View Full Version : Program to Help Homebrewers Create New Spells/Monsters [PEACH]

2011-11-02, 07:02 PM
I've been trying to code a few programs in Visual Basic that would help homebrewers take all the dirty, boring work out of writing up new spells that they develop and one that does the same for monsters.

Basically, they will just select the absolute most basic qualities of the spell or monster (of course with the need to write in the name, fluff, etc.) and from then on it will display a completed stat block with all necessary calculations done.

Unfortunately, I am not exactly the best computer programmer. It is simply a hobby of mine, and it is self-taught mostly through experimentation. I do believe I can do it, however.

The link I am posting is to an image of the 1/3 completed (or so) Spell Writer. So far, I have designated areas to write the spell name, school, subschool, descriptors, etc. Once the "Display Spell" button is clicked, it prints out in the textbox to the far right, from which it can be copy/pasted into another document. Note that this image had me input the necessary information for Prayer in order to test.

Spell Writer Image (http://i1191.photobucket.com/albums/z467/Seethyr/SpellWriterImage.png)

I would gladly appreciate any feedback or ideas. In particular, due to the fact that the average 9 year old has more computer skills than I do, I don't even know how I would eventually share this. Actually, are they even something anyone would want?

EDIT: The program is finished and can be located on 4shared using the following link.

Spell Writer D20 (http://www.4shared.com/file/C3xbHfWk/Spell_Writer_D20.html)