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2011-08-28, 12:18 AM
I posted this on the Wizards forums, but it's kind of barren over there.

D20 Modern v2 (as I call it)
Rapidshare Link to d20 Modern v2 (https://rapidshare.com/files/2800817592/D20_Modern_v2.rar)
Rapidshare Link to d20 Modern v2 Character Sheets (https://rapidshare.com/files/3646371457/D20_Modern_v2_Character_Sheets.rar)

Bascially, all I did was update the d20 Modern rules set with Pathfinder. Feats, skills, combat maneuvers, the whole thing. I also added and changed some basic classes talents, just felt they needed something more. I changed wealth to a $ system. It's much less realistic, but the games I run tend to benefit from this play style. To change it back I'd just use the original books as a reference. Besides that, not much is different. I've been running a Borderlands games for two months now and it has been a total blast.

Borderlands d20 Supplement
Rapidshare Link to Borderlands d20 Supplement (https://rapidshare.com/files/2544135687/Borderlands.rar)

The first thing I did was add psionics. I used a simplified Pathfinder version. It's still being tested and I think it might need a lot of tweaking, but what's in the link is the version I'm using now. I also added future feats and cybernetics. I'm still working on mutations. These haven't been playtested all that much either, but they look like they should be ok. Weapons are the most fun part. I have a list of basic weapons and then manufacturers. Each manufacturer modifys the weapons characteristics, some adding to hit, some damage. The combinations make choosing a weapon part of the fun. Then, you can get enhancements to your weapon, like rapid fire mods, red dot sights, and blades attached to the barrel. This makes customization go another level deeper. Then you can get Eridian crystals and use them to modify your weapons, a lot like D&D enchantments. Other equipment includes shields, neat armor, grenade mods, and tons of awesome vehicles. Again, it's currently being playtested, so a lot of stuff might not be balanced. Hope you have fun.

P.S. I'm no lawyer, so if my stuff isn't legally documented right, please give me a heads up.

2017-11-24, 10:32 AM
Not sure if you are still in the froums, but would you mind sharing your borderlands stuff? Have some friends Interested in combining it with d&d, and it would help me greatly to get the game started sooner. Thanks