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2011-10-26, 07:41 PM
Despite what the title says, I'm not talking about yugioh as in the anime about dark spirits and spiky-haired kids that decide the fate of the world with a children's card game. I'm talking about that children's card game itself and the monsters and figures associated with it. Yes, I am talking about giving stats to the famous(and perhaps not so famous) monsters and characters of the yugioh TCG(NOT anime). While this mostly entails the creation of monsters, it also may include some "classes" as well. Dark Magicians, Spirit Envoys(The Charmers in English) ect.. could all be made into character classes while stuff like the Blue Eyes, Red Eyes, Dark World fiends ect.. could all be made into stated monsters. While these would all be made for use in 3.5e, if enough people are interested I could even see it being it's own mini-add-on to 3.5e(Like D20 Naruto for D20 modern) with some kind of warrior classes ect.. and even magic items(Axe of Despair anybody?). Certain aproreate spell and trap cards could also even be translated into spells and items...

So, would anybody be interested in starting this project along with me?

2011-10-26, 07:43 PM
This would be wicked. Though, I see no reason to ignore anime exclusive monsters. Hell, this could easily be a Campaign setting.

2011-10-26, 07:55 PM
Anime exclusive monsters are fine. I just emphasized the "no anime" thing because I don't want this to devolve to people trying to figure how to play the yugioh TCG with D20 rules...and if you tried to give stats for any anime elements other then the exclusive monsters and maybe the millennium items(which still, do not make any sense here) that is what would result. But anime exclusive monsters are fine, just nothing else(sans anime exclusive spells if we decide to translate spell cards-> in-game spells)

Silva Stormrage
2011-10-27, 12:31 AM
While I don't have enough free time to really work on this project I am wondering how you would do this. Would it be like a lvl 1 dark magician fights a bunch of other monsters similar to regular DND? Or would there be "duelists" that are all summoners that summon the monsters that are basically regular monsters with stat blocks etc.

Tanuki Tales
2011-10-27, 01:06 AM
Trying to play the TCG through DnD as surrogate would be in fact quite silly.

What they should try to do is to capture the Shadow Games of the early part of the series before they went and ruined a perfectly good Seinen style manga with a stupid card game blowing up into the major focus of the series and robbing away the cooler and broader concept of games in general and making the series and Yugi as a character less dark.




I ranted there, didn't I?

You guys carry on with your fun and ignore me. *whistles*

2011-10-27, 02:02 AM
What they should try to do is to capture the Shadow Games of the early part of the series before they went and ruined a perfectly good Seinen style manga with a stupid card game blowing up into the major focus of the series and robbing away the cooler and broader concept of games in general and making the series and Yugi as a character less dark.

u mad bro?

In other news, I'm pretty sure that statting up most, or even a solid group, of cards would be a lot of work D&D-wise. There would need to be a very basic setup, like Melee Damage, Magic Damage, Armor, Magic Resist, and then set of tags like [Ranged] or [Healer] or [Blackwing] which come with their own constituent abilities. Then, for those unique effects, some way to quickly convert.

Also, ignoring rituals, fusions, synchros, and nomis is probably an excellent idea. Those should probably be tacked on to the basics.

2011-10-27, 06:52 PM
Whilst I may not be much good at homebrewing I just have to request that the Dragunity archtype is included. Simply because it features both dragons wielding smaller dragons and knights who are riding big dragons, wielding baby versions of those dragons as weapons.

2011-10-27, 07:04 PM

On one hand, I think statting up Yugioh monsters as 4e monsters is the best option. 4e monsters are formulaic and easy to make a template for, which is perfectly suited for converting monster cards to monsters. Cards with a special effect get an ability with a similar styled effect.

On the other hand, I liked the idea someone else posted of rather than making it a world where these monsters are all running around freely, you have a Duelist class that can summon the monsters. Then you could even convert some of the spell cards to duelist spells, and have traps converted to be counter-spells (immediate action effects). But something with that much versatility simply doesn't fit in a 4e environment, but would make a pretty solid tier 1-2 class in 3.5/PF.

