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2011-10-10, 03:40 AM
You and the rest of your trade company have met up in the local tavern, The Drunken Dragon, in Arrast (4 on the map). It is a quiet town, and the tavern isn't very loud or crowded, even during its peak hours. Arrast is known primarily for its fur and lumber trade, as well as being a stopping point between the small boat town Far Port (3), to the north west, and the moderately sized crossroads community Tress (5). Arrast is also connected to the port town Sharpe's Crossing (1), although this is not a very popular destination; any of shipping done between the northern towns can be risky business sometimes, due to the many islands in that area.
Currently, it is midday (12:00), so you have about seven hours or so before it will get dark. It is up to you and your company to decide where your trading will take you.


Legend: Blue = Water
Green = Forest
White = Grassland
Upsidedown V's = Mountains
Numbers = Towns/Cities
Red Trails = Popular Trade Routes

2011-10-10, 01:44 PM
Nora will stretch out a yawn. "Oh, I think that we should travel now and get some traveling done while we have the chance." She looks down at the map. I vote here at the moment." The cleric points at Tress. "It seems as good as a place as any to start our business venture. Don't you think?"

2011-10-10, 02:47 PM
Gaston contemplates the map, having just returned from the market-and the back alleys-finding information on where his ware's might provide him with the most profit...

Gather Information: [roll0]

Gaston's cart is filled with spices and drugs...

2011-10-10, 03:45 PM
verix swirls some of the ale around the bottom of his cup absentmindedly.

I imagine my own urine tastes better than this swill. I think one day when I'm filthy rich, I will buy a Brewery.

Tress seems as good a place to start as any. before we set out I would like to get a quick lay of the land economically, and see what is cheap around here, that may be worth a few gold coins over there.

knowledge local check to know who to ask
take 10+8 = 18

gather information check
take 10+9 = 19

2011-10-11, 07:48 PM

The sorcerer studied his cigar with pity. Nope, there was positively no way the flames could continue burning without touching his fingers. This one was done and with it so was the fun. It was, perhaps, just as well, since his compatriots developed some activity around the map.

"Oh, Tress is just as well," he pondered. "With any luck, the food and drinks will be fit there."

He nodded at Verix's comment.

"That's right. I sure won't be going empty-handed. Hey, Verix, want me to come along?"

If Verix accepts, Erih will try to help him out on Gather info, making that check a 21. Otherwise, he'll turn on his charms and ask around on his own to find out what people in the know think is profitable to transport to which nearby town.
Gather Info:[roll0]

2011-10-11, 08:01 PM

sure, the more the merrier as they say, said verix with a grin. more people are better for distractions. at the very least we can grab some cigars, you seem to enjoy it so much I can't help but want to try one.

The Big Orc
2011-10-11, 08:17 PM

"I suppose that I will take my usual role and protect you along the way? When we arrive at the town, if you require my services during a particularily dangerous deal, or just to intimidate your buyers just let me know and I will be there. Otherwise, I am sure I could find work as a smith or at a mine for the few days we shall be there." Drath says in between mouthfuls of the wonderfully cooked slab of pork he had ordered upon arrival. "And if not, I am sure the taverns will be plenty enough amusement for me." Drath laughs and takes a quaf of his beer.

2011-10-11, 09:33 PM
Verix, Erih, and Drath?
Not surprisingly, the barkeep tells you to visit the lumberyard and tannery for cheap trade goods, as there is a surplus of both goods. After visiting both areas, the respective owners provide you with the costs of both goods:
Arrast: Lumber: .7
Skins: .85
Also, it is not difficult to find some cigars at the local general store. They cost about 7 silver.

Asking around the tavern, you find a baccaran enthusiest interested in buying a few doses (10g each I believe). He offers you a decent price.
Arrast: Baccaran: 1.1
Inquiring at the general store, you are informed that spices sell well here. Unfortuantely, the local populace isn't particularly wealthy, and don't buy such commodities often. He informs you that he is only willing to spend a maximum of 20 gold pieces on spices.
Arrast: Spices: 2.5

You meet up again at the tavern at late noon (17:00). The sun is getting ready to set.
*Please inform me if you wish to buy or sell anything, or haggle given prices*

The Big Orc
2011-10-11, 11:49 PM
Seeing an opportunity, Drath purchases four golds worth of wood (for 2.8g correct?) hoping to make a quick buck with his last couple bucks.

2011-10-12, 03:37 AM
You purchase the timber. They are sold in logs, each weighing about 16 pounds (64 lbs total)

Your theft seems to be going well, until the clerk nearly spots you. You end up stealing nothing.

2011-10-12, 09:27 AM
once back in the tavern...

verix sits at the table with his compatriots, smoking a cigar. these are nice, wish that shopkeep was a little less observant. we should see if anyone else is headed the same way we are when we leave. there is safety in numbers, and perhaps some coin to be earned as well, either as guards...verix looks around to make sure no one is listening...or as thieves.

2011-10-12, 12:26 PM
Having confirmed the information, Erih heads for the markets. He seeks out stalls of the merchants selling furs and scans them for what he thinks would be the more gulliable ones. Once he finds an appropriate woman, the sorcerer turns on his charms.

He first walks down the line of skin merchants and buys small samples from each, being polite, but not particularly charming. Once he gets to his mark, though, Erih acts stunned.

"My, my, my..." He looks the woman over, as if in awe. "Such beauty... Such gorgeous eyes, such perfect blush... What is your name, princess, and what are you doing in the market?" He slowly leans closer as he speaks, then, just inches away, pauses. The sorcerer's hand hovers by side of her face, as if in awed indecision, then gently touches her cheek.

