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2011-08-28, 10:50 PM
Well, here we are again. (It's always such a pleasure.)
Remember when you tried to kill me twice?
I start a lot of threads that don't work out. I thought I'd give this a shot. See if y'all folks like it.
This is a thread to post things that you drew that have nowhere else to go. Here, hopefully they will be seen by others. I was thinking mostly funny stuff, but if it's just really cool, or another adjective, go ahead and post it. Or if you want critiques and advice on something, we could do that here.
I got the idea because I have a couple images I want to show off, and if I started a thread for just my stuff it would die, if nothing else at least because I wouldn't update it much. Anyway, here you go, somewhat inspired by Rock, Paper, Cynic:

2011-08-29, 09:57 AM
I actually feel sad for Belkar now.
Very nice pictures Fizzy!