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2011-12-13, 07:13 PM
I want to see if there are people that would like to work with me in creating Gantz Game using the D100 system found in the Dark Heresy games. For those wondering, I have the weapons, armor, equipment done, and I don't think those need much revision.

I would want ideas for background, divided between younglings, adolescents, adults and elders. Only the adolescent is technically done, but I would like to see new ideas. Much like the AdEva homebrew, each of this backgrounds give certain skills and have positive traits and negative traits, four each, and two which you must choose from each side.

The alien chapter is also done, at least as much as it can be done without having been tested. Talents & "Careers" is also mostly done, the talents was a easy part, because you don't really need to change many of them. But the career part became a bit trickier.

So far, I've divided it between the common man, a simple tree where you can put some Exp between things your PC knew or learns outside of Gantz, a Gantz Team tree which is things learned as a team, and finally the main path which then strays between various "specializations seen in the manga/anime, like "Master of the Hunt", "Pointman", "Gunslinger", etc.

So if anyone would like to pour ideas here, or PM feel free to do so, would help me a lot in finishing this.