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2011-10-25, 12:56 AM
My group loves custom gear :) Its really fun to sit down and think up a clever/useful item or item-set to dangle in front of the players in our sandbox campaign. They'll often head straight for the challenge, hoping they're ready to take down the baddies and grab some quick loots. Silly rabbits... usually end up crawling away broken and bloody; though the items are crave-able enough for them to obsess for the next week over how to tackle the mechanics of the encounter, hoping to get it sooner than later.

As a GM is fun to see them so invested, and I was hoping to get the GitP community involved in sharing their own awesome creations and maybe anecdotes :)

Very simple format:

1. Please Indicate the Level range this Set should be obtained/used.
2. General feel of the game (low-power, epic magic, destined, etc).
3. Picture of the gear
4. Item Stats.

I'll post one of my favorites as an example :)

2011-10-25, 12:57 AM
Stay awhile and listen...

Historical expert, Oldeman Bydafountain, recalls the following tale:
One day a powerful mountain demon, Sumashi, descended from his perch atop the world, entering a tiny village. He sat softly in its center and demanded to see its Lord. A young man approached the Oni and begged his forgiveness, explaining that this village had been forgotten by its feudal lords and so had no way to honor his request. This angered the demon, who began to quiver; so powerful was his quivering rage that he caused the earth upon which he sat to quake. The people fell upon their backs, houses collapsed, and live stock fled. The young man fervently begged the demon to stop, offering rice cakes, pigs, even his own life if it would appease him. The mountain demon stopped his shaking, and looked at the young man. It would not appease him, as he came to fight the Lord of the village to test his honor and strength. He gave the villagers one year to provide a worthy contestant upon his return. If no Lord was provided, they would all be destroyed.

The people began to fret and sent off a request to many feudal lords begging to be claimed, and to fight the Oni. None would, and so the people felt doomed. That is until the young man suggested that they mine the Oni's very own mountain for iron ore to build a coat of armor as a gift to any Lord willing to fight for them. And so they toiled without sleep for seven months, until finally they produced a magnificent piece of artistry.

The many feudal lords who had once denied their request came in droves, demanding the gift. The people did not know who to follow, and so placed the armor deep within the mines as a contest. The first Lord to arrive at the armor could claim it; the many lords agreed as it was an honorable contest. Unfortunately for the villagers, seven men arrived and touched the armor at the same time. The many lords drew steel and threatened to cut down the others; but the young man interceded. He begged them to listen, as he explained that they were all clearly equal in strength and prowess, and suggested an alternative. For the seven men who arrived, perhaps allowing fate to determine the winner would be most appropriate. Again, this was an honorable solution, and so they agreed. The young man could think of no better way than to play a child's game. He began to chant: “Oni moni mini mo, catch an Oni by the toe...” Unknown to the young man, the chant was an Oni curse, and while in the mountain, each of the lords was afflicted, turning into crying oni children as the rhyme was finished. Horrified, the young man fled the cave and the effects of what he had done. He told the villagers that they were doomed, and so they all fled in despair. What happened to the former lords is unknown, though apparently the armor was never donned and the Mountain Demon was never satisfied.

1. Level Range 6-9th, Tank focused martial build
2. Campaign has a Destined flavor.
3. Made with our Samurai tank in mind :)

1. Tairyoku (Chest Slot): (DR 1/Lawful) per character level. Activate 1x/day, 10 minutes, you can make the earth quake beneath you, causing all terrain within a 10' radius to become Difficult terrain.

2. Sukinshippu (Head/Shoulder Slots): Each time an opponent attempts but fails to strike you, he becomes Demoralized for 1 round, plus 1 additional round per failed strike. Will DC (10 plus ˝ your level plus Wis mod).

3. Onimoniminymo (Wrist/Hand Slots): +2 Strength, Use 3x/day, Standard action. You may recite the chant, cursing your opponent who then permanently shrinks one size category (remove curse, wish, etc. will remove this curse), adjust stats accordingly.

4. Jishin (Feet Slot): +5 Speed, earth and stone-based difficult terrain do not hinder you, +1 bonus to Climb/character level when scaling natural stone, and no AC penalty.

→ (Set Bonus) Wearing the entire set acts as a magical +1 suit of Full-plate (Armor Slot). Any time an opponent critically fails to strike you, his weapon automatically gains the Broken condition.

→ (Set Bonus) Any target that is Fixated upon you finds it difficult to break away; any time a currently Fixated foe attempts to change targets due to Fixate being broken, he must make a Will save DC (10 plus ˝ your level plus Wis mod) or become Dazed for 1 round. Fixate is still broken, though he is immune to Taunt while Dazed.

A quick note about the encounter: The players will do a little cave dragging before stumbling upon the room holding this armor. They'll attempt to take the armor, thus waking up the Seven Baby Oni-Lords, and have to face off against all of em ;) Each will have a different mechanic to challenge the players (sonic screams, natural attacks, etc). Once defeated, the samurai is sure to try it on for size... which is when the Sumashi will show up :D So the players are sure to be down some combat resources going into the real challenge. Should be fun!

2011-10-25, 03:12 PM
I don't know how anybody could make this unless you are running a modern game (except maybe a wizard that studied physics and understood lightwaves), but atomically speaking a wizard with a few lenses and spells could create a laser and make tons of tiny tubes within the plates of a suit of armor that if led around the perimeter, polished like mirrors, and positioned correctly could let light pass through the armor. That would make the armor (and anyone wearing it) invisible this is not a magical and cannot be dispelled or seen through with any form of divination (your presence can be detected though the 4 other senses or if you give of some type of aura). The armor actually bends light around itself however this is not 100% accurate assuming the creator is not some god of armor, the placement of these "light tubes" will be a bit off. this means that instead of being completely invisible it instead provides a bonus to hide checks (or visual based stealth checks if you combine hide and move silently). If the armor comes in pieces (witch is likely because of how hard it is to make) then use the fallowing list (the AC bonus, armor check penalty, max dex, and arcane spell failure all depend on the armor used).

