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2011-11-01, 05:40 PM
Obviously in a game like D&D, you can get some pretty wild groups doing adventuring together. Care to share your favorite or most outlandish adventuring party?

Interestingly, mine was strange for its blandness. I ran a Dragonlance campaign for over a year and the party was only three people: Three human divine casters. My head spun at all the missed opportunities from my favorite setting, but what could I do?

As it turned out, the good cleric, neutral druid and evil cleric got on swimmingly (you know, kinda) and we once spent an entire session having an in-character discussion of religion and morality over Otik's spiced potatoes (in-game and out; I did actually make some).

2011-11-01, 05:59 PM
My first (and still running) campaign featured half-Drow sneak attack focused rogue, a Human face-type rogue, a knife throwing Halfling rogue and a Human sneak attack fighter...


We got better

2011-11-01, 06:56 PM

Guess which one I was.

2011-11-01, 07:00 PM
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2011-11-01, 07:02 PM
OH! I was also in a party with a crazed cleric that worshiped a chicken he called "the professor," a gnome who thought she was an elf, a human rogue that couldn't pick a lock to save his life, and a dwarf barbarian with a hammer that was bigger than he was.

2011-11-01, 07:14 PM
We are also very fond of making fun of our most beloved fictional characters. For example, on this two-session campaign we were playing a reimagined and more emotional Ryougi Shiki (garden of sinners) an accidental pervert Iskander (Fate Zero) and a loli in Power armor.

good times

Belril Duskwalk
2011-11-01, 07:18 PM
Strangest party I DMed for, all evil characters:
A human cleric of Malar, god of bloodlust and savagery.
A Drow Rogue
A Lizardman Fighter

Strangest party I was a member of:
A Half-elf Bounty Hunter (Rogue kit)
A Moon Elf priest of the human sun-god
A Sun Elf Mage-Priest, Chaotic as all hell
A Moon Elf Mage, also Chaotic as all hell
A Gnome Buffoon (Rogue/Illusionist)
A Gnome Frog-riding Warrior
A Human Necromancer

2011-11-01, 07:19 PM
A CG human pirate who was fearless and could not be poisoned or cursed.
A CN Centaur barbarian who could kill anything and loved gold more then us.
A LE Warlock human, demon, dragon thing who pretended to be good and manipulated the pirate.
A CE drow Rogue who wanted to back stab us all but kept failing due to incompetence.
A formerly LG paladin now CE black guard who the party thinks is still a paladin who does things for the lols.

The CE Black Guard and the CG pirate actually got along really well. The black guard was also undead (Nobody knew except the warlock) making him immune to being drunk.

In other words the pirate and the black guard would always go out drinking and out drink everyone, dwarves, giants it didn't matter they out drunk them all!

2011-11-01, 07:29 PM
I guess we just lived a "too elf" moment, with a female Sidhe fey, two night elf twins, a moon elf and an npc, a wild elf witch of the wilds...

We got better.

But our strangest was said nymph; said night elves; an old geezer tiefling artificer with a mechanical arm; a magma dragon posing as human (with Chris Rock's father -from Everybody Hates Chris- appearance); and a ice genasi with ice in the place of her hair.

...but then, now we have an Elite (from Halo) in the party... so strange is common.

2011-11-01, 07:44 PM
Banga Fighter(Art of War variant)
Hume Fighter(normal)
Elvaan Fighter(normal)

Surprisingly not samey, hume buffed damage when we needed it with warcry and had a spell effect weapon, Elf just berzerked 24/7, and the Banga was a killing machine by way of many, many, damage boosts.

2011-11-01, 07:54 PM
Off the top of my head I can only think of one party that was particularly strange:

A hobgoblin cleric who is the high priest of Maglubiyet, is useless for anything other than escaping, barely uses a weapon besides his fists, and attempts to subjugate everyone he meets by forcing them to bend their knee to his god (or him, he isn't picky).

A kobold dread necromancer with a childlike innocence. He did pretty much all the real killing, had a skeleton hill-giant with a zombie head, and referred to his 'mother' a lot, which was actually a great wyrm red dragon interested in necromancy.

We had a zombie blue dragon which was technically the kobold's, but my cleric considered it his. We shared.

