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Lord Raziere
2011-12-03, 09:03 PM
Hello, I'm Raziere and I like to make artifacts for Exalted. Unfortunately, every time I come up with an idea I tend to type it down as fast as possible so that I remember it. Meaning my artifacts often come out not as good as they should be and sometimes even being considered bad and somewhat out of sorts and such.

So here is my thread for dumping all the artifact ideas for Exalted to the world. pray that I don't come up with anything too messed up that will make you burn in me rage.

Stuff I've already come up with (and are probably going to be bad)
Obsidian Sunglasses
Artifact 1
Attunement: 3m
The wearer of the sunglasses gets a +1 to Appearance. They are just so awesome that people like them a lot. also they are so protective against light, that one can look directly into the sun without any harmful effects.

Obsidian Trench Coat
Artifact 2
Commitment: 6m
When committed:
-Same stats as Silken Armor.
-Grants a +2 dice bonus to Appearance when its blowing in the wind, the user can of course activate the air elementals to start blowing wind through it for a scene by spending 3m.
-Also makes the one immune to environmental cold effects

This Trench Coat was invented during the First Age by Exalts wishing to look dashing and debonair, particularly when the wind blows, so the Obsidian Trench Coat is always fluttering a little as if stirred by a slight breeze because of minor wind elementals infused into it. Its design has surprisingly survived to even the Age of Sorrows and continues to be made by Air Aspects wishing to out-flair their fellow Dragon-Blooded.

Stats: as normal daiklaive
Commitment: 6m
Power: The Flameklaive can replicate the effects of a Fire Aspected Dragon-Graced weapon for an expenditure of 3m.

Mario Costume
Artifact 3
-This Artifact gives you +6 to Athletics checks when you jump
-For 3m as innate ability, you may fire a fireball that deals 4L using (Thrown+Dexterity) with a range of 10 yards.
-As an additional attack, you can stomp on someone from above, dealing (Stamina+Strength)L using (Strength+Athletics)
You cannot speak, except to say "Its-a me,(name)!", "Mama Mia!", "Lets-a Go!" or various inarticulate sounds as you jump.

This Mario Costume is a Treasure made by a Fair Folk who decided to play role in a typical "Save the Princess" plot in the Wyld, becoming this "Mario, the Italian Plumber" and going around stomping goomba behemoths, eating mushrooms and defeating the other fair folk who took on the roll of some weird spiky snapping turtle king named "Bowser" and rescuing his commoner fair folk bride named "Princess Peach".
However one day "Bowser" decided to run into Creation when he kidnapped "Peach" "Mario" of course followed, acting the same as he always did, blasting whatever was in his way with fireballs, stomping enemies and jumping around like a maniac. On mortals of course. So eventually the tales of a crazy fair folk fireballing and stomping on people eventually made its ways to a Solar who wearily decided to investigate, then following the trail of burnt and flattened bodies, eventually encountering goomba and koopa behemoths amid various pipes and piranha plants popping out of them, while strange cheery music played all about.
The Solar was very freaked out, and decided to destroy everything in his way, until he found the "Mario" and "Bowser" battling over a pit of lava in a strange, highly patterned, almost ritualistic battle with moves that any five-year-old could figure out. The Solar became so weirded out, that he decided to just destroy all three Fair Folk there, his excellence and real fighting moves no match, even as "Mario" tried to fireball him or find some creative away of stomping the Solar flat, the Solar destroyed them all.
The Solar then of course, took all their Treasures and proceeded to destroy the entire land they had decided to set their story for some reason, going home saying to himself that Fair Folk are weird.

Artifact 3
Stats as normal soulsteel daiklave
Commitment: normal for daiklave
Effects: whenever you deal damage with the Drainklave you may heal one non-aggravated health level.

Armor of Bolstered Life
2-dot Artifact
6m commitment
This Green Jade Breastplate is inlaid with a delicate network of veins, somewhat like leaves, but somewhat like those of a human - and thus, somewhat like those of a Dragon-Blooded. The wearer of the armor has access to (Essence) additional -4 health levels, the veins of the armor glowing as the living essence bound within begins to flow through and reinforce the living essence of the wearer. By spending 1m, these veins flare to life even more brightly, as a rush of Essence negates all wound penalties for the wearer for one action.
It is often used by Immaculate Monks participating in the Wyld Hunt who use Martial Arts styles allowing light armor, as it allows them to fight on when wounded, hopefully managing to purge a foul Anathema from the world even if it ends up killing them.

