View Full Version : Warhammer 40K...Without the Chaos Gods (Not Mine)

2011-11-13, 10:02 AM
Well, okay, there is something called Chaos, but like "Voidbringer" in Exalted, it's a category rather than an organization.

Anyway, here's the post (courtesy of one Zolock on RPGnet), that posits a Grimdark Millennium without the Chaos Gods.

I just posted this up on my blog, (http://fortythousandhammers.blogspot.com/2011/11/reweaving-warp.html) and I thought I'd share. It's explained in great detail there, but to summarize:

The warp contains no planets, stars or lifeforms of any kind.
All psychic powers function by drawing chaotic matter and energy from the warp and using the imagination to transform it into a useful, meaningful form.
All the Chaos Gods/daemons/angels/etc. are all fake. They exist only in Imperial scripture.
Some psykers are powerful enough to manifest living creatures, and those with the most motivation to do so are Chaos, meaning lotsa daemons.
Nobody has any idea of this process of creation; virtually everyone, especially within the Imperium, sincerely believes all of these beings to actually exist, waiting to be "summoned" and working their powers for good or evil even when invisible. In truth, none of them are real until a psyker produces one.
Psyker power and sorcery are now one and the same thing.

I want to discuss this and see what can be hammered out. Hit me with your interpretations, your variations, and your accusations of heresy.

He said it, you discuss.

On one hand, this also removes one of the insurmountable obstacles to things getting better (one out of twelve, admittedly). On the other hand, this also means that the misery of the universe is even more self-feeding then normal-psykers are driven to Heresy by the miserable conditions of the Imperium, and their bitterness creates more vicious daemons. The daemons compound that sorrow, leading future Heretics to be more bitter...).

Plus, that begs the question: If Slaanesh isn't the source of the Eldar's soul depletion, then what is? (A poster on RPGnet suggested there was a Slaanesh, but he died after the Fall-the whole "devourer of souls" thing is a cruel ruse the Dark Eldar play on their brethren).