Then there were two others. There was an ibixian duskblade who had some very strong, very WRONG opinions. We eventually just traded his head to the dragon who wanted him dead. Then we killed it and got our zombie dragon.

Then later there was the poison dusk lizardfolk binder that I hired as a bodyguard. He was weird and different every day, which was fun. He also acted primarily in his own interests, making them look like they were my interests.

It was a fun campaign. :D

2011-11-01, 07:54 PM
Currently, we have a rather bizarre party in the Pathfinder campaign I DM (although most of them are joining in this session, so they haven't met yet).

Current party
Mercy: Half-Elf Cleric and leader of the party. She's quite compassionate, even in the face of total idiocy on the parts of the rest of the party.

Maraver: A Halfling Rogue. He's a whopping 5' 4", leading many people to assume that he is a short human, rather than a large halfling. He speaks Spanish as a means to distract his enemies, since such a language doesn't exist in this world and he's just speaking gibberish. Also, he's a massive kleptomaniac, taking every chance to improve his thievery so that he may steal from the rich and give to himself.

Tom: Dwarf Fighter. He's the party meat-shield, with an enormous 33 HP at level 2. He hates elves, drow, and half-elves, putting him at odds with Mercy.

Incoming characters
Saren: Elf Paladin. He is the same faith as Mercy, and the two have even run into each other once or twice in the past. He's an Elven meat-shield, which... actually works better than we expected, with 25 HP at level 2.

Vicril: Dhampir Knight (homebrewed class). His full name is Vicril Orrum, although he goes by Vicril Duskwalker to conceal his true heritage: son of the vampire lord of the Deadlands, a vast, barren moor where undead force the living to join their ranks every day. Yes, he's a half-vampire. This has the slight disadvantage of causing positive energy and negative energy to have undead-like effects on him, thus cutting him off from normal healing.

Ramza: Gnome Alchemist. He's the party craftsman, always tinkering and playing with new inventions. He intends to lead the world into a golden age, including making firearms commonplace.

Worbak: Half-Elf Antipaladin. He poses as a Paladin of a prominent faith in order to destroy the Paladins from the inside. He adventures with the party due to such being arranged by the princess of the kingdom.

Drawdings: Human Cavalier. The squire to an Astral Knight, protectors of the realm. His player is busy, so we just say that Drawdings is adventuring with his knight when not at the session.

Unknown Magus: Human Magus. As of yet unbuilt.

2011-11-01, 09:27 PM
The current game I'm DMing consists of:

A genre savvy satyr bard

A sphinx crusader who is entirely motivated by sandwiches

A half fey goblin swordsage who has his soul swapped for that of a gnome

A valkyrie warblade of the kill first ask questions later persuasion

and occasionally

A minotaur barbarian beguiler who likes to play tricks on every one else

A baby dragon warlock with a rakshasa trapped in his head

Sometimes things get interesting

Dr Bwaa
2011-11-01, 09:56 PM
I'm in a game right now where the original party was

CN rogue who ran at the first sign of danger (basically didn't want to adventure)
LE wizard necromancer trying to attain lichdom
N cleric army-of-the-dead necromancer trying to achieve "True Death"
Knoll Paladin.

The rogue was constantly lying to the paladin, and having the worst luck of the group, constantly failing. Both of them are dead now, though :smallfrown:

2011-11-01, 10:25 PM
The PF game I am currently in is probably the craziest. We have :

Half-Elf synthesist summoner who looks like a bear
Gnome Paladin who rides said summoner-bear
Human Gunslinger (hombrewed corssbow variant) based on Harrison Ford who talks to his horse
And myself, a Hal-Elf Bladebound Magus who talks to his sword.

And the paladin used to be a Halfling Oracle with the limp curse who rode around in a chariot pulled by mules.

Yeah it's weird...:smalltongue:

2011-11-01, 11:49 PM
back in the 2e days, my friends and I decided to create characters without telling each other what we were making. The DM was to randomly select a level 1 adventure

there were five players and we came up with

gnome cleric of glittergold
gnome cleric/illusionist
dwarven fighter/cleric
human cleric
halfling thief

we laughed at this very cleric heavy party until we noticed the DM had his head in his hands... Whats up? well the module i randomly selected is against undead with a vampire at the end. Needless to say this was probably the easiest level 1 adventure i ever played

2011-11-02, 12:59 AM
Sainted Human Cleric
Pixie/Half-Air Elemental Bard
Half-Dragon Sorcerer
Rakshasa Dragon Disciple/Hexblade

I also had a fun game that was only

Human Fighter/Arcane Slayer
Half-Drow Child that was a prophet (Favored Soul) of Ares

2011-11-02, 01:11 AM
Someday, I would like to run a game with nothing but bards.