Fivefold Jade Armor
Artifact 2
6m Commitment
This Jade Lamellar has all five colors of Jade in its design. In addition to the magical material bonus received from the color of Jade that matches the Dragon-Blooded's Aspect when motes are committed, they receive the magical material bonus of all the different types of Dragon-Blooded in their Sworn Brotherhood

Example: A gains the White Jade bonus by default since he is Earth Aspect, since B, a Fire Aspect in his Sworn Brotherhood, A also gains the Red Jade's bonus, but doesn't gain the Red Jade bonus twice if C is also a Fire Aspect in the Sworn Brotherhood.

Horseshoes of Swiftness
Artifact 2
Commitment: 5m
Invented during the Shogunate, the Horseshoes of red, blue and white jade were used to make mounts go faster for their Terrestrial riders.
When committed and put on a horse, the horses speed is doubled for the committed rider, anyone else riding it won't get any benefits whatsoever.

Horseshoes of Aquatic Striding
Artifact 2
Commitment: 6m
These Black Jade Shogunate Horseshoes allowed the Dragon-Blooded's steeds to gallop across water as if they were on land as long as the committed rider rode them.

Blue Jade Wings of the Pegasus
Artifact 2
Commitment: 5m
The Shogunate saw many Dragon-Blooded horses outfitted with these cybernetics fly through the sky, while they were slower than Swift Riders, they were cheaper.
When the committed rider pays 3m, the mount gains the Wings mutation for as long as the committed rider stays on, when the rider dismounts the blue jade returns to normal and the rider will have pay 3m to fly again once he gets back on.

Armor of the Terrestrial Steed
Artifact 3
Commitment: 8m
Soak: +6L/5B
Hardness: +4L/4B
The Shogunate Dragon-Blooded made sure to protect their steeds when going into battle with this White Jade armor with a red lance tip on the horses helm for charging and ramming attacks
The committed rider and the mount both gain the soak and hardness listed in addition to armor they already have.
The mount can make charging attack at the Dragon-Blooded's command that goes forward (10 x Dragon-Blooded's Essence) yards and deals The Dragon-Blooded's (Stamina +Melee +Strength)L made with the rider's (Ride+Dexterity), that knocks those it hit back (Essence) yards.

Armored Turtle Carriage
Artifact 3
Commitment: 9m
A white Jade Shogunate carriage pulled by horses. Its wheels, bottom and top are all white jade plate, granting it a hardness of 11B/11L and a Soak of 14B/14L. The carriage is made to look like its turtle shell name sake.
It was often used to transport goods and supplies or Sworn Brotherhoods across land, and included a Small Essence Cannon mounted on a turret complete with a hearthstone in the back to fend off pursuers, along with two sides windows to fire at enemies with personal ranged weapons
It only needs one pilot to keep the horses running and can hold up to five passengers.
This vehicle was widespread during the Shogunate, but far fewer exist in this Age of Sorrows.
Health Levels:

Obligatory Destructive Death Beam
Drawback (1-5)
A drawback included in some Abyssal crafting to make it destructive, whenever the user gains a point of Resonance or Limit, it fires a death beam at a random object or life form, destroying it. at its lowest levels it merely blasts some bugs or a small plant, at the highest it fires multiple beams at people, walls, structures and trees, being a threat to the environment and people around it.
For this drawback, the drawback level has to be equal to the artifact level, as an Abyssal needs to incorporate the principle of destruction equally throughout the artifacts construction, or the death beam won't work and won't count as a destructive artifact.

Necrotic Essence Cannon Upgrade:
Artifact +1 (raises the artifacts rating by one when being crafted into the design)
This upgrade allows the Abyssal to construct any artifact as long as it incorporates this into its design and still count as being destructive. It allows any artifact crafted to fire a beam of necrotic energy at the users command
It has the traits of the very small essence cannon, except that it only deals
5L damage.

