View Full Version : Need Help Creating or Attaching System to Idea

Lea Plath
2011-12-05, 05:17 PM
So, I'm working on an urban fantasy novel and I'm trying to set the characters level of magic because I find having an RPG style notes on a character useful. But I'm having trouble finding a system of magic to use for the characters magic.

The idea is this. There is a scale of "life energy". Most humans are squarely in the middle. Wizards occupy the top levels and can manipulate their excess life energy to cast spells. They have a lot of power to sling around, but can run out and it takes time to recover. Sourcers require a source of magic, usually the excess life energy of people around them to cast magic, so they have less power to throw around generally, but are most consistent in power when they are around people.

I've got some more stuff if people are interested, and explaining stuff I find helps me get it all sorted in my head before I put it down on paper.

Anyway, the system I'm currently looking at using is the Fate system with shifts of powers, but I'm not sure because I can't think of a way to show the Sourcer's strengths in the form of regenerating power quickly by being around people. I can, however, show a wizard losing power by using the consequences.

Sorry if this seems stupid to you and thanks.