2011-10-27, 08:24 PM
A "duelist" class could certainly be interesting, and if somebody made that we could even create a new "magic system" for the class, perhaps a randomized per-encounter type system to simulate the random aspect of drawing cards from a deck. Of course, since all the duelists in the anime seem to draw the right cards at the right times, if a randomized magic system is used there could be class abilities such like, say "heart of the cards" that allot the duelist more control over what spells/monsters/traps they get...and these could get stronger as they level up? Not sure, but a duelist class would be neat to see, and also, I can totally see new rules for Yamis and millennium items being made into bloodlines attached to said items, and non-item spirits(Yubel, Darkness, Astral ect..) could similarly be stated as bloodlines.

2011-10-29, 04:59 PM
Well, the most important thing would be to conceptualize how the game is played. Would every PC be a duelist tossing out monsters and spells? Or would everyone have a single monster?

I honestly have no starting ground from here.

2011-10-29, 05:14 PM
Make up your mind first. You said you wanted to make a game based on the creatures, items, places on the cards. In only two posts you're now flat out talking about exactly what you said you didn't want this thread to devolve into.

2011-10-29, 05:39 PM
For a setting, perhaps a standard world(of any era) with either the monsters as wandering monsters, and a class that can tame and trap them(though it could end up sort of pokemonish if you do that to every monster), or having the monsters be summoned from another plane by a semi-caster class,
or perhaps having the monsters sort of like outsiders in dnd(magical creatures from another dimension that usually come to the plain where most of the playable races live of their own will, often either to invade or fight against an invasion), or perhaps a little of each.

As for monsters, spells, traps, et cetera not all creatures, spells, and traps need to be statted, as some would be a bit odd(like many of the more recent machine type monsters) and probably not find a place in a d20game easily, some serieses of creatures(magicians and spirit envoys/charmers have already been mentioned) could fit well as classes to supplement the standard ones for the setting.

Another thing that would be a good idea would be to figure out whether the setting/game is set in a medieval, ancient, or modern setting, thought modern would probably work best if you went with a darker setting, the other two could work fairly well with a more standard mood.

In addition, when stating out creatures, having them vary from their cards somewhat would probably help a bit with making a d20 game, as atk, def, lifepoints and many card effects, are more of an abstract concept, that wouldn’t translate easily to a tabletop rpg, on the other hand, translating some meta-game aspects of cards could be interesting(for example, if you to stat out a card that can’t be effected by a type of magic card, giving the monster based on it anti-caster abilities, or giving a monster based on a card that has a temporary boost to atk for 1 or 2 turns stats that support it making one powerful attack before becoming weaker somehow(maybe it’s health gets lower when it uses it’s uber move or something)

2013-03-23, 08:49 PM
Hi I actually came up with a "Duelist" class as you were referring i dont know if its any help but here it is: Class: Duelist

The duelist has the ability to wield mighty monsters sealed away in cards. They use these monsters to duel other Duelists in order to become stronger and achieve the title of #1 in the world.
Duelists can be any alignment and can get along with other duelists depending on their alignment and are easy to get along with others.
When the player chooses the Duelist class he or she can cross class with any other class but only receives non combat bonus when taking a level in the other class, this includes feats as well.
Level Life Points Deck Size Limit
0 4000 40
1 4200 42
2 4400 44
3 4600 46
4 4800 48
5 5000 50
6 5200 52
7 5400 54
8 5600 56
9 5800 58
10 6000 60
11 6200 62
12 6400 64
13 6600 66
14 6800 68
15 7000 70
16 7200 72
17 7400 74
18 7600 76
19 7800 78
20 8000 80

A beginning duelist (lv0) starts with 4,000 life points (HP), a deck size limit of 40 cards, and can only have one deck in his or her possession unless otherwise obtained with the experienced duelist Feat.

