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2011-12-17, 12:29 PM
So, I love binders. Binders use vestiges. I've got vestiges. Peach them, please.

These almost exclusively come from this page on the WoTC forum (http://community.wizards.com/go/thread/view/75882/19539322/lets_make_some_new_vestiges&post_num=451), where people have complied a metric crapton of vestiges, and some of them are even kinda good. However, a lot of them have some pretty bitchin' flavor issues, like being taken directly from movies and video games. Now, that means that they do have some sweet abilities, but it also means that I need to re-skin Optimus Prime into a gnome in a magic suit of armor. (No, I didn't actually do that, it's an example.)

For those of you who just read past that and didn't jump to the good parts, please be aware that I like the fluff, even if you don't get it, because it works in the homebrewed setting I'm doing these for. Please focus on the actual abilities.

Now, here we go.

Level 1

Athelas, Prince of Hope

Level: 1

Binding DC: 15

Special Requirement: None

Sign: A signet ring appears on your right hand, but the seal on it is blank.

Legend: Athelas was the third son of a minor noble house. While his elder brothers diligently studied the arts of statesmanship and war, he preferred to move among the people and help them to the best of his ability. Well liked by all who knew him, Athelas was a friend to everyone he met. However, the true nature of a man is judged in times of hardship. War came to his country, and one by one the noble houses led their troops into battle. As the youngest member of his house, Athelas was forced to stay behind. By his very youth and hope for the future, Athelas inspired the people to in his city to believe in themselves and in the victory to come. As the war dragged on, Athelas labored tirelessly to coordinate relief efforts and spent his reserves, both financial and personal, to their limit to help those who suffered. When the war at last ended, and his brothers returned, Athelas left to extend his help and hope to those who had been the enemy. Scholars lose track of him beyond that, but a man matching his description has been noted in the aftermath of every major conflict in the following century. Always, he is seen healing the wounded, helping the homeless, and encouraging all who will listen to come together and work toward a brighter future.

Manifestation: The happy murmur of contented people fills the air around the seal as if a crowd of common folk stood there speaking. Their images are faint and indistinct as more enter the seal and others leave. Only a young man in fine white clothes remains constant. Soon, the sounds of battle can be heard as if from a great distance, and one by one the voices and grow silent and the images fall and fade away. Throughout this time, the man in white holds each who fall and seems to be speaking words of comfort. Eventually, all but the man are gone. His clothes are tattered, his pants dirtied from kneeling on the ground, and blood coats his sleeves from those he tried to save. Despite his appearance, Athelas carries himself with dignity and a quite satisfaction. His task done, he turns to the binder and offers his assistance.

Influence: You are eternally optimistic and feel compelled to help the less fortunate. You must volunteer at least an hour of your time to charity in each town you visit.

Granted Abilities:

Third Son of a Noble House: You gain proficiency with a single martial weapon of your choice. You also gain a +4 bonus to any single skill and are considered trained in that skill.

Friend to All: You gain a +2 morale bonus on diplomacy, gather information, knowledge (local) and knowledge (nobility and royalty) checks and make these checks as if trained.

Voice of Hope: As a full-round action, you can use oratory to inspire confidence in your allies. An ally must listen and see you for the full round for the inspiration to take hold. Inspired allies gain a +2 morale bonus on saving throws and a +1 morale bonus on attack and damage rolls. The effects last for five rounds. The binder may inspire a number of allies equal to half his binder level per use (round up). This ability may only be used once every five rounds. The binder cannot inspire confidence in himself, only his allies.

Helping Hand: When the binder makes an aid another check, he increases the bonus granted by +1 (for a total of +3). This bonus increases by an additional +1 for every for four levels of binder.

The Power of One: As a full-round action, you can use oratory to inspire greatness in an ally. An ally inspired with greatness gains temporary hit points equal to d4 times your binder level, a +2 competence bonus on attack rolls and saving throws, and a +4 morale bonus on saves against fear. This effect lasts five rounds. The binder cannot inspire greatness in himself, only in an ally. You may use this ability on a particular ally only once per day.

Alryn, the Red Smith

Level: 1

Binding DC: 15

Legend: Alryn was once a man who held two jobs: He was both a Red Mage and a great armorsmith, who forged the suit of plate that the king of Soleh wears into battle even now. Late in his years, when he could no longer raise a heavy hammer, his kindled a great blaze in his forge and crawled inside, letting the fire he had controlled for so many years control him as it carried him into the next life.

Granted Abilities: Alryn grants his binders the ability to ignore the heat of the forge, to move regardless of their armor and to understand the work of the smith.

Armored Step: You can move at normal speed (without the usual reduction) while wearing medium or heavy armor.

Halo of Fire: At will, you can shroud yourself in a wreath of flame. Any opponent that strikes you in melee takes 1d6 points of fire damage, unless it is using a weapon with exceptional reach. You can also deal 1d6 points of fire damage with each melee touch attack you make. Your own flame does not harm you, nor does it harm objects unless you will it to do so.

Improved Sunder: You gain the benefit of the Improved Sunder feat.

Medium Armor Proficiency: You are proficient with medium armor.

Resistance to Fire: You have resistance to fire 10.

Smith's Experience: You gain a +4 bonus to all Craft (armor and weapons) checks, as well as all Appraise checks involving metal-based items.

Lared, The Humbled Hunter

Level: 1

Binding DC: 15

Special Requirement: Yes

Sign: Your eyes turn a vibrant green, with a faint oak-leaf pattern around the iris.

Legend: Lared was once a great hunter and archer of the Lightwood Rangers, and was quickly rising through the ranks. After leading a war party that defended a small settlement from a combined assault of three Urgal tribes, Lared thought himself more apt to lead the Rangers than any member of the Council, and challenged the Elder of the council to a duel of arrows for the right to lead the Council. To his surprise, his challenge was accepted, and the two combatants met in a field the next day. When the horn blew to signal the beginning of the duel, Lared was the first to fire. And the second. And the third. It was only when he had emptied his quiver with a sleet of edged steel that he realized that not a single one of his arrows had landed. Rather, the unarmed old man at whom he had been firing had caught each one. At that point Lared laid down his bow and surrendered, and asked to leave the Lightwood Rangers in shame. Rather than release him from his service, his superiors decided to allow him to continue to serve the Rangers, satisfied that he had learned his place. Many years later, Lared was indeed found worthy to join the council, an appointment which he accepted with honor and excelled at until his death.

Manifestation: Lared steps from within the circle as if he had always been there, and was only now breaking cover. He wears a beautifully crafted suit of leather armor, and carries a longbow.

Special Requirement: Lared required that his seal by drawn outdoors, or with the point of an arrow.

Influence: Lared causes the binder to be aware of their station, and to not challenge those more powerful and adept than they.

Granted Powers: Lared helps those in need with the art of the hunt and with his chosen weapon, the bow.

Hide Bonus: You gain a competence bonus on Hide checks, equal to 2+your EBL.

Low-Light Vision: You gain low-light vision. If you already have it naturally, you gain superior low-light vision and can see three times as far as your light source would normally illuminate. Thus, a torch that illuminates a 20-foot radius would allow you to see clearly up to 60 feet and provide you with shadowy illumination to a distance of 120 feet.

Precise Shot: You gain the benefit of the Precise Shot feat.

Ricochet: As a standard action, you can make a single ranged attack against two adjacent targets. Make a single attack roll and apply that result to the Armor Class of both targets. Any hit you score deals damage to the target normally. Extra damage from abilities such as sneak attack or sudden strikeapply to only one target, which you must designate prior to making the attack roll.

Weapon Proficiency: While bound to Lared, you are proficient with the composite longbow, composite shortbow, longbow, and shortbow. If you were already proficient with any of these weapons, you instead gain a +1 competence bonus on attack rolls with them.

Charn, the Hare

Vestige Level: 1

Binding DC: 15

Legend: The first prey animal to be made when the sky and sea came apart, the Hare was hunted by Chinua, the first wolf. In that earliest of days, death was not final, and after being caught, Charn would return to be hunted again. When the early days ended with the birth of the first human, Charn left the mortal world to his children and left the world, only returning when called by binders.

Special Requirement: A binder may not bind Charn while Chinua is bound to them.

Charn appears as a hare, which seemingly ignores the binder until their pact is confirmed.

The binder becomes as careful as the prey animals, and when confronted with sudden surprises is often stunned by fear.

Granted Abilities: The Hare grants powers related to speed and escape.

Fleet of Foot: While bound to Charn, the binder's speed increases by 10 feet. At eighth level this bonus increases to 20 feet, and at fourteenth level it increases to a 30 foot bonus.

