View Full Version : [Exalted 2e/Cortex] Making sane the rules by the grace of the Incarnae [WIP][PEACH]

2011-12-12, 12:33 AM
So i had this idea a while ago. It was started 'cause exalted has insanely complicated combat that really doesn't mesh well with its whole "cinematic" feel.

so i got me to a'thinking. What system has a really easy combat mechanic? Cortex. Well then. Maybe something can be made of this...

After a bit of thought, i cam up with the following equivalencies:

The system will give 24 attribute points, however, bonus points may not be spent on attributes. However, there will be a limit of 1 points spent per attribute, and each attribute will use a dice of sides equal to the number of points attributed. To give a rough idea of equivalency the following formula can be utilized.

1 point for exalted equals the required d4 for serenity. However, each additional point only +d2, so a 5 dot attribute would be a d12, since 4+2+2+2+2 equals 12.

Only the legendary merit put forth in the Players Guide may be used to raise the initial points of an attribute to above d12, although experience can be allocated as in the Serenity system.

More importantly, skills will be handled identically, although the number of points will still be handled as Exalted. In addition, the d12 of a “fully” specialized skill will now apply to all possible uses of that skill, although at the player’s choice they can willingly lose that bonus for subsets of the skill if they want bonus points for subsets of another skill.

As in Exalted, 30 points will be available for distribution, and they must be distributed in exactly the same manner as in Exalted.

now clearly, alot needs to be filled in. Soak and all that interactions of some charms and all that. But does this seem like a reasonable port?

feel free to leave comments and suggestions if this sounds interesting.