View Full Version : Namingway - A Repository of Possibly Useful Character Names

Teutonic Knight
2011-09-15, 12:17 AM
I don't know how much people will benefit from this thread, but oh well. I'm on a creating streak, and part of creating anything is giving it a name. In this case, I'm talking about names for characters, places or events, but mostly characters. I know I and at least some other people have trouble coming up with good names to use for our characters.

So what I'm proposing is this: a place for anyone to come and suggest names. Post anything that you think would make for a cool name, or a proper name, or anything of the sort. You can post individual words, and someone else might build on it. It's like a workshop, focused solely on finding creative names. Post names of obscure people in history. Obscure people in literature. Remind people of cool names that quite common. I recommend suggesting first names or last names separately and someone out there will put one and one together to make an awesome name. Once you find an awesome full complete name or derivation, feel free to share or not, if you prefer to keep your findings a secret. Jerk. :smalltongue:

I also recommend using these two sites.
First names (http://www.behindthename.com/)
Last names (surnames) (http://surnames.behindthename.com/)

If you'd prefer that people not use your names, but are fine with having them use derivatives or variations of the names, let us know. Though this is a community thing, so you wouldn't be posting here if you didn't want to share. Let's see how this goes.

My names to share for now:
Satchel - wanted to use it for a last name of a character, but found a name that fit better. I might still use it.
Ashe - I know it's kind of a common fantasy name, but I was looking at the formula for arsenic trihydride or arsine, which is AsH3. So a chemistry/sci-fi story could use this name I guess. Heck, Arsine can be a name too.

Something like that ^. If you flag a name to be used, let me know so that I can make a comprehensive list for people to use as a future reference.