View Full Version : Alternate rules for Warlocks, your thoughts?

2011-09-15, 03:43 PM
Similar to a portion of a discussion on druids elsewhere (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?p=11854019#post11854019), what is your thoughts on allowing Warlocks access to the Lesser/regular/Greater Planar Binding spells, or slightly modified variations thereupon (mostly to cover the other-spells-required aspect) as a Lesser/Greater/Dark invocation?

It would, of necessity I would think, require a "only one at a time" restriction, but I see having an infernal companion is being very much in keeping with the Warlock's design.

Perhaps build into the invocation personal protection (equivalent to a Prot. from evil) during the bargaining phase, but bystanders/party members/etc. are there at their own risk?

Varied degree of success on the opposed check. Success means the called creature is bound to the bargain, failure returns the creature immediately, and failure by 5+ simply ends the bargain (and protections) and frees the called creature to act however it cares to.

Building on this thought, opinions on allowing Invoke Lesser Planar Ally as an alternate entry requirement for Thaumaturge?

...on changing the MiniHB's Bonded Summoner PrC to a "arcane CL 4" requirement instead of a "2nd level spells" requirement?

Halna LeGavilk
2011-09-15, 05:10 PM
Firstly, the title might be a bit misleading. Secondly, I don't see how it could hurt. Warlock is always in need of more stuff.