These feats can only be learned by the Duelist class

Experienced Duelist:
The Duelist has learned through countless matches that sometimes it pays to have more than one deck. This extra deck can prove to be beneficial in times of need and when he finds himself being overwhelmed by his opponents.
This feat allows the Duelist to have 1 more deck in his arsenal. This feat can be taken more than once and stacks with previous Experienced Duelist feats.
Unconventional Duelist:
While the conventional duelist tends not to use his “extra deck” slot in his game the unconventional duelist leans on it heavily and is a crucial part of his strategy.
This feat allows the duelist to use the “Extra deck” slot in battle this can only be used for fusion monsters.
Unconventional Duelist II:
Prerequisites: Unconventional Duelist
The duelist has discovered more ways to use his “Extra Deck” slot to greater effect.
This feat allows the duelist to add Synchro or Xzy’s monsters to his “Extra Deck”. The Duelist must choose only one option.
Unconventional Duelist III:
Prerequisites: Unconventional Duelist II
The duelist has fully utilized his “Extra Deck” slot and has completely mastered this part of his strategy.
This feat allows the Duelist to include the remaining type of monster in his or her “Extra Deck” slot be it either Synchro or Xzy’s monsters.

Team Player:
Prerequisites: Duelist 5th lvl or higher
The Duelist has learned that teamwork is invaluable in the heat of battle.
The duelist can now lend his or her monsters to their teammate in order to meet any costs of spells, this includes Special summon, Normal summon, and Fusion summon. (for all other requirements see DM)

Team Player II:
Prerequisites: Duelist 7th lvl or Higher, Team Player II
Furthering the duelist trust in his companions, the duelist is ready to help his comrades at any moment.
The Duelist can now lend his Monsters to be controlled by his teammate.

Master Caster
Prerequisites: Duelist lvl 15, Heart of the cards
The duelist has found a way to channel his emotional energy and empathy to his combat role and his card playing reflects that empathy.
The effects of Spell and Trap cards are now increased by a factor of ½ of the original amount. Ex (Dian Keito the cure master now Heals for 1500 and cards like ookazi deals 1200 damage all other effects should be consulted by DM)

Heart of the Cards
An ancient belief that dates back to ancient times not many still believe most attribute it to luck or superstition.
This feat is a spell like ability; this ability can only be used once per day. While in combat the player may roll 1 D20 + the duelist Cha Modifier if the resulting roll is an 18 or higher The duelist can draw 6 cards then roll a D6 the resulting die roll allows the Duelist to “draw” that card (the rest of the cards are then put back in the deck and the deck is then shuffled). Upon a result of a “natural 20” consult DM.

Heart of the Cards II
Prerequisites: Heart of the Cards, Duelist lvl 12
Replace effect of resulting roll 18 or higher with 15 or higher

Monster Rider:
This feat allows the duelist to call upon one of His or Her monsters in order use this monster as a mount with increased movement. This monster is also considered “on the field” at the start of combat if the monster is used as a mount. The selected monster cannot be above lvl 4. All enhancement of movement speed is up to the DM.

Monster Rider II:
Prerequisite: Monster Rider
This feat increases the lvl limit of monster rider from lvl 4 to lvl 7.
Monster Tamer:
This feat allows the duelist to capture Wandering Monsters by defeating them and Binding them to cards. In order to use this feat the Duelist must first defeat a Wandering Monster and then must use a blank card to bind that monster.

Cards and prices
Cards are purchased and sometimes used like the Scrolls of Mages

(note still working on appropriate prices for cards) rarity, effectiveness, and power will determine price.

Spell and trap cards are used like wizard scrolls
Hope you like it!

Wild Zubat
2013-03-24, 12:32 AM
Now if only I could get "Marauding Captain" as a class...

Then get another "Marauding Captain" with me...