View Full Version : Visionaries (Remake) into d20

2011-12-15, 10:49 AM
I'm looking to create an adventure based on the Cartoon Visonaries (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Visionaries:_Knights_of_the_Magical_Light) which was about Knights that had Animal totems invested into their armor which they could turn into.

What I would like to do is take this a bit further and create a whole slew of items based around this.

Rings - which grant a minor power of animal spirit (like Bull rush, or web of spider)

Bracers/Belt/Gloves - Which grant a slightly more powerful power, maybe character adjustment (Ability Adj, Movement, Armor, or something else) but again based on animal spirit.

Weapon/Shield/Item - which would summon the type of creature or maybe fight as type of creature for short duration?

Armor/Robes - Which would allow the character to transform (for short durations) into the specific animal.

Now Initially I am thinking of keeping these Animal based, (or maybe Dire Animal) but would like to hear thoughts on opening it up to other types of creatures.

Another thought I had was that the item, because it does have a spirit inside of it, would need to bond with the character, i.e. The character needs to make a WILL save (likely .vs. the HD of the creature's spirit inside, thus the more powerful the creature, the more harder it is for someone to pickup a new item. Also possibly add modifier for type - so ring would be low, while Armor would maybe have +10.).

Also a character could have multiple spirit items, but the spirit types could not be incompatible. (though how to exactly determine that not sure).


Ring of the Ram - Has a Ram's head on it. (treat as a ring of the Ram)
Spirit DC: Will 3

Bracers of the Gorilla - Has a gorilla on each bracer. When activated the wearers arms turn into those of a gorilla's. They gain climb ability and +8 on climb checks. They also gain a +10 Enhancement bonus to Str for 5 rounds.
Spirit DC: Will 7 (modified +3 for bracer)