The conversation flows, Erih chats up the seller, and eventually tries to convince her that he is the servant of a very rich lord from the south, who sent him to buy samples of furs from as many merchants in this town as possible, so that the master can chose his favoured supplier. That's exactly what he was doing until, he, Erih, saw this gorgeous creature and was stunned beyond words. So stunned, in fact, that he was now contemplating something he'd never think of doing. He happens to know for a fact that his master never checks the brands on the skins he does not like, but writes them down religiously on those he does enjoy. So, Erih suggests, instead of him buying samples from everyone, he'll fill his wagon with his newly found favourite seller's wares. Then, it will be all but guaranteed that his master will like her goods and not the competition's. With luck, next time he'll be coming with orders to purchase directly from her.

But, of course, when he hears her price it "turns out" that he "doesn't have enough gold to afford a full cart", and "his master will be very angry if the wagon is not full". Erih acts and bluffs to lower the price to the point where the seller would barely be making any money on the sell, pedaling instead future benefits from having her products represented exclusively, and the benefit of saving her newest favourite customer from the angry master's wrath.

Bluff to make her like him a lot: [roll0]
Bluff to make her believe he represents a wealthy lord: [roll1]
Bluff to make her lower the selling price almost to cost: [roll2]

2011-10-12, 12:50 PM
Erih (Conditional)

If the seller sees through his ruse and refuses, Erih will try a last-ditch attempt to salvage the deal by fessing up and apologizing, pretending to be truthful and sorry. He will claim that while he tried to be tricky, the part about liking her was true, and he only lied because his business is not going too well, since he doesn't know much about how things work yet. He will claim to really be low on money and be unable to afford a full wagon, and asks for a discount "just to help him out, no lies".


2011-10-12, 02:09 PM
Gaston unloads 4gp each worth of ginger and pepper to the merchant, pocketing the 20gp and heading back to the tavern, where he empties his cart of the baccaran to sell to the enthusiast, glad to have it off of his cart.

He also checks around to try and catch any rumors about where ELSE his wares might fetch a food price, to determine where his journey might take him (and possibly his companions) next...

4 x 2.5 = 10 x 2 = 20, 5 x 1.1 = 55, total 75gp profit.

Gather Information: [roll0]

Edit: Or not. Crap.

Once back to the tavern, he drinks a bit with his companions, enjoying himself as best as he is able without blowing too much coin, Gents, I don't much mind where we go, there's always sure to be someone in need!

2011-10-13, 08:45 PM
It would not be hard to ask around the tavern or marketplace about any other traders heading towards Tress.

Gaston gains no further informatin about where else his goods may fetch a decent price. Inquiring about where to sell illegal goods is risky business, but you have not seemed to have attracted attention to yourself. Tress seems like as good of a place as any.

The woman is not impressed by your lies and sees through them. Helga has obviously been doing this for a while. She is more or less indifferent to you, from what you can tell, but she takes pity on you. She was not impressed by the story about working for a noble lord. You don't manage to talk Helga down in price, but she is willing to extend you a deal, with non-negotiable terms: for every 15 gold you buy from her, she'll give you 1gp worth of fur for free.
The current price to buy 1gp worth of fur from Helga is:
Arrast: Fur: Helga: 1.5

2011-10-15, 07:50 PM
verix finishes the cigar, gets up from his seat, and begins to move about the tavern, asking a few questions to the patrons.

gather information check for people headed toward tress.

2011-10-17, 01:16 AM
Indeed, after asking around for a few hours, you discover that there is a group of fur traders heading through to Tress. Eventually you find them, and they agree to travel together, as they have heard of reports of bandits in the area. They are leaving town tomorrow morning at 8:00.
In total, there are 8 people in this group, carrying 2 wagons. They seem to sell there goods straight from these. They look successful in their trade.

2011-10-17, 10:50 AM

Without waiting for an invitation Verix sits down at the table with the merchants. Fantastic, allow me to order you all another round of drinks. he waives the waiter over. My companions and I would be delighted to escort you to tress. For a nominal fee of course. lets say 100 gold? Also, if we could possibly push back our depature time an hour or two that would be splendid. some of my crew still have some small details to clear up in the morning. Verix pulls out his second cigar and lights it. So tell me, what's been the secret to your success. Do the fur merchants around here know you well? do they ever extend you lines of credit? are there any special ones with good deals, or perhaps you have a "side" arrangement with? do you have a set trade route or schedule, or do you just know what sells well in certain places?

Diplomacy check

also i wish to make note to memorize their names, who seems to be in charge, and who seems to be the richest.

2011-10-18, 03:30 PM
Nora will head to a nearby temple to ask for divine favor in the coming travel in the form of prayers. While there she will ask if there is anything to haul/carry to any temples in tress.

2011-10-19, 04:43 PM
Brock introduces himself, but seems offended that you simply walked up to them and sat down like you own the tavern. Brock refuses to pay a fee for you to come along, but still welcomes you to join them on the trip. To all of your questions he laughs, "So many questions... I wouldn't be much of a business man if I simply went about spouting out trade secrets, now would I? Perhaps I'll let you in on some, but only once you have proven to be at least mildly competent in the fur trade."

The priests give you a brief prayer for luck and safety on your trip. At your request, the head priestess informs you that there are indeed holy items that need transport to Tress: numerous holy symbols of Fharlanghn. 20 in total.

2011-10-20, 02:35 AM
"Oh my, well thank you, I will make sure they make it safely." Nora will add them to her wagon.