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2011-09-20, 09:35 AM
A mysterious pandemic has been plaguing the country for several weeks, and it has hit Kentucky in the last few days. At the worst time possible, several souls wind up at Kindred Hospital in Louisville.

Father Cornello:
He was heading toward a patients room to hand him a specially made, one-of-kind Cornello bat. Looking around, he saw that there were more dead than sick today. His prayers would go out, but he was truly worried about the pandemic.

Harrison Frier:
"I'm sorry, Harry, she's dead." Harry barely heard the voice coming from the paramedic, as he just wandered into Kindred Hospital, Axe in hand, and sat down on a nearby bench. He had failed, and he wasn't going to let that happen again.

Keith Gilmore:
Having just been checked out of the hospital, with just a few cuts and bruises, begins to head out the door, but is stopped by a large African-American man clad in fatigues.

Zack Allan:
Arriving several minutes before the cavalry, it was now his job to deal with the crowds of people that can't make it. The last thing he needs is to have some methed up biker run into him. Might as well get to work.

Spoilers are OOC, but don't abuse them. Use them for rolls or very quick explanations or questions.
The zombies aren't showing up quite yet, give it some time. I want to see what everyone is going to do first.

2011-09-20, 10:27 AM
The world was spinning around Harry's head... he needed to sit down. Why couldn't I save her?

Everyone has a time. There was nothing you could do. They are in a better place. Don't take it so personally. At-least that's what they would always tell him... but it never made it any easier.

He couldn't breath, it was so cramped in here. My God, I'm still wearing my mask. Harry tears it down from his face so it hangs by the straps around his neck and he gets his first good look at his surroundings. There were patients and doctors staring at him, not sure if they should be scared or should try offering him help.

Harry is fully clad in his fire-fighting gear complete with helmet and reflective vest. He is young, fit, strong, tall and powerful... making it all the move strange that he is almost doubled over on the bench close to tears. He has black soot and ash coating his clothes but his face was protected by his mask. He has very short brown hair and sharp green eyes above a slightly crooked nose. The fire axe clatters to the floor next to his seat as he let his grip go lax.

He puts his face in his hands and begins to sob. "I'm sorry... I'm so sorry... I should have done more. Next time, I will do more... I promise." He clenches his fists, grits his teeth and goes to wipe away a single tear but leaves only a black streak across his cheek.

2011-09-20, 11:08 AM
Zack raises his hand in a halting gesture. Sorry sir, no one leaves as of now. I'm here to quarantine the hospital by order of the CDC.

Standing deliberately to block the doors, Zack calls to a nearby nurse. Excuse me, miss? Can you get on the phone to hospital security please and tell them to seal all the exits. Zack's tone, while polite carries the air of authority, he is clearly a man used to giving orders and having them obeyed immediately. The nurse looks up at him with an expression of irritation, but seeing his size, uniform and weapon, she thinks better of whatever retort was forming and scurries off.

Oh miss? Get your chief down here too. Thank you. he calls after her retreating back.

2011-09-20, 11:45 AM
Pardon me captain, Keith says attempting to move around Zack, But I don't want to play in your ground-pounder games. And you can tell that to your CDC too. He doesn't have the authority to tell me anything. Last time I checked this was the good old U.S. of A. and I still a free man.

2011-09-20, 12:05 PM
Zack shakes his head and does not move. Never heard a pandemic called a "game" before. I take it you've never heard of the Centre for Disease Control then? They and therefore I have plenty of authority. Nobody leaves, sir. Clear enough for you?

Great, civilians with attitude, this is going to be a wonderful day Zack thinks to himself.

Zack softens his tone Look, I realise this is inconvienient, it's a pain in my ass too. You think I wanna be here getting in these folks' way? Zack waves in the general direction of some nearby medical staff The situation with this, whatever it is, is getting out of hand, please don't make it harder. Grab yourself a coffee and let me do my job so we can all go home. Ok?

2011-09-20, 03:06 PM
As Father Cornello walked into Jimmy's room, he could tell that something was wrong. Jimmy wasn't there, and his parents were in the room, crying violently. What happened? Jimmy died last night... the mother cried, rushing over to hug the saddened Father. Dear Father he started to pray last night we had a small child enter your kingdom. We know he is trully happy now, but give us the strength to realize that he is better off in your arms. Amen he finished. After saying his goodbye's, he left, baseball bat still in hand. As he was going through the lobby, he saw a biker having an argument with what looked like a CDC official. Susan He whispered to the old nurse Whats going on? "The man ordered us to seal all the exits" She replied. Deciding to leave the official alone, he walked over to a bench, and set down near a young firefighter, who was sobbing. Hello young man, my name is Father Cornello. Its gonna be alright. What seems to be the matter?

2011-09-20, 07:33 PM
The CDC trucks zoomed down the street towards the hospital, wasting no time. When they reached the hospital, they immediately deployed several soldiers in HAZMAT rushing inside. "Excuse me, citizens. This hospital is now quarantined, anyone not in HAZMAT at this moment will stay in the building until we have the situation contained. Anyone that tries to leave is ordered to be shot on sight. That is all." To test his threat, a man walked up to him. "You can't stop me from doin' ****!" He began marching past him, towards the door. "I wanna go home to see my family and you won't-" Without a second though, the CDC officer fired three shots into the mans chest. "That is ALL. Thank you for your time, and I suggest you sit the **** down."

Within minutes, the CDC had the buidling sealed off from the outside, everyone inside was stuck with the sick and dying.

