View Full Version : Small gestalt (pirate) swindler ideas (some help needed)

2011-08-21, 03:14 PM
Hey guys,

I could use some help with my newest character concept.

The basic ruleset: building a gestalt character without going all out on powerplay, being fun roleplay-wise is the main point of focus.
36 pointbuy, choice of race is free, max 1 side spellcaster and preferably not too funky (as in trying to stick to base classes; and not stacking class, upon class upon prestige class, etc.).

The general idea behind the character is as following:
A small, extremely clever and sharp, sometimes even slightly annoying fella that's able to swindle you out of everything you own including the pants you're wearing. His day to day business is his 'trading company' and his specialty lies in conning people. Oh and he probably lives in the pleasant company of pirates and such. Mostly because with all the seafaring involved he'll meet loads of people and has a slim chance of running into previously conned folks again.
Ow and last but not least, I kinda prefer something without too much moral obligations. :smallamused:

Some loose leads I have roaming around my head:
Something small and perky as a race: Pixie, Imp, Kobold, Goblin, something more exotic?
Psion (telepath), Bard or Beguiler on the caster side.
And depending on which class is chosen on the caster side (it doesn't have skillpoints) something Rogue or Factotum, or (it does have skillpoints) Warblade, Fighter or Swashbuckler?

If anyone can help me mold all these random ideas into something playable and enjoyable it would be most appreciated. :smallbiggrin:

2011-08-21, 06:14 PM
Whisper Gnome or Strongheart Halfling Beguiler // Daring Outlaw (Rogue/ Swashbuckler)

Strongheart Halfling Build.
1. Beguiler // Rogue - Craven, Combat Expertise
2. Beguiler // Swashbuckler - B: Weapon Finesse
3. Beguiler // Rogue - Improved Feint
4. Beguiler // Rogue - (Penetrating Strike ACF)
5. Beguiler // Rogue
6. Beguiler // Swashbuckler - Daring Outlaw
7. Mindbender // Swashbuckler
8. Beguiler // Swashbuckler
9. Beguiler // Swashbuckler - Surprising Riposte
10. Beguiler // Swashbuckler
11. Beguiler // Swashbuckler
12. Beguiler // Swashbuckler - Mindsight
13. Beguiler // Swashbuckler
14. Beguiler // Swashbuckler
15. Beguiler // Swashbuckler - Darkstalker
16. Beguiler // Swashbuckler
17. Beguiler // Swashbuckler
18. Beguiler // Swashbuckler - Maiming Strike, Staggering Strike, or some other feat
19. Beguiler // Swashbuckler
20. Beguiler // Swashbuckler