Thousand Spikes Aura Armor
Artifact 2
Commitment: 6m
Activation: 3m
This Soulsteel Breastplate once attuned can be activated to emit an aura of necrotic pain around the Abyssal for one scene, when someone gets within 5 yards of the wearer, black lightning springs from the armor to punish the person for getting so close. The armor effectively makes an attack equal to the wearers (Stamina+Melee) and dealing 1L damage at whoever intrudes so close.

Ten Thousand Spikes Aura Armor
Artifact 3
This is a 3-dot version of Thousand Spikes Aura Armor.
In addition to its normal effects, it allows the Abyssals anima banner to function similar to a Terrestrial's anima flux.


Long ago during the Solar Deliberative, a Solar who was a master novelist, crafter and sorcerer of his time, disliked the normal short daiklave design, and so made his own, making an orichalcum quill daiklave the size of a short sword.
However he also made it for another reason, using it to gain an advantage against his Solar novelist rivals. With the Quillklave he was able to out-write them all, his works of prose and storytelling became the bestselling novels in all of Creation, Heaven and even the Wyld, as Raksha just love getting new ideas for themselves.
however he used the Quillklave for other purposes as well, carefully writing criticisms so subtle that his rivals did not notice that they were turning away from competing with him even as they wrote more novels in response to his reviews, and used it to public messages that subtly persuaded people to read his books even as he wrote about something completely different.
There are rumors that this Solar novelist even used the Quillklave to kill, with both is bladed and its writing end. Some of his novelist competition turned up dead from stab wounds, but there was always a written confession wrote perfectly in the hand of someone else confessing they did it…
However, the Quillklave also killed the one who created it. During the Usurpation, a Dragon-Blooded grabbed the Quillklave and used it to write the perfect message that spoke of betrayal to the Solar Novelist, telling him that his circle-mates were secretly funding his novelist competition from behind his back and saying that his books were garbage.
the solar novelist, enraged that his comrades would betray him so, attacked his circle while everyone else was fighting the Dragon-Blooded and so perished from being killed both by Dragon-Blooded and Solars during the feast.
All his books were then burned for fear of lingering messages of obeisance and loyalty.
The Quillklave was then put in the solar novelist's tomb along with all his other possessions, to await the Solar novelist's reincarnation to pick it up….

Artifact 2
Attunement: 6
The Quillklave adds four dice of Linguistics for all purposes of writing. other than that, it is a normal orichalcum short daiklave.

Handheld Moonsilver Toolbox
Artifact 2
Attunement: 5
This handheld rod of moonsilver can replicate any mundane tool that can be held in one hand by spending one mote. It can even replicate a mundane knife, but no other weapon other than that.

Two-Handed Moonsilver Toolbox
Artifact 3
Attunement: 8
As Handheld Moonsilver Toolbox, but it can replicate any mundane tool held in two hands for two motes, as well as any mundane weapon. It can even be used to replicate rope and ropes with grappling hooks.

Moonsilver Hands of Competence
Artifact 2
Attunement: 5
These gloves made out of Moonsilver give the Lunars two additional dice to any skill for one scene at the cost of 3m. The Lunar can only use this ability once per scene.

Helping Hand
Artifact 2
Attunement: 4
This light green hand made out of Kindness and Charity gives the users (Compassion) in dice to all actions they make to help others out.

Artifact 2
Attunement: 6
This orange-red daiklave made out of courage and bravery gives the users (Valor) in dice to all actions to fight against a superior foe or overwhelming odds.

Ambitious Knife
Artifact 2
Attunement: 5
This short daiklaive made of dark-blue ambition gives the users (Conviction) in dice to any underhanded or selfish action that furthers their own motivation.

Librarian's Killing Glasses
Artifact 1
Attunement: 4
Its grant two dice to all Lore actions related to reading books.
For 1m, the user can fire a beam of light from the glasses lenses as an attack with these stats, using (Lore+Intelligence):
Speed: 5 Accuracy: +2 Damage: 3L Defense:0 Rate: 2 Range: 30

Cirrus Horn
Artifact 3
Attunement: 10m
Activation: 5m
When one blows through the horn and pays the activation cost, the horn instantly casts Cirrus Skiff in one tick.