2011-09-20, 08:04 PM
Zack turns to the CDC official You in charge here punk? You might want to calm the hell down and put that weapon away. Situation's in hand. You mind explaining the HAMZAT ****, I'm pretty pissed that you sent me and my men down here improperty prepared He walks over getting right up in the man's personal space and glowers down at him

Intimidate [roll0] (Will+appearance+skill) rule one one result: -2, so roll is a 5

2011-09-20, 08:16 PM
Maybe, corporal, if you didn't send your men into the Hot Zone without even checking in, they wouldn't be in this mess in the first place. You don't seem to understand, I had to negotiate with my commanding officer to not just kill all of you outright. So my suggestion is that you sit the **** down and thank your lucky stars that I am not the man to kill you, corporal! The CDC officer walked out of the hospital through the long exit tube between the layers of plastic sealing off the hospital.

is it kosher for me to post twice in-between story segments? Also, I am assuming your rule of 1's on OOC thread was already added to the roll in the IC thread. If not, I think it was still a fail anyway. If it wasn't I apologize, I'll pay greater attention later.

2011-09-20, 09:03 PM
Frightened, Father Cornello temporarely forgot about the man he was trying to help. He got out his Rosary and started to pray Dear Lord, give us the strength to get through this.. Whatever it is... and deliver us to safety. Your children are in some kind of danger, and are in desperate need of your love right now. Please Lord, help me shepard your flock, as I am afraid that I can not guide them on my own. He took a quick swig from his flask, and went up to Zack. What on Earth is going on here? What did he mean Hot Zone? And why did he say that he had to argue against killing all of us? You owe us some answers! He said, gesturing to the ones sitting around the lobby, Kieth, Harry, and Susan.
Flask a little less than 3/4 full now.

2011-09-21, 12:59 AM
Harry doesn't even realise the Father was talking to him until he says "Amen" and walks away.

If only the world could be fixed with a prayer. If only.

Harry watches the preacher leave and for the first time notices the commotion at the entry way surrounding what looks like a man in HAZMAT and another in military garb. Harry picks up his axe and walks close enough to become part of conversation. "Is there something I can do to help?" Harry volunteers before he even knows what is going on.

2011-09-21, 05:16 AM
What makes you think I know any more that you, Father? That murdering pencil pusher shot me down in flames if you didn't notice. ******** tried to make out it's my fault I don't have a HAZMAT the cheeky ****, plus can't tell the difference between a two stripe corporal and my 6 and a frigging star. I'll corporal him.

Zack turns away from the group to try and calm down. Internally he's seething and trying hard to control himself. Hot zone? What is this ****? since when does the CDC shoot first and ask questions later, they're frigging scientists! Having composed himself, he clicks on his radio. Jones, Lupo, Robinson. Report in. I've go CDC shooting people down here..

Not waiting for the answer Zack crosses to the nurses station in search of a phone

2011-09-21, 08:13 AM
After his confrontation with Zach, Keith grumbles his way over to the coffee machine and pours himself a cup of black coffee. With coffee in hand, he finds a vacant seat and slumps down into it. When the CDC official shoots and kills the man, Keith jumps out of his seat, spilling his coffee on the floor. He is livid over the situation but self-preservation takes hold and he contains himself, sitting back down.
Once Zach goes to the nurses' station, Keith heads to a window to see what is going on outside.

2011-09-21, 08:23 AM
Father Cornello walked away, now more confused than ever. It was clear that the CDC officer didn't know what was happening. Oh well he said, to no one in particular. As long as I'm here, I should at least go help and pray with the other patients. Setting the bat down, he set off, farther into the Hospital...

2011-09-21, 08:41 AM
Upon seeing the man being shot Harry immediately runs to his side, yelling "Doctor! Nurse! Help!"

He tears open his First Aid Kit and starts tending the man's wounds without even checking to see if he was still alive.

Harry uses 1 of his 6 First Aid Kit uses

First Aid
To stabilize him if he is not yet dead. To extend resuscitation time-frame to Conx2 minutes if he is already.

Regardless of if he is alive or dead Harry will attempt to heal him, 1 first aid for each wound. Heals 1LP per success level (If he is stabilized and not dead).

Sorry, I think I messed up the chronology something fierce. But there is just no way Harry sees someone gets shot and doesn't do anything about it.

2011-09-21, 09:23 AM
Zack reaches the nurses station and quickly finds a phone, however the nurse from earlier, Susan is already frantically dialing the phone, she puts it up to her ear, waits a minute, and begins to pout. "It's dead... the phone line is dead. What're we gonna do? We're trapped!" She continues screaming frantically and hyperventilating. Zack, disheartened, begins to head back when he gets a call from his radio. "Sir? Sir? It's bad out here, sir, something real bad is happening. You there?"

Father Cornello ventures further into the hospital, and can't help but notice that nearly every room he walks past, people are dead. Nurses are trying to resuscitate the dying, but to no avail.

Keith sees not much out of the window, but sees vague shapes outside the plastic sheet, seemingly giving orders to people standing around. Keith watches for a few seconds, when rapid gunfire begins, and a noticeable spray of blood splatters against the plastic sheet.

The man coughs and wakes up as Harry patches two of his wounds, and stabilizes him. A nurse walks up to Harry: You saved his life, you should be proud, now help me get him to a doctor, quick!

2011-09-21, 09:36 AM
Zack responds immediately. That doesn't help me soldier, get a grip. Location and situation! Report!

2011-09-21, 09:43 AM
"Right." Harry slings the man over his shoulder and says to the Nurse "Lead the way... wait, and bring that for me would you?" Harry points at his fire-axe on the ground. "Wouldn't want one of these people doing something stupid with it."

