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Image Sauce (http://laurenmagpie.deviantart.com/gallery/?offset=0#/d4bzc1b)

Large Outsider (Chaotic, Shapechanger, Native,)
Hit Dice: 33d8+132 (280 hp)
Initiative: +14
Speed: 120 ft. Fly(Good), 40 Ft. Land,
Armor Class: 36, touch 20, flat-footed 20 (-1 size, +5 deflection, +6 dex, +16 natural)
Base Attack/Grapple: +33/+41
Attack: 1 Gore +38 (2d6+4)
Full Attack: 1 Gore +38(2d6+4),2 Claws +36(1d8+3) ,and Tail Slap(1d8+3)
Space/Reach: 10 ft./5 ft.
Special Attacks: Destabilize Form, Rend, Wonderbolt Rays, Chaotic Spittle Spell-Like-Abilites,
Special Qualities: SR 43, DR/15 Epic and Lawful, Regeneration 5, Fast Healing 8, Immune to Confusion and Insanity, Immune to Polymorph, Immune to Energy Drain, Slippery Mind, Chaotic Aura, Variable Type, Tenacious Armor, Tongues, Telepathy 300 ft., Planar Bubble 3/day
Saves: Fort +22, Ref +24, Will +21
Abilities: Str 19, Dex 22, Con 18, Int 26, Wis 17, Cha 36
Skills: Bluff:37, Concentration: 37, Diplomacy: 37, Knowledge(Arcana): 37, Knowledge(Architecture and Engineering): 37, Knowledge(Dungeoneering):37, Knowledge(Geography): 37, Knowledge(History): 37, Knowlege(Local): 37, Knowledge(Nature): 37, Knowledge(Nobility and Royalty): 37, Knowledge(Relgion): 37, Knowledge(The Planes): 37, Sense Motive: 37, Spellcraft: 37, Spot: 37,
Feats: Quicken SLA(Dimension Door), Mindsight, Flyby Attack, Multiattack, Knowledge Devotion, Combat Reflexes, Improved Initiative, Weapon Finesse,
Epic Feats: Tenacious Magic(Mirror Image), Spellcasting Harrier, Superior Intiative, Fast Healing,,
Enviroment: Limbo
Organization: Solitary
Challange Rating: 23
Treasure: Double Standard
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Level Adjustment: ó

The creature that emerges from the ground appears is a gastly fusion of beasts with glowing red eyes. His purpose is clear, and his smile is cold.

Discord is a former god, a primordial being of chaos who ruled the world by a rope of sand for untold thousands of years. Over time his loose grip slacked enough that two of his subjects, the allicorns Luna and Celestia, were able to strike. For millinea he has been part of a perverse cycle of rebirth and imprisonment, never quite managing to escape. Only the most powerful of creatures can imprison him, but it is said that even greater adventurers may be able to slay him. That won't be easy...


Despite his incredible prowess, Discord is a clever creature who vastly prefers to best his opponents through games of wit rather than brute force. Fighting on his terms is an awful idea, he has no sense of honor and will rig the fight so that heíll win or escape.

Even when faced with an ambush Discord is a deadly foe. The chaotic auras surrounding him make for an unpredictable and dangerous battle. His strategy is to divide and conquer, usually by dominating or trapping foes until just one is left, at which point he will attack them until they are a puddle of goo on the floor.

Chaotic Auras(Su.): Discordís very presence puts strain on the nature of reality that manifests itself in different ways. Roll 1d8 to determine what aura is active, and another d8 to determine itís duration. Once the duration expires, another chaotic aura is activated. Discord is always immune to the effects of his chaotic auras.

1. Weather ďControlĒ: The weather around Discord becomes absolute chaos. The winds automatically become severe category, and any other number of effects may manifest. These effects can happen from up to a mile, and have no logic behind them. Snow, chocolate rain, or a tornado made of frogs are all an equal possibility by DM discretion.

2. Wildly Fun Magic: Who says that magic always has to work right? When this aura is active, every spell cast within 50 ft. of Discord is wild magic, as per the planar trait.

3. Riiiiiipples in Reality: Pulses of distortion emanate from Discordís body in an 120 ft radius, making it hard to coordinate, forcing a -4 penalty on Attack Rolls, Dexterity Checks, and Reflex Saves. There is a 50% chance that creatures within the radius will be pushed 20 ft away or toward Discord every round.

4. So many places, so little time: Discordís presence begins to disrupt the presence between planes, and portals are popping up everywhere. Every creature within 60 ft. of Discord must make a DC 28 Will Save each round, or be subjected to a plane shift effect.

5.Shadowy Friends: Illusions permeate the air thick as flies in a 200 ft radius around Discord. Every round creates a new image as if summoned from a Deck of Illusions. However, these creatures are shadow creatures, and 50% real, unless a targeted creature fails a Will save(DC 33) to disbelieve. They fade either in 1d3 rounds, or when the chaotic aura ends.

6. Explosive Chaos: Everything is exploding within 500 ft of Discord. The first attack, spell cast, or skill used by any creature during this round causes a 10 ft. explosion centered on the user, 5d6 damage, Reflex 19 for half.