Nest of the Brilliant Raptor
Artifact 3
Attunement: 5m
Activation: 5m
This red jade staff with a phoenix figurine instantly casts Flight of the Brilliant Raptor when the activation cost is paid.

Cage of the First Circle
Artifact 3
Attunement: 10m
Activation: Varies
This red crystal contains one First Circle Demon of the player's choice. They may release the demon for a limited amount of time to serve the user by activating it. How long they serve is dependent upon what is spent to activate it:
2m per week or less.
1wp per year or less.
When they are done serving, the demon goes back into their crystal cage. One can release the demon by simply destroying the Cage.

Infallible Messenger Whistle
Artifact 3
Attunement: 5m
Activation: 5m
This whistle casts the spell Infallible Messenger when you blow through it while paying the activation cost.

The Story of the Hammering Solar

There was once a Solar who hammered forever.
He one day traveled to the Elemental Pole and found some of the straightest wood in Creation for the handle.
He traveled to Mount Meru and karate-chopped a brick of its stone from its base for the head.
He gone the to South for the coals that would stoke the fires to combine them.
So he went back to his forge, and hammered away, pouring liquid orichalcum all over the wood and brick, while hammering at it until he had forged a hammer worthy of creating his creations.
He called it the Forgemaul, and so with it, he continued to hammer forever, even to the end of his days when the Dragon-Blooded came for him, he continued to hammer while they attacked him, creating his last artifact even as he died.
Artifact 2
Attunement: 6m
This artifact grants three dice to all Craft rolls associated with forging metal and blacksmithing
However as the Forgemaul isn't designed for combat as much, it only deals half the damage of a normal Goremaul.

2011-12-03, 09:38 PM
Obsidian SunglassesAppearance is often considered the top Social stat due to the hefty bonuses is conveys. I'd suggest at least a 2m commitment for the current effect, or remodel it to reduce social penalties by 1 for no cost. I like it though.

Obsidian Trench CoatAgain with the Appearance. I guess it's okay; it's a 6m commitment, after all. Still, I'd make it an Appearance Speciality +2 in something relevant instead. More fun to make it play with the trench coat theme than just give +2 across the board.

FlameklaiveCool concept! I like it.

Mario CostumeEhehe. Great :) the write-up is a bit incomplete, but it's good fun anyway.

Drainklave6m for healing 1 non-aggravated HL seems helluvalot, particularly considering how hard actually striking someone is. I'd raise it to Artifact 3 and make the healing free upon damage.

Armor of Bolstered LifeReally cool. I'd take it. Lacks actual armour stats, though.

Fivefold Jade ArmorThis is overpowered, particularly for Artifact 2. Artifact 3 at the least. and possibly a reflexive mote cost per Jade bonus to be activated in a scene. 1m maybe (possibly not committed, though). That said, the attunement cost is pretty high. It's too late to analyze now :smalltongue:

Horseshoes of SwiftnessSounds like Artifact 1 to me, and less attunement cost too.

Horseshoes of Aquatic StridingPossibly Artifact 2, but less attunement here too.

Blue Jade Wings of the PegasusThe attunement cost by itself does nothing here. Either have that or an activation cost, not both. At elast not without adding some other benefit for simply the commitment.

Armor of the Terrestrial SteedCool stuff. Can't figure it out right now.

Armored Turtle CarriageSame for this one.

Obligatory Destructive Death BeamOkay screw this I'm too tired. I'll get back to you on these. :smallsmile:

Lord Raziere
2011-12-03, 11:52 PM
edited down to Drainklave.

also, added a story for the Mario Costume.

Lord Raziere
2011-12-07, 05:12 AM

I love the Prayer Piece. Nothing says awesome quite like a five-shooter. But this version can only be wielded in Creation because of the Holy part- namely, Alchemicals can't wield it cause they never seen it, Fair Folk can wield it, but it just doesn't fit them, and Infernals and Abyssals just can't wield the Prayer Piece because they are creatures of darkness.

and its artifact 3, so its probably not that hard to make and duplicate, especially when you got four entire realms that have the resources and power to make their own versions. so here they are, my minor four modifications to the Prayer Piece for the four realms of existence who don't get to have it, even though they should:

Void Piece
Functions as Prayer Piece, but instead of dealing Holy damage, it gives Soulsteel's magical material bonus.

