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2011-10-07, 06:35 PM
I've been playing the Battle Network Series again, and ended up thinking it would be fun in d20. So I went to the wiki and started reading up on it, and decided that .EXE wouldn't be enough on its own without doing a lot of changing. So I looked around and found that the Starforce Series would work well in a d20 system and that it takes place in the same timeline as Battle Network.

I've already made the Base Class, called the EM Navi (Electro-Magnetic Navigator), and have divided the transformations into "Form Programs" based on the Psion disciplines.

I've taken some of the abilities and made them into Prestige Classes. I've also made some Feats, new Skill Checks, and some new weapons/armor traits, along with other equipment.

The Ability Waves have instead been turned into Navicust Programs. I've also statted out many battle chips/cards, but could use some help on that.

I plan to eventually turn this into a pdf and post a link on the forums. Hopefully, it will only take a few months. If you have any suggestions, please let me know.

2011-10-07, 06:36 PM
Here's the Base Class:
EM Navi
An Electro-Magnetic Navigator (EM Navi for short) is a warrior who taps into the mysterious power of the "EM Wave World." They transform into an EM creature to call upon "Battle Cards" and and a powerful energy known as "Form Programs." Though not as powerful as a Cleric or Wizard, they are just as (if not more) versatile and can call upon their powers in places casters cannot.

Adventurers: EM Navis adventure usually to expand their range of abilities. Many spend most of their time in the EM Wave World, battling EM Viruses so as to gain new "Program Gems" or access to new Form Programs.

Characteristics: An EM Navi has many similarities with Wizards. An EM Navi has access to "Battle Cards," special card-shaped gems, which grant the user access to powerful effects. Like a Wizard, an EM Navi has to select his Battle Cards ahead of time, and prepare them by sticking them in his "Folder." Unlike a Wizard, however, an EM Navi can swap out his Battle cards whenever outside of battle. An EM Navi also gains access to "Form Programs," which are special transformations. An EM Navi selects a Tree of Form Programs to focus on at the beginning of his career, while giving up on the other trees.

Alignment: EM Navis can be of any alignment, but tend to lean more towards Chaos over Law. This is not a requirement, however.

Backgrounds: Though they can come from anywhere, EM Navis usually show signs of EM-Connectivity from a young age. This connection usually manifests itself as the ability to see the Wave World, interact with EM Viruses, etc. In rare cases, the connection is formed when an EM Virus attacks a mother while her child is still within her.

Hit Dice: d10

Abilities: Charisma is important to an EM Navi, as his ability to call upon the power of the EM Wave World is determined by his Force of Personality. Dexterity is also important to an EM Navi, as an EM Navi wears little armor. If you're going to have a dump stat, it should be Strength, as an EM Navi's EM Wave Change ability shifts many of the Strength-related skills and abilities to either CHarisma or Dexterity.

Class Skills: Balance, Bluff, Climb, Concentration, Craft, Diplomacy, Disguise, EM-Craft*, Escape Artist, Gather Information, Hide, Intimidate, Jump, Knowledge (EM), Knowledge (Nature), Listen, Move Silently, Perform, Profession, Search, Sense Motive, Sleight of Hand, Spot, Survival, Swim, Tumble, Use EM Device.

*New Skill; like Spellcraft/Psicraft for EM

Skill Points per Level: 6 + Int modifier

Class Features:
The following are Class Features of the EM Navi.

Weapon and Armor Proficiency: EM Navis are proficient with all Simple Weapons, plus any weapon with the EM Trait. EM Navis can use the energy of the EM Wave World to always know how to wield EM Weapons. EM Navis are proficient with Light Armor and with Shields, except Tower Shields.

Bonus Feat: An EM Navi gains Weapon Finesse as a bonus feat.

