very few documents even mention their existence, and even then only a passing reference in one possible creation myth for the Silver Flame. Only the oldest of dragons and most superstitious of Rakshasa know of, or believe in their existence. Each Gem confers special abilities to one who uses them to replace their body parts.

The Left Eye of the Great Tiger King
This opaque Tiger's eye gem is perfectly spherical and about the size of a human eye. When it is used to replace a person's left eye it grants the ability to see things at great distances. Three times per day one who has replaced their eye with the gem can use Clairvoyance as a Sorcerer equal to your Hit Dice. This Clairvoyance allows you to see with darkvision at a range of 60ft functioning even in magical darkness. However, despite it's great prowess in far-sight, you cannot see normally out of this eye. Your depth perception is hindered, inflicting a -4 penalty on all ranged attacks.

The Right Eye of the Great Tiger King
The Right Eye Looks nearly identical to the left, though it is a slightly darker hue. When it is used to replace a person's right eye, it grants the ability to look deeply into a person's life force, weather you can truly them, or not. This eye gives you blindsight out 5 feet and blindsense out 20ft. You also gain the effects of deathwatch and know alignment within the range of your blindsense. However, despite sight granting abilities, you cannot see normally out of this eye. Your depth perception is hindered, inflicting a -4 penalty on all ranged attacks outside the range of your blindsight(not including your blindsense).

The Tongue of the Great Tiger King
The tongue is a blood red ruby approximately she size and shape of a human tongue. The top side is very rough, like a cat's tongue. When it is placed on the stub of a person's cut off tongue it fuses into the moth and becomes flexible and softer, yet still rough and retains the appearance of a ruby. Attaching the tongue causes your words to roll smoothly, Your words are more believable, calming, and yet retain a powerful quality to them. This imparts a +5 Competence bonus on Bluff, Diplomacy, and Intimidate checks. You may also let out a mighty roar once per day. Opponents within a thirty foot cone are Panicked unless they make a will save (DC:10+1/2HD+Cha) or be shaken instead. This is a supernatural ability and lasts 10 rounds. In addition to these abilities, you may use Charm Monster three times per day at caster level 20th as a spell-like ability.

The Fangs of the Great Tiger King
These pair of white topaz gems look like the long canine teath of a vicious animal. Individually, these gems do nothing, but when both are placed in the spot of one's missing canine teeth, they fuse in place. These teeth grant a secondary bite attack that deals 1d6 damage plus half your strength modifier. This attack is treated as Magic and Evil for the purposes of overcoming damage reduction. It also has the wounding property.

The Left Hand of the Great Tiger King
This Jade stone is the size of a fist. In fact, if you squint just right it looks like one.

The Right Hand of the Great Tiger King

The Liver of the Great Tiger King
This Rough Onyx stone is about a foot long and six inches high in a roughly triangular shape. When placed against the outside of one's stomach it melds into the body, replacing their liver. A very painful process as the original liver is devoured by the new one. This black organ filters out poisons and produces a dark bile, increasing the subjects strength and toughness. Having this liver inside your body grants immunity to poisons and disease. It also gives a +4 Enhancement bonus to Strength and Constitution.

The Heart of the Great Tiger King
The heart is a diamond about the size of a human fist. Placing this against your chest results in the greatest pain anyone has ever experienced, as it breaks its way through your ribcage and rips your heart to shreads taking its place, this incredibly painful process deals 1d12 points of constitution damage, if the process is survived, then the heart grants power. Once all constitution damage is healed, it grants DR 10/Good and Piercing. This damage reduction stacks with damage reductions of the same type.

The Left and Right Eye
When both of your eyes are replaced by the Maharaja's, Their power amplifies greatly. You may use the clairvoyance ability of the left eye 5 times per day, and this also imparts a claraudience effect, True seeing, Darkvision 120ft, and Superior Low-Light vision. This also increases the range of the right eye's vision. The blindsight functions out to 100ft and Blindsense out to 200ft. In addition to the Deathwatch and Know alignment function, you also gain a continuous detect magic within the range of your blindsense. This special vision do not function when using the Clairvoyance ability. Despite this great vision, You still do not see normally out of these eyes, but instead of inflicting a penalty on ranged attacks, you are effectively blinded when you are not using the clairvoyance ability.

The Fangs and The Tongue
When both the Fangs and the Tongue are together, you gain dark sustenance from drinking the blood of your enemies. When you successfully deal constitution damage with your wounding bite, you may gain up to 5 points of the damage dealt as temporary hit points. These hit-points vanish after one hour.

The Left and Right Hand

The Heart and the Liver
When both the Heart and Liver are within one person's body, he may force his heart to beat faster, pumping the liver's bile deeper and more throughly, at the cost of exaustion. Twice per day he can enter a Rage identical to that of a barbarian.

All the Gems
When all the gems have been placed in a single person, they are filled with a vision, a voice calling out to them from within a blue and white pire. It begs for freedom and release from its prison. If one with all the gems in their body were to walk into the pyre of the silver flame in Flamekeep, their soul would replace that of the Rakshasa Maharaja trapped within. The gemed parts of the body would become flesh again, though the body would be under the control of the newly released Maharaja, and all the spellcasting abilities thereof (20th level sorcerer). Over the next 1d4 weeks the body will transform to match the soul and regain all its former hit dice and abilities. The soul of the one that walked into the pyre is trapped within the silver flame.

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Looks good so far, the only glaring error I can see is that 'Tongue' in 'The Fangs and The Tongue' is spelled wrong.

Other than that, they look fine to me.

2011-08-16, 09:08 AM
Looks good so far, the only glaring error I can see is that 'Tongue' in 'The Fangs and The Tongue' is spelled wrong.

Other than that, they look fine to me.

Fixed that.
Any ideas for the missing parts, then? Any criticism? Any opinions?

I basically have no Idea what to do for the hands, though.

2011-08-16, 01:13 PM
It seems odd to me to refer to Tiger Hands instead of Paws or Claws.


2011-08-16, 02:43 PM
Well, Rakshasa do have hands. Ironically backwards facing ones.

2011-08-16, 10:21 PM
A lot of misspellings...better proofread some more.
You didn't say how long the roar effect from the tongue lasts.

As for the missing parts...One should probably give a claw attack, with improved grab and rake, and the other gives Pounce. Together, the claw attack and rake are stronger, and there's a bonus to grapple checks.

2011-08-17, 04:51 PM
Ten rounds seem okay?

And as for the claw, I was thinking about that and having a rend attack for both...but it doesn't exactly say "King of all Rakshasa" just adding a natural attack.