View Full Version : Else-portrait campaign rules (or 7thscape v4)

2011-11-05, 02:48 AM
I just started up a new campaign, and so I gave the 7thscape rules another work-over (7th Sea system converted to Planescape campaign setting)

This one is very different, but maybe people can get some use out of it. The basic premise is that creativity gives rise to reality. Sculptors can make their sculptures come to life, with full memories and a life from another world that was born in the sculptor's mind. Painters can create portals to fantastic realms. Writers have real 'dramatic editing' and can manipulate people's fates.

PCs can be Reals (people from Firma, not necessarily artists but they could be), Figments (created beings), or Earthians (a particular kind of Figment hailing from a shared futurist setting called Earth).

The full rules (for players at least) are at http://elseportrait.wikispaces.com/, which will be the campaign wiki.

All in all, this might be of interest to people who like the 7th Sea and L5R roll-and-keep style of game. I think I've done a good job of improving the mechanics of the 7th Sea system (though now its nearly unrecognizable) to the point where it plays a lot more smoothly and should be a lot quicker during fights.

Since my campaign has yet to really start, I'm also looking for suggestions as to things that seem broken/useless/etc that should be fixed before play begins.