Brass Piece
These function as Prayer Piece, but instead of dealing Holy damage, it deals an extra two health levels of post-soak damage.

Auto Piece
Functions as Prayer Piece, but deals Axiomatic damage instead.

Wyld Piece
Functions as Prayer Piece, but gains the standard Gossamer bonus in the hands of a Fair Folk instead.

Lord Raziere
2011-12-08, 03:58 PM
A Rare case of a Sidereal artifact:

Pendant of (Maiden)
Artifact 2
Attunement: 5
Activation Cost: 3
These pendants bearing one of the symbols of the Maidens look seemingly innocuous, carried by people who seem particularly devout worshippers of the Maidens of Destiny. That is exactly what the Sidereals want others to think, for in truth they are a minor, but sometimes useful tool in carrying out their duties.

The user of this pendant can spend three motes to enhance social attack, making it unnatural mental influence, but only if it falls within the Maidens purview:
Journeys: Can only enhance social attacks trying to persuade people to go on a journey, to continue their journey or some other action relating to quests and traveling.
Serenity: Can only enhance social attacks that try to make people happier and to persuade to do things that make them happy.
Battles: Can only enhance social attacks that attempt to cause conflict or provoke people into conflict.
Secrets: Can only enhance social attacks that either reveal a secret or hide it with lies.
Endings: Can only enhance social attacks that try to persuade someone to put an end to something.

If you think that too physical however, and want it to be an Astrological thing instead, just call it a "Vocal Astrological Sign of (Maiden)", y'know an astrology weavy-fate artifact thing that you attach to yourself.

Lord Raziere
2011-12-09, 12:19 AM
Astrological Sign of Sweet Dreams
Artifact 2
Attunement: 6
Activation Cost: 4
Sometimes Sidereals need someone sleeping, quickly and quietly. The Sidereal targets one person within 40 yards pays four motes, lulling the victim to normal sleep in seconds. This effect is unnatural mental influence costing one willpower to resist. This ability cannot be used in combat.

Astrological Sign of Food Discovery
Artifact 2
Attunement: 5
Activation Cost: 4
When the Sidereal is journeying out in the wilderness, they may spend four motes to pull some strings of fate so that they luckily just happen to find some edible non-poisonous food nearby, good for one meal. The Sign does not guarantee that it will taste good though.

Astrological Sign of the Unlucky Accident
Artifact 2
Attunement: 5
Activation Cost: 4
By spending four motes, the Sidereal pulls a strand of fate so that a particularly unlucky incident or minor disaster happens, causing an environmental attack on the Sidereal's foe. The Sidereal attacks with (Intelligence + Craft). However keep in mind that there is no visible evidence of the Sidereal using this Sign, and that it can be used outside combat.
Speed: 5 Accuracy: 0 Damage: (Essence + Craft + Intelligence) Defense:0 Rate: 3 Range: 30

Lord Raziere
2011-12-10, 05:23 PM
Gem of Returning Weaponry
Artifact 1
Attunement: +3
This gem can be inserted into another artifact with a hearthstone socket as if it were a hearthstone. It adds three motes to the attunement cost, making the weapon automatically return to the wielder hand when someone disarms them.

Hearth Belt
Artifact 3
Attunement: 6m
This belt has more hearthstone sockets than any other artifact, being solely a way to put hearthstones oneself without needing other artifacts.
Has five hearthstone sockets. Can be made out of any magical material.

Hearth Crown
Artifact 2
Attunement: 4m
Like hearth belt, but is worn on the head and has only three hearthstone sockets.

Artifact 2
Attunement: 6m
Activation Cost: 4m
When this Blue Jade Reaver Daiklave is activated during a melee attack, it extends the attacks range to 20 yards for one tick, allowing one to make a slashing motion with the blade and have the air itself cut one's foe. Despite it being a ranged attack, the user still uses Melee to make the attack.

Hiro Protagonest
2011-12-12, 03:01 PM
There is something terribly wrong with the lore of the Mario Costume!

Mario's part of the Games of Divinity, not something made up by the fair folk!

