View Full Version : what's up with thomas? (dresden files)

2011-12-04, 11:46 AM
I'm going to spoiler this just in case. If you haven't read the dresden files book blood rites then don't read the spoiler.

As i understand it monsters not having souls and hence not having free will is the justification for being able to kill them with magic and not have any moral dillemna correct?. the problem here is that thomas is a full white court vampire and so he shouldn't be able to go against his nature. Am i getting something wrong?

Soras Teva Gee
2011-12-04, 11:55 AM
That's been out what five years dude I thought you were asking something recent.

And the answer is that White Court vamps are human with a demonic spirit parasitically lodged in them. The majority just run along with the demon but there are exceptions. There's no such thing as a "half" White Court vamp because they are all essentially half-human anyways. They have souls and freewill and all that jazz.

Whether they can be mowed down with magic for the First Law... evidence suggests the White Council has no objection. They regard a case like Thomas a mere ticking time bomb, sooner or later he will loose his fight. Or so they arrogantly conclude.

The Glyphstone
2011-12-04, 11:56 AM
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