Prey's Senses: While not able to track like a predator, Charn offers a binder the keen senses of the hunted. The binder gains a +2 bonus to Listen and Spot checks. At eighth level, the bonus becomes +4, and at fourteenth level it becomes +6.

Masking the Trail: The binder may use Pass without Trace on themselves only at will. When the duration ends, the binder must wait at least an hour to use the ability again.

Legs of the Hare: The binder gains a +10 bonus to Jump checks, and may make unarmed kick attacks which deal 1d6 damage and the binder is treated as having Improved Unarmed Strike when making kick attacks only.

Chinua, The Wolf

Level: 1

Binding DC: 15

Legend: Born when the world was young, Chinua was the first wolf to walk the earth. Before mankind, she hunted the forests, snow covered lands of the north, and grasslands of the south. For an age, she roamed the world, until the age of myth ended. Now she exists only when called for, and brings the understanding of an age before man to her summoner.

Special Requirement: The binder must have personally caught the last food they ate. A binder with arcane caster levels may not summon Chinua.

Manifestation: A wolf with yellow eyes the size of a small pony.

Sign: The binder's eyes turn a shade of yellow like that of some wolves.

Influence: The binder is tied to your fellows as if pack. You may not leave an ally behind without attempting to save them.

Granted Abilities: The Wolf grants her binders the pack mentality of the wolf, and the prowess of a huntress.

Pack Tactics: The binder works well in a team, and when attacking an enemy who they are flanking, they get a +3, rather than +2 bonus. This benefit is extended to anyone who attacks a target that the binder flanks. At 10th level, flankers get a +4 bonus, rather than a +3 bonus.

Hamstring: The binder gains the benefits of Improved Trip, even if they do not meet the requirements.

Hunter in the Night: The binder gains the benefit of the Track feat, and a competence bonus to survival checks equal to the binder's EBL when trying to track a target.

Mother's Voice: As Charm Animal or Calm Animal, but only on wolves. Once used, this ability may not be used for 5 rounds.

Beast Voice: The binder may speak with wolves or dogs as if using the Druid Spell, Speak with Animals.

Hanasa, Butterfly in the Willows

Level: 1

Binding DC: 15

Sign: Your skin turns powder white.

Legend: Hanasa was said to be the most beautiful girl of her generation. Charming and graceful, she was courted by nearly every man who met her. Elusive as a butterfly, she teased and entertained without committing herself. She was loved and admired by many, but there are always those who see beauty and feel the need to possess it. She discouraged them gently, or not so gently as necessary, but grew more and more frustrated with all the people who wanted to possess her without actually understanding her. Tragically, her charms eventually drove a mystic of great power to more extreme means of making her his own. She escaped his Domination once, but knew he would succeed again all too soon. To escape him and all those like him forever she killed herself. The spirits honored her final protest by removing her from the reach of all those who might hold her against her will.

Special Requirements: Hanasa has no interest in the uncultured. You must have at least 4 ranks in diplomacy or knowledge (nobility and royalty) to bind her.

Manifestation: A tree rises up from the seal and flowers in seconds. A cloud of falling cherry blossoms obscure your view. A woman of surpassing beauty stands before you in a crimson kimono with a pink butterfly pattern. Her face is a bloodless white and her hair done up with decorative pins. She opens her mouth to speak, but makes no sound.

Influence: Hanasa will not brave capture or manipulation again. If you fail a save against a compulsion or are grappled by an enemy successfully you must take the first opportunity to flee or hide from that enemy for at least 5 rounds.

Granted Abilities: Hasana grants her binders the skill to evade pursuit and defend themselves from those of questionable intentions.

Breath of the Wind, Dance of the Waves: You gain a +4 competence bonus on Perform checks, Sleight of Hand, and Escape Artist. You are considered trained when using these skills.

The Willow World: Once every 5 rounds, you may roll twice on a will save or any skill check based on wisdom or charisma. You must declare your use of this ability before the die has been rolled.

Courtesan’s Touch: You may use Calm Emotions as per the spell, except that it is range touch (affecting only that target) and the duration is 1 round + concentration.

Flowing Sleeves, Hidden Knife: Your deceptively graceful movement lulls your foe into misjudging the speed and position of your attack. You gain the benefit of Improved Feint, but may only use it in conjunction with a light, finesse weapon. You may use a perform (dance) check in place of a bluff check for this ability.

Junlee, the Champion


Binding DC:15

Legend: Junlee was a champion of unarmed combat who traveled the world facing anyone who challenged him. He was said to have mastered every form of hand-to-hand fighting a man could learn.
There is much dispute about how Junlee became a vestige. Some say he was poisoned by a rival. Others say he died in a riot that erupted after he defeated the champion of a large city. A few hold that he was murdered through sorcery. The vestige has never confirmed any of these accounts. It speaks only of its triumphs.

Special requirements: Junlee will only appear to a binder who has either Improved Unarmed Strike or Improved Grapple. These can be normal feats or gained through other vestiges.

Manifestation: Junlee appears as a young man wearing shorts. His hands are wrapped from knuckles to wrists with bloody cloth.

Sign: The binder's nose appears crooked, he has cauliflower ears and his knuckles are flat.

Influence: Junlee makes the binder disdain armor and weapons. This only applies when facing humanoid opponents. Junlee has no objection to weapons against other foes. The binder will try to resolve any disagreement with fisticuffs.

Granted Abilities: Junlee gives binders the ability to excel at unarmed fighting.

No Need for Weapons: The binder gains the Stunning Fist feat, if he had Improved Unarmed Strike, or Improved Grab, if he had Improved Grapple. The binder can gain both feats if he had both prerequisites.
The binder can use Stunning Fist Feat once for every effective binder level.

Fast Hands and Feet: The binder gains the Improved Initiative feat.

Iron Chin: The binder gains Damage Reduction 2. This improves to DR3 at 7th level, DR 4 at 11th level and DR 5 at 15th level.

Champion's Heart: The binder gains the Diehard feat. The binder cannot be demoralized by the Intimidate skill.

Nemu, The Charcoal Feather

Level: 1

Binding DC: 15

Legend: Nemu was a librarian in a legendary library of the Original Empire a thousand years ago. She was obsessed with researching an ancient book about the creation of the world. One evening she fell asleep in the middle of her research, and her unattended oil lamp sparked a fire that burned down the library. Some say she perished in her sleep. Others say that she spent her last few moments of life desperately trying to save the ancient book. Yet others say that in her final moment she discovered some ancient secret in the book, a deep and ancient secret which obliterated her soul.

Special requirement: You must place a dried nut, still in its shell, in the center of Nemu's seal. Nemu will not answer your call if you are illiterate.

Manifestation: The sound of small bells jingling signals Nemu's arrival. A roaring fire ignites in the center of the seal. Within the fire is a great and ancient tome, completely untouched by the flames. It's title changes for every binder who attempts to read it. Some scholars claim that the title is a fragment of text the book of The Beginning Of The World. The book opens to the middle. Each page is an ash-grey feathery wing. In the binding of the book is the face of a beautiful human woman. Her eyes are closed as if in sleep. If the binder makes a good pact, the face is disturbed as if tormented by nightmares. If the binder makes a poor pact, the face has a slight smile of a peaceful dreamer. Nemu does not speak. She responds to the binder by flapping her many pages of wings. Each time she does, new text appears on them, always in a language the binder can read.

Sign: A faintly glowing halo hovers an inch above your head. It does not prevent you from wearing headgear. The halo sheds light as a candle, but can be covered.

Influence: You feel sleepy at all times, even after a full night's rest, although you are not fatigued. If there is a comfortable place to sit or lay down, and no pressing matters at hand, Nemu requires you to take the opportunity to nap.

Granted Powers: Nemu lends you the ability to lull others to sleep, access to a portion of her knowledge, and the ability to illuminate your world.

Nap: As a standard action you can attempt to put 4 HD of creatures to sleep for one minute per effective binder level, as per the sleep spell. All affected creatures must be within 5 feet per effective binder level of you. Slapping or wounding awakens an affected creature, but normal noise does not. A Will saving throw negates this effect. At each effective binder level beyond 1st, you can affect an additional hit die of creatures. After using this ability, you cannot use it again for five rounds.

Research: You gain a +2 bonus to Gather Information checks.

Nemu's Knowledge: You can use any Knowledge skill untrained. In addition, you can retry a Knowledge skill you failed after spending 1d4 hours by researching the topic in a library or succeeding on a DC 20 Gather Information check.

Wakeful: You become immune to magical or supernatural sleep.