He whispers to the man on his shoulder "Hang in there. I'm going to get you the help you need."

Not again. Not twice in one day.

2011-09-21, 10:10 AM
"Oh my God," Keith hollers. "They're ******' killing people out there! Just what the **** is going on here?!" Keith backs away from the window and runs to another one to try and get a better look outside.

2011-09-21, 10:13 AM
Dear Lord... Father Cornello says, as he passes rooms filled with dead. I just saw some of these people earlier, and they were fine. How could they have passed so quickly? Somethings is not right here... Hearing gunfire coming from outside, he quickly runs to the window, trying to see what is going on.

2011-09-21, 10:20 AM
The soldier responds to Zack, still delerious: Sorry sir, but, but it's gettin' real bad. People in the streets, rioting, tearing people up... They... they're eating eachother sir!" More gunfire is heard and some shouts, and the radio cuts out.

Harry and the nurse rush down the hall looking for a doctor. They turn a corner and discover a grisly site: A patient. A dead patient, alive and kicking, gnawing on another nurse, it sends out a horrifying cry and turns its attention on Harry.

Rushing through back to the lobby, Father Cornello reaches the window that Keith was looking at the same time Keith does. The view in the window shows that there are CDC officers inside the plastic tent. One bends down to get and gets attacked by a blood-covered person. The man mauls and tears at the CDC officer, while the other officer just draws his gun and fires twice at the man, in the head. The man falls over, bloody, mouth full with flesh. The gun wielding CDC officer then immediately fires at the other's head twice. Sorry, man. Orders are orders. The CDC officer walks outside of the plastic tent, into the city.

2011-09-21, 10:44 AM
What in God's name... Father Cornello whispers, trying not to be sick. Did you just see that? He asked Keith. That man just started eating the other one! Whats going on?

2011-09-21, 10:52 AM
Into the radio: Jones? Private Jones? Nothing. This is bulllll****! Did he really say eating each other? Zack thinks to himself. I need tactical infomation and an exit.

Zack turns back to the terrified nurse. He grabs hold of her lapels and gives her a little shake, not too roughly, just enough to focus her on him. Now then ma'am, Susan right? Try to stay calm, I need your help. Is there a TV round here somewhere with local news access? Take me to it.

Into the radio: Lupo, Robinson. Get yourselves to the main entrance. Avoid contact with CDC personel where possible, they may be hostile. Also be advised I have unconfirmed reports of rioting and cannibalism. Say again cannibalism. Exercise extreme caution. Lethal force authorised as a last resort. Say again, main entrance, extreme caution, lethal force as last resort

2011-09-21, 12:22 PM
"Hey! Get away from her!" Harry places the injured man on the nearest empty bed. "Nurse? Hand me my axe."

2011-09-21, 12:41 PM
"We're tryin' sir, but there is a big fight going down right now. Reports of cannibalism... are accurate, sir. I repeat, cannibalism is occuring. Everyone here is ordered to shoot anyone approaching. Or anyone trying to get into the hospital without a HAZMAT suit, so we can't take the main entrance. I have no clue what they are doing sir, if this rioting and cannibalism is part of the virus or whatever, and it is spread by air, why are they quarantining the hospital? They have no idea what they are doing sir, this is a major **** up and we are the ones that are gonna pay. Hold tight sir, we'll get you outta there. *click* Radio goes silent.

The Nurse drops the axe the second she lays eyes on the patient. By the time she returns the patient is nearly on Harry.

I will need a dodge check from harry

2011-09-21, 01:38 PM
"Don't make me do this!" Harry dives for his axe but waits for the crazed patient to attack him first before defending himself, in case it could be avoided.

Fast Reaction Time, so I should go first.
Move action to pick up Axe.
Defensive Parry with Axe [roll0]
Another Parry if needed [roll1]
1st Attack with Axe [roll2] Damage [roll3] +20 (5th level success)
2nd Attack with Axe [roll4]* Damage [roll5]
*-2 if 2nd Parry was needed

Damage calculation
Base for axe: (Str)*(d6+1)
2x For slashing and being used 2handed at Str 4 gives:
2*(4+1)*(d6+1) = 10*(d6+1) = 10d6+10

Parry with axe from p100 of Core book.

2011-09-21, 03:11 PM
What in God's name... Father Cornello whispers, trying not to be sick. Did you just see that? He asked Keith. That man just started eating the other one! Whats going on?
"I don't know padre but I aim to find out."
Keith works his way over to the entry tube the CDC official used to leave the hospital and takes a look out.

2011-09-21, 03:38 PM
As Kieth left, the Father just stood there, thoroughly shaken. He was only brought back to reality when he heard a horrifying cry coming from farther back in the hospital. Suddenly, pieces started to fall together. The dead, the eating of the flesh, shooting them in the head... No, it can't possibly be. This is just insane. He thought. He used to love horror stories as a kid. It gave him lots of knowledge about the Occult. There was only one thing that fit this description. Stay away from anybody coming close! He yelled to Kieth. I know this is going to sound crazy, but it is the only thing that makes sense! He paused. Was he really going to say the thing that was filling his mind? Those people, they arent themselves anymore. I think they're zombies!

Ranks in Occult Knowledge as well as Myths and Legends helped him figure it out.

2011-09-21, 05:04 PM
Zack stands straight, takes a deep breath and puts on his parade ground voice. Right everyone listen up! he barks. We got ourselves a stuation here and it's gettin' ugly. I am Sergeant Major Allan, US Army, if you wish to get through this I suggest you do what I say, when I say it!

