View Full Version : Favored Format for Creatures/Templates?

2011-11-18, 02:53 AM
I'm working on some critters, and kept wrestling with the issue of what format to follow in writing them up and from there compartmentalize my thoughts and make sure I've gotten everything down without forgetting anything, and, well all of different formats I kept running into when I was comparing different published creatures that I was using as a sort of bench mark have gotten me a bit frazzled.

Also, since I'm planning on posting these, I figured I'd go ahead and ask what format of presentation ya'll favored for clarity and ease of reading on the boards. Since it's hard enough getting feedback sometimes, I want to minimize confusion or turning people off due to issues with reading it.

2011-11-18, 09:07 AM
A lot of folks prefer the old method of presentation. I understand Debihuman's logic on her preference but for most folks it's just familiarity...

I personally prefer the Pathfinder one, if an official-ish format is being used. I have my own method of presentation that's designed for ease of use at the table, which is derived from it.

2011-11-19, 03:37 PM
So just crib the format at d20srd.org and go to town, then?

Always seemed a bit clunky and lacking in formula/standardness in regards to templates though....

Guess I'll see how Pathfinder treats them organizationally.