View Full Version : [PF] Factotum as a Rogue Archetype (PEACH)

Viktyr Gehrig
2011-12-04, 12:27 AM
I just whipped this up today. I'll admit, I whipped it up because I want to play it, because it provides a specific set of abilities I want within a number of levels I can afford. Since I am thus obviously partial, I'd like the community to have a whack at it.

It's based loosely on the Factotum from Dungeonscape, with some Complete Warrior Swashbuckler thrown in. It's meant to be a self-sufficient generalist with the ability to emulate multiple party roles. And as a chassis for building to Chameleon.

Factotum Archetype:

Trap Sense
Light Armor Proficiency
Sneak Attack
Uncanny Dodge & Greater Uncanny Dodge

Bardic Knowledge and Clever Explorer (as Archaeologist)
Spellcraft and all Knowledges as class skills
Monk AC Bonus (Int based)
Weapon Finesse at 1st level.
Canny Offense at 3rd level. (Intelligence bonus to damage with finesse weapons.)
Starting at 4th level, Factotums gain the spells per day of a Paladin of their class level. Factotums prepare their spells from spellbooks, like Wizards, but may learn spells from any arcane class list. Factotum spellcasting is based on Intelligence.

The first item I would look at trimming is the spellcasting, but it's thematically appropriate to the class-- with Witch and Bard spells replacing Opportunistic Piety. In any case, I'm not planning on taking this archetype past level three myself, since I want two levels of Soulbolt and need to take Chameleon as early as possible.