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Sgt. Cookie
2011-10-30, 01:27 PM
Creator foreword Please read!

Note: Classes and prestige classes are there as they will, eventually, be added. Right now all I have are some feats.

In this (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=220645) thread. I mentioned that I would like to see a Tome of Deception. We have Complete Scoundrel, but that just adds a whole bunch of luck rules and flashy moves.

The Tome of Deception's aim is to help the liars, the cheats and the downright stylish b******s. This will, eventually, have feats, classes, PrCs and other lovely bits and pieces to create games and characters that can live and thrive in urban environments.

But that's not to say that this is all for the lie-to-your-face characters. There will also be plenty of feats that will allow you to better sense the lies others are telling you.


Chapter 1: Character options


Prestige Classes:
The Charleton (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?p=12145734#post12145734) - NeoSeraphi


2011-10-31, 03:15 PM
You appear to have forgotten to post the feats you mentioned. (Someone remind me to edit in my usual wikipedia-like linking here and remove the original text, at some later point).

Sgt. Cookie
2011-11-02, 11:36 AM
Deception Feats

Hot reading
Psychics do it all the time, it can't be that hard.
Prerequisites: Spot 10 ranks, Sense motive 10 ranks
Benefit: When bluffing, make a spot check, DC 15. The number you beat the DC by is added on to the bluff check as an insight bonus, starting at +1 by beating it dead on 15. I.e, you get a 17 on the spot check, you get a +3 as an insight bonus to the bluff check.

Cold reading
Sherlock Holmes, eat your heart out.
Prerequisites: Spot 8 ranks, intelligence of 17 or higher.
Benefit: When studying a person, area, object, etc, make a spot check, DC at the DM's discretion, to discern information regarding the thing being studied. If used on a person, apply a circumstance bonus to diplomacy or bluff, player's choice. When used on an object or area, information about the area should be given.

Small things vanish around you and have a hard time finding them again.
Prerequisites: Sleight of hand 8 ranks
Benefit: The DC to find die sized objects about the character's person is increased by 5. Additionally, the character gains a circumstance bonus of +2, even when rushed or threatened, to hide, but not steal, objects

Improved palming
Larger things have a tendency to mysteriously vanish and tend not to turn ip again.
Prerequisites: Palming, Sleight of hand 14 ranks
Benefit: The DC to find objects the size of a coin or smaller about the characters person is increased by 15. The circumstance bonus is upgraded to +4.

Great palming
Rather large and bulky things often go missing when near you, and are almost never seen again.
Prerequisites: Improved palming, Sleight of hand 20 ranks
Benefit: The DC to find objects the size of a large chess piece or smaller are increased by 25. The circumstance bonus is increased to +6

No pick, no problem
No matter where you are or how little equipment you have. Locked things never stay that way for long.
Prerequisites: Open lock 14 ranks
Benefit: The character never takes the -2 hit for improvised tools to open locks.

Trustworthy face
People always want to believe you.
Prerequisites: Charisma 16
Benefit: The subject of a bluff check takes a +5 to the sense motive DC.

Lying with knowledge
You can use your extensive knowledge of certain things to lie your way into or out of things.
Prerequisite: Any knowledge skill modifier higher than your bluff skill modifier
Benefit: When you take this feat you must elect one Knowledge skill that fulfils the above criteria. You may use the knowledge skill in place of your bluff skill in certain situations.

For example: You need to lie your way past a castle guard, your modifier for Knowledge (Nobility and royalty) could be used in place of your bluff modifier.

This feat may be taken multiple times, electing a different knowledge skill each time.

Sgt. Cookie
2011-11-02, 11:46 AM

Full credit goes to NeoSeraphi for the PrC.Original thread (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=220245)

The Charlatan

"What's your name?" "Smith! Or Smithy, if you like." "What's your purpose in Port Royal, Mr. Smith?" "Yeah, and no lies!" "Well then, I confess. It is my intention to commandeer one of these vessels, pick up a crew in Tortuga, raid, pillage, plunder and otherwise pilfer my weaselly black guts out." "I said 'no lies'!" "I think he's telling us the truth." "If he was telling the truth, he wouldn't have told us!" "Unless of course, he knew you wouldn't believe the truth, even if he told it to you."- Captain Jack Sparrow, Pirates of the Carribean: The Curse of the Black Pearl

A charlatan is a masterful deceiver. He takes lying to a whole other level. No one can match a charlatan's silver tongue. Charlatans are often rogues or bards who decided that being sneaky or diplomatic wasn't as much fun as looking their enemy straight in the eye and telling him his shoes were untied, and then having him look down despite being an ogre who couldn't wear shoes.


