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2011-10-28, 12:56 AM
That time of year, and I'm hoping to find some good sites with scary Halloween stories. Preferably not all the typical stories either, I'm a fan of sites where people relate personal ghost stories that are genuinely creepy, or of regular-person written scary fiction stories. Bonus points(or cookies) will be awarded to anyone whose site has a nice, suitably creepy background, and/or atmospheric music.

2011-10-28, 01:45 AM
a quick googles:








2011-10-28, 05:19 AM
Thanks, I'll definitely give those a look-see. I'll admit though, I was more hoping someone else shared my love of horror stories, and maybe had a site or two that they personally recommend, not just random ones pulled off of ye olde google ^^.

2011-10-28, 05:04 PM
I do love horror stories, but I usually buy them. If you want specific authors I can direct you to their stuff online, but I was thinking you wanted something more like 'true account' stuff.

2011-10-28, 08:58 PM
I can enjoy a well-written horror story. I've recently read Candle Cove (http://www.ichorfalls.com/2009/03/15/candle-cove/), that had a nice twist. How do you feel about the works of David Lubar? His stories are either Funny, Scary or both. You could always join SCP Foundation and read some of their original horror tales.

2011-11-01, 02:56 PM
Sigh, my post got lost due to my electric going out Saturday, so I guess I'll post the short of it here, kind of sad it didn't get posted though, since Halloween is past now.

Anyways, I guess I must have still not explained myself properly ^^ I do want true account stuff, or at least normal person written fiction(not stuff by big horror writers), but I'd prefer sites that people PERSONALLY read and recommend. I'll still check out the sites that you pulled off google, but I know I haven't had much luck in the past, so I was hoping people could just post sites that they themselves go to and read from.

Also: SCP Foundation ROCKS! Love that site, and have burned so many hours reading it.

*Grumbles about stupid electricy being out for 3 days and 2 hours because of 4 freaking inches of snow ><*

2011-11-01, 04:47 PM

2012-09-29, 06:49 AM
I hope you like the stories on this site. There is really a good stuff available.

2012-09-29, 03:41 PM
Uhhh...this thread is over a year old, which is thread necromancy and against the rules ^^

2012-09-29, 04:20 PM
Marble Hornets (http://www.youtube.com/user/marblehornets?feature=results_main)

Roland St. Jude
2012-09-29, 09:57 PM
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