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2011-08-15, 11:14 PM
Got a campaign world in which nature doesn't need protecting, so I'm modifying the ranger class. Tiers 3-5 are all okay, the world is relatively low-magic, and the group playing will be low-to-medium optimization. I'm satisfied with the noncombat abilities I gave the class, but is this combat bonus too little, too much, too inelegant? ...

Constructive criticism and amusingly-written snarkiness are both most welcome. :smallcool: Any suggestions on tightening up the numerous possible modifiers would be great. This class, called "pathfinder", gets d10 hit dice, full BAB, full martial weapon proficiency, and a modest speed bonus.

Draw Out (Ex): Starting at 4th level, a pathfinder has a special combat option. He can lure a foe away from its location to chase him. On his own turn as a full-round action the pathfinder can make a ranged attack against a target who he can outrun (using the target's best movement rate, and applying any relevant feats like Run or effects like haste). If the attack hits, it also forces the target to make a Will save (DC 10 + half pathfinder level + Wis modifier). If the Will save fails, the target chases the pathfinder. Both move twice the target's speed in a general direction chosen by the pathfinder, and the target loses its next turn. If the Will save succeeds, the pathfinder may take a movement action to complement his earlier attack.
The use of Draw Out is moderated by common sense. Creatures with ranged attacks might prefer using those over chasing, so they're more likely to successfully save. Creatures with swift-action ranged attacks might use them at their point in the initiative lineup even if they "lost their turn". Herd animals, foes that would provoke opportunity attacks for moving, and sapients who recognize they can't keep up would all gain bonuses to the saving throw. Aggressive creatures would take penalties. The pathfinder can't use Draw Out while prone, but can usually adjust slightly the exact amount of separation he maintains with the target. Some movement caused by Draw Out will require skill checks, like jumping, balancing or climbing. So on and so forth.
In addition, the pathfinder gains a damage bonus equal to his class level under two circumstances: a ranged attack made to draw out an enemy, and a melee attack against an enemy who has failed at least one Will save against Draw Out during this combat. Thus, a pathfinder can single out even a potent melee foe for one-on-one battle without being badly outclassed once he succeeds, and can keep punishing a foe who refuses his challenge. The melee bonus is halved for an offhand attack.

Silva Stormrage
2011-08-15, 11:18 PM
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2011-08-15, 11:41 PM
Indeed. Getting right on that. T'anks!