View Full Version : 3 level warlock PrC based on having a familiar.

2011-10-17, 11:03 PM
The life of a warlock can be lonely, and the undead you raised from the village you burned down thismorning just aren't the best company. So you decided to bind another creature to you're already tainted soul, it could be a fluffy kitty, or a talkative raven, or even an awesome hellhound, if you took that extra feat, but in all those cases, that creature is bound to you, and the pact that fuels you're powers.

Skills: knowledge(arcana) 9 ranks, knowledge(the planes) 9 ranks and handle animal 4 ranks
feats: obtain familiar
invocations: the ability to use lesser invocations.

hit die: D6
BAB: 3/4th
saves: good reflex and fort
skills: 4+int and the list is the same as the warlocks

class abilities:
1st: bound blast, bound power, +1 warlock level
2nd: Eldritch Augmentation, bound power, +1 warlock level
3rd: body and soul, bound power, +1 warlock level

Bound Blast: through you're connection with you're familiar, it gains the use of you're eldritch blast, though its damage is half of you're base damage, rounded up. so if you have a base of 6d6 damage, you're familiars will deal 3d6 damage.

Bound power: at first level, and every level thereafter, you're connection with you're familiar allows it to use one of the invocations you know (to a maximum of 3 at third level) whenever you would learn a new invocation, you may change the invocations you're familair has access too.

Eldritch augmentation: you gain the use of a lesser invocation that functions exactly like augment familair, but has a duration of 24 hours.

Body snd soul: at third level the connection you share with you're familair is so strong, its like you are one soul in two bodies, once a day, as an immediate action you and you're familiar can switch places instantly, as long as you're on the same plane.

so, hows that look to you guys? any ideas for a name?

2011-10-17, 11:22 PM
I had an idea for a Familiar Feat chain of some sort that I never quite fleshed out, but part of it was giving an ability based on the type of familiar.

Example, a Raven familiar would give its master Flight, x/day, usable personally
A Cat familiar could give Improved Invisibility
Owl would have True Sight, etc.

I don't know if this is something that would go with your feel, but I think it would make a nice capstone.

2011-10-18, 09:28 AM
I think the prereq should be simply having a familiar, rather than the obtain familiar feat.

2011-10-18, 12:38 PM
A table would be nice.
It's actually simple, so a demonstration would be easy.

2011-10-18, 01:23 PM
Seems okay, but I'd take a look at the lists of invocations for Bound Power. Some of them might be overpowered when used by a familiar, so you might want to limit that ability in some way.

2011-10-18, 02:35 PM
Simple and easy. Given that familiars aren't very powerful without significant augmentation, you might actually make this 3 warlock substitution levels, or an ACF replacing class features gained at 3 levels. This would allow a warlock to get into the familiar action (at least a little bit) as early as 1st level.