EM Wave Change: An EM Navi possesses the ability to switch between his normal form and EM Form. Depending on his EML, he gains special abilities while in EM Form. Unless otherwise stated, using one of these abilities is a Swift Action.
Wave Road: While in EM Form, an EM Navi can travel on the Wave Roads of the EM Wave World. The EM Navi is treated as if under the affect of an Air Walk spell. At 1st-6th level, this is treated as a Spell-Like Ability. From 7th-12th level, this is treated as a Supernatural Ability. From 13th level onward, this is treated as an Extraordinary Ability. This ability is constant.
EM Wave Phase: While in EM Form, an EM Navi is made of EM Waves, and therefore can pass through non EM objects. An EM Navi can Phase, as the spell, continuously for a number of rounds equal to your EML. At 1st-6th level, this is treated as a Spell-Like Ability. From 7th-12th level, this is treated as a Supernatural Ability. From 13th level onward, this is treated as an Extraordinary Ability. The check is made as part of an action.
EM Invisibility: While in EM Form, an EM Navi can change its EM Frequency so as to disappear from view. This functions as invisibility from 1st-10th level. From 11th level onward, this functions as greater invisibility. EM Creatures can naturally change their frequency. When an EM Navi uses this ability, any EM creature within 30ft can make a EM-Craft Check (DC=10+EML of EM Invisibility user+CHA Modifier of EM Invisibility user) to sense what frequency they shifted to. If they succeed, they can shift to the same frequency during their next turn. Beings on the same frequency are unaffected by this effect. At 1st-6th level, this is treated as a Spell-Like Ability. From 7th-12th level, this is treated as a Supernatural Ability. From 13th level onward, this is treated as an Extraordinary Ability.
Wave Road Ride: An EM Navi can attach himself to the EM Wave Road so as to travel huge distances in seconds. An EM Navi can make an EM-Craft check (DC=[need suggestions]) to latch himself onto the Wave Road and immediately travel over a great distance. Depending on the results of the check, the EM Navi can travel a distance less than or equal to the distance detemined by the check. At 1st-6th level, this is treated as a Spell-Like Ability. From 7th-12th level, this is treated as a Supernatural Ability. From 13th level onward, this is treated as an Extraordinary Ability.
Wave Conversion: An EM Navi can convert anything it touches into EM Waves. When an EM Navi uses EM Wave Change, all of its gear is automatically shifted into EM Waves. While in EM Wave Change, an EM Navi can make an EM-Craft check (DC=10+(1 times the number of size categories above tiny)+4 for each size category above large) to turn objects he's in contact with to turn them into EM Waves. He can also do this with living creatures, but this adds a +5 for each creature being so converted. Everything in the WM Wave World weighs 1/10th what it would in the real world, and while in the EM Form, the EM Navi's strength is x10 for purpose of weight, lifting, etc. He can also do the opposite and shift an EM item/creature into a regular object/creature at the same DC. At 1st-6th level, this is treated as a Spell-Like Ability. From 7th-12th level, this is treated as a Supernatural Ability. From 13th level onward, this is treated as an Extraordinary Ability.
The number of rounds an EM Navi can continuously be in EM Form is equal to 10+the EML of the EM Navi+their CHA Modifier. An EM Navi can use EM Wave Change a number of times per day determined by their level; At first level, an EM Navi can EM Wave Change 3/day. An EM Navi gains 1 additional use per day every odd level, so Geo, a 7th level EM Navi with a Charisma of 18, can EM Wave Change 6 times a day, and remain in EM Form for 21 rounds at a time. When an EM Navi's EM Wave Change ends, the EM Navi becomes Fatigued.

Bustergaunt: at first level, you gain a bustergaunt[which is further described in a later post].

Speed of EM: an EM Navi gains a bonus to his Base Land speed at the same rate as a monk. He loses this bonus when carrying a heavy load, or wearing Heavy Armor.

AC Bonus: By synchronizing with the EM Wave World, the EM Navi gains a sixth sense for dodging blows, and gains a bonus to AC equal to his Charisma Modifier, min +1. He also gains an additional +1 for every 5 EML he possesses.

Predation: An EM Navi's power comes from his Battle Cards. Battle Cards are card-like gems that grant special powers. An EM Navi calls upon Battle Cards that are in his "Folder," which holds the 30 Battle Cards he can use.
An EM Navi can put any Card into his folder, with some restrictions. First, an EM Navi's folder cannot have more than 5 copies of any one type of card; i.e. Geo can have 5 "Cannon" Cards, but no more than that. Second, the Folder must always have 30 Battle Cards in it, no more, no less. Third, depending on the "Form Program," an EM Navi can only have 5 Mega class Cards and 1 Giga class Card. Certain forms grant a bonus to this number, but not all forms grant bonuses.
When an EM Navi enters battle, he automatically gains access to five random Battle Cards, which appear in the "Custom Screen." The Custom Screen is a special Screen that only its EM Navi can see. Except in special conditions, an EM Navi can only use a maximum of 5 Cards from their Custom Screen in one round. The action to use a Battle Card varies with each card, though most are an immediate action.
Unlike a caster, an EM Navi is able to change which Battle Cards he has access to whenever he wants, as long as he is not in the middle of combat. He can select any Battle Card from his inventory to put into his Folder, as long as the Card's level does not exceed the highest level of Battle Card you can activate. The highest level an EM Navi can activate is equal to their Charisma Score-10. For example, Cannon, a level 1 Card, requires the EM Navi to have a Charisma Score of 11.
After using a Card in battle, it is unavailable to you for the rest of the encounter. Certain Cards and Forms can return Cards to his Custom Screen, but otherwise, an EM Navi cannot recover their Battle Cards until they leave the encounter.

