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2011-12-15, 07:03 AM
I made these a while back, but now figured I'd use the Advanced Race Guide Playtest to compare them to other races for balance.

The first is what I call a:

Trolfe (working name)

(0) Medium Size

(0) Humanoid (counts as both an Elf and Giant(Troll) for any effect relating to race.

(0) 30 Speed

(0) +2 Intelligence, +2 Constitution, -2 Charisma

(2) Natural armor + 1

(2) Bite attack that does 1d4

(2) Fast healing 2: A Trolfe can gain fast healing 2 once per day for one minute. This allows for the reattachment of limbs, but does not prevent death. Any time you are hit with acid or fire the regeneration stops functioning for that day.

(1) Low Light Vision

(2) Elven immunities: + 2 save bonus vs. enchantment spell and effects.

(2) Intimidating Presence: + 2 racial bonus to inimidate checks.

(2) Keen Senses: + 2 racial bonus to perception checks.

13 points (I am guessing on the point value of the fast healing ability... I added the fire/acid restriction. Not sure if it should turn it off completely for that day or just stop the healing for one round though.)

Comparable to Aasimar (13 Points)

Half Elf/Half Troll. Descended from Trolls and elves that were their slaves. Trolfe was the slang term, but it has pretty much been adopted as the official name of the species. A lot of the troll blood line has weakened due to Trolfe's prefering not to mate with Trolls, and with each other and other creatures, especially Elves due to their natural grace and beauty. They still retain some regeneration, and are hardy due to their lineage. Their skin is naturally tough (+1 Natural Armor), and they have Tusks, although they are much smaller than Trolls.

The second has no name as of yet, but is sort of a fey/unicorn hybrid.

(0) Medium Size

(1) Fey

(1) 40 Speed

(0) +2 Dexterity, +2 Wisdom, -2 Intelligence

(0) Low Light Vision (Fey)

(1) Gore attack that does 1d6

(2) Keen Senses: + 2 racial bonus to perception checks

(2) Damage Reduction 2/Cold Iron

(2) Poison Immunity

(1) Weapon Familiarity: Proficient with Shortbows and Longbows.

(2) Spell Like Abilities: Cure Light Wounds 1/day, Light 3/day

These creatures are beautiful fey resembling that of a unicorn humanoid. They have tails, hooves, and a horn like that of a unicorn. Their ears are long and pointy, but more animal like than an elves ears. They have thicker hair on the end of their tails, and the males have thicker hair around their hooves. The rest of their body is a pale white skin. Their faces appear elven like, but tend to be more round then long. Their bodies are slender and muscular, and they average about 5 foot tall for Females, and around 5'6" for Males. Although not stupid, they rely more on their intuition and feelings than their logic and thinking.

12 Points. I had Damage Reduction 2/cold iron cost 2 (book says 5/cold iron is 3) but I also gave em 1/day CLW and 3/day Light for 2 points. Also I only gave them Bow Proficiency on the Weapon Familiarity. They could have 1 more.