Halo: You can cause your halo to shed light as a torch. Activating or deactivating this ability is a standard action. You must show Nemu's sign in order to use this ability.

Ranga, The Flower of Peace

Level: 1

Bind DC: 14

Legend: Born one hundred years ago, Ragna was born into the middle of the Vallheim Civil War. He entered the military at a young age, and is said to have spent four years as a soldier in one of the many armies at that time, as history and the lies of lords have obscured the truth. After seeing the bloodshed and the futility of the wars, Ranga threw down his sword and began to speak against war and killing in any form. He quickly gained a small but devoted following of those left with nothing due to the war, and began to train them how to defend themselves without killing. Unfortunately for Ragna, one of the most powerful warlords at that time saw him as a rising threat to their power, and he sent a assassin to kill him. When the killer found him, was able to stab Ragna without his resisting, although the assassin later decided to repent his ways and never killed another man.

Special Requirement: The binder may not have killed any creature by their own hand within the last 12 hours.

Manifestation: Ragna appears as a man clothed at first in the blood of others, which slowly slides off, revealing a glowing white humanoid body. When it speaks, the sounds of war can be heard echoing in the distance.

Sign: Binders under the influence of Ragna move with a careful grace, and their voice becomes softer making them unable to shout.

Influence: Those under the influence of Ragna cannot kill a sentient target unless it has already deliberately killed someone else.

Granted Abilities:

Improved Disarm: The binder gains the Improved Disarm feat while bound to Ragna.

Aura of Peace: The binder may cast Sanctuary with a caster level equal to her binder level. Once used, this ability may not be used for another five rounds. Ragna's sign must be shown while this power is in use.

Merciful Blow: A binder may add their charisma bonus+1 (minimum of 1) to the damage of any attacks they make, but the attack is nonlethal damage.

Harmony in Battle: The binder gains the Combat Expertise feat while bound to Ragna.

Level 2

Amidamaru, The Bloody Blade

Level: 2

Binding DC: 20

Legend: Amidamaru was a powerful Sunshani warrior, centuries ago. Slain attempting to protect a childhood friend, his powerful spirit refused to find rest in the afterlife. As a vestige, he gives great warrior powers to those who bind him.

Manifestation: The air grows cold around the summoner, something which only he can feel. Visible winds then gather in the center of his seal, which then become slashed, as though with an invisible sword, revealing Amidamaru in the center. Amidamaru appears as a Sunshani warrior, his armor covered in blood, with one sword drawn. Which sword he has drawn varies from summoner to summoner, but the blade always appears made of blood.

Special Requirement: Amidamaru was a powerful warrior in life, and he refuses to appear to those who are not capable of holding their own in battle. As such, he only appears to those who possess either the Weapon Focus feat, applying to any martial or exotic weapon, the Power Attack feat, or the Cleave feat.

Sign: Your hands gain a thick callous around the webbing from thumb to forefinger, indicative of extensive practice with a blade.

Influence: Amidamaru, ever trusting of others, requires that you not make use of the Bluff skill, and that you only make Sense Motive checks against those who you already know to be untrustworthy.

Granted Powers: Amidamaru grants his binders great skill with the weapons he used in life, both together and singly.

Weapon Proficiency (Ex): You gain Exotic Weapon Proficiency with the bastard sword and Martial Weapon Proficiency with the short sword, if you do not already have them. In addition, whenever you wield a bastard sword in one hand, and a short sword in the other, you are treated as having the Two-Weapon Fighting feat. This is improved to Improved Two-Weapon Fighting at fifth level.

Daisho Mastery (Ex): Whenever you wield a bastard sword or a short sword, you gain a +2 bonus on attack rolls, and a +4 bonus on damage rolls with these weapons, as if you had Weapon Focus, Greater Weapon Focus, Weapon Specialization and Greater Weapon Specialization for these weapons. If you already have any of these feats, the bonuses stack.

Amidamaru's Might (Ex): Whenever you successfully attack a creature while using the Power Attack feat, you deal damage equal to double the penalty you took on your attack roll, as if you were using a two-handed weapon. If you are using a two-handed weapon, you gain no benefit.

Unstoppable Cleave (Ex): Whenever you successfully drop a foe and make a Cleave attack, you may make one additional attack after you Cleave, at the same Base Attack Bonus as your Cleave attack was. When using this ability in conjunction with the Great Cleave feat, you can only use this after failing to drop a foe with an attack, and you cannot Cleave off of a foe you drop with the attack given by Unstoppable Cleave. Once you have used this ability, you cannot do so again for 5 rounds.

Amidamaru's Guard (Ex): Amidamaru naturally enhances the power of any armor that you wear, allowing it to better protect you. You add 1/2 your EBL (rounded up) to the Armor bonus of any armor that you wear. This bonus does not stack with enhancement bonuses from armor.

Dorun, The Mountain


Binding DC: 17

Legend: The Mountain rests at the center of all things, the basis on which the world was built. When the world was built, the bones of Mountain were taken to form the mountains that the races see these days. With his body spread among the world, the spirit of Mountain was spread into the world to be summoned by binders.

Manifestation: The mountain appears as a mountain which reaches up into the sky, speaking with a voice that shakes the ground and bones of a summoner.

Special Requirements: The Mountain can only be summoned by a binder when the circle is drawn on rock.

Sign: The mountain makes the binder's skin seem rough and grey, which makes it mistakable for stone.

Influence: Those under the influence of the mountain partake of its stability. They may not take a move action in place of a standard action.

Granted Abilities: Dorun grants his binders the ability to move with the power of the mountain, as well as manipulate stone.

Stance of the Mountain: The binder becomes exceptionally stable, gaining a +4 bonus to resist trip attempts and bull rushes due to their exceptional stability. This bonus is applied in any situation that the benefit of stability would apply.

Mastery of the Bones: The binder gains a climb speed equal to 1/2 of their normal movement rate.

Force of Stone: You gain the feat Improved Bull Rush, even if you do not meet the normal requirements for the feat.

Harden the Bones: You may use the spell Transmute Mud to Rock, except that the range is Close. Once used, this ability may not be used for another five rounds.

Furtur, The Thunder and the Storm

Level: 2

Binding DC: 18

Legend: Furtur was once a mighty Blue Mage, who attempted to use his command of the weather to bring down a city full of noncombatants after his army defeated theirs in the field. His lighting struck, but not at the walls. Rather, he was consumed entirely by the blast, so nothing remained, not even his robes.

Manifestation: Furtur's appearance is like a great bird of prey. Or is it a shattered tree? Or a young man in blue?

Sign: While bound to Furtur, your body is charged with static electricity. Your hair stands on end, and sparks fly to anything you touch. These sparks are not powerful enough to cause damage or ignite anything, but they are strong enough to be felt, and make an unprepared creature jump in surprise.

Influence: Furtur's influence gives you an innate distrust of authority. You suspect ulterior motives in even the most benevolent authority figure, and must make a Sense Motive check whenever the opportunity presents itself.

Granted Abilities: Furtur allows his binders some control over the fury of the storm.

One with the Winds: While bound to Furtur, you are treated as being one size larger for determining the effects that high winds have on you (DMG pg. 94). You are also treated as being one additional size category larger for every two binder levels beyond 3rd you possess, up to a maximum of 5 size categories at 11th level. If this would increase your size beyond Colossal, you are considered immune to the effects of nonmagical wind. At 13th level, you may make ranged attacks in any wind condition without penalty. This ability is continually active while you are bound to Furtur.

Lightning Touch: While bound to Furtur, you may discharge the static electricity you are charged with against an adjacent enemy. This requires a Melee touch attack and deals 1d6 points of electricity damage per 2 Binder levels. At 10th-level you may use this ability on any creature within 30 feet, requiring a Ranged touch attack. At 15th-level, this ability may function like the Chain Lightning spell, except the distance between the caster and original target cannot be more than 30 feet. Once you have used this ability, you may not use it again for 5 rounds, nor may you use this ability if you do not show Furtur's sign.

Spawn Storm: While bound to Furtur, you may generate a small, localized rainstorm as a Standard Action. The storm has a diameter of 20 feet and can be generated anywhere within 100 feet of the binder. Once generated, the storm remains for a number of rounds equal to 1/2 your EBL, rounded down. The rain automatically extinguishes any nonmagical, unprotected flame, and anyone within the storm takes a -4 penalty to Search and Spot checks, as well as a -2 penalty to Listen checks. Ranged attacks into or out of the storm are made at a -2 penalty. You may use this ability once per day for every 3 binder levels you possess. At 10th level, you may use this ability to create a Sleet Storm effect instead of a regular rainstorm, however the effect must still be generated within 100 feet of the binder. At 17th level, you may also use Control Weather once per day, but only for the purpose of creating some form of precipitation.