Favorite Card(s): Each EM Navi has a favorite set of Cards, and as they improve in power, they gain the ability to start battle with their favorite Card(s). Starting at level 2, an EM Navi gains a Memory Score. The EM Navi's Base Memory Score is equal to their (EMLx5/2)+Cha Modifier, rounded down. From 1st-10th level, an EM Navi can only have one favorite Card. From 11th level onward, he can have up to 2 Favorite Cards. For example, Geo has an EML of 7 and a Cha Modifier of 4. Therefore, his MEM Score is as follows:

7x5=35 35/2=17.5 round down=17+4(CHA)=21 MEM

Therefore, Geo can set 1 Card with a MEM Score of 21 or less as his Favorite, meaning that whenever he enters combat, he'll always start with that Card in his Custom Screen.

Navicust: Your connection with the EM Wave World improves, granting you access to the Navicust. The Navigator's Customizer, or Navicust, is a special Screen that allows you to insert "Programs" to gain special abilities. Programs are special gems that grant special powers when placed correctly. At 3rd level, you gain access to a basic Navicust, which starts with a 4x4 grid. When the EM Navi reaches 8th level, his Navicust improves, granting him a 5x4 grid. At 13th level, the Navicust becoomes an Advanced Navicust, allowing you to use Program Shrink and Error Codes. At 18th level, the Navicust improves one last time, becoming a 5x5 grid. You gain the effects of the Navicust whenever you are in EM Form.

Bonus Feat:At 4th level, an EM Navi gains a bonus feat, which can be any fighter bonus feat, or any EM feat [which, again, are described in a later post]. He gains additional bonus feats every 4 levels after 4th.

Improved Buster: At 4th level, and every 4 levels after that, the EM Navi's bustergaunt gains a +1 enhancement bonus[see magic weapons section of DMG].

Form Program Focus: At 5th level, an EM Navi's connection to the EM Wave World improves, granting him access to new forms. When the EM Navi Reaches 5th level, he selects a branch of Form Programs, granting access to new powers. The branches of Form Programs are as follows.
Style Change:
You gain access to the Style Change branch. Each Form in this branch is one of 4 elements: Heat, Aqua, Elec, or Wood. When gaining a new style, roll a d4, and apply the element that matches the result: 1(Heat), 2(Aqua), 3(Elec), 4(Wood). Each element has a weakness and a specialty against each other; Heat is super effective against Wood, dealing double damage, but is weak against Aqua, taking double damage; Aqua is super effective against Heat, dealing double damage, but is weak against Elec, taking double damage; Elec is super effective against Aqua, dealing double damage, but is weak against Wood, taking double damage; and Wood is super effective against Elec, dealing double damage, but is weak against Heat, taking double damage.
There are 5 forms available to those who focus in the Style Change branch: Guts, Custom, Shield, Team, and Bug. When an EM Navi first gains Form Program, he rolls a d6, determining which form he gains first as follows: 1(Guts), 2(Custom), 3(Shield), 4(Team), 5(Bug), 6(Roll again).
Each Style is described below in full detail.
Starting at the level the EM Navi obtains this Style, he gains style ranks for every level spent in the form. For example, if Geo were had gained the Guts Style at 5th level, and kept it until 7th level, where he gained the Shield Style, he would have 2 Ranks in Guts and 1 Rank in Shield, therefore gaining the bonuses granted by having that number of Ranks. Geo would therefore gain the Super Armor NaviCust Program, the Shield bustergaunt, and Auto Barrier10. He would not, however, have the Fist bustergaunt or the Guts Machine Gun abilities.
Any ability marked with an * is only in effect while in that form.
Heat: Gain Fire Subtype. Charge Shot turns into a 15ft line of Fire, Deals Fire Damage. Treats Lava/Magma as normal water (i.e. he can swim in it without taking damage)
Aqua: Gain Water Subtype. Charge Shot Turns into Bubbler, deals Water Damage to target+square behind target. Treats slippery squares (like Ice, Grease, etc.) as normal(i.e. he doesn't slip).
Elec: Gain Electric Subtype. Charge shot turns into line of Electricity, Deals Electric Damage; Can Paralyze.
Wood: Gain Plant Subtype (Plant Subtype means you get the traits listed in the plant type section under "traits:"). Charge Shot turns into a Whirlwind, dealing Slashing damage on the square 10 ft ahead. Heals 1d4 damage per round while standing on grass.

