View Full Version : Modified psionic feats with effects based on ML/BAB

Tenno Seremel
2011-12-03, 02:31 PM
Well, since apparently there wasn't done any changes to psionic feats (at least I got no links in the other thread) made in the same as FrankTrollman's changes to feats I needed a few of my own for the most obvious ones.

If you have other ideas you can post them too.

Note: these are strong.

[manifesting] effects are based on character's manifester level.
[combat] effects are based on character's base attack bonus.
If a feat is both combat and manifesting you apply your manifester level or base attack bonus, whichever is higher.

Combat manifestation [psionic, combat, manifesting]

You are adept at manifesting powers in combat.
This feat incorporates: Combat Manifestation, Psionic Meditation.

Base effect: You get a +4 bonus on Concentration checks made to manifest a power or use a psi-like ability while on the defensive or while you are grappling or pinned.

BAB+2 or ML2: You always can take 10 on Concentration checks and manifester level checks.

BAB+4 or ML4: You can become psionically focused as a move action.

BAB+11 or ML11: If you would be paralyzed, you're slowed instead.

BAB+16 or ML16: You add either your primary ability bonus or Strength bonus as a deflection bonus to your AC as long as you are psionically focused and wearing light or no armor and not carring a heavy load.

Power penetration [psionic, manifesting]

Your powers are especially potent, breaking through defenses more readily than normal.
This feat incorporates: Power Penetration, Greater Power Penetration, Psionic Affinity.

ML1: If you expend your psionic focus you get a +4 bonus on manifester level checks made to overcome a creature's power resistance. For every full 5 manifester levels you possess this bonus increases by 1.

ML2: You get a +2 bonus on all Psicraft and Use Psionic Device checks (Spellcraft and Use Magic Device in Pathfinder). This is extraordinary ability.

ML6: If target fails his save against your power his Power Resistance decreases by 2 for 1 minute unless you wish otherwise. This penalty stacks with other penalties to Power Resistance and with itself.

ML11: If you fail to overcome Power Resistance targets take raw psionic energy damage equal to your manifester level unless you wish otherwise. Use effective manifester level of the power you manifested (which can differ from your normal manifester level due to Overchannel, Wild Surge or other abilities).

ML16: You gain +3 bonus on dispel checks.

Psionic body [psionic, combat, manifesting]

Your mind reinforces your body.
This feat incorporates: Mind Over Body (SRD), Psionic Body, Rapid Metabolism.

Base effect (Ex): You gain 2 hit points for each current and future psionic feat you have (including this one).

BAB+2 or ML2 (Ex): You naturally heal a number of hit points per day equal to the standard healing rate + double your Constitution bonus. You heal even if you do not rest. This healing replaces your normal natural healing. If you are tended successfully by someone with the Heal skill, you instead regain double the normal amount of hit points + double your Constitution bonus.

BAB+6 or ML6 (Ex): You heal ability damage and ability burn damage more quickly than normal. You heal a number of ability points per day equal to 1 + your Constitution bonus.

BAB+11 or ML11 (Su): You ignore first 5 points of hit point damage from all effects that are of acid, fire, force, cold, or electric nature.

BAB+16 or ML16 (Su): Choose either fire, cold, or electricity. Once selected in cannot be changed. You gain immunity to harmful effects of your chosen type as long as you are psionically focused. Furthermore, when you are affected by effects of your chosen type that deal hit point damage you heal 3 hit points per level of the effect (if any). Spells and effects that would normally pierce this immunity are effectively useless.

Psionic endowment [psionic, manifesting]

You are very talented in the path of the mind.
This feat incorporates: Autonomous, Inquisitor, Psionic Endowment, Greater Psionic Endowment.

ML1: If you expend your psionic focus you add 1 to the save DC of a power you manifest. For every full 6 manifester levels you possess this bonus increases by 1.

ML2: You get a +2 bonus on all Autohypnosis checks and Knowledge (psionics) checks. You can make Autohypnosis checks untrained. This is extraordinary ability.

ML6: If you expend your psionic focus you gain a +10 bonus on a Sense Motive check to oppose a Bluff check. You must decide whether or not to use this feat prior to making a Sense Motive check. If your check fails, or if the opponent isn't lying, you still expend your psionic focus.

ML11: You learn 1 additional power of 3rd level or lower from any list.

ML16: You automatically identify any power, spell or other form of magic being activated within 30 ft. of you even if you cannot see it. You can pinpoint exact location. You can detect supernatural abilities being used as well but you don't identify them.