Guison, the Man Who Knew

Level: 2

Binding DC: 18

Legend: Guison was an investigator in the service of the Dotze Affariata. He initially served as an academic adviser but was frequently drawn into the investigations of various court scandals. Guison demonstrated extraordinary powers of observation and deduction in his work. Many powerful men solicited his services and his renown spread over several borders. He was most famous for exposing agents of the Grey Palm who had infiltrated the Watch in Marreis.

Guison made several enemies in his lifetime and survived numerous plots against his life, but not all of them. He disappeared from his home after 25 years of service. No trace of him was found and no one boasted of having captured or killed him. Rumors about him circulated for years but he was never seen alive again.

Manifestation: Guison appears as a richly clad old man who is always examining something small in his gloved hand. He turns to face the binder and relates the binder’s recent actions. He explains that various signs on and around the binder clearly indicate what the binder and any of his companions have been up to.

Sign: The binder perpetually squints and the skin of his face is extremely wrinkled.

Influence: The binder becomes obsessed with minutiae and lectures anyone in earshot about anything that seems interesting to him at the time. He also doubts the honesty of everyone around him and subtly interrogates anyone he talks to.

Granted Abilities: Guison gives binders the abilities to investigate events and determine how they happened and who was involved.

Attention to Detail: The binder gains a +4 bonus to Decipher Script, Listen, Search and Spot checks. This bonus increases by one for every three levels after fifth. The binder is entitled to a Spot check whenever he passes within five feet of a clue, even if he is not actively looking for one.

Great Perception: The binder gains a +4 bonus to Bluff, Diplomacy, Gather Information and Sense Motive checks. This bonus increases by one for every three levels after fifth.

Unswayable: The binder gains the Slippery Mind class feature.

Uncanny Knowledge: The binder can use Bardic Lore as a bard of the same level. Once per day the binder can make a hunch based on what he has observed. The binder makes a second Lore check. If it succeeds the DM informs the player of the connection between a clue and the event that is it linked to.

Hale, Master Healer

Level: 2

Binding DC: 15

Sign: The backs of your hands become covered with wolf fur.

Legend: Hale was a young orphan taken in by the church of Soleh at an early age. He soon became a master healer, despite a complete lack of magical training. He was later bitten by a werewolf and contracted lycanthropy. Despite his efforts to hide his condition, he was eventually discovered and chased out of Soleh, until he found refuge in Vallheim, and was able to continue healing those in need.

Manifestation: A skeletal hand punches upward through the ground and a skeleton pulls itself free from the earth. It stands and faces the binder as muscles begin to grow and organs form from nothing. Veins fill with blood as the heart begins to pump. Skin covers him and he stretches as if waking up after a long sleep. A wound appears on right hand as if he has been bitten by a canine. Grey fur begins to spread from the bitten hand as the man grimaces in pain. He quickly wraps the arm in bandages and turns to the binder. “I suffer for others. Will you suffer with me?”

Influence: You hold no fear or distaste for the sick or the dying. You do not avoid contact with such people.

Granted Abilities: Hale grants his binders the healing skills he possessed in life.

Master Healer: You gain a bonus on heal checks equal to your EBL and may always take 10. Additionally, you can eventually make heal checks faster than normal. At level 5 you may make heal checks as a move action, at level 10 you may make them as a swift action, and at level 15 you are so sure in your skill that you may make heal checks as an immediate action.

Healer’s Lore: You constantly gain the benefits of the spell Healing Lorecall except that you use your bonus on heal checks as your number of ranks and you may use a heal check in place of a conjuration [healing] spell.

Slam Death’s Door: Whenever you stabilize a dying target they also gain a number of hit points equal to your EBL.

Resilient Body: You take reduced damage from poison, disease, and bleeding. Subtract your Con bonus (min 1) from all damage (ability or hit points) you would take from those sources. This effectively auto-stabilizes you if you fall below 0 hp.

Rapid Recovery: You and all creatures you tend with the heal skill regain hp, ability damage, and ability drain at an accelerated rate. Treat each hour of rest as a full 8 hours for the purpose of natural healing. (This has no effect on the amount of rest required for spell preparation or power point recovery.)

Only a Flesh Wound: Once every 5 rounds you can convert a single source of damage (such as a single spell or weapon blow) to yourself or another adjacent creature into non-lethal damage as a free action.

Memory of the Goddess: You may activate magic items that store spells with the [healing] descriptor as if you had them as spells known and a caster level equal to your EBL.

Body Control: You gain a +4 bonus on Control Shape and Autohypnosis checks.

Fellowship of the Physicians: You gain a +2 to your binder level for both Hale and Buer (ToM) while you are bound to both.

Orion, The Hero of Soleh

Level: 2

Binding DC: 18

Legend: Orion was once a great knight of Soleh, who fought bravely against his corrupt lord, and eventually killed him in a spectacular duel. He and the duke's daughter had long been in love, and they later married, and their love continued even beyond their deaths.

Special Requirements : Orion will not answer to an evil binder or a binder who have hosted Lorken in the last 24 hours.

Manifestation: A bright light shines, visible only to the binder. The light then fades away and a slender man stands in the middle of the seal. He wears a green tunic over a chain shirt, a green kilt, dark leather boots, sturdy gauntlets and a light helmet. He draws his sword and shield and silently bows to the binder, but never speaks a word during the pact.

Sign: While bound to Orion, you have what appears to be half of a symbol on the back of your left hand, a seemingly random assortment of lines. While you are bound to both Arynn and Orion, however, the lines match up, forming a pattern of interlocking concentric circles.

Influence: Orion is a figure of courage and hope. You do not show fear or despair and you never seem to give up even in the most desperate situations.

Granted Powers: Orion is a master swordsman, horseman and archer, and the essence of the Hero of Soleh grants these abilities to the binder.

Deathless Love: Orion and Arynn can be bound simultaneously, but they still count as two vestiges. Their DC is 24, and while both vestiges are bound, your effective binder level is increased by one for the purposes of determining the effects of spell-like abilities.

Righteous Weapons: Any melee weapons you wield is treated as good-aligned for the purpose of bypassing damage reduction. Furthermore, upon successfully hitting an evil creature, the weapon deals an additional 2d6 points of holy damage.

Arrows of Legend: Any ranged projectile weapons used by the binder, such as bows and crossbows, possesses the distance enhancement.

Swordsmanship: You gain proficiency with all simple, martial and exotic sword-like weapons and you gain a +1 bonus to attack and damage rolls for every 5 effective binder levels you possess.

Adventuring Knacks: You gain a bonus to Handle Animal, Ride and Survival checks equal to your binder level.

Lokesh, the Blind Seer

Level: 2

Binding DC: 21

Sign: A tattoo of a third eye appears on the binder’s forehead in black ink.

Legend: Lokesh is something of a mystery. He was certainly native to the material realm, yet there are no indications that he ever existed upon this world. The third eye is claimed to be a birthright of his people, the Kuresh. He tells of a world much like our own fallen into darkness so deep and pervading that even now it fills his sight. Some scholars wonder if his world might somehow have come directly into conjunction with the spirit realm, but if so, the rest of his race seems to have escaped his fate. A few researchers believe he is from a time far removed from the current frame, perhaps even so far into the past that his former world is what we now know as the spirit realm.

Special Requirements: Lokesh will not answer the call of a binder bound to Tenebrous or anyone otherwise associated with the plane of shadow. (This includes anyone capable of using mysteries, shadow hand maneuvers, or [shadow] spells.)

Manifestation: The seal slowly turns to clear crystal. Light seems to come from every direction, refracting off the seal. Within the light above the seal, the image of a world can be seen. A nearly physical darkness creeps over the seal, cutting off the light. A tall figure emerges from behind the seal with silver light shining from his three eyes that seems to hold the darkness back for a moment. His lanky frame trembles with effort and his white hair is quickly soaked with sweat. As the darkness pushes back, the world within the seal shrinks and retreats along the silver light until it can only be seen within his eyes. His eyes close and all is soon pitch black within the seal. The man in the darkness asks in a soft, inquisitive tone, “Whose voice calls me forth?”

Influence: You mistrust your eyes and will not rely on information that cannot be confirmed by other senses. Thus, you may not use any item that must be read or otherwise looked at to be used (This includes scrolls and normal spellbooks). Also, you may not make active spot checks. (You may still make spot checks when the DM requires one).