In order to become a charlatan you must meet the following prerequisites:

Skills: Bluff 10 ranks, Sense Motive 10 ranks
Feats: Combat Expertise, Improved Feint, Persuasive, Skill Focus (Bluff)

Hit Dice: d6

Class Skills: The charlatan's class skills are Appraise (Int), Balance (Dex), Bluff (Cha), Climb (Str), Craft (Int), Decipher Script (Int), Diplomacy (Cha), Disable Device (Int), Disguise (Cha), Escape Artist (Dex), Forgery (Int), Gather Information (Cha), Hide (Dex), Intimidate (Cha), Jump (Str), Knowledge (local) (Int), Listen (Wis), Move Silently (Dex), Open Lock (Dex), Perform (Cha), Profession (Wis), Search (Int), Sense Motive (Wis), Sleight of Hand (Dex), Speak Language (None), Spot (Wis), Swim (Str), Tumble (Dex), Use Magic Device (Cha), and Use Rope (Dex).

Skill Points: 8+Int per level

The Charlatan
{table=head]Level|Base Attack Bonus|Fort Save|Ref Save|Will Save|Special
+2|Would I Lie to You?, Did You Hear That?

+3|Stop Embarrassing Yourself!, It Won't Happen Again!

+3|Dagger? What Dagger?, Sneak Attack +1d6|

+4|Better Watch Out!, Bluffing Expertise|

+4|Behind You!, Is That a Banana Peel?|

+5|Silver Tongue, Sneak Attack +2d6|

+5|You're Not That Tough!

+6|You Got This Bro!

+6|What are You Talking About?, Sneak Attack +3d6

+7|Who are You Going to Believe?

Class Features:

Weapon and Armor Proficiency: A charlatan gains proficiency with the dagger, kukri, longsword, rapier, and scimitar, as well as with light armor.

Would I Lie to You? (Ex): A charlatan's persuasive nature is legendary. His entire demeanor makes you want to trust him, no matter how many times he has wronged you in the past. The charlatan emits an aura of sincerity. All creatures within 30 feet of him who can see and hear him (allies and enemies) take a penalty to their Sense Motive checks made against him equal to his class level.

Did You Hear That? (Ex): A charlatan is able to lie to his friends and drive them into an anger. By making a Bluff check (DC 10+ally's HD) he can force the ally to rage as a barbarian of his ally's HD. This ability lasts for 3+the ally's new Con modifier rounds. The ally is not fatigued at the end of it.

A charlatan may only enrage one creature at a time. A charlatan may only use this ability once per encounter.

Stop Embarrassing Yourself! (Ex): A charlatan can actually pretend to be a connoisseur of the mystic arts and correct others who attempt to do it. As an immediate action, a charlatan can interrupt a spellcaster who is attempting to cast a spell. This requires that charlatan be within 60 ft of the spellcaster, and they both must be able to see and hear one another. They must also share a language. The charlatan makes a Bluff check (DC 15+spell level) to convince the spellcaster that he is casting the spell incorrectly and then makes up some crap and says that's how the caster does it.

The spellcaster is then forced to make a Sense Motive check (DC 15+the level of the spell he is attempting to cast, as if it was a Concentration check made to cast defensively). If he fails that check, he agrees with the charlatan and attempts to cast the way the charlatan instructed. He fails the spell, wastes the action and loses a spell slot of the level of the spell he was trying to cast.

Only use this if you and your DM both have a sense of humor.

Because the charlatan has no clue what he's talking about, there is a 10% chance that the incantation and somatic components he described might actually be from some other, random spell. Every time the charlatan successfully Bluffs the spellcaster into trying it his way, roll a percentile dice. If it is 10 or lower, the spellcaster instead casts a different, random spell than the one he had prepared, chosen by the DM. The spellcaster must still be able to cast that spell (high enough level, appropriate casting score, etc)

It Won't Happen Again! (Ex): A charlatan may be caught in a lie once, but he can pick himself back up and shrug it off with a smile, and still appear innocent. Starting at 2nd level, when a creature succeeds its Sense Motive check against the charlatan's Bluff check, the charlatan can make a second Bluff check at an immediate action to attempt to convince the target that he was simply misinformed or had a slip of the tongue. The target makes a second Sense Motive check, and receives a +5 bonus to it, but if the charlatan wins the check, the creature accepts that it was a mistake and does not feel any misgivings towards the charlatan for his original Bluff check.

Dagger? What Dagger? (Ex): A charlatan's words are so convincing that he is able to make anything sound true, even if the person he's talking to has irrefutable proof. Starting at 3rd level, a charlatan may make a Bluff check to convince a target that an event did not actually occur or an item is not actually present. The target makes a Sense Motive check with a +10 bonus to resist, and if it fails, the charlatan convinces him that something did not actually happen, as if he had cast the modify memory spell, but as an extraordinary ability.