Zack chooses his words carefully attempting to avoid panicing the people. He hopes that by having someone take charge, people will pull together. In his experience it works.

You! he points a teenage boy sitting in the waiting area aged about 15 Find me a TV or a radio and tune it to a local news station!

You! he points to a slightly overweight security guard get on your radio and find out what's going on in ths place! Get me the Chief of Staff if you can

You! He spins around and glares at the priest Hysterics help no one! It's just people scared of the CDC and this little illness. Zombies my ass, a man of the cloth should know better!

Everyone else, barricades. Keep these crazy idiots away from us!

There is a little movement, but mostly people just stare at him. I know I'm pretty, but you'll have to gaze in awe some other time! Move MOVE MOVE!! Zack crashes his hand down on the desk top and suddenly there is a burst of activity.

2011-09-21, 06:46 PM
The patient lunges at Harry, but Harry buts him off and hacks at the zombie with his axe. Blood spurts up in Harry's face as he drives the axe into the zombie's forehead, felling it.

Keith sees nothing special, but there appears to be a major dispute going on outside of the tube, like the army is arguing with the CDC.

Little does anyone currently know, Father Cornello is spot on.

A small boy finds a radio and brings it to Zack. A hysterical newscaster begins ranting: "It is the end of times I tell you! People dying, getting back up and eating other people! The people they kill, get up and kill! THe ****ing end of the earth is here! Armageddon! Ragnarok! NOAHS ****ING ARK! Listen to me America, there is no hope, there is no-... *click* [elevator-like music begins playing]."

The security gaurd beings talking frantically into his walkie-talkie: "Jones, Matthews, Max? Anyone! This is gone to ****! We need the Chief of Staff! Now!"

2011-09-21, 08:00 PM
I might be a man of the cloth, but I still know something evil when I see it Cornello grumbled to no-one in particular. Scared of the CDC and illness my ass. What illness causes the dead to get back up and eat oth... He trailed off, suddenly remembering where exactly he was. He had passed Harry in the hallway, the one with rooms filled with the dead. Lord help me. He said, looking towards the sky. He grabbed his bat, and ran off down the hall, hoping that the firefighter was still alive...

2011-09-21, 11:02 PM
Harry is dumbstruck that he just killed a man, even if it was self defence. I swore to protect... What have I become?

He turns to the bitten nurse. "Miss? Miss! Are you Okay? Your safe now. Can you help me with this man?"

Harry hears someone coming down the hall behind him and turns around. It is the Father, running at full speed carrying a base-ball bat in his hand. What on Earth? He levers his axe from out of the dead man's face. "Father, it isn't what it looks like! He was trying to eat..."

2011-09-22, 12:59 AM
Trying to eat you? Father Cornello finishes the sentence for him. He looks down at the nurse, and notices the bite mark on her. Or rather, her, by the looks of it. Don't worry. I know the Lord understands. Besides, you didn't take a life. It would have to be living in order for you to do that.He continued, knowing full well that he sounded crazy. I'm just glad you are okay. Were you bitten at all? He asked worriedly, scanning him for bite marks.

2011-09-22, 01:10 AM
"I'm fine, don't worry about me. But this man's been shot and I don't know how bad that nurse got hurt. Do you know where the doctors are?"

It takes a few moments for what the Father said to sink in; about the man not being alive. "... What do you mean 'didn't take a life'? I buried my axe right between his eyes!"

2011-09-22, 07:58 AM
Keith will look around for something to use to help build the barricade as Zach instructed but he is also looking for a weapon to use, specially if he sees a fallen CDC officer outside the hospital and he can make a grab for it.

2011-09-22, 08:13 AM
When I last walked down these halls, not a single patient was alive. Cornello starts to explain to Harry. I know it sounds crazy, especially coming from a religious man like myself, but we have to look at the facts. He walks over to the dead man. People are eating one another. People who were once dead. In all of my studies of Myths and Legends, and knowledge of the Occult, only one thing fits. Zombies. Come, lets find this man a Doctor. I can explain more along the way.

2011-09-22, 10:50 PM
Harry hoists the man over his shoulder and follows behind the Father. "So you think this is it? The Rapture? Armageddon? The end of days?"

Is Father Cornello yet aware of his super-powers?

2011-09-23, 01:03 AM
1 Thessalonians, Chapter 4, verse 16 my child. For the Lord himself will come down from heaven, with a loud command, with the voice of the archangel and with the trumpet call of God, and the dead in Christ will rise first. He gave Harry a small encouraging smile. He then looks around, the gunfire and fighting still going on outside. The man in their arms was dying, and they had yet to find a person to help. You know, for this being a hospital, I have yet to see a Doctor.. Closing his eyes, he starts to mutter a prayer.

Dear Lord, I need your strength. I know you are testing your children in this time, but we could really use a miracle. Just send us a doctor, or someone who can save this man's life, so that he may continue on to serve you. In Jesus name I pray, Amen. Suddenly, Cornello felt a new sense of power coursing through him.

Set him down. He told Harry, as his hands began to glow white. He set his hands upon the man's chest, and very soon, the man was coughing up blood, before getting up. Wha... What happened? Cornello was dumbstruck. Finally getting the will to speak, he said A miracle. I guess God does work in mysterious ways.

He is now. :D At least of Touch of Healing.

2011-09-23, 08:01 AM
Keith takes another look out the window and notices that the dead CDC officer was never dragged out, and sees what looks a lot like a pistol on his side.