Also, you'd have to be a pretty exceptional five year old to beat Mario. I'd say eight year old. :smalltongue:

Lord Raziere
2011-12-13, 01:50 PM
Yes, but the Wyld is the font of limitless possibility

The Story of the Hammering Solar

There was once a Solar who hammered forever.
He one day traveled to the Elemental Pole and found some of the straightest wood in Creation for the handle.
He traveled to Mount Meru and karate-chopped a brick of its stone from its base for the head.
He gone the to South for the coals that would stoke the fires to combine them.
So he went back to his forge, and hammered away, pouring liquid orichalcum all over the wood and brick, while hammering at it until he had forged a hammer worthy of creating his creations.
He called it the Forgemaul, and so with it, he continued to hammer forever, even to the end of his days when the Dragon-Blooded came for him, he continued to hammer while they attacked him, creating his last artifact even as he died.
(If you can't tell, this is fluff for the Forgemaul)

Lord Raziere
2011-12-22, 02:50 PM
Crown of Entropy

A king one day in a small kingdom of the One Hundred Kingdoms was once in danger of his rule being overthrown by rebellion. He knew he wasn't charismatic enough to make the masses subside, so tried other options…..
He tried to get the help of Lookshy, but he could not pay for their troops, so he was turned away.
He tried to get the help of the Scarlet Empire, but was ignored because to move their troops into the region would only spark another useless war with the Scavenger Lands
However, everyone knows a third time is a charm, and so the king went to Thorns, asked aid from the Mask of Winters.
The Mask of Winters was generous, and sent a Daybreak. the Daybreak, secretly gathering many of the rebels of the king, ritually slaughtered them and turned them into soulsteel, then forged the soulsteel into a dark crown to help the king rule over his kingdom.
So the king put the crown on his head, and with it he quelled the riots and the unrest with his mere words, put peace and order back in line with speech and retired to rule his nation ever more.
However, the king gradually began to order more destruction, to destroy more and more things, ordering everyone to destroy more property, and generally destroy everything.
Everyone saw that the king had gone insane, and promptly killed him. the Daybreak then stepped in and put the Crown of Murder on his head, proclaiming that such a mere mortal of a king had not ever been fit to rule his kingdom and that the Crown had chosen him to lead the nation instead, knowing that he would never go insane and obsessed with destruction like the previous ruler.

Crown of Entropy
Artifact 2
Attunement: 8m
The Crown adds two dice to Presence and Socialize rolls when speaking from a position of authority.
If the wearer is not an Abyssal, they start to suffer an Obsession Derangement, becoming increasingly obsessed with destroying everything,
the first week of wearing it is harmless, but the second week gives the person Deficiency level Obsession, the third week increases it to Debility level, and the fourth week increases it to Deformity level, and stays so until it is unattuned.

Lord Raziere
2011-12-23, 12:44 PM
Emerald Supernova Belt

A Slayer once looked upon the Dragon-Blooded, then said to Malfeas "Their fire is not your fire, for yours is greater! Let us harness it to unleash your fury and show the world true fire!" Malfeas listened, one of his souls nodded and so bid the Slayer to create something that would indeed show Creation his fury.
and so the Slayer journeyed, stealing some emerald fire from demons that would freeze him in his tracks if they saw him moving too slowly and passively, making sure to run as fast as he could, while being as aggressive and destructive as he could while stealing the emerald fire, thus earning the demons thanks for doing so.
The Slayer then returned to his forge, and hammered the emerald fire into a belt of brass and iron with a yellow-green crystal at its center.
So the Slayer showed Malfeas the Emerald Supernova Belt and put it on, the Slayer then proceeded to summon six Blood Apes all around him then activate the belt, destroying all six in the conflagration.

Artifact 3
Commitment: 9m
Activation Cost: 5m
When activated, the Belt unleashes an explosion of pure green flame in a 50 yard radius, using (Strength + Presence) to make the attack and dealing
6L to everyone within range.
In addition it leaves a lingering radiation for (Presence) days that deals 1L of damage every hour that a person stays within the area.
This artifact can only be used by people who know Green Sun Nimbus Flare

Viridian Engine Motorcycle

The same Slayer soon found a Defiler who claimed he could make anything better than the Slayer could.
The Slayer therefore challenged the Defiler to a contest to see who could make the better vehicle that could win in a race, to be used to race across the Causeways of Malfeas, the fastest vehicle wins.
So the Defiler said "your on."
So the Defiler went to his task, calmly, surely, methodically putting a new vehicle together that could outrace whatever that Slayer brute could think up.