Granted Abilities: Lokesh grants his binders comfort in darkness, and a shadow over the eyes of those who would seek them.

Wisdom in Darkness: You gain the Scent and Blindfight feats. Additionally, you gain a competence bonus on listen and sense motive checks equal to your EBL.

Touchsense: You gain Blindsight out to 5ft. This increases to 10ft at level 13.

Hear the Unseen: As a swift action, you can grant yourself blindsense out to 10ft per EBL for 1 round. This does not extend into areas of magical silence. This ability is useable once every five rounds.

Share my Vision: You may use Blindness as per the spell. You must wait five rounds before using it again. At level 13, you may use Blindness every round and Power Word: Blind once every five rounds.

Blinded Seer: You gain spell resistance equal to 15+ your EBL against spells and effects from the divination school. Any creature that attempts to use such an effect against you and fails to overcome your resistance must make a will save or be blinded for the duration their effect would have had (min 1 round).

Remarro, the Candid Canvas

Level: 2

Binding DC: 20

Legend: Remarro was a troubled youth and as he looked around at the world the gods created with so much hate and suffering he began to hate the world back. In his frustrations the way he found to express himself was through art. He became a true renaissance man mastering many different forms and styles as he grew older, but the thing he became most famous for were his incredibly realistic paintings. People swore that they weren’t looking at images at all, but people and things trapped behind a window into another world. As Remarro began to draw more and more attention to himself he withdrew further and further from society. It was too late however, he had become so beloved for his art that the people would never let him be. He devised a plan. He told the people to come to his mansion and wait for him in the courtyard at midday. He came forth as promised with his painting gear and a framed canvas. He addressed the mass saying that he would create his greatest masterpiece before their very eyes. Merchants set up shops and tents and the people had a festival there awaiting his next great work of art. Hours went by and at dusk Remarro boomed over the crowd, “It is done!” However there was no great showing. The people grew puzzled and someone drew closer. The person noticed that Remarro was nowhere to be found, and so went to see what the painting was. It was the most realistic portrait the person had ever seen – and it was of Remarro. The people below could have sworn Remarro winked at him from inside the frame.

Manifestation: An ornately framed canvas appears hovering above the seal about two feet across and three feet high. The canvas is entirely blank. Suddenly paints of all colors pour out from under the top of the frame over the canvas like a rainbow waterfall. A face appears in the paint, or rather the paint forms the shape of a face, two sunken pits for eyes and a maw of darkness for a mouth. Out of the frame and through the falling paint a handsome dark-haired man in fine clothing steps onto the seal. Fine as they are his clothes are besmirched with paint stains here and there. He flattens the wrinkles out of his attire and then speaks to the binder although he rarely looks at the binder. He seems preoccupied with something or else he simply dislikes the company for his voice is full of disdain.

Sign: Binding to Remarro causes you to appear as though you are wearing heavy makeup, with darkened eyelids, reddened lips and elongated lashes.

Influence: You become withdrawn and suspicious of others. Evil acts cause you to become increasingly negative. Additionally you are uncomfortable in open areas especially around many people.

Special Requirement: Yes. Remarro requires the binder to spend at least 1 gp on paints with which to paint his seal.

Granted Abilities: Remarro grants binders his brilliant skill with a paint brush, powers of illusion, and the ability to blast enemies with color.

Paint Spray: Issuing forth your hand, you send a spray of multicolored paints at an enemy duplicating the effect of a color spray spell. Once you have used this ability you cannot use it for 5 rounds. You cannot use this ability if you do not show Remarro’s sign.

Chiaroscuro: By using an artist’s mastery of light and shadow you bend light in such a way as to create Minor Images of yourself as the spell once every five rounds.

Mirror Image. You may cast Mirror Image as the spell, with a caster level equal to you binder level. After the duration of the effect you cannot use this ability again for 5 rounds. You cannot use this ability if you do not show Remarro’s sign.

Blasting Stroke: Issuing forth your hand in a similar manner as your paint spray you can generate a forceful blast of energy rather than paint, but in the same multicolored pattern. This ability duplicates the Rainbow Blast (Spell Compendium). Once you have used this ability you cannot use it again for 5 rounds. You cannot use this ability if you do not show Remarro’s sign.

Remarro’s Brush: You gain a +4 insight bonus to all profession (painter) checks and can create works of art in half the time that is normally required. The insight bonus increases to +8 at 10th level, +14 and 15th, and +20 at 20th levels respectively.

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Level 3

Bandelaros, the Soul Thief

Level: 3

Binding DC: 21

Legend: Bandelaros was a criminal wanted the lands over for his life of stealing. As he grew in his prowess and reputation he began pilfering items of greater and greater value until one day he was rumored to have stolen the king’s clothing from his body just as he was to make a popular address. As always Bandelaros left his signature, a single playing card bearing the image of the reaper. Furious, the king issued a death warrant for the clever thief and commanded his royal guard to accompany the city guard in the search and capture of the cause of the king’s embarrassment. After several months the regiment of guards had Bandelaros and brought him to the king for punishment. The king gripped his sword and slew the thief on the spot. They gave the body over to the proper coroners for burial in the private graveyard for enemies of the state. However there was a petition from a wealthy noble family claiming kinship to Bandelaros. They demanded that he get a proper burial. Not wanting to start a feud, the king consented, but watched the affair very closely – in fact he even attended the funeral. However before the ceremony could begin the coroner came and whispered something distressing into the king’s ear. With a look of horror and fury the king went with the coroner to the casket of Bandelaros. Standing open the only thing that lay in the wooden case was a single playing card bearing the image of the reaper.

Manifestation: Slowly a playing card falls about 10ft in the air above the seal out of nowhere and begins to drift to the ground. As the card reaches eye level with the binder it transforms for an instant into the ghastly image of a dead human head. The image is haunting if only for its abruptness. Then just as suddenly as it came it reverts again to the card and continues to fall to the ground. Once the card hits the ground a man in dust colored shawls and a bandanna addresses the speaker in a friendly and playful tone.

Sign: You smell faintly of freshly tilled earth and always seem to be dirty no matter how often you clean yourself off.

Influence: Bandelaros demands that any chance you have to take something that isn’t yours without any perceived consequences that you take it.

Special Requirement: Bandelaros will not appear for any lawful binder. Additionally as a part of the Binding contract the binder must formulate a plan to conduct some theft without getting caught although the binder is under no special compulsion to act out such a theft.

Granted Abilities: Bandelaros grants binders some of his calculating mind, his skill at eluding capture, and his ability to infiltrate structures without fear of traps.

Trapfinding: You can search for traps with the search skill like a rogue.

Evasion: Anytime a spell or effect would allow a reflex saving throw for half damage you may negate the damage entirely upon a successful save.

Bandelaros’ Intellect: You gain a +4 enhancement bonus to your intelligence score.

Bandelaros’ Skill: You gain a +6 insight bonus to all Open Lock and Sleight of Hand skill checks and you can use these skills untrained.

Escape Bondage: You can wriggle free of movement impairing effects or mundane bonds as the Freedom of Movement spell. The effect lasts for 1 round after which you cannot use this ability again for 5 rounds. You cannot use this ability if you don’t show Bandelaros’ sign.

Infiltrate: You gain the ability to detect secret doors like an elf. Whenever you pass within 10 ft. of a secret door you automatically get an attempt to search for it as if you were actively looking for it and gain a +4 circumstance bonus on the check.

Fujiko, Skydaughter

Level: 3

Binding DC: 21

Sign: A white feather continually drifts around you, carried on a breeze that affects nothing else.

Legend: The Spirit Folk are known to hail from the uncut bamboo, the rushing rivers, and the mighty seas, but these are not the only places of purity where spirits dwell. The windswept heights have their own inhabitants and even a monk can fall in love. Fujiko felt her connection to the spirits from birth and would play on ledges hundreds of feet over open air without a concern in the world. She grew up leaping from peak to peak, high above the clouds. She trained with the monks of the Phoenix and quickly became a spiritually powerful entity. As the centuries passed however, her mortal blood began to thin as her spirit heritage grew in strength. She became bound to the peak that had been her home and could not leave it. Not even the mountains stand unchanged entirely by time. Earthquakes and erosion eventually wore down the heights that had once pierced the sky until they fell below the tree line. As an immortal spirit, she could not die, but her connection to this world was severed, leaving her no place to be.

Special Requirements: Fujiko’s seal must be drawn in a place where the wind blows. Additionally, she refuses to be bound with Halphax.