I will need a stealth check if you go outside

Cornello and Harry, along with the wounded man continue down the hall and come across a room filled with "dead" patients. They are currently busy eating some poor sap, and haven't noticed the party yet. The doorway is merely a few feet away.

The pudgy security gaurd wanders over to Zach. "I found the Chief of Staffs office, but it is locked, and I think it's barricaded. What do we do?"

2011-09-25, 02:29 AM
Harry is amazed at the miracle he just witnessed. "Or not so mysterious ways... You just saved that man's life!"

When they come to the doorway with the group feeding on a corpse Harry says quietly "Come on, let's not wait around and see if they want dessert... Unless you got another miracle you want to perform?"

untrained Stealth check if needed

2011-09-25, 06:12 PM
The Father slowly shakes his head. I can't think of anything at the moment. Besides, that last one left me feeling a bit.. drained. He looks at the feasting Zombies. What do you think we should do? Sneak around them? Or go ahead and put them out of their misery? He readies his Bat, ready for any decision Harry will make.

2011-09-25, 07:40 PM
What's keeping them? Zack thinks to himself. I need more infomation Taking the radio he trys to re-tune it to a different station.

Specifically he looks for the Emergency Alert System (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Emergency_Alert_System). He also asks around to see if anyone has cell reception

2011-09-25, 10:07 PM
"There's no point to bloodshed if we can get by without. Try to stay low and quiet hopefully they won't even know we are here."

Well, here goes...

2011-09-26, 11:06 AM
Harry and Cornello are sneaking past the "zombies", rather succesfully, when a patient, covered in gore from head to toe, busts through a door, screaming and ranting about "zombies", he notices Harry and Cornello and begins to attack them with his scalpel. "you won't hurt anyone else you ****in' flesh eaters!" He slashes wildly at Cornello.

Need a dodge check, Cornello

Zach tunes into a random station and the EBS plays: "-ergency Broadcast System. It is advised you stay in your home and lock your doors and windows. The military is attempting to contain the situation, any further information will be relayed when we are made aware. *beep* *beep* *beep* This is the Emergency Broadcast System-" Zach turns the radio off.

Zach asks around if anyone has reception, and he notices that no one has reception at all.
The security gaurd prods Zach again. "are you gonna do anything about the chief of staff?"

That is about the time the power goes out.

2011-09-26, 02:52 PM
With the lights out, Keith makes a dash for the pistol.


2011-09-26, 07:43 PM
Father Cornello, startled at the door busting open and the man yelling, whispers Were not Zombies. We are just trying to.. What the! He attempts to get out of the way of the crazed man's scapel.

2011-09-26, 11:17 PM
Keith makes it outside without anyone noticing him through the massive plastic tent seperating the hospital fromt he rest of the world. He retrieves a pistol from the dead officer and finds 1 extra clip. He hears that there is abattle raging outside with shouts of "They're supposed to be dead! ****in dead!". Keith listens closer and hears: "Shoot 'em in the chest or the head! The dead ones only go down with a chest or head shot!" As he is listening, a zombie was thrown into the tent, causing it to tear. The zombie charges madly at Keith and slashes wildly.

pistol is: 9mm (D6x4)
Ammo per clip: 12
Ammo in current clip: 8
Need a dodge check, or try your luck with shooting him in the face. Your call.

The crazed man slashes at the "zombie", but he manages to dodge in time. The patient is having no part of Cornello's explanation, and Cornello notices a bite mark on the man's neck.

Harry notices in the room are several (seemingly) normal people, all cut open and dead.

2011-09-26, 11:41 PM
Harry drops his axe and turns on the flash-light on his shoulder. "Pull yourself together! We aren't here to hurt you!"

Harry tries to pull the man away from Father Cornello and disarm him.

opposed Dex and Str test to disarm him?

2011-09-27, 04:32 AM
Zack turns to the guard. Yeah you're probably right, he could have some useful info. Door was barricaded you said? Hmmm... You see where the firefighter went, could do with that axe.

The security guard nods and points off down the corridor. Right let's go. If you've got a weapon get it out, but don't use it unless you really have to. Stay quiet and behind me. Zack unslings his rifle from his back, ***** it and moves off down the corridor in search of the firefighter.

Edit: Lol, I can't use the correct word for "load a round in preparation for firing" then.

2011-09-27, 11:52 AM
Keith attempts to Dodge out of the way


2011-09-27, 12:21 PM
Harry grabs onto the crazy guy and tackles him to the ground and knocking the scalpel out his hand. Immediately, the patient attempts to push Harry off.
Opposed Str. test for pinning the crazy guy down

Zack begins to catch up to Harry, skipping past the zombies encountered by Cornello and Harry earlier. The fight with the crazed patient ensues, however, drawing the attention of an infected person down the hall. The fire-axe is within reach of Zack.

The zombie stumbles and trips over the CDC officer's body. It attempts to pick itself back up. Keith has preciouis few seconds to react. Shouts are heard from the outside of the tent about the rip. They act like they are going to come in.

2011-09-27, 12:33 PM
Keith runs back into the hospital and closes the door, propping them closed with whatever is on hand.

2011-09-27, 02:55 PM
Regaining his composure after being attacked by the man, Cornello tightens his grip on his baseball bat. Father, forgive me. He mutters as he swings the baseball bat down on the pinned man's head.

(1d6)*(STR) [(4+2)*3]=[18]

2011-09-28, 02:21 AM
Harry yells to the two men coming to his aid; the father and the military officer. "Don't kill him! He's not one of them!"

