View Full Version : The jump from Inkscape to Illustrator

2011-09-10, 09:08 PM
I'm taking a Digital Imaging class and we are beginning the course with Adobe Illustrator. While I have no dislike of Inkscape, I am very interested in learning Illustrator and would like to do all my work in it instead of just importing work from Inkscape.

So now I come here to ask you guys: Have any of you ever made the jump from Inkscape to Illustrator? Or else from Illustrator to Inkscape? Anything you can share?

2011-09-10, 09:33 PM
I tried to learn Illustrator after Inkscape, but the difference in workflow was too big a hurdle. The process of altering nodes was completely different - instead of Inkscape's node tool I found myself having to toggle between three different tools.

However if you're learning it in a class from first principles it will probably go much smoother.

Capt. Ido Nos
2011-09-10, 09:59 PM
Totally with Trazoi on this one. Since you're taking a class, the transition's going to be MUCH smoother, since ideally your teacher's going to start everyone off from the beginning. I took a few years of graphic design courses, and I learned so much more about the software itself than I think I ever would have from a book.

That being said, I've never used Inkscape, but Illustrator was pretty fun to pick up, though that may be more saying something about my tendency to get all OCD about individual points in a line than anything, haha.