Manifestation: Her eyes are slender and glitter like sapphires surrounded by skin the glowing gold of sunlight at dawn. Thick, luxurious black hair hangs down to her ankles, swirling around her in an unfelt breeze. Her very body seems translucent, like a mirage in the mists or a glass sculpture catching the shades of sunset. Her feet do not touch the ground; she instead drifts over it like a kite on a very short string. Her mouth does not move when she speaks, only the wind carries her words to you.

Influence: You must always seek the high ground in battle and may not use any effect that manipulates or destroys earth or stone (such as move earth, wall of stone, or disintegrate.)

Granted Abilities: Fujiko grants her binders the gifts of the unbound winds, and the mobility to join them.

Leap of the Clouds: The binder gains a +10 bonus on jump checks. You are considered to have a running start and may exceed your normal maximum height and distance. The bonus increases by 10 at levels 10, 15, and 20.

Sheltering Winds: Ranged attacks (except rays) have a miss chance against the binder equal to 5% times your EBL. Additionally, the binder cannot be tracked or detected by scent. You must show Fukijo’s sign while this ability is active.

Knife Wind: As per the spell gust of wind except that you may choose to have it also deal slashing damage equal to d4 per your EBL. You must wait 5 rounds to use this ability again. (EDIT: Unless and until I find an errata stating what the actual range is for gust of wind, use medium: 100ft + 10ft per EBL)

Walk of the Spirits: The binder adds her EBL as a bonus on all Balance checks. More impressively, the binder can walk on the surface of any material into which she would normally sink, such as powdery snow, thin ice, and even water. She may continue to walk on this surface as long as she makes a DC 15 Balance check. Normally, the balance check for this activity is a standard action, so a binder may make one move action per round while using this ability. If she makes a DC 30 balance check, she may use this ability as a move action instead, allowing her to use it and still take one standard action in a round. She does not trigger traps that use pressure plates while using Walk of the Spirits, nor is her speed impacted by deep snow. At level 14, she may use Walk of the Spirits as a swift action.

Flowing Curtain Stride: The binder falls at a speed of no more than 60ft per round and thus takes no damage from falling any distance (as per featherfall). Additionally, she may move horizontally 5ft for every 10ft she falls. You must be showing Fujiko's sign to use this ability.

Myung, the Bright Sohei

Level: 3

Binding DC: 20

Manifestation: A male in Banded Mail armor appears to march rigidly into the center of the seal. After arriving, he turns and bows to the binder, which initiates the pact making

Influence: At first glance, you appear pompous and rude, raising your nose to most onlookers. However, you are required to defend others at a moment's notice (such as putting yourself in harm's way to block enemies from reaching your allies).

Sign: Years of being imprisoned have altered the eyes of Myung, who always had bright blue eyes. If you are bound to him, your eyes appear without pupils.

Legend: Once, long ago, a powerful and evil Black Mage attacked a small fief in Sunshan. As many were not used to his sort of spellcasting, the fief was almost vanquished if not for the efforts of Myung. With his fortitude and undying strength, by the time the Black Mage managed to imprison him in the earth, he had used up most of his power and was finished off soon after by Myung's fellow soldiers. The people of his country and fief were not able to rescue him. To this day, he remains imprisoned.

Granted Abilities:

Weapon Familiarity: You gain Martial Weapon Proficiency in Short Sword, Bastard Sword, and Glaive. In addition, you gain Weapon Focus while wielding one of these weapons.

Improved Trip: You gain and can use the Improved Trip feat, even if you do not have the prerequisites.

Battle Fortitude: You become one with Myung's undying strength. You gain the Diehard feat, and gain a +4 competence bonus against death spells, magical death effects, energy drain, and negative levels.

Ki Frenzy: A binder bound to Myung gains the ability to focus her ki power into a frenzy of berserk energy. In this frenzied state, she temporarily gains +2 to Strength and +2 to Dexterity. Her speed increases by 10 feet, and she can choose to make a flurry of blows with a full attack action in melee, making one extra attack per round while suffering a –2 penalty on every attack. While in a ki frenzy, you cannot use skills or abilities that require patience or concentration, such as moving silently or casting spells. She can use any feat she might have except for item creation feats and metamagic feats. A ki frenzy lasts for a number of rounds equal to three + the binder's Constitution modifier. The binder may prematurely end the frenzy voluntarily. At the end of the frenzy, the binder is fatigued (–2 to Strength, –2 to Dexterity, can’t charge or run) for the duration of that encounter. Entering a frenzy takes no time itself, but the binder can only do it during her action, not in response to somebody else’s action. If you use this effect, you cannot do so for 5 rounds. You can only use this ability once per day for every 3 binder levels you have.

Nathos, Grandmaster Tactician (Help me out with this one's story, please)

Level: 3

Binding DC: 20

Sign: One of your hands becomes pure white in color, the other hand darkest black.

Legend: The original was incredibly Faerun-specific, so I'm going to change this. It's a WIP.

Special Requirements: Nathos can do nothing to help those who won’t follow orders. If, within the past 24 hours, you have gone against a vestige's influence (even if you made a good pact), Nathos will not answer your call.

Manifestation: The manifestation begins with the sound of heavy boots marching in time. Dust stirs within the seal and rises to the height of a man. When the dust clears, a 1-foot-square book can be seen floating in the air with covers made of metal shields beaten flat and cut to size. Both covers bear faint scars from battle. The front cover is stamped with a red knight in profile with stars for eyes. As you watch, the pages rip out of the book and spin around and around in an unfelt wind. The heavy parchment pages have block letters written upon them, and smaller writing runs down the margins. One by one the pages catch against an unseen man. Soon, the invisible figure is fully defined by the windblown pages. His voice is carried on the wind “Your move”.

Influence: You become cool and calculating. Your sense of self preservation demands that you not take the lead or last position in the marching order (unless there is no one else to fill those positions).

Granted Abilities:

Inexorable Advance: When you successfully drop an opponent with a melee attack, you may immediately move into the square that opponent occupied as a free action (you must have sufficient movement remaining to use this ability.) This movement does not provoke AoO.

Red Knight’s Flank: You must ready your action to use this ability. Whenever an opponent within 15ft of you moves from their space, you may immediately teleport to the space they previously occupied and make a full melee attack against that opponent. Each time you teleport, you use up one of your attacks of opportunity for the round.

Ordained Balance: You may make a single turn of up to 90 degrees as part of a charge.

Unto the Breach: You gain the ability to make a trample attack. As a full-round action, you can move up to twice your speed and literally run over any creature equal to your own size or smaller. You merely have to move over the opponents in your path; any creature whose space is completely covered by your space is subject to the trample attack. If a target’s space is larger than 5 feet, it is considered trampled only if you move over all the squares it occupies. Your trample attack deals 1d8 points of bludgeoning damage (or 1d6 points if you are Small) plus 1-1/2 times your Strength modifier. If you are larger than Medium or smaller than Small, the damage scales up or down accordingly (see page 114 of the Player’s Handbook). Trampled opponents can attempt attacks of opportunity, but these take a –4 penalty. (Opponents whose space is larger than 5 feet and whom you do not trample can also make attacks of opportunity at the same penalty.) An opponent can give up its attack of opportunity and instead attempt a Reflex save to take half damage from your trample. You can deal trampling damage to each target only once per round, no matter how many times your movement takes you over a target creature.

Royal Commission: If you have not acted in the current round and one of your allies uses the charge or withdraw action, you may immediately do the same. Your place in the initiative order changes appropriately.

Thran, Leader of the Hunt

Level: 3

Binding DC: 20

Sign: You gain the patterned markings of a goliath.

Legend: Misbegotten and looked down upon by both sides of his heritage, Thran grew up among the Blackhorn Goliath tribe. Strength was the only rule among the Goliaths, so the weaker Thran was forced to the fringes of the camp. He watched the elder druids to see how they maintained their power in the face of the stronger warriors. He saw how they used word, gesture, and implication to inspire fear and then prey on it to their advantage. When the Urgal warriors of his tribe forced him into the front line against other tribes or humans, he used those lessons to great effect. As enemies avoided closing with him, his less skilled allies began to form up around him and eventually fight as a group. His influence grew as he preserved his allies. At the height of his power he commanded legions, but he eventually overestimated his own prowess and fell in single combat with a knight of Soleh.