7. Sensory Nonsense: Colors become sounds, sounds become colors, you can feel tastes and tase words, all within 30 ft. of Discord. All creatures within the aura must make a DC 19 Will Save to avoid becoming confused each round. In addition, they must make succesive DC 25 Will saves on the first round of exposure to avoid being blinded, deafened, silenced, and/or paralyzed.

8. Double the fun!: Reroll to activate two chaotic auras at once, reroll if 8 is rolled again.

Chaotic Spittle (Su.): Discord has the ability to spit out a glob of pure chaos at a range of up to 150 ft.. The Chaotic Spittle is manifested as a standard action, and deals 8d8 points of chaotic damage to lawful creatures, and 8d6 to neutral creatures. In addition, any creature struck by the chaotic spittle must make a Fortitude Save(DC 25), or be nauseated for 1d4 rounds.

Destabilize Form(Su.): Any creature hit by 2 or more Discordís attacks will begin to contort in bizarre ways, dealing an extra 4d6+8 points of damage and 2 points of temporary constitution damage. In addition, those affected take a cumulative -1 penalty on attack rolls and armor class, which applies even to creatures normally immune to constitution damage. A creatureís form returns to normal as the constitution damage is healed.

Planar Bubble(Su.): 3/day, Discord may imitate the features of Limbo for one hour. See class ability in Faiths of Ebberron for details.

Spell Like Abilites (Sp.): A note on caster level: Discordís caster level is effective his HD-6, but he also rolls a 1d12 with every SLA cast. The result is added to his caster level.
At will- Blur, Chaos Hammer, Charm Person, Charm Animal, Dimension Door, Flase Image, Greater Teleport, Persistent Image, Mirage Arcana, 6/day-Suggestion, Permanent Image,Glibness 3/day-Dominate Monster, Mirror Image, Greater Invisibility, Maze, Disjunction 1/day- Seed of Chaos[Epic],

Slippery Mind(Ex.): Whenever Discord fails his Will save against a mind affecting spell of ability, he instantly gains another saving throw.

Rend(Ex.): Any creature hit by Discord's two claw attacks takes an extra 1d10+5 points of damage. This extra damage stacks with Destabilize Form.

Tenacious Armor(Su.): Discord has a constant +5 defelction bonus to his Armor Class. This bonus can be dispelled or suppressed, but will return in 2d4 rounds.

Variable Type(Ex.): Discord is an amalgamation of various creatures, and his exact type is hard to nail down. Once per round as an immediate action, Discord can change his type into Abberation, Animal, Dragon, Fey, Outsider, or Ooze. This effect does not change Discordís Hit Dice or Immunities, but it does apply to all other effects related to type. For example, a caster who uses a Charm Animal spell might find it useless because Discord changes his type to Fey. Discordís ďbaseĒ type is considered to be Outsider.

In addition, changing type will also change Discordís weapon vulnerabilities for purposes of Damage Reduction and Regeneration. Each type corresponds to a different weakness, with the Epic weakness considered the ďbaseĒ vulnerability.

Animal: DR and Regeneration improve by 3, but the weapon must only be Lawful.

Abberation: DR goes down to 5/-. Regeneration is unchanged.

Dragon: Unchanged

Fey: Weak to Cold Iron

Ooze: Weak to Bludgeoning weapons

Wonderbolt Rays(Su.): As a standard action, Discord can launch up to four shimmering rays with a range of 30 ft. as a touch attack. If they hit, they produce an effect identical to that of a Rod of Wonder, but using Discordís own caster level and save DCs.

Seed of Chaos[Epic]

Spellcraft DC: 666
Range: 25 ft
Area:Special, See text
Saving Throw:No
Spell Resitance: No[/B]

The caster produces a small, lumiscent seed that hurtles toward the nearest stable location. Once it implants, the plane around the caster begins to irreversibly change. The plane's traits become majorly morphic at a radius of 10 ft/caster level/round. These traits. Gravity, magic, weather, and even the laws of physics begin changing entirely at random. The Chaos spreads like a disease until it has engulfed the entire plane, and may not be dispelled, though an Anti-Magic field suppresses the effect. The only way to reverse this effect is to somehow kill or incapacitate the caster, at which point the plane returns to normal. Once this has happened, the spell must be cast again to restore it's effects.

2011-11-03, 06:06 PM
Eeeeh... your description of his personality is kinda sparse. For one thing I got the distinct impression that he avoids combat mostly to avoid killing his "toys". Then again, the original source material is highly accessible and the creators have tacitly let people know they are GOOD with that.
Needs more Dominates... or a custom spell.
The other thing I would say is that his powers are too random. Yes, it sounds like that is entirely contrary to his theme, but I think that complete control over what happens (assuming he wants such, which when things get serious he does), but a fully chaotic PERSONALITY is the key thought here.
Then again, it depends on if you want something accurate, or something that is actually easy for a GM to use... because the most ACCURATE way to play him is not to even bother giving him most of the numbers. He is the plot of the adventure incarnate and it may actually be easier to try to define what he CAN'T do, rather than what he CAN.