"Heat Guts"
Guts Style embodies Raw Power, and changes the EM Navi's bustergaunt into a giant fist.
Traits by Rank:
1: Fist bustergaunt*, Guts Machine Gun*
2: Super Armor Navicust Program
3: Break Charge Navicust Program
4: Break Buster Navicust Program
Guts Machine Gun: While in Guts Form, the bustergaunt's power is increased. Guts Form doubles the damage the bustergaunt's Gun mode inflicts. When making a Full-Attack action using the bustergaunt, the EM Navi can make double the normal attacks in the round with the bustergaunt.

"Aqua Custom"
Custom Style is the symbol of combination, and increases his ability to call on Standard Battle Cards.
Traits by Rank:
1: +1 to number of starting Cards*
2: B Custom+1 Navicust Program
3: Y Custom+1 Navicust Program
4: Custom+2 Navicust Program

"Wood Shield"
Shield Style embodies Defence, and transforms the EM Navi's bustergaunt into a Shield.
Traits by Rank:
1: Shield bustergaunt*, Auto Barrier10*,
2: Block Navicust Program
3: Shield Navicust Program
4: Reflect Navicust Program
Auto Barrier10: Wile in Shield Form, you gain a natural defence at the start of battle. Whenever you enter combat, you automatically gain the effects of a Barrier10 Card.

"Elec Team"
Team Style is the symbol of Brothers, and increases his ability to call upon Mega Cards.
Traits by Rank:
1: +1 to number of Mega Cards allowed in Folder*
2: G Mega+1 Navicust Program
3: P Mega+1 Navicust Program
4: G Mega+2 Navicust Program

"Aqua Bug"
Bug Style is an anomaly, commonly caused by misusing the Navicust.
Traits by Rank:
1: Random Bugs*
2: Bugstopper Navicust Program
3: Darklicense Navicust Program
Random Bugs: While in Bug Style, you are constantly afflicted by "Bugs," which cause unusual effects, determined by rolling 2d8. These effects only affect The EM Navi. Results as follows:
1(Barrier100), 2(Invincible for 2d4 rounds), 3(start with 10 Cards in Custom Screen), 4(Buster MAX), 5(HP Drain 1d4-1 per round, min 1), 6(Upside down Gravity for 2d4 rounds), 7(Roll twice), 8(No efffect).

[I will update this post with more Form Programs later]

EM Senses: EM Navis who stay on the path to 13th level gain Blindsense(ex). At 17th level, this improves to Blindsight(ex). The number of squares for both is equal to the EM Navi's EML.

Awakening EM: At 16th level, the EM Navi's connection to the EM Wave World is so strong, that he no longer becomes Fatigued when EM Wave Change expires.

EM Master: At 20th level, the EM Navi's connection to the EM Wave World is so strong, that they can use their EM Wave Change ability at will. He also resonates with EM Waves so much, that creatures with the Construct Type start with an attitude of Helpful. They will not attack an EM Navi unless the EM Navi attacks them in full view. They will obey any command as if the EM Navi was their master, even if the command is to attack their real master. If this is the case, the EM Navi and the actual Master both make a Charicma Check. If the real Master succeeds, the construct listens to him for 1 round per rank by which he beat the EM Navi's check. If the EM Navi succeeds, the Construct turns on its original master, and the EM Navi becomes his new master fully. The original master can no longer give orders to the construct (unless the new master allows it).

Will add on the other Form Programs as soon as possible. Also, if you know how to put in a table here on the forums, please post it.

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Here's the first Prestige Class: the Virus Tamer.
Virus Tamer:
EM Viruses have always been a problem, but some have learned how to control them. These are the Virus Tamers. Virus Tamers are EM Navis who have learned how to "cleanse" viruses, so as to enable them to serve.

To become a Virus Tamer, a character must meet the following prerequisites.