Meanwhile the Slayer belligerently went across all of Malfeas, bursting into demons homes, taking various things made out of brass from various demons, destroying anyone who got in his way, where then he would go back to his home and savagely bang the pieces the together and carve various things in Old Realm upon the vehicle.
He then went to a Second Circle Demon and demanded from it an emerald. the demon laughed and said that the Slayer could only get it, if the Slayer won The Oldest Game.
The Slayer accepted the challenge.
The Second Circle Demon began "I am a spider, weaving and calculating."
The Slayer responded "I am a punch."
and punched the Second Circle Demon into the atmosphere, and went home with his emerald.

and so the Slayer put the emerald into the core of his brass vehicle, and the Old Realm runes lit up, glowing with a Ligier-Green light. The Viridian Engine Motorcycle had been completed.
So the Slayer once again met the Defiler.
The Defiler had constructed an intricate clockwork motorcycle made of crystal and powered by flame.
They started their race….and the Slayer won in the first few seconds, for the force of the Viridian Engine Motorcycle taking off sent out a shockwave of green flame behind it, shattering the crystal motorcycle before it could even start while the Slayer rode in all its green sun glory.

Artifact….something I don't know yet, I haven't figured out stats for this yet.

Lord Raziere
2012-01-16, 02:17 AM
I have a Solar with strong storm themes. Too strong for mere anima and Air Dragon Style to express. therefore I must use: Artifacts!

There are some powers in particular that I want him to have:

Shooting Lightning
Lightning Aura
Tornado Drill Punch

Flight and Super-Speed can already be achieved with Athletics Solar Charms

Therefore, let us focus on the latter three bits.

Lightning Strikes All Belt
Artifact 2
Commitment: 6m
Activation: 4m
This Belt once attuned can be activated to emit an aura of wild electricity around the user and across their body for one scene, when someone gets within 10 yards of the wearer, lightning springs from the belt to punish the person for getting so close. The belt effectively makes an attack equal to the wearers (Dexterity+Martial Arts) and dealing 1L damage at whoever intrudes so close.

Tornado Drill Bracer
Artifact 2
Commitment: 5m
Activation: 3m
This surrounds one of the users fists in a drilling, grinding tornado for one unarmed melee attack upon activation, enhancing it by making the attack lethal and piercing.

Electrical Burst Bracer
Artifact 3
Commitment: 7m
Activation: 4m
The user fires a great lightning attack at the enemy from their palm. This charm is a Martial arts based attack. It deals (Dexterity +Martial Arts)L. It has a range of (Essence x 10) yards and cannot succeed it.

and just because:

Stormrunner Aura Cape
Commitment: 3m
Activation: -
This Cape changes the user's anima banner as long as its committed so that it becomes a windy, electrical torrential storm, expressing the full fury of the wind, lightning, and the tempest and the chaos and destruction that its wreaks. However this change to the anima banner is purely aesthetic and has no impact upon battle or the Exalt's magic except to give it the aesthetic of a chaotic storm.

I'm really disappointed that I have to design an artifact for this really. Anima Banners should be more flexible and if they can't truly convey what my character is….whats the point of having it? I can understand that lots of White Wolf's splats has themes….but sometimes they are a little too restricted and focused on said themes and not enough on making the game fun. and if your one of those people who want to go down the route that changing the anima banner is a "big deal" well here you go:

Nobleman: "Oh Lord Raziere changed some meaningless aesthetics that don't have that much of an impact on Exalted as a whole! This is so preposterously
ridiculously terrible! I think I will faint from my fragile view of all of Exalted being a certain way being shattered into a million pieces even though this is completely stupid and pointless!" *faints*

Lord Raziere
2012-01-22, 08:28 PM
decided to change/expand the threads name….mostly so I can post this:

Sorcery Spells:

Spell One:

Internalization Of The New Face
Solar Circle Sorcery
Cost: 40m
Target: One creature
The sorcerer can either target themselves or one willing target with this spell and no one else.
When this spell is cast, the target is changed utterly, not merely casting an illusion over their features but permanently transforming them, altering their skin, caste mark, anima
or any detail they want to change permanently. Once the spell is done, these alterations cannot be dispelled by any form of Countermagic.

