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Lord Raziere
2011-12-10, 09:38 AM
The Raksha are cool. But the Wyld is more than just the Raksha. I like to think that there are things out there other than Raksha in the Wyld, doing things that are completely different, as well as a bunch of Behemoths created by Raksha as well.

So I've decided to create these Behemoths, completely different things and such, because I feel like it.


The Living Motes
One-Dot Behemoth/ One-Dot Familiar.
These strange balls of green lights and motes just seem to float around at the edge of the Wyld for no reason, its unclear what their purpose is, if any. They just seem be floating balls of motes bobbing up and down, and sometimes are seen farther within Creation, for what reason no one can tell.
What is interesting about them though is that they have no health track; they can only be killed by draining all their motes, and some Abyssals and Ghosts find them a tasty snack, however the Living Motes so far have been shown to be harmless.
Gossamer Wings Flight (2)
Enlightened Essence (4)
Total: 6, None left.

Completely Different Things:

These are beings from the Wyld who excel at creating instantly temporary matter. Its all that they can do really. However these things while more powerful are reliant upon their will to exist, and they can only conjure limited amounts of these items at a time. Their strength is that they can rapidly change the items they wield, getting rid of one item to conjure the next- until they run out of motes. Also the items conjured are often dependent upon their own assumption, which they can only learn one of but are far more customized and unique than Raksha.
The Mershkal are more obsessed with material things and are more warlike, lacking the unearthly grace of their Raksha cousins, they often aggressive warlords, bearded, stocky and somewhat brash and rude, having very little respect for the stories of the Raksha, too caught up in Mershkal conquest and glory.

The Mershkal work like heroic mortals but for these exceptions:
-They start at essence 2
-They cannot put points into the artifact background
-They gain one permanent assumption at character creation, while they can't learn more, theirs is more customized: instead of the five usual elements, they can select any possible material that counts as an element, from metal, lightning, steam, to lava, ice, smoke, and so on.
- They gain this single ability at character creation:

Pseudomatter Conjuration
Cost: (Varies)m
Mins: None
Type: Permanent
Keywords: Shaping, Reflexive
Duration: Permanent Prerequisite Charms: None
A Mershakal can conjure anything they want at will. However, there are a few limitations. They conjure mundane items by paying their resources cost in motes and committing them. They reflexively conjure artifacts by paying and committing half their attunement cost. When the Mershkal reflexively de-committs the motes, the items vanishes.
However, the number of items they can have is dependent upon their willpower.
A Mershkal always has a number of item slots equal to their willpower. When they conjure an item, it takes up a number of item slots equal to their Resources or Artifact rating.
For example, a Mershkal conjures a daiklave, committing its attunement cost and filling up two slots of its item slots. He then conjures up an artifact Reinforced Breastplate that takes up three more slots, since the Mershkal only has five willpower, he cannot conjure anymore pseudomatter items and would have to allow one of his items to vanish to conjure another one.
Unlike a Raksha, a Mershkal can indeed conjure things of magical materials and use their magical material bonuses as if they were naturally aligned with them.

- Mershkal know the arts of making Behemoths and Adjurations in addition to this, but cannot learn how to make Treasures or Oneiromancies.

- Unlike the Raksha however, they cannot learn martial arts. However they can learn Terrestrial Circle Sorcery at Essence 4, Occult 4 at the cost of 12 experience points to first initiate into the First Circle, and 8 experience points to learn a spell.

- Mershkal cannot learn any Raksha charms other their permanent assumption they learn at character creation. They rely entirely upon Pseudomatter Conjuration for a majority of their strength.

- like Raksha they can engage in Shaping Combat, but they are different beings, having formed their five Graces into one solid body that they inhabit and so they instead pick their highest virtue to determine which Grace they use for all shaping combat.
- Mershkal are vulnerable to Calcification and Bedlam just as the Raksha are.
-Any backgrounds that of course don't make sense for Mershkal are barred as pure common sensicalness.