Alternatively, a charlatan can make something incriminating or threatening go away, such as claiming that the guard is not actually holding a sword at his throat, or that he is not really pointing a crossbow at anyone. If the creature fails it Sense Motive check (with the same modifiers as above) the item in question is treated as being invisible and has its scent, feel, and sound completely masked to the creature that the charlatan Bluffed. (If the creature is damaged in any way, such as by touching the blade of a weapon he thought he was holding and pricking his finger, this effect immediately ends)

Sneak Attack (Ex): A charlatan who is able to catch his opponent off-guard is able to deal extra damage. See the rogue class feature of the same name in the PHB. The charlatan's sneak attack damage increases at 6th and 9th level. If he has multiple sources of sneak attack or other precision damage, they all stack, assuming all conditions for each attack are met simultaneously.

Better Watch Out! (Ex): A 4th level charlatan is so comfortable and sure of his own skills that he exudes a confidence similar to a trained warrior. Starting at level 4, a charlatan may make a Bluff check as part of his full attack action. The creature he is fighting makes an opposed Sense Motive check with a bonus equal to its Base Attack Bonus. If the charlatan succeeds on the check, he convinces the creature that he struck a deadly blow. The creature spends the next round acting as if it was staggered, as the disable psionic power (no save).

A consecutive use of this ability convinces the creature it is mortally wounded. The creature will use any and all healing magic it has, attempting to restore its hit points to maximum. (A level 30 cleric with the Tomb-Tainted Soul feat that the charlatan struck for 2 points of damage would cast a quickened maximized empowered greater harm spell on himself, followed by a maximized empowered greater harm spell, if he was able to do so)

If the creature is unable to use any kind of healing, it is instead convinced that the charlatan is far too powerful for it to handle. It will seek to engage the charlatan's allies whenever possible and will cower during any turn the charlatan threatens it. This lasts until either the creature is healed by powerful magic or until the end of the encounter.

Bluffing Expertise (Ex): Starting at 4th level, a charlatan receives a bonus to his Bluff checks equal to his class level, and can always take 10 on Bluff checks, even when threatened or under duress.

Behind You! (Ex): A 5th level charlatan can make a Bluff check to Feint in Combat as a free action. If he does so, his opponent receives a +10 bonus on its Sense Motive check to resist the feint, but it takes a -2 penalty to its Sense Motive check to resist the feint for every time its been feinted this round. (This penalty is cumulative)

The charlatan may only feint once per attack action. (He must attempt to feint, then attack before he attempts to feint again)

Is That a Banana Peel? (Ex): A 5th level charlatan may feign surprise and shout a false warning at a creature. If the creature adheres to the warning, it might lose its balance.

As an immediate action, a charlatan may call out to a creature who is currently moving, with all its legs touching the ground. The charlatan makes a Bluff check, opposed by the creature's Sense Motive check. The creature gets automatic bonuses to resist Trip checks added to the Sense Motive check, such as Size bonuses or penalties, or the +4 bonus from having four or more legs.

A creature does not receive bonuses to Trip checks that come from skill or weapons on its Sense Motive check, such as the bonus from the Improved Trip feat or from wielding a spiked chain.

A creature who wins the opposed Sense Motive check is immune to Is That a Banana Peel for the next 24 hours.

A creature who is charging takes a -4 penalty on its Sense Motive check to resist falling due to the momentum of its movement.

A charlatan must wait 3 rounds after using this ability before he is able to use it again.

Silver Tongue (Ex): A 6th level charlatan's words are poison that seep into his target's mind. Starting at 6th level, the charlatan can spend a full-round action attempting to convince a target that is indifferent or better towards him that they are actually long lost friends. This ability works like charm monster but as an extraordinary effect. (To do this, he makes a Bluff check, and the target opposes it with a Sense Motive check)

The charlatan needs to avoid slipping up in order to keep up the ruse, and must make a Bluff check every five minutes that they are together and actively conversing (if they are silent, or at least not talking directly with one another, he need not continue his cover story)

A single failure ends the effect and the creature in question becomes permanently immune to this ability from this specific charlatan.

You're Not That Tough! (Ex): The charlatan's words can cut like knives and make creatures who were once proud of their formidable might doubt themselves to the point that they are unable to even swing their swords.

As a full-round action, a charlatan may make pedantic remarks about how terrible a creature's technique is. The creature must make a Sense Motive check opposed by the charlatan's Bluff check. The creature receives a bonus on its Sense Motive check equal to its Base Attack Bonus.