2011-11-03, 07:35 PM
I love you for this, you know that?

2011-11-03, 11:21 PM
With the Spellcraft modifier you gave him, there's no way he's using Seed of Chaos.

Also, if he's a former god, maybe he should get a DvR?

2011-11-04, 11:13 AM
With the Spellcraft modifier you gave him, there's no way he's using Seed of Chaos.
I think the idea is that you don't have to roll spellcraft for SLAs. That may not be the general rule, but it is certainly implied.

Also, if he's a former god, maybe he should get a DvR?
That occurred to me too, yes.

2011-11-04, 10:07 PM
Shouldn't there also be a Vestige, for when he is imprisoned? Pinkie Pie might be Binding it from time to time...

2011-11-04, 10:31 PM
Shouldn't there also be a Vestige, for when he is imprisoned? Pinkie Pie might be Binding it from time to time...
That could be a nice bonus, but is not NECESSARY.
I still want to see that.

2011-11-05, 08:59 PM
Some Peaching:

You list Initiative as +14. It's +6 for Dex 22 and +4 from Improved Initiative but you don't say where the other +4 comes from.

Flat-footed AC is 30 not 20. You only lose your Dex modifier.

The full attack line actually has too many attacks. Creatures get either claw attacks or slams but usually not both unless they have enough limbs to justify this (this means it needs two legs or so for standing and can attack with 4 other limbs). Also you shouldn't put special attack in with full attacks (more on that later). It looks like it should have claw attacks rather than slam attacks according to the picture.

Attacks are at Full Str bonus modifier for primary attacks and half Str bonus for secondary attacks. For Str 19, the bonus is +4 not plus 5. The melee attack is BAB + Str Modifier + Size modifier (33 +4 -1= 36 not 38)

Attack: Gore +36 melee (2d6+4)
Full Attack: Gore +36 melee (2d6+4) and 2 Claws +34 melee (1d8+2) and Tail Slap +34 melee (1d8+2).

A quadruped that is making an attack with all 4 limbs is usually Pouncing and Raking both of which are Special Attacks. It should probably have both of those special attacks.

Special Attack and Special Qualities should be listed alphabetically. Planar Bubble is not a Special Attack. Attacks that cause damage should have their damage listed in parentheses.

Special Attacks: Chaotic Spittle, Destabilize Form (4d8+8), Rend (1d10+ 5), Spell-like Abilities

Planar Bubble is a Special Quality not a Special Attack. You need to cite to the book in your entry.

When a special ability allows a saving throw, the kind of save and the save DC is noted in the descriptive text. Most saving throws against special abilities have DCs calculated as follows:

10 + Ĺ the attackerís racial Hit Dice + the relevant ability modifier.

Furthermore, Supernatural Abilities are usually charisma-based.

It looks like all of your DCs on your saves are too low.

Chaotic Aura's has a number of abilities that have Saves. DCs should be 39 (10 + 16 +13) if it is charisma-based. You didn't mention the relevant ability modifiers in any of the effects: So Many Places, So Little Time (Reflex Save); Shadowy Friend (Will save); Explosive Chaos (Reflex save), Sensory Nonsense (Will save). Also, under what conditions is the target paralyzed if it is different from the other conditions (blinded, deafened and silenced). How long do these conditions last?

Chaotic Spittle DC needs revision. Which ability did you want to use as its base? It is a supernatural ability so it should be charisma and thus DC 39.

Destabilize Form looks like it either has no save or you forgot to put one in. If there is no save you should state so explicitly. Also, the damage only takes effect if 2 or limbs hit. This is why it doesn't belong in the full attack line. It isn't guaranteed damage. Also the damage should be listed in the Special Attack line in parentheses.

Planar Bubble should cite to the book, Faiths of Eberron. What happens if a person doesn't have that book?

Planar Bubble (Su): Discord can create an environment around itself in a 20-foot radius that emulates Limbo for one hour. Can be used 3/day. See the Planar Shepherd ability in Faiths of Eberron page 106 for details.

Environment should be listed as Limbo rather than Any since that is most likely its home plane. I'm taking the clue from Planar Bubble.

How many wonderbolt rays can be launched? The number is missing.

What is discord's caster level. That information is missing in several places.


2011-11-09, 01:08 AM
Wow, I didn't realize people actually commented on this thing, I'd sort of abandoned it :smallredface:. Anyway, thanks for the comments Debihuman. My justification with keeping the saves low is entirely arbitrary, and I based it somewhat on the Tetramorph from MMII, where there's no real rhyme or reason to the saves. Then again, taking design inspiration from that book was a pretty bad idea to begin with...

I'll fix what you said about destabalize form, but know that it is taken from this (http://www.d20srd.org/srd/epic/monsters/hagunemnon.htm) rather obscure epic monster. I only copied the description, damage, and added in a new advantage.

The extra +4 to initiative is Superior Initiative, an epic feat.

No excuse for the armor, thank you.

Full attacks...were there really two slams? Huh.

Shouldn't there also be a Vestige, for when he is imprisoned? Pinkie Pie might be Binding it from time to time...

I'd do this, if I was at all familiar with the binder.