View Full Version : Which Spider-Man issue was this???

2011-10-19, 07:57 PM
Ok, when I was a kid I had an issue of Spider-man. I don't remember which title it was(Amazing, Spectacular, etc). The story was that all of spider-man's cliches were happening. He fought Venom, defeated and him easily. I remember the last page was Spider-Man saying the only thing missing was a fight with another super hero for a stupid reason and as he knocked over or crushed some donuts, the Thing says "Hey those were mine, it's Clobbering time!" Did I make this up or does it exist out there? I'd really like to find it as it was one of the first comics I remember reading.

2011-10-20, 06:29 AM
It may be this.


2011-10-20, 10:04 AM
It may be this.

http://spiderfan.org/comics/reviews/spiderman_v2/016.htmlYep, that would be it.

2011-10-20, 10:22 AM
Huh. I think that's the only superhero comic I've ever bought. Quite strange.