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2011-11-11, 01:51 AM
Admit it, you have them, guilty pleasures that is. We all do. Whether it’s one thing, two things, or ten, there is something we indulge in when we think no one is looking. Why are we embarrassed by the items that bring us such joy, that soothe our souls, which make us happy?

Guilt in itself has a negative connotation, and rightly so. Guilt is defined as the fact or state of having committed an offense, crime, violation, or wrong, especially against moral or penal law. Ack! Who would want that word associated with anything remotely bringing us pleasure?!? Another side of bacon please, minus the guilt.

Pleasure, on the other hand, is defined as an enjoyment or satisfaction derived from what is to one’s liking, gratification or delight.

Guilt = bad, Pleasure = good. When we talk about guilty pleasures, the last thing that comes to mind is crimes, violations, or wrongdoing, at least in the “criminal” sense of the word. But tell someone that you enjoy listening to Wham! on the weekends, you might get some sideways glances, and your taste in music may be called “criminal”!

Food, music, clothing, and television, these are all areas that we indulge our hidden delights … behind closed doors. Who among us hasn’t gotten sucked in to some sappy TV show from the 80’s, sang along to ABBA’s Dancing Queen, or secretly wears a t-shirt at home you’ve had since you were a kid? We wouldn’t dare show any inclination in public that we hold these items in high regard, it’s just too embarrassing. In general, we are accustomed to going with the flow and outwardly conforming to what society expects of us, our family expects of us. But seriously, about that ABBA collection you’ve been stashing. Be proud!

Shaving related guilty pleasures come in all forms and fashions, from any number of acquisition disorders (and let’s just say right now, there are A LOT of them) to shaving multiple times a day to shaving parts of our body we don’t normally shave … just to get that satisfaction. That satisfying stroke of the face (Hey! Or Legs!) known as faceturbating (in my case legsturbating) throughout the day and secretly doing a happy dance knowing we get to do it all again tomorrow; that is a guilty pleasure we get to enjoy in public.

So what if we own 9 different variations of the same brush, 20 varieties of cream that all smell similar to each other, blades that all do only one thing (gasp!) and 15 different razors that just hold a blade. We want variety darn it, we want to walk in our shave dens and bask in the glory of ALL of the items that bring us our “me” time. And let’s face it Folks, shaving is one Guilty Pleasure we’re not afraid to admitting to!

Bring it on people; let’s hear what your Guilty Pleasures are!!

2011-11-11, 02:04 AM
Ummm... Do I spy a thread with this exact title not a dozen or so threads down?:smallconfused:

2011-11-11, 02:25 PM
Ummm... Do I spy a thread with this exact title not a dozen or so threads down?:smallconfused:

The Mod They Call Me: Yep (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=222047).