View Full Version : New Large Scale War Game

2011-08-28, 11:48 PM
I have been kicking around an Idea in my head for the last year or so, and wanted to get some feedback on it.

Essentially, the premise of the game is two teams of people from modern day earth are chosen as champions by two all powerful super beings. These beings are not allowed to fight each other directly, because entire galaxies are destroyed in the cross fire. As such, a game is played with both individuals choosing their champions.

You are sent back in time with a choice selection of modern day tech. The world is a horribly altered version of ancient earth. It is a world where Roman legions march against English Knights. All of the greatest armies from before the invention of gun powder are there.

Your goal is simple. Conquer the world. The first team to do so, wins.

The game will follow a D20 system for the most part. Only a few changes from the normal D20 system. The biggest being controlling your army. As your army increases in size, so does the size of die you have to roll to maneuver your forces. The object being to roll the lowest number possible, this number reflecting the time it takes your orders to reach the front lines. Various modifiers will apply that can both increase and decrease the time it will take.

I have already started putting numbers on paper as far unit strengths go, things like pikeman are better at countering infantry than swordsman, and the defensive bonuses they get as a result.

I would like to know if anyone feels that it is a game they would enjoy playing, and I would appreciate any input. Thank you.