Manifestation: A pile of weapons appears within the seal. After a few moments, they begin to shake and rattle loudly before suddenly bursting into the air and spiraling like a cyclone within the seal. Within the pile’s center appears the visage of a Urgal warrior crafted of steel, which reaches out with one hand and grabs a weapon from the spinning whirlwind of blades. Images of several smaller Goliaths appear in the weapons remaining at Thran’s feet and begin to softly chant his name over and over, thrusting their tiny fists in the air with each repetition. As the chant reaches greater volume, Thran points his weapon (which varies from summoning to summoning – sometimes it is an axe, sometimes a sword, sometimes a spear, sometimes a mace) at the Binder and demands him to lead his forces into battle.

Influence: You have no respect for those who show fear in your presence.

Granted Abilities:

Bigger, Badder, and Meaner: You add your strength and constitution bonuses to your intimidate checks. If you use a full-round action for the intimidate check, you may take 10.

Tiger among the Wolves: When you use the demoralize action in combat, you may target all foes within 10ft. Also, foes successfully demoralized are shaken for a number of rounds equal to your EBL.

Prey upon the Fearful: You gain a +2 competence bonus on melee attack and damage rolls against shaken targets, +4 against frightened foes, or +6 against panicked enemies.

Pack Mentality: Neither you or ally within 10ft of you is considered flanked unless you all are considered flanked, nor are any of you considered surprised unless you all are surprised.

Stand by your Mates: When you aid another in combat (or are the recipient of aid another), the bonus applies to all attack rolls, damage rolls, and saving throws made that round. At level 10 you may use aid another once per round as a swift action. At level 15 you may simultaneously aid all allies within reach.

Hold your Ground: You and all allies within 30ft gain a +4 bonus to saves against fear and compulsion effects.

Level 4

Bhrigus, The Storm that Was

Level: 4

Binding DC: 25

Legend: Three hundred years ago, a storm rose far to the north. As it swept south, the fear and prayers of those caught by it gave birth to Bhrigus, the spirit of the greatest storm. Now gifted with a spirit-god, the storm became even more powerful. His wrath and anger were great, and no mere weather-witch or wall could stop the Storm That Was. As he walked the skies, the people cried out for something to stop Bhrigus before the world was unmade again. When he went south again, the Mountain that was the bones of the earth stood. Dorun could not reach to the sky to banish Bhrigus. but neither could Bhrigus soar over the Mountain without entering the domain of the sky-kings who had birthed him and would take him again. It is said that for a hundred years, the Storm that Was raged against the Mountain, calling thunder and lightning to shatter the bones of the world. Unable to break the Mountain's body, The Storm that Was became trapped away from man and god.

Special Requirement: Bhrigus must be summoned under open sky. Bhrigus may not be bound to a Binder who has bound Dorun, the Mountain in the past 24 hours.

Manifestation: Bhrigus appears as a vortex of clouds, thunder, and lighting with two yellow balls of lightning for eyes. His voice rumbles out like thunder, and water sprays forth from him when angered.

Sign: When bound to the Storm that Was, the binder is buffeted by winds which blow their clothes, hair, or papers back and forth.

Influence: The Storm that Was still fills those who call him with his rage. Under his influence, a binder who is injured must attack the person who harmed them next turn.

Granted Abilities: Bhrigus grants his binders the power and fury of the raging storm.

Voice of Thunder: With a yell, a binder may call on the voice of the storm to damage those in front of him. Everyone in a thirty foot cone takes 2d6 +1/2 effective binder levels sonic damage and is deafened for 1d4 rounds. A fortitude save may be made to take half damage and not be deafened. Once used, this ability may not be used for another 5 rounds. Silence or similar spells negate this power, and it cannot penetrate them. If not used as an attack, a binder's yell can be heard for 1 mile in any direction.

Storm-Dancer: Bhrigus grants those who call him the ability to dance on storm winds, for every 10 miles per hour the wind blows, the caster may stay aloft for 1 round and make one move action through air (no double moves or the like). If they run out of time, they fall, taking damage. Once used, this ability cannot be used for another 5 rounds.

Shield of the Storm: The binder is surrounded by powerful winds that deflect ranged weapons. The binder gains a +4 deflection bonus to their AC against ranged attacks, Bhrigus's sign must be visible for this ability to be used.

Weapon of the Gods: The lighting of the Storm that Was may be called by a caster. Under the open sky, a bolt of lightning may be called down on any target within 100 feet +10 feet per binder level. This deals 1d6 points of electricity damage for every 2 effective binder levels, with a reflex save allowed for half damage. Once used, this ability may not be used for another 5 rounds.

Jacobus, the Scoundrel

Level: 4

Binding DC: 21

Legend: None, yet. This was originally the child of a succubus, but that doesn't really work if you don't have any succubi.

Manifestation: Jacobus appears as a tall, dark and handsome man, with a dark coat, jaunty hat and the hilt of a rapier just barely visible . If the binder is female, he is seductively charming and flattering. If the binder is male, he acts as if the entire proceeding is a waste of his time and instead looks around for any female humanoids nearby.

Sign: The binder smells strongly of cologne or perfume. He smiles at all times.

Influence: The binder constantly tries to arrange liaisons between people who are not romantically involved. When he encounters couples, however, he tries to create conflict between them. He will always lie to bring about either outcome.

Granted Powers: Jacobus gives binders the power to create harmony and to provoke disruptions.

Rules of Attraction: If the binder succeeds on a Diplomacy check to improve the attitude of someone of the opposite sex, the result is always one step better than the roll indicates. On a natural 20 the subject is considered charmed for a number of rounds equal to the binder’s charisma modifier (minimum of one). At 12th level the binder can take 10 on Diplomacy checks, with a +4 circumstance bonus against the opposite sex. This can be done once per day. The binder must show Jacobus' sign to use this power.

Soothing Words: The binder can cast Calm Emotions once every five rounds.

Angry Words: The binder can bellow at will, with an effect equal to the spell Sound Burst.

Charming Personality: The binder can cast Charm Person once every hour, but first requires five minutes of conversation with the person to be charmed.

Jacobus' Scholarship: The binder gains 4 ranks in Knowledge (Local) and (Nobility and Royalty).

Jacobus’s Tempest: The binder can cast Gust of Wind every five rounds. For every four full binder levels after 6th this effect lasts for an additional round.

Makoma, the Greater

Level: 4

Binding DC: 22

Legend: Long ago a boy was born in a distant land, on the very fringe of the world. This child was unlike any other as he was almost a grown adult when he was born and being the oddity that he was, all were at a loss as what to call him. One day he gathered all the villagers around a watering hole, notorious for the giant crocodiles that swam its waters. Without hesitation he jumped into the water and slew the beast with ease, emerging from the pool announcing his name; Makoma the Greater.

Owing to his name he decided set off into the world to find greater challenges to test his mettle. He then came upon a giant covered in dirty laboring on the mountains themselves and called out a challenge to the creature. With his hammer Nu-endo he defeated it where it then shrank to a manageable size and he placed it in his bag Woronowu. He later came upon giant who dug the river beds, and one who planted the trees both of which he defeated and in their humility befriended Makoma.

Afterwards he came first a demon of fire and then one of the rivers, both were formidable adversaries but with the gifts he had gained from the giants he had easily defeated they were and soundly dispatched both with ease. That night the ghost of his father visited him in his dreams and told him to seek out Sakatirina the 5 head dragon, for only when he defeated Sakatirina would he truly be "Greater". Bidding farewell to his friends and returning to them their gifts he set out to find his new opponent.

Makoma then came upon a great mountain and decided to rest after his many days of travel. Suddenly the mountain moved and bellowed fearsomely "Who are you little man?" to which he replied "Makoma the Greater". The beast laughed heartedly and with that Makoma struck him with his hammer. To his horror the blow had no effect and the beast retaliated. Fearing he had lost his fight Makoma suddenly felt great power rush through his veins and he grew to monumental size where he took on Sakatirina on equal ground. For days they fought, neither gaining the upper hand until on the 3rd day both collapsed from exhaustion. Later they awoke to Mulimo the great spirit who announced that neither could best the other, nor could any other dream of challenging them so to them he proposed that due to their greatness both would join him in the spirit world. And with a flicker of light and whirl of dust all three were gone.

Special Requirements: Makoma will not answer the call of binders whose type is giant or dragon nor will he to those who have lost or turned down a challenge in the last 24 hours.

Manifestation: A rumbling starts and quickly escalates soon after there is a loud crash. Atop a mound of dirt and stone sits a hunched but extremely tall black man dressed in simple clothing carrying a linen bag and a stone hammer, he sits back to back with a five headed hydra-esque beast, at the base of the mound stand 5 small figures the giants and demons in miniature form. We addressing the binder neither Makoma or Sakatirina look at the binder and instead stare off into the distance, and both speak at the same time with a similar voice.