"we're getting the band back together..."

2011-11-02, 01:31 AM
Currently party is:
Little girl mononoke-type ozodrin (human husk, created by an exiled modron, essence from the amoebic sea and came into the party dumped out of a 2 way bag of holding with a large amount of water)
Ex-familiar winterwolf
Medium sized silver dragon (with a level in cleric, despite crossclass skills all pointing to rogue)
Idealistic Gnoll Cleric
Dark Elf Warlock Swordsmith
????? - Can't figure out what the last one is, she's joined the party 3 sessions ago

2011-11-02, 08:50 AM
Someday, I would like to run a game with nothing but bards.

"we're getting the band back together..."

Mind if I sig?

2011-11-02, 09:16 AM
Odd.... I was just now, planning on starting a game where this would be the THEME of the campaign (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?p=12145037#post12145037). A situation where people who hate each other band together... and things go downhill from there. The plan is, in fact, that the goal of the party isn't important--it's the interaction between the party members.

2011-11-02, 10:12 AM
An android composed of electrified crystal, with a penchant for detonating himself, consuming minerals, and perversion. Got more play than the entire party combined, could transform into a railgun, and also managed to eat the moon. One of them, anyway.

A mute Viera, eldest of the party by a century, with the steampunk equivalent of an etch-a-sketch speech bubble machine. Had alot of guns, an instant-cookie machine, and limit breaks that involved throwing carrots and turnips. They hurt.

A Mithran pirate-wannabe boy, with gambling skills and random, chaotic magic. Also had the ability to draw the attention of every female in a 5 mile radius to his own chagrin. Once wore a godzilla suit, and summoned Doomtrain inside of an active volcano.

A duck. There were other qualities, but what's important was that she spent most of her time in combat as a duck. Quack.

A Human Fighter, from a family of peace-loving White Mages. They didn't get along. Relatively humdrum.

A female Mithran, elder sibling to the pirate kid, exceptionally skilled in frost spells and countermagic. Was a figurative ice queen. Almost became a literal one, and at one point made out with the physical incarnation of the concept of water. I think I knocked her unconscious once.

A Human White Mage and Mediator, cousin to the Fighter. They hooked up. Yeah.

A Human actual-pirate, a big brother to the mithran. Basically a Belmont, combined with Kamina, combined with Super Robot Wars references. Led with fervor and tactics, his limits included a God Finger. Once dropped a mountain on someone while piloting a mechanical chocobo.

A disabled (one-armed) female Elvaan Mystic Knight, who against all odds became the Fleet Admiral for a Hume nation. Channeled the elemental spirts through her blade, invented plasma, called the very stars from the sky, and at one point attacked a boss by creating a sun on top of him. Dealt over 9000 damage in a system who's normal cap is 999.

That was an interesting, and long, game of FFRPG 3rd.

2011-11-02, 10:20 AM
Someday, I would like to run a game with nothing but bards.

"we're getting the band back together..."

I've thought of doing something like this before. It would actually probably work out just fine.

2011-11-02, 10:23 AM
I've thought of doing something like this before. It would actually probably work out just fine.

Yeah, bards are incredibly versatile, plus you could get all the variants/setups going. You can have a bardblade, an inspire awe bard, one that goes into Sublime Chord for mad spellcasting (at least I think that's the right PrC), and so on. They cover all the bases pretty well.

2011-11-02, 03:40 PM
i was in a group with a halfshark (hombrew race) fighter who had an intelegence of 3, a beetle person (homebrew race) tribal (homebrew class, pretty much druid but worse) who didn't like humans, and was perfectly fine with eating them, and a CE warloc who was obsessed with nothing but revenge and power (he also used a scythe). needless to say, after 11 hours of playing, we were all still level one and had killed the approximate population of north carolina in helpless vilagers (no exp from any of them)

The Reverend
2011-11-02, 04:00 PM
Two parties leap to mind both 3.5

The all "Barbarian" party and the all "Monk".

