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2011-11-26, 08:13 PM
Alright, here is a question for the Playground; how powerful would it be if you were able to apply any Metamagic CURRENTLY AFFECTING your Reserve spell to your Reserve feat? It would be limited to metamagic feats that would already be applicable to a spell that has the feat's traits (so no Explosive spell on your Clap of Thunder, for example.)

So a Maximized Fireball (I know, I know), would allow you to Maximize your Fiery Burst Reserve feat.

Or you could pull of a Uttercold Wintry Blast (half Negative energy damage), a Persistant Sunlight Eyes (which would be cool as all hell. I mean, who doesn't want 20'+ foot vision that ignores such trifling matters as magical darkness?), or, to be truly cruel, a Fell Drain Shaped Storm Bolt (Fear the unavoidable damage and negative level! Fear it!)

To balance it out, I would suggest that there be a 1/encounter limit; I don't know about you, but that Storm Bolt example scares me.

Because, after all, this does allow you to do sexy things with your spellcaster all day long (I'm totally sorry, Warlocks; I still love you.)

2011-11-26, 09:02 PM
Strictly, the feats already have an effect, upping the level of the spell slot.

You'd need a feat, minimum to throw in the actual effects of the metamagic onto the reserve effects.

A sort of pol allowing you to apply say max spell level you still have memorised to reserve feat effects in each encounter seems reasonable though.

How does the shaped = no save thing work btw? I assume it's not Sculpt spell as that does no such thing...

2011-11-26, 11:18 PM
The only metamagic feat that affects reserve feats as is is Heighten. I'd be cool allowing metamagic feats on feeder spells to affect the reserve effect, but only because the base spell's level doesn't change. If Maximizing your Fiery Burst removes 3d6, three points off the save, requires the Maximize Spell feat and requires you to fill a slot with a maximized (whatever) spell, that doesn't sound like too extreme an advantage.

Warnings: Spontaneous spellcasters and their ability to base spells off hypothetically metamagiced spells, while giving spontaneous spellcasters a welcome boost, would cause extra bookkeeping. Metamagic reducers and rods cause even more trouble in this system than they normally do.

2011-11-26, 11:19 PM
I just checked the errata, and Storm Bolt has a save (darn); however, as printed, it does not have a save.