Skills: EM-Craft 8 Ranks, Handle Animal 5 ranks

Feats: Track, Improved Initiative, Bug Frag Finder

Special: Must trap a Virus without inflicting any damage to it.

Class Skills: the following are class skills for the Virus Tamer.
Balance, Bluff, Climb, Concentration, Craft, Diplomacy, Disguise, EM-Craft*, Escape Artist, Gather Information, Handle Animal, Heal, Hide, Intimidate, Jump, Knowledge (EM), Knowledge (Nature), Listen, Move Silently, Profession, Search, Sense Motive, Sleight of Hand, Spot, Survival, Swim, Tumble, Use EM Device, and Use Rope.

Skill Points per level: 6+Int Modifier

Class Features: The following are all class features of the Virus Tamer.

EML: Your Virus Tamer Levels stack with any other source of EML's.

EM Empathy: This ability functions the same as the Druid's Wild Empathy ability, except it only functions for EM creatures.

EM Companion: This ability functions the same as the Druid's Animal Companion ability, except you can only call an EM Creature with the Virus Subtype. Your effective Druid level is equal to your Virus Tamer level.
At 1st level, you can call any of the following Viruses as a Companion. Most Virus Tamers' first Companion is the same Virus they catch to qualify for this prestige class.

At 3rd level, your Virus evolves into the next stage.

You also can select from any of the following.

At 6th level, you Virus evolves again.

You also can selest from any of the following.

At 9th level, your Virus evolves once more.

You can also select from any of the following.

At 10th level, your Companion reaches its peak, evolving one last time.

If your EM Companion has been deleted or released, you may choose any of the categories available to a character of your level.

Bug Frag Feeding: Normally, an EM Virus sustains itself on the energy of the EM Wave World, but they all have one thing in common, a love of Bug Frags. Starting at 1st level, you can give your EM Companion Bug Frags in sets of 5, with a maximum of 10 per level for any one species. For every 5 Bug Frags you give them, they gain a +1 bonus to attack/damage rolls.

Multi-Virus: Starting at 2nd level, you can use your own body as a home for your Viruses. For every point of Constitution you possess, you can store 2 viruses inside your body without harm. If ever you exceed this amount, you count as if carrying a heavy load, and take a -1 on all strength-based checks for every 2 viruses that you exceed your maximum.
All Viruses you possess count as EM Companions, but only one can be out and acting as your "primary" EM Companion at a time. As a Full Round Action, you can swap out one Virus inside of you for the one you are currently using.
Starting at 4th level, you gain the ability to have two Viruses out at the same time. You gain the ability to have one additional Virus out at the same time every even level, maxing out at 5 at 10th level.

Virus Healing: Starting at 5th level, your Viruses can heal by you using your body as a median. Whenever you'd regain hit points, any and all Viruses inside of you are healed half of the damage you heal (i.e. if you heal 10 hit points, every Virus within you heals 5 damage, but you still heal 10 hit points). When you reach 10th level, this ability increases to heal them at the same rate as you (i.e. if you heal 20 hit points, so do the Viruses inside you).

Bug Immunity: Your experience with Viruses has built up an immunity to flaws in the EM World. At 10th level, you are immune to all bugs. You can still choose to be affected by bugs that you want to work.

In Case I forgot to mention it in an earlier post, EML=Electro-Magnetic Level. Its like Caster level/Manifester level, only for EM.

2011-10-10, 09:03 PM
New Feat: Bug Frag Finder
Prerequisites: Combat Reflexes, DEX 15, EM-Craft 4 Ranks
Effect: Whenever you successfully use any ability that requires an Attack of Opportunity (Including Attacks of Opportunity), you automatically receive 1 Bug Frag. If you roll a natural 20 on any of these abilities, you automatically receive 3 Bug Frags.

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I've seen an attempted conversion before (specifically of .EXE, not Starforce). The difference is that you are trying to add a single base class, while the other one made a new game system based on 3.5, the way various systems are based on the 3.5 SRD.

Another difference is that you are trying to tack game mechanics onto an entirely different system (Folders, Custom Screen, etc.) as part of a base class. D&D does not work with the Custom Screen idea very well. You'd need to adapt it a bit.

Sorry f I was a bit blunt, but that's my opinion. No personal slights were meant, this is entirely a remark on the homebrew, not the homebrewer.

2011-10-11, 12:50 PM
maybe a little bit of formating to make the big walls of text a bit more clear.