View Full Version : DC reboot take 2

Avilan the Grey
2011-10-22, 01:56 PM
So... Issues #2...

General complaint: WHY are we going back to the 90ies?? All the comics have taken a distinct turn for the darker and grittier.

The covers of all the ones I have not bought are also indicating that we are basically going back to the 90ies both story- and costume wise. At least so far we are not doing "Super Santa".

This explains WW's temporary costume change (although it was an alternative world pre reboot!) to the typical "Short jacket and body stocking" outfit that is so new and fresh that all female superheroes did it in 1994. Or to quote a friend of mine regarding the 70ies retro trend in IRL fashion that was out there a few years back: "Is it just me or were these clothes butt ugly first time around too?".

And yes, I am aware that she wears a more traditional costume. Now admittedly I like the new WW so far (although i like the art more than the storyline) except for two minor complaints (and the second one is very tongue-in-cheek):

1. Why is her mother blonde again? I grew up in the 80ies and 90ies and always laughed at the "blonde bimbo queen" look from the earlier years. The dark-haired version is not only stunning, but look like she is actually related to her daughter.

2. If the writer's main goal with his run on WW is to get back to the roots (as stated in interviews), why is she not tied up yet? Everone knows that in the original comics she was tied up once an episode and also oversaw the ritual bondage of all the other amazons occasionally.

I dropped Red Hood and the Outlaws; too much guns.

Now for the ones I still read:

Batgirl #2: Good story, if dark and gritty. I know, it's a bat family comic so it is to be expected, but that is another reason I miss Ms Brown; she was hilarious. Barbara is part misery, part nervousness and part frustration. I will continue to read it though, since it is well written (it is Gail writing it, after all).

Supergirl #2: Continuing the whole intro thing: She runs into her cousin, and neither of them believe the other one is who (s)he says (s)he is and fighting ensues. The fact that she is utterly clueless still about where she is and how long she has been unconscious travelling in space makes things very complicated. I will definitely continue this one.

Birds Of Prey#2: ...I was right, everyone is new except black canary. And now they all kill without hesitation (darker and grittier, indeed). Also the issue ends with a WTF moment:
Black Canary has invited Poison Evy as a member of the team. Will read at least one more issue, but will probably drop this one.

Wonder Woman #2: Not really that much darker and grittier. Gods being pissed off, her mother is now blond again and Zeus is a horndog. Business as usual, in other words. I will continue more because I hope that the next storyline will be better.

Oh I also got a hold of Suicide Squad #1 and #2 and... Hell no. I HATED THE 90ies in comics. I don't want to go back. Heck, I think I would prefer the Goldend Age silliness.

So, in conclusion... Very disappointed with the outlook of the DC universe; a year ago I followed six comics religiously, and a few more on and off. Now it seems I will only read two or three every month.

Oh and I really really really REALLY REALLY mourn the absence of Power Girl. I need my lighthearted goofyness.