View Full Version : American Horror Story

2011-10-06, 08:10 AM
Premiered last night on FX. Anybody else watch it?

Personally, I can't get past my initial impression that hte director/producers really wanted to make a horror themed porn show and just couldn't make it work. There's more nudity and sex in it than I thought was allowed on television nowadays. Kind of surprised me.

Not particularly scary, though. More . . . strange and atmospheric. Trying for a Twin Peaks angle without the cleverness. Just throw in main actor . . . ahem . . . "working it" . . . for shock value instead. And I can't fathom why the guy spends so much time wandering around the house in the buff.

Two adult leads are, frankly, unbelievable to me. And the man is a moron. Treating psychotic patients, or any patients really, in your own home in close proximity to your family is got to be the biggest bonehead maneuver imaginable. And not quietly saying to your daughter "I know you think he's charming, but the dude is psychotic and likely dangerous, please keep away from him before he cuts your throat for the giggles."

They act like children. The high school bit is unrealistic. Are there no authority figures in said school? There's a difference between a quick tiff and what was going on in that school. It's beyond me that nobody showed up to even shout ineffectually.

Premier episode problems, really. Might be interesting to see where this goes and if the rest of it is as derivative.