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2011-09-15, 07:07 PM
Was curious about making a facebook game, and had been making game prototypes in javascript and html5 canvas, so had a go at making a small game. Posting here as this was a webcomic i discovered while looking for art style motivation, and incase people find it interesting. The game system is my own desiign and implementation, though loosly based on 'Gratuitous Space battles' and 'D&D'



(still having issues with layout in facebook)

a clone of 'gratuitous space battles' but for role playing games. You can edit characters, and deploy them to battle.

technical/ work remaining.
works on firefox, gave up on Internet Exploder. Reached a dead end with canvas (too slow on IE) and would need to port it to Flash or webgl to move forward.
the php and database backend are not implemented (so can not save party/ fight online)
having ballance issues, and taking only 2hours to write an ai is possibly a bad move (forgot that i still need to make a gui to set the characters ai, currently defaulting to target person with most damage, then most hitpoint, but the number of people a character can keep track of is limited by the intellegence stat, which seemed like a good idea at the time)
skills/ ablitites need work, and should be purchased with points gained from battles.
battles need work.
online battles would kind of be the point of getting this working on facebook.

this is effectivly abandonware, i'm moving onto projects with more direct money potential (need to eat and rent thing) the non compressed javascript can be provided if people want to play with javascript/ canvas but i would stress i feel that i have hit a brickwall of this tech path not working for IE (and a lot of people use IE)

enjoy, and thanks for your time

2011-09-15, 07:17 PM
perhaps should also mention comments/ critiques are always welcome. please help me improve, if not for this project then for the next.

back in the day i spent a lot of time on polycount, where a nice form of critiques would be to find something nice to say, then tear it apart listing things that don't work or alternative suggestions to things to make it work better...

2011-09-16, 04:41 AM
Haha this is cute! It's kinda like Pockie Ninja only you get to have more than one character. But it would be better if you had text in it explaining how to play. Or I wasn't just looking. And I don't now if it's intended, but it might be better to use simpler shapes for your character drawings. Anyway, it's a good start. Needs some polish but it could be something fun!