The barbarian party were all from the same tribe: Cleric of Odin, a ranger, and the Barbarian Brothers Three. Awesome game used as much Barbarian Guile and Cunning as brute force. At one point we had to enter a building and kill everyone inside. The NPCs knowing we were barbarians had a lot of force, fire and traps aimed at the door....thats why we came thru the wall with a battering ram and the ranger came down the chimney. One of the brothers was a half orc and the other two were sensitive to people picking on their "little" brother.

The monk party was all monks except one magic user, can't remember which one it was from oriental adventures. We were playing in a medieval Europe style setting and our style of dress was similar to the local monks.

At point some brigands tried to rob us. First thief "they're monks should we rob them?" second thief " theyre monks what are they going to do pray us to death?" at that point one monk sunders his axe bare handed and the second knocked him out. The thieves ran.

2011-11-02, 04:20 PM
One that I ran for:

Human wizard with a seven-syllable first name
Middle-aged matronly female halfling "locksmith" (also "cutlery merchant" and "pawnbroker")
Drunken dragonborn warlord looking for a good war
Teetotaler dwarf berserker who used to work and live in a gryphon stable
Dragonborn paladin of the god of wilderness and chaos*
Pacifist (!!!) cleric of the god of purity and light.

*This guy took the chaos part seriously. He once passed up an improved weapon for boots that let him walk on walls...so that he could run up the walls and fall on people standing below him. He also attempted to force-feed the BBEG mushrooms (which he had picked 12 levels earlier) during the final encounter, and once had an improvised weapon (table leg) encrusted with gemstones and enchanted.

2011-11-02, 04:41 PM
Our current party:

- A gravetouched ghoul barbarian (using one of LOTRfan's Greater Totem Barbarian variants, Rat Totem in particular)
- A mad man channeling the power of the Far Realms, but despite that a pretty nice guy (homebrew class called Xenotheurgist, there have been some problems balancing it out properly, since some things weren't too well balanced)
- A woman who has beholder-style eyestalks disguised as dreadlocks, that the others rescued from an underground area where she was being experimented on (a retool of some homebrew invoking class or other. The player used to be a Nerra, but decided he wanted to play a different character. The Nerra left the party by going back to his home plane, as the crap we got up to was too crazy for him)
- A chaotic Outsider weilding a depowered artefact of Nerull, the leader and sane voice of the party (my character, using Xefas's custom outsider class, also the only one with a positive Wisdom modifier. The ghoul's also rather sensible, but he isn't very leader-y)

So...yeah. We are in Sigil, though.

EDIT: Oh yeah, forgot about Winsome. NPC/DMPC (take your pick), intelligent crow who claims to be a familiar without a master, bonded to our madman, Chaotic Evil, with some shapechanging abilities, acts as a kind of advisor/spy, been not-so-subtly trying to get us to do evil things. Pretty sure he's a demon.

2011-11-02, 05:16 PM
A low mouthed drunk fighter, a werewolf (in a setting where lycantropy is an STD not a template), and an antromorphic scorpion walk into a bar....

2011-11-03, 10:12 AM
Strange 4e party:

Halfling Chaos Sorcerer
Shifter Druid
Deva Paladin
Mephling Bard

It's a very strange day if the chaos sorcerer is the normal party member.

2011-11-03, 10:43 AM
I'd like to see half druids and half clerics. Or a party of all clerics and they each worship a different god. Oh the irony and drama!:smallwink::smallbiggrin:

2011-11-03, 11:04 AM
I'd like to see half druids and half clerics. Or a party of all clerics and they each worship a different god. Oh the irony and drama!:smallwink::smallbiggrin:

Heh, one with a LG god, one with a CG god, one with a LE god and one with a CE god?

