View Full Version : Improving Stamina (PEACH)

2011-12-04, 02:06 PM
Mechanics Change:

All characters that are controlled by the players receive Fast Healing.

The amount of Fast Healing is equal to the equivalent amount of d12 hit dice each character has, rounded down.

So at 1st level, only d12 classes will have Fast Healing 1.

Then d6-d10 classes get it at level 2, and d4 classes receive it at level 3.

To determine your fast healing: Add all your hit dice together (just the number, ignore the d) and divide by 12.

So a 10th level fighter would have (10*10=100/12=8) Fast Healing 8.

A character with d12 hit dice has Fast Healing equal to his class level.

This is an extraordinary ability.

The purpose behind this is to A) Lessen the pain that healing has on WBL and the need for a divine caster in the party and B) to discourage the fifteen minute workday. If the only reason you all want to stop and sleep for 8 hours is because the wizard is low on spells, but the rest of the group can keep going because they're all still at full health and don't have expendable resources, then you all can keep going.

This forces a character with expendable daily resources to actually conserve them wisely, while rewarding a character who has infinite resources, such as a rogue or a warlock. It also makes the idea of 4 encounters per day (as suggested by the DMG) far more likely.

It also helps classes with d12 hit dice (knight, barbarian, etc) actually live up to the lore of unstoppable warriors who can keep fighting all day without tiring.