View Full Version : spectral companion

2011-09-27, 07:47 AM
can someone have ideas for a build with spectral companion and level up the same way as you?druid or ranger or something else?

2011-09-27, 09:06 AM
I do not understand the question. Are you asking for a build for a spectral companion that has somehow gained levels? Or are you asking for ways in which you could make your existing spectral companion gain levels?

2011-09-27, 10:53 AM
both ways and what is better :)

2011-09-27, 11:57 AM
shadow familiar feat from Tome of magic?

2011-09-27, 01:46 PM
mmm...i don't know that feat.i will check it out.any other way to have spectral or insubstantial companion to level up like the druid animal companion?

2011-09-27, 06:31 PM
Shadow Familiar (as mentioned) or Shadowform Familiar (Champions of Ruin) would probably affect the Companion Familiar of an Arcane Heirophant (Races of the Wild) as well, to get you real HD and feats.