Harry tries to keep the man pinned down but isn't strong enough.

Opposed Str for pin

2011-09-28, 05:24 AM
Zack arrives just as the bat descendsQuit hollerin' you bloody fool. What are you idiots doing wandering about anyway? Zack hisses at him I need you to break down a door for me with that axe, but first we have to get outta here. C'mon, get going back to the others.

Zack prods the firemen to get him moving and starts off back the way he came.

Notice (to spot the one who's attention we've attracted, if necessary) [roll0]

If he spots that one and if it comes at us, Aim for the head [roll1] +4 from rule of 10 (see OOC) = 23
Single shot Guns [roll2] -4 head, +7 from aim = 19
Damage [roll3] 5th level sucess gives +2 to the roll and headshot gives another 2 levels, which is +4 damage, and *2 for normal bullet, so total = 40

Stealth (to move back past the zombies if we get that far)[roll4]

2011-09-28, 10:42 AM
Zack eyes the zombie charging at the party and quickly unloads a single shot at its head. The splatter of blood and brains is both magnificent and grotesque. The spectacle of it all however, attracts the attention of the zombies in the room nearby. The zombies start to come around the door, their intentions grim.

The crazed man throws Harry off of him, and tries to get up, stopped cold by Cornello's bat. The man falls back down to the flooor, knocked cold.

"Guys..." says the security gaurd, eyeing the zombies, "we got trouble, lots of it."

Keith makes inside the hospital and props the door closed with a chair just before some military officers bust in an open fire on the zombies, before getting attacked themselves. Keith hears the commotion with Harry, Zack and Cornello down the hall.

2011-09-28, 11:43 AM
The man has been bit, but I didn't kill him. Cornello said to Harry. Hearing the gunshot, he turned to face Zack, startled. What are you thinking? Were in an enclosed place. Those things respond to sou... He trailed off, looking past the both of them, at the zombies shuffling towards them. Oh lord. He whispered, turning pale.

2011-09-28, 12:07 PM
"You want the damn axe so bad? You take it." Harry throws his axe to the military man. "You clearly don't care about people."

Harry hoists the now unconscious doctor onto his shoulder and speaks to the Father. "He might not be dead yet, but leaving him here is just as bad as killing him yourself. Besides, I'm not entirely sold on this 'zombie' business yet, and who knows? You might have the cure for whatever it is in those magic fingers of yours."

Harry prepares to either follow after the others as they leave or stand his ground, but won't leave himself until he is sure no-one has been left behind.

For a hospital there is a damn shortage of doctors around here.

2011-09-28, 02:14 PM
Well that's a thing to say to a man that's given 30 years to his country. Who knows how many soldiers are alive because I trained them and trained them well. I've gotten in plenty of **** over the years because I do care, why the hell do you think I'm here looking for your stupid ass?

Zack jabs him hard in the chest with a pointed finger

I'll tell you why, those people back there need us and instead you're wandering around trying to get your stupid ass killed. You are the one that doesn't care "buddy" and you're only making my job harder. I'm trying to keep all those people alive and maybe there's something behind that door that'll help me find out what's going on!

Zack continues, clearly livid.

I suggest in future you think before you speak or act, I've no time for idealists or wannabe heroes, they get people killed, seen it before. So if you ever talk to me like that or get in my way again, I'll knock you out cold and leave you. Do I make myself clear?

Zack's mouth is set in a hard line and his eyes flash menacingly as he stares at Harry. The look conveys his intentions perfectly. He means it and he'll do it without a seconds hesitation.

Zack snorts in disgust and he points at the fallen axe. Going to use that thing, or do I uncaring save all of us myself?

Wasting no more time, Zack runs a short distance down the corridor the way he came and stops. In a smooth movement, he turns, aims and fires at the first zombie to emerge round the door.

Aim for the head [roll0]
Single shot Guns [roll1] +1 Rule of ten, -4 head, +4 aim
Damage [roll2] +2 from 5th level +2 headshot = (8*4)*2 = 64

2011-09-28, 08:32 PM
Lets try and stay civilized here. There is no reason to get so hasty... The father says, over the shock of the zombies coming towards them. Baseball bat in hand, he goes to help the officer take down the zombies. Cover me! I don't plan on getting bit! He yells, swinging the bat with both of his hands at the nearest zombie.

Roll for attack (1d10) (10,8) = [13]
(1d8+2*STR+1(2 handed))=[36]

2011-09-29, 02:25 AM
Harry squares off against the military man, still unarmed and with the unconscious man over his shoulder. "You didn't come looking for me or the Father. You came looking for my axe, or maybe even my skills. Sure, you want what is best for everyone, I get that and I want the same thing. But you view people as tools to a better end, not as an objective in themselves. People are not to be used to further an agenda, even if you think it is a good one."

Harry picks up his axe and holds it at his side in a non-threatening way. "I will never leave a man behind, and of all the people I thought would understand that, it should have been you. Sure, being a hero can get people killed, but I would wager it saves more than it costs... and it is most often the hero willingly paying that price."

Harry joins the fray, attacking the nearest un-engaged zombie. "Besides, at times like this we need to focus on what needs doing; not on name-calling."

Yay for killing zombies and moral philosophy!

Move action to get into range.

Two Offence actions with Axe in 1 hand:
[roll0] = 15 [roll1] = 38
[roll2] = 15 [roll3] = 47

Pre-emptive Defence actions if needed:
[roll4] = 14
[roll5] = 7

I'm really not sure if Zack is about to try to flatten me or begrudenly accept we both want what is best but in different ways.