2011-11-03, 11:13 AM
Pansexual Goliath Barbarain obsessed with Teddy Bears
Asexual Human Rogue obsessed with Invisibility (No ranks in Hide or Move Silently)
Slut Sorceress Dragonblooded Human obsessed with wanting to Ride a Dragon (in the traditional sense with a saddle and reigns, not what you were thinking)
Tantric Druidess Half-Nymph obsessed with obtaining state of Nirvana
DM who regetted allowing use of BoEF

2011-11-03, 11:15 AM
let's see right now we have a few games going but the biggest one is a pathfinder faerun game.

first there's the thunder triplets

first we have the thunder triplets from The Great Rift then Adbar
(its kinda g** that they played gold dwarves instead of ya know the real faerun dwarves)
Boffile - Druid animal companion of Hellric, it's a large size Goat from The Great Rift and yes its been the most effective character in the game
Hellric - dwarf druid
Bellric - dwarf bard
Dellric - dwarf magus

Pherick son of Volundr (me) - Dragon Shaman of The Great Wyrm Tribe (uthgardian brabarian tribe for those who don't know)
Talanthas - Elf ranger from The High Forest
Ersir - Human Wizard from Waterdeep
Sterling - Human wizard from Thay (not evil)
Apollo Creed - Human Bard extraordinaire from Silverymoon

honorable mentions because life forced them to move away

Rat - a human rogue from Luskan
Kayla - Human monk of Selune

2011-11-03, 12:46 PM
previous campaign

Female Human Warlord....9 years old...rides a dire wolf
male half orc figther.....redneck (me)
male shifter seeker.....acts like Dug from Up when exposed to Thyme
Female gnome artificer

we also had a kleptomaniac halfling rogue for a while, as well as a half elf warlock.

Current campaign

Half elf ardent diplomancer (and letch) named Burt Manchester
stealth focused dwarven ranger in full plate (me)
halfling chaos sorcerer
Goliath Warden
Gnome Shaman with a fairy rather than a spirit (yes comparisons have been made to link and Navi)
Part time members: Shardmind involker, Pison changeling

Zeru the Dark
2011-11-04, 06:18 AM
As one of the two DMs for the campaign magwaaf is talking about, I'd like to point out that "Kayla" is actually a half-Drow monk of Selune.

To Volos...I shudder to think at the shenanigans of that party. I'm not one for use of the BoEF, but it sounds like you definitely used much of its' potential there.

2011-11-04, 07:53 AM
Reincarnated Aztec god of physical challenge/wrestling (ardent/monk tash)
Time addict ardent/swiftblade (magic mantle)
Raised by dragons evil 10 year old sorcerer/incantrix/war-mage
The grim reaper (necromancer/unseen seer)
Orpheus (bard/virtuoso/sublime chord)

This upcoming game is going to be... interesting

2011-11-04, 07:54 AM
Human Assassin
Human Assassin
Human Assassin

2011-11-04, 08:21 AM
A True Chaotic group of Ghostlike-Halflings (The Faerun ones)...Cleric, Rogue, Bard, Barbarian... Crazy chaotic as hell!

2011-11-04, 12:13 PM
Lets see...
Campaign running for 1,5 years in faerun (Me as a DM)
LG Human (later aasimar) paladin of Torm.
Crusader behavior, also had a trouble with dominate person, killed a teammate and an allied priestess of mystra with one critical hit, got better when we used PF paladin with maneuvers from ToB. Also at the end he used DMM cheese too and became unstoppable at lvl 15. Fell and atoned about 3 times.

LE Tiefling Assasin.
Was about to be arrested by the paladin, he didn't make it though, killed by see invisibility using demon.
The assasin's player rerolled into a LN Dwarfen defender, needless to say a summoned rock would be 10x more effective and mobile than him.

NE Human Ninja.
Oh the joy of having 10 constitution. Also wanted to assasinate the paladin, don't ask me how. His job on the encounters was ... trying to be stealthy. What he managed was creatures chasing him all over the woods / unholy church / cursed town. He survived miraculously albeit cursed and tainted.
He rerolled into a LG Monk. Died after challenging 3 fomorians into single combat, ressurected by DM fiat :smallsigh:

NG Dwarf cleric of that neutral dwarf god of time (forgot his name).
The usual stuff, DMM cheese, 5 rounds of buffing/setting up (and morbid deaths of his companions) then proceeds to dominate the encounter. Oh and some healing and ruination of the plot with divinations (nothing I couldn't handle really :smallbiggrin:). He fell into neutral alignment due to his method of battle (complete ignorance for his teammates), then into NE for his roleplaying actions (too long to describe here). Needless to say NOONE in the group suspected something in and out of game, at least his fall to evil.