The chest plate provides a +8 bonus to hide.

The helmet provides a +4 bonus to hide. It is hard to see this armor but also hard to see out of it unless you want your face to be visible, so the wearer gets a -10 penalty to spot and search checks (or visual based perception checks).

Each gauntlet or boot provides a +2 bonus to hide.

Each arm or leg provides a +6 bonus to hide.

The ability of the full suit is that it allows the wearer to make hide checks while being observed and you gain an additional +10 bonus to hide checks.

The armor used must be made of metal plates to give the hide bonus, and cover your entire body except for a few extra small breathing/eye holes and to give the full set bonus. Because of the holes made in the armor its weight is 1/10 of what it was and its armor check penalty is reduced by 2. However if this armor ever rusts or becomes dirty the hide bonus will fade depending on the severity of the armors condition if anyone succeeds in spotting you they only see a shimmer, a few black specks, a scratch, or a floating stain.

2011-10-26, 01:24 AM

Lul awesome :) Though in a fantasy setting I think we can suspend our disbelief enough to just appreciate the product regardless of how it was created. Or at least I will! Very awesome set that core Rogues will cream over.

A few more of my own :)

Level Range 6-9
1. Bearclaw Slippers (Companion's Feet Slot): +5 Speed. Activate 1x/day, 1 minute; your animal companion or Eidolon gain Pounce.

Level Range 5-9
2. Smoke and Fury (Head Slot): This obviously magical headband is made of roiling black smoke, wafting quietly about your temple, with an occasional flash of light, as if a mini lightning storm. While worn, your spells can crit (20/x2). If another ability grants spell-crit, increase the crit-range by 1, if you are a 7th level caster, increase your crit modifier by 1 as well.

Level Range 7-10
3. Thoren Vainely's Glory Days (Set)
1. Thoren's Rough Estimate (Shield Slot): +1 Heavy Steel Shield. Activate 1x/day, 10 min. Choose one of the following: 5 Resist v four energy types, 10 Resist v two energy types, or 20 Resist v one energy type. Resisted energy coalesces into orbs. As a Swift Action, these orbs can be shot at a target of choice, Ranged Touch attack. These orbs last as long as the effect is active, or until deployed. One may only control up to 20 damage worth of orbs at a time

2. Thoren's Serious Face (Head Slot): +1 Enhancement AC, +2 Taunt. Targets that are Fixated on you find it difficult to turn away, even when greater opportunities arise. Will DC equal to your initial Taunt, victim must make two consecutive saves to break this effect. Those who fail their Will DC have a 20% miss chance against Attacks of Opportunity, and cannot change primary target until they have made 2 consecutive saves. Once broken, they are immune to this effect for 10 minutes.

3. Championship Seal (Ring Slot): You display your ring as a reminder to your allies that if they try hard enough, they can become as awesome as you. Use 3x/day as a Swift Action, All allies w/in 30' who can see you choose one of two Aid Another bonuses: +2 Attack, or +2 AC. This bonus applies to the very next instance of need, within 1 round, or is lost.

4. Victory Struts (Foot Slot): Speed +5, +1 Will, +1 Reflex. Activate 1x/day, 10 minutes. While active, as a Full Round Action you can perform an elaborate victory dance. All foes who can see you must make a Will Save, DC 14, or become Shaken until the end of your next turn. Any creature already Shaken must save or become Staggered. If Staggered, save or fall Prone.
5. Gut-adjusted, Sequined Jumpsuit (Body/Chest Slots): Although it hugs your gut perfectly, showing off your sexy handles and muscular buttocks, it has some unfortunate stains around the groin and pits. Nonetheless, the sequins and blue stretchy fabric are pimp as hell, not to mention hard as steel. +4 Charisma. For every Buff you cast on yourself with a duration of at least 1 minute, gain +1 Charisma.

→ Set Bonus: When the full set is worn, a translucent projection of chrome-polished, steel Full Plate surrounds you. Treat this set as a magical suit of +1 Full Plate.

→ Set Bonus: Jazzed Up: You are inspired by your own awesomeness and perfection: So long as one ally is present gain “You Still Got It.” Activate 1x/day, 10 min. Choose one type of action, save, check, etc, which requires a D20 result. Add your Charisma modifier to all D20 results for that action or check for the duration of this effect. If the D20 result plus your Charisma mod equal 20, treat this result as if you rolled a Natural 20. If you've chosen to add to your Attack bonus, if the D20 result plus the mod equals your weapon's Crit Range, treat that attack as a Crit Threat.

Thoren was a Dwarven Bard/Fighter who lead his companions through many a tall tale. Near the end, he had his fortune read, and discovered that he was soon to die of old age. He looked for his replacement among his young and hopeful friends, but couldn't fine one worthy of his legacy... his glory days. And so he left it to fate, as so often happens in epic stories. He traveled to the most backwater, unknown little village he could find (our PC's fledgling town in a Kingmaker campaign), and entertained the masses until his heart gave out at the fated time. He held out a slip of paper with a Limerick as instructions:

There once was a dwarf from Nantucket,
Who knew he'd soon kick the bucket,
And so let out with a cry,
I'm gonna Die!
As he did, held a note that read “Pluck It.”