View Full Version : Help me find an old book

Laura Eternata
2011-10-12, 07:40 PM
Back when I was about twelve or so, I read what I considered at the time to be a fantastic fantasy novel. Only trouble was, I picked it up at a Renaissance Fair, and it hadn't been in print for many, many years. I read it a few times in rapid succession, as I often would in those days, then promptly lost it in one of several massive book cases.

Flash forward to half an hour ago. I was playing around with Akinator, and for whatever reason, a character from it popped into my mind. I couldn't remember his name, but I remembered enough about him to answer the 20 questions accurately. Akinator had no idea who the character was, so I went to hunt for the book to make sure I got the physical description correct.

Unfortunately, the book is nowhere to be found, and I can't remember the title. In my nostalgia, I turn to you; do any of you remember an old fantasy book about a prince involved in a power struggle with either his mother or his aunt (who was a sorceress, though I think the book had a different word for it), culminating in a mage-duel at the end at the end of which the mother escaped? I believe the mother had killed her husband (or was at least suspected of doing so by the prince's mentor, who was either the king's brother or close friend.) I remember he was also a mage, though I think he was just a half-sorcerer. He also had a stiletto. I think the book's title had either the word "high" or "low" in it.

And that's... really all I remember about it. Does any of this ring a bell to anyone, or am I the only one who remembers this little gem?