DMPC NE Human Nocturmancer (they asked for an arcanist basically :smallamused: didn't want to show them something OP)
Oh the amount of plotting they did to find out her purpose :smallbiggrin:
The paladin befriended her and the others cursed her beneath their breath. More hilarious was their paranoia which converted a single hack and slash campaign into a game of intrigue and deep assasination plots.

Also that taught me that I should never mix classes from vastly different tiers in my game, the assasin/DD and the ninja/monk were so ineffective, it wasn't even funny :smallmad:

2011-11-04, 12:34 PM
As one of the two DMs for the campaign magwaaf is talking about, I'd like to point out that "Kayla" is actually a half-Drow monk of Selune.

To Volos...I shudder to think at the shenanigans of that party. I'm not one for use of the BoEF, but it sounds like you definitely used much of its' potential there.

hey matt!

for the life of me i couldnt remember she was half drow lol

2011-11-04, 05:07 PM
Spelljammer, natch;

Giff Fighter
Krynn Minotaur Wizard
Gnomish Were Giant-Space-Hamster Clockwork Mage
Wemic Barbarian
1/2 Ogre Magi Fighter
Centaur Cleric

I played the were giant space hamster. Very fun. He saved the party from an asteroid prison run by mind flayers (who intended to eat their brains) by burrowing out with his big gnashy teeth. Why a hamster has a burrow speed (and can burrow through stone!), is beyond me, but we ran with it!

2011-11-04, 05:17 PM
My strangest party was in wod-like setting, with gurps 4ed as a system. We had:
Human necromancer working for police. (yep, Anita Blake ripoff)
Werefox exorcist. Due to tremendous dex buffs in the template, most of the time he wasn't exorcising but doing "I Desert Eagle your brainzzz" (notable disadvantages: Weirdness magnet, Xenophilia)
Half-unseelie fey herbalist. Due to control failure got 27 SWAT kills. M-M-M-MONSTER KILL!!! (notable disadvantages: Weirdness magnet, Xenophilia. Guess, what happened in the very first session)
Human medium. Mostly got himself possesed.

2011-11-06, 06:11 AM
I guess we just lived a "too elf" moment, with a female Sidhe fey, two night elf twins, a moon elf and an npc, a wild elf witch of the wilds...

We got better.

But our strangest was said nymph; said night elves; an old geezer tiefling artificer with a mechanical arm; a magma dragon posing as human (with Chris Rock's father -from Everybody Hates Chris- appearance); and a ice genasi with ice in the place of her hair.

...but then, now we have an Elite (from Halo) in the party... so strange is common.

Details. PLEASE.

2011-11-08, 08:31 PM
Lets see...
A whiny baby silver dragon
A mind flayer cleric
A giant awakened crocodile that likes to play soul music
And A minotaur warblade (the groups voice of reason)

2011-11-09, 12:29 AM
Oh this this is hard.

Strangest party I've been in is the weekly Pathfinder game
Drawing blanks on names
Dragon Bloodline Sorcerer Elf: Chaotic Good. His character thinks he's a wizard without need of a spell book
Hlaf-Orc Rogue: Lawful Neutral, Cheliax. Slaver, murder, thief, killer etc. Best friends with the Paladin
Dwarf Ranger: Neutral Good, Andoran. Most rugged part member also the only female
Gnome Summoner: Chaotic Neutral. Has a Clockwork Lion Eidolon with horns, acid claws. Probably most dangerous member and most sane and he lets the Eidolon eat people.
Human Inquisitor: Chaotic Neutral, Shadow Lodge. Sociopath with access to invisibility and a whole mess of nasty powers to wreck a battlefield. Tortures maims and often the party face
Elven Paladin: (Me!) Lawful Chaotic, Andoran & Cheliax. Divine hunter with a penchant for killing and an expert at it with X10 of every type of Bane arrow. A celestial Tiger and plans to take Hellknight next level. Oh and he has a pair of pet weasel, a pure white mask concealing his entire face and has the second highest stealth in the party

I'll have to think of the strangest party I've ever been the Dm for.

2011-11-09, 01:44 AM
Mind if I sig?

knock yourself out.