View Full Version : Inkscape: Avatar Problems

Epee Assassin
2011-09-18, 06:21 PM
OK, so I just want to know how to resize my avatar in inkscape.

2011-09-18, 07:17 PM
Two ways; for both Edit -> Select All in All Layers (Ctrl+Alt+A):

1. Hold down the Ctrl and grab a corner and re-size. With the Ctrl key held down both width and height are changed in proportion to the mouse movement.

2. Select Object -> Transform..., then the Scale tab. Make sure the Scale proportionately checkbox is selected. Enter the amount you want it change, > 100% for increase in size, < 100% for decrease. Then click Apply.

2011-09-19, 01:26 PM
You can import the image into inkscape, select all of it, then hit file-Export Bitmap. Once there, go to the Selection tab, and use the Bitmap Size sliders to adjust the pixel size. If you need it to be 120x120 for example, just set the biggest number to 120, and inkscape will automatically adjust to account for the dimensions.

Obviously, when done, export it to somewhere you can find it.