Spell Two:

Meditation Of The Storm
Solar Circle Sorcery
Cost: 50m
Target: Self
The sorcerer first finds a storm to meditate in
The sorcerer then meditates upon the chaotic power and fury of tempests, hurricanes and storms. Thinks upon the power of lightning and the way the furious winds blow.
After seven hours of such meditation the sorcerers spring up, floating it midair, spreading his arms wide to accept the storm in.
Constantly chanting the Mudra of the Tempest, the storm is sucked into the sorcerer, and infused into their soul, lightning crackling across their form and wind blowing around them as they wrestle with their own inner nature colliding and fusing with the
angry, furious wild energies of the storm and the wind and the electricity contained within.
Some sorcerers have died attempting to internalize the raw, pure fury of the storm and its raging rebellious nature. It takes great courage to merely attempt to overpower the energy of the storm with pure will. To overpower the energies of storm and keep them in control, the sorcerers needs to pay (7-Valor)willpower. However even after that, the sorcerer needs to make a (Stamina+Resistance) roll at Difficulty 8 to survive the initial internalization of pure storm energy and power.
However if the Sorcerer manages to do both, they come away with these permanent benefits:
-Their anima banner is now a complete raging storm, expressing the exact kind of storm the sorcerer is every time it shows, revealing their furious scouring nature to all the world
- They can now reflexively spend 10 motes to fly at 70 miles per hour for as long as they keep the motes committed.
-The sorcerer can now make their entire body crackle with electricity for 5 motes for one scene, dealing (Essence)L pre-soak damage to people who touch him and increasing his unarmed melee attack damage by 2L.
-The sorcerer can now surround their fists and feet with drilling destructive tornados for one scene by spending 5 motes. These tornadoes ignore hardness and soak.
-The sorcerer can now fill himself with lightning, allowing himself to run at incredible speeds for 10 committed motes. The sorcerer can now run up to (20 x Essence)miles per hour.
- The Sorcerer can now shoot lightning bolts for 4m, his attack pool being
(Dexterity+Thrown+Essence), range of 50 and deals (Strength+ Willpower)L
However these changes don't last past death, the energies of the storm explosively dispersing when the sorcerer dies, inflicting 10L damage to everyone within the area if they don't use perfect defenses to avoid it.

Spell Three:

Solar Circle Sorcery
Cost: 40m
Target: Area
The sorcerer rises themselves high into the air. There, they gather the explosive energy of a tornado into themselves and target their victims.
Then, the sorcerer comes flying down, one foot extended while a tornado forms around them as they dive faster and faster towards the ground and lightning courses throughout their forms.
The pure destructive potential of storms is honed to a fine point like a descending lance or a streaking comet heading towards earth. The Sorcerers eyes are alight with
electric scintillating glory, a maniacal lightning grin spreads across their face like the wind unfolding across the plains. A joyous, euphoric rage that is maddening to the soul spreads throughout their havoc-infused mind. The sorcerer as they dive, calls out the spells name in a great big shout that reverberates throughout the area and makes the very essence in the air vibrate and the little gods underground shiver and tremble.
Finally the sorcerer hits their target, and from their bodies impacting the ground, a great tornado of destructive potential is released in one huge burst, destroying everything within one mile in a great sphere of furious exploding torrents.
The explosive tornado sphere deals 20 levels of lethal damage to everyone within one mile as it expands outwards. The sorcerer themselves are unharmed by the cyclonic explosion only if they have already cast Meditation of the Storm upon themselves beforehand, otherwise this spell is a kamikaze attack, killing the sorcerer along with any victims caught in the blast.

Lord Raziere
2012-03-09, 10:05 AM
Bracelet of Entrancing Images
Artifact 3
This bracelet functions similarly to Ring of Images (Scroll of Fallen Races, Dragon Kings Page 24) except that the user can create images as big as houses and the illusions cost three motes to sustain per scene, plus they look and smell so real that one must succeed on a (Perception + Awareness) roll with a difficulty equal to the users Essence to recognize that they are illusions.