Apparently I suck at rolling. See the rolls in OOC thread.

2011-09-29, 08:06 AM
Keith watches as the three men quarrel over their reasons for their actions and beliefs. He then looks outside at the chaos that is brewing inside the CDC tent. **** this, he thinks to himself. I may not like the major general there, but it beats sticking around here. Let me give you guys a hand. Keith says as he hurries down the corridor after them.

2011-09-29, 09:52 AM
The security gaurd gets dragged back into the room by the zombies, bitten repeatedly as he is dragged. He shouts the the chief of staffs office is down the hall and upstairs. He is silenced as a zombie bites down on his throat. More zombies pile out of the room. Screams are heard coming from all directions. More gunshots are heard from outside the hospital. Chaos ensues.

Zacks gun rang true, striking a zombie in the head, sending brain matter flying across the walls.

Cornello steps up to the nearest zombie and thwacks it with his bat, striking it in the arm, breaking it (the arm, not the bat). The zombie, reeling in pain, lunges at Cornello, attempting to claw him with his last action, but it collapses as Cornello hits him with the butt of his bat.

I think the Zeds stats are higher, but I don't have the statblock on me, so +3 is the placeholder for now.

Harry steps up and drives his axe into the nearest zombie, severing its spine. Harry swings again at another zombie, driving his axe into its head. In response, a zombie attempts to bite Harry, but Harry knocks him away. Falling backwards, the zombie manages to slash Harrys arm pretty bad.

2011-09-29, 07:27 PM
Seeing the Zombies closing, Zack flicks the fire-selector on his rifle to burst mode and fires at two zombies threatening to get surround the others.

3 shot burst no. 1
Guns [roll0]
Damage 1 [roll1] *2 = 8
Damage 2 [roll2] *2 = 32
Damage 3 [roll3] *2 = 32
Burst total = 72

3 shot burst no. 2
Guns [roll4] (-3 for second burst)
Damage 1 [roll5]
Damage 2 [roll6]
Damage 3 [roll7]
Burst total = 104

22 rounds remaining

Edit: Oops forgot to double the first bursts damage. All rounds hit tho! :smallsmile:

2011-09-29, 11:32 PM
Harry is left reeling and uncertain after almost having his wrist slashed open, taking more care to defend himself.

Move action to get into range.

One Offence action with Axe in 1 hand:
[roll0] [roll1]

Pre-emptive Defence actions if needed:
[roll2] *Rule of 1 makes it a fail

2011-10-02, 01:52 PM
That was close Cornello thought, after felling the Zombie. Looking around, he sees Harry get attacked. As the Zombie starts to go after the firefighter again, he shouts out. In the name of our Lord, you will not come any closer! Holding his hand at the zombie, he feels a pull at his energy, and the zombie starts to slow...

Attempting to use The Binding, looking up the rules for it and shall post in OOC

2011-10-05, 08:44 PM
[COLOR="Green"]In the name of our Lord, you will not come any closer!/COLOR]
To everyones astonishment, the zombie stops mid-swing at Harry. Unable to move, the zombie moans loudly, attempting to draw attention. The lull in action allowed Harry to get a good swing against the monster, severing its head.

Zack, meanwhile, continues decimating the hordes of zombies as they come closer, popping two in the chest, felling them.

Keith sprints down the hall, only to attract a zombies attention. The zombie charges full sprint at Keith and attempts to tackle him to the ground.

Opposed Str Vs. Dex? I don't know, lets go with that.

Also, I am an idiot, and previewed the post. OOC thread for roll.

2011-10-06, 10:17 PM
Move action to get into range.

Two Offence action with Axe in 1 hand:
[roll0] [roll1]
[roll2] [roll3]

Pre-emptive Defence actions if needed:

Seeing someone in danger, Harry jumps to his aid. Harry attacks the monster grappling with the newly arrived biker.

2011-10-07, 04:44 AM
Continuing to retreat from the advancing zombies towards the nurses' station Zack keeps firing, but distracted by the melee between Harry, Kevin and the Zombie some of his shots cause only glancing hits and 2 others go completely wide of their mark.

3 shot burst no. 1
Guns [roll0]
Damage 1 [roll1]
Damage 2 [roll2]
Damage 3 [roll3]
Burst total = 48

3 shot burst no. 2
Guns [roll4] (-3 for second burst) rule of one stays as a 1
Damage 1 [roll5]
Damage 2 [roll6]
Damage 3 [roll7]
Burst total = 24

16 rounds remaining

Edit: nice rolls. Oh wait.

2011-10-09, 07:39 PM
Glad that Harry was okay, he released the dead zombie. Come on! He yells to the group as they hold off the Zombies. We need to get to the Chief of Staffs office! The guard said it was this way! He shouts, as he attempts to go down the hallway, baseball bat in hand.

2011-10-10, 06:46 PM
The zed that Cornello grabbed slumps to the ground, its head rolling about on the floor. Screams are heard from the lobby, where the majority of people still lie. Cornello reaches the staircase without any trouble, but the staircase is blocked with a few wheelchairs, impeding progress.

Zackfells another zombie, but the mayhem is distracting him, and the other zombie is still running towards Zack as he is retreating towards the end of the hallway. Surprisingly, the zombie picks up speed and lunges at Zack, reaching out and attempting to grab him.

I'm assuming grab is same as an attack? Hell, I dunno, I can't find the rules for it.

I really don't know why that didn't work.
go ahead and roll for dodge.