If the creature fails its Sense Motive check, it becomes convinced that it is a terrible warrior. The creature's Base Attack Bonus is treated as if it had the poor progression, regardless of its actual BAB. The creature loses access to feats and prestige classes that it no longer qualifies for and calculates its iterative attacks based on the new Base Attack Bonus. This ability lasts until either the end of the encounter or until the creature itself knocks the charlatan unconscious or kills him. (He gets his confidence back)

For example: Jack is fighting a barbarian 9/frenzied berserker 2. He uses this class feature and successfully Bluffs his opponent. The creature's Base Attack Bonus becomes +5. It no longer qualifies for the frenzied berserker class and loses all its class features, as well as no longer having access to the Shock Trooper feat it was using. It only gets one attack as part of a full-round action rather than 3.

You Got This Bro! (Ex): Who says that you only lie to the people who you're fighting against? As a full-round action, a charlatan may make a Bluff check against an ally within 30 feet who can see and hear him. The ally makes a Sense Motive check, with a bonus equal to +20. (The ally may not intentionally fail this check)

If the charlatan successfully Bluffs his ally, the ally's power surges with confidence and he is convinced he will save them all. The ally gains 2 bonus d10 hit dice and temporary hit points associated with them, as well as immunity to fear and compulsion effects, and a +2 morale bonus on attack and damage rolls. Any critical hits the ally threatens are automatically confirmed, and his firm belief in his invincibility grants him DR 5/-.

This bonus lasts until either the end of the encounter or until the charlatan admits he was lying in order to see his ally suddenly look up and realize he's fighting toe-to-toe with a Colossal red wyrm.

An ally who succeeds on his Sense Motive check cannot be affected by You Got This Bro! for 24 hours. A charlatan may only have this effect active on one ally at a time. (He may not attempt the Bluff check again until the first one either expires or he ends it prematurely by admitting his lie)

What are You Talking About? (Ex): A trained charlatan can confound his enemies by twisting their words against them, to the point that the creature honestly cannot comprehend itself any longer. The charlatan makes a Bluff check opposed by the creature's Sense Motive check, with the +20 bonus for being completely unbelievable.

If the charlatan succeeds, he convinces the creature that no one can understand it, that the creature is speaking gibberish and garble and nonsense. The creature is driven permanently insane, as the spell. This effect can only be cured by a heal, mass heal, or miracle spell. A creature that succeeds its Sense Motive check is immune to this ability for 24 hours. The charlatan may only attempt to do this once per day.

Who are You Going to Believe? (Su): At 10th level, the charlatan's silver tongue is so powerful that he is able to lie without even a basis, and his poor victim's own mind is led astray. When the charlatan makes a Bluff check, he can choose to claim something completely outrageous, but put enough details into his lie and keep his face straight enough that the poor victim's mind actually alters its perception of reality to match the lie.

For example, an unarmed charlatan backed into a corner could raise his hand angrily and say with complete confidence, "Back, you scoundrel, lest you force me to use this: The blade of my ancestors, a Holy Avenger that passed through the hands of countless paladins, and was used to slay Tiamat herself, and cast her into the Nine Hells!"

Now, of course, there is no sword in the charalatan's hand, but suddenly the poor victim sees a deadly, glowing blade clasped expertly in the charlatan's hand, ready to cut him open.

This ability creates an illusion similar to a major image, though only to the target(s) of the Bluff check, and instead of making a Will save to disbelieve the illusion, the enemy gets to make an opposed Sense Motive check with a +20 bonus (this bonus is from the lie being completely unbelievable, it does not stack with that bonus). If the Sense Motive check succeeds, that creature is immune to the charlatan's Who are You Going to Believe? ability for 24 hours. The only limit to the illusion this can create is the charlatan's imagination, he could use it to convince everyone he is a king without needing to make a single Disguise check, or he could use it to frighten off a group of ogres with his "pet gold dragon".

The duration of the illusion is until the charlatan breaks character or one hour, whichever comes first (though the charlatan is aware of this and can make another Bluff before his illusion ends to reset the duration). A gnome receives a +10 bonus on his Sense Motive check to resist the illusion, while a gnome charlatan receives a +5 bonus on his Bluff check to create the illusion.

The glibness spell cannot be used to aid this Bluff check. This is a mind-affecting, sonic, language-dependent, illusionary, supernatural ability.

2011-11-10, 06:57 PM
this class is hilarious! it would be a lot of fun to use, especially entering as a mountebank from the dragon compendium and mixing it with a little chameleon from races of destiny or maybe even a little charlatan from the advanced player's guide.

I'd love to use it some time in a game as an NPC. would that be okay?

Morph Bark
2011-11-10, 07:17 PM
I presume you sent a PM to NeoSeraphi to ask prior to the repost of his class?

Hot Reading could use some better wording.

Sgt. Cookie
2011-11-11, 08:02 AM
@Venger: Why are you asking me?

@Morph: Yes, I did.