Keith successfully pushes the zed away from him, just in time for Harry to drive his axe into his back. Another zombie, presumably the last from the small room, slashes twice with claws at Harrys back. Keith eyes the zombie, however, and pushes it away in time for Harry to step away.

2011-10-10, 09:38 PM
Harry nods at Keith and says "Thanks" before turning around on the final zombie close by.

Two Offence actions with Axe in 1 hand:
[roll0] (-1, Rule of 1) [roll1]
[roll2] (+1, Rule of 10) [roll3] (+32, 5th success level)

Pre-emptive Defence actions if needed:

EDIT: Halve these damage numbers. I have been doubling slashing type damage vs zombies, when apparently they are immune. p147

2011-10-11, 06:26 AM
Zack twists to the side as the zombie lunges. Getting careless old man he thinks to himself. Distracted and failing to fix your bayonet for CQB? Some drill sergeant you are he chides himself.

Letting his weapon fall, Zack pulls on the sling with his left hand so that the rifle slips round onto his back. Simultaneously he whips out his knife and slams it point first into the the zombie's chest with a straight armed lunge.

CQB: Close Quarter Battle

dodge [roll0]

knife attack [roll1] (including -2 for 2nd action)
Damage [roll2] (includes doubling for slashing weapon)

2011-10-11, 07:58 AM
Harry nods at Keith and says "Thanks" before turning around on the final zombie close by.

"No problem," Keith says. "With everything going FUBAR, I figure its better to stay in a group." He pulls the pistol out and checks the loaded clip to get an idea as to how many rounds are left. He then chambers a round and makes sure the safety is off. "Where'd the padre go?"

2011-10-14, 10:13 AM
Keith and Harry see Zack being grabbed by the zombie, and just past that is Cornello by the stairs, standing around, staring at the stairs.

Harry spins around just in time to dodge a zombies bite, and deliver a blow. The zombie, however, swiftly dodges and returns with an attack, which Harry dodges quite skillfully by butting the Zed with his axe, the swipe avoided, Harry smacks his axe into the Zeds chest, obviously doing major damage, but the zombie just keeps going...

Zack drives the knife into the charging zombies chest, but thew zombie seemingly shrugs it off, and manages to grab onto Zack. The zombie draws in for a bite.

Zombie has Iron Grip, so str. of ten for gripping. Also, slashing damage isn't doubled against zombies I don't think, but either way, it didn't kill it. For bite, I forgot what the roll was, so I will post in OOC thread after I get home from school.

2011-10-14, 10:47 AM
Look out! yells Cornello, as the zed grabs onto Zack. Oh ****. he says, as it prepares to bite him. That guy is a valuble resource to have. He thinks. I have to help! Hoping that the zombie will be dead by the time he gets there, he runs towards the zombie, hands giving off a light blue glow.

2011-10-15, 06:58 AM
Seeing the previous attack prove ineffective, Harry tries to kill the deranged man with a single strike. "Don't let him bite you!"

Targeted attack to the head.
[roll0] [roll1]

Pre-emptive defence actions.

2011-10-18, 10:15 AM
"Aw hell no! This is not happening." Keith takes aim at the Zombie and fires his pistol.
Perception+Handguns for Aim: [roll0]
Then Dexterity+Handguns to fire: [roll1]

2011-10-18, 01:19 PM
Staying calm and feeling the force of the grip on him, Zack quickly decides not to attempt to break free, opting instead to keep the creatures slavering maw away from him.

Getting a good grip on under the jaw and on top of the head, whilst steering clear of the gnashing teeth, Zack uses all his strength to turn and twist.

strength and brawl to do as described above: [roll0]

2011-10-20, 02:18 PM
Miraculously, Zack isn't bitten, being barely able to twist the zombies head away, but it flips back towards Zack, still gripping tightly, and goes for another bite. Abullet whizzes by and pings against a wall, narrowly missing Zack and the zeds head.

Cornello reaches Zack.

Harry swings wide of the zombie, allowing for the zed to swing at Harry. Harry, however, butts the zombie in the face with his axe. The zombie reels backwards and instead goes to attack Keith. The zombie lurches near him.

2011-10-21, 10:42 AM
Realizing there is no better way to get past fear than the hair of the dog that bites you, Keith fires two shots at the zombie and then dodges the impending attack.
Shot 1:[roll0]
Shot 2:[roll1]

2011-10-23, 05:57 PM
Are you okay? He asks Zack. Seeing that the man wasn't bitten, and realizing that the zombie is still alive, He turns his attention to the zed, readying his bat as the biker raises his pistol.

2011-10-28, 04:45 AM
Oh yeah just brilliant. Get this f**ker off me will ya?

Zack continues to struggle to keep the zombie's face turned away from him.

He's still trying to turn the head, Overall game plan to snap the neck.

strength + brawl [roll0]

2011-10-28, 05:17 AM
Harry takes another swing at the head of the zombie attached to the military officer.

Targeted attack to the head.
[roll0] [roll1]

Pre-emptive defence actions.

2011-10-28, 09:38 AM
Miraculously, Zack isn't bitten, being barely able to twist the zombies head away, but it flips back towards Zack, still gripping tightly, and goes for another bite. Abullet whizzes by and pings against a wall, narrowly missing Zack and the zeds head.

Cornello reaches Zack.

Harry swings wide of the zombie, allowing for the zed to swing at Harry. Harry, however, butts the zombie in the face with his axe. The zombie reels backwards and instead goes to attack Keith. The zombie lurches near him.

Unless I missed something, the zombie no longer has Zack and he's lurching towards Keith.