Sign: A simple war hammer and linen bag appear tethered to your wrist, despite being attached to what seems to be simple thread, neither can be removed.

Influence: You love the thrill of a competition in any form really, but only against those of worthy status. Makoma cause the binder to engage the strongest enemies first, espically if they are larger then he/she is, as well as never turning down a challenge of any sort.

Granted Powers: Makoma grants the binder great power especially against those who are stronger and larger than themselves, he also grants use of his hammer and bag.

Mighty Stature: While bound to Makoma you gain the Powerful Build trait, making you act as if you were one size category larger than you are whenever it would be beneficial, and the paladin class feature Aura of Courage.

Nu-endo: The mighty hammer of this ancient warrior has been given to you to best your enemies. Nu-endo functions as a +1 large giant bane warhammer which cannot be disarmed and in addition you gain the use of Fell the Greatest Foe spell once every 5 rounds. At the following levels the hammer improves:
- at 11th it becomes +1 large adamantine giant bane warhammer
- at 15th it becomes +2 large adamantine giant bane warhammer
- at 18th it becomes +3 large adamantine giant bane collision warhammer.

Woronowu: Makoma's magic bag offers special properties to its user in and out of combat. At first it functions as a bag of holding type 2 with an unlimited air supply, at 13th it becomes type 3 and 16th type 4. Also the binder can evoke defensive properties of the bag granting the binder partial concealment (20% miss chance), which becomes total concealment (50% miss chance) at level 12, for 1 round, until the beginning of their next turn, as a swift action, usable every 5 rounds. (Items in the bag reappear in squares next to the binder when the pact ends)

Roar of the Victor: After the binder drops a foe in combat (reduced to 0 hp or less) the binder may let out a terrifying roar which affects all creatures within 30ft of the binder. All enemies are affected as per the reduce person spell, regardless of creature type, for 1 round/4 levels, simultaneously the binder and any allies within 30 feet receive a morale bonus to hit and damage equal to his Cha modifier for the same duration. This is a sonic, mind-affecting/transmutation effect and cannot occur more than once every 5 rounds.

Nexnemus, The Warped Nature

Level: 4

Binding DC: 22

Sign: Vines extend along your legs and arms. (this has no effect on your ability to use magical boots, bracers, or gloves)

Legend: There are competing theories on the origin of Nexnemus. That a verdant lord by that name once headed a circle of druids in defense of the wilds is indisputable, but very little is known about him. Some say he was an elf, others claim he was a treant, a few even argue that he was a type of fey. Regardless, he is known to have animated an entire forest to stop an army of humanoids from claiming the land he guarded. That is where reliable facts end. Some say that after causing so much death, he grew tired of the world and became a normal plant to escape his own sense of guilt. Other accounts claim he became embittered by the casualties to his woods and sought to breed deadly hybrid plants to defend the land after he was gone. These accounts suggest that he was murdered by his hybrid Assassin Tree and that the gods of nature punished the sentient plant by banishing it from reality.

Manifestation: A weeping willow grows up through the seal. A face appears in the bark with an angry look. Branches begin to move on their own and then wither and fall. The face gazes sorrowfully downward and the trunk becomes warped. The withered branches become vines and twist their way up the trunk as if to strangle it as the face turns upward and closes its eyes.

Influence: You avoid harming plants and will not use fire in forests, jungles, or swamps.

Granted Abilities: Nexnemus grants his binders some of the strengths of a plant, as well as their allegiance.

The Roots are Strong: As a move action you may "root" yourself to a surface of earth, stone, or wood. While rooted you may not move or be moved from your square except by teleportation effects. Additionally, you may not be knocked prone and automatically stabilize if reduced to <0 hp. You may unroot yourself as a move action. You must show Nexnemus's sign to use this ability.

The Bark is Tough: You are immune to poison, sleep, paralysis, and stunning.

Hybrid Nature: You gain immunity to electrical damage, but become vulnerable to fire.

Grasp of the Assassin Vine: A vine extends from each arm to strike at your foes. This functions like a constant Evard's Menacing Tentacles. You must show Nexnemus's sign to use this ability.

Call to the Green: You may use entangle once every 5 rounds. At 9th level you may instead use blood creepers. At 13th level you may use animate plants once an hour. You must show Nexnemus's sign to use this ability.

Nature Reclaims Its Own: Unattended items and structures within your entangle effect take damage equal to your charisma mod each round. This damage ignores hardness less than your binder level.

Recanne, The Hollowed Puppeteer

Level: 4

Binding DC: 20

Legend: Recanne was a renown puppeteer whose marionettes were sculpted with immaculate beauty and were extremely life like. Not only did he create them he also dabbled and finally produced theater productions in his home town with these marionettes. Eventually his popularity rose so high that nobility approached him to create larger scale productions of these plays. He perfected a way to make opera sized productions with life sized models made of a rare light weight wood. One specific noblewomen caught his eye during one of his showings, a women by the name Lady Archalage. Their romantic escapades were the talk of the town until one day a freak accident had taken the life of his beloved and with that he changed, he became somber and eventually he seemed totally devoid of emotion. He spent the following months collecting rare ingredients, extorting everyone possible to get what he needed, no one else mattered. This drew the attention of the authorities who then burst in to his home to questions him on his recent activities. What they found was him performing a forbidden ritual to bind his beloveds soul to a beautifully sculpted look-a-like marionette of his design. The ritual was in full swing when they arrived, and to make sure they didn't interfere Recanne took a chain lying in his workshop and tried to fight off the guards so as to keep them from interfering. It was nearing completion but suddenly something went wrong and a great explosion shook the mansion, when the dust settled Recanne and the marionette had disappeared.

Special Requirement: A small wooden marionette must be placed in the middle of the drawn symbol

Manifestation: The sound of wood clacking together and then a life size marionette falls into view. This things face is a contortion of agony and sadness. instead of simple strings raising its arms and legs, thin spiked chains are found in place. These connections seem to draw blood from the wooden figure. The lifeless body seems to project a eerie hollow voice. Once the pact has been made the marionette falls to the ground lifeless only to later stand as your loyal servant.

Sign: The joints of your body, knees and elbows etc., become ball and socket joints of a marionette, this sign is easily concealable with clothing.

Influence: You become emotionless and manipulative. You have a straight forward attitude when completing a task and will see it through, you care little for what other want.

Granted Abilities: All these abilities granted let you mystify and astound your opponents

Pull The Strings: 3 times a day you can charm one enemy at a time as by the Charm Monster spell, spell caster level equal to your EBL. When your binder level reaches 18 you can instead use dominate monster spell. On a succeeded save or releasing of an enthralled creature, which happens regardless if your pact is broken with Recanne, you must wait 5 rounds to use it again

Deadly Chains: You gain Proficiency with the Spiked Chain Weapon.

Wooden Doppelganger: You summon wooden version of yourself that is armed with a spiked chain which will listen to your every command without question. This construct is only present during your time bound to Recanne, if it is destroyed you must wait 5 minutes to enact a small ritual requiring a bit of wood (about a pound) to recreate it as a full round action (similar to a spell, mostly like summoning ones). Take the stats for Flesh Golems from MMI with these exceptions
-Medium size or your size
-Your Str and Dex score, BAB and Saves.
-Your current HP and HD.
-No Berserk ability
-Vulnerability to Fire
-Exotic Weapon Proficiency: Spiked Chain and the Weapon Finesse feat
-DR 5/Slashing, at level 13 this DR switches to Adamantine
-When the marionette is destroyed make a DC 15 Will Save or be wracked with grief, causing a -1 penalty to hit, saves, skills and damage

Flesh To Wood: You gain some of the immunities of a construct akin to marionettes, you are immune to sleep, poison, paralysis, stunning and disease at level 10 as well as having the light fortification armor ability at level 13.

Samara, the Unwanted Child

Level: 4

Binding DC: 23

Legend: The legend of Samara is a cruel one indeed. In the rural lands, there are some customs that seem barbaric. In these lands, there once existed a young girl who lived very happily with her parents. However, one year became difficult, as a bitter winter caused food to be in short supply. One day, they noticed that their daughter had become very cold, and didn't wake up. Thinking the worst, they decided to bury her in a nearby dried-up well, and cover it with a large stone. Their daughter, awakening just soon enough to see the final rays of sunlight her eyes will ever see, slowly died of suffocation. However, to this day, her spirit lives on, seeking eternal vengeance for those that betray others.

Manifestation: A stone well appears in the middle of the seal, from which appears a young, ghastly female figure. This figure slowly and erratically approaches the binder, until it reaches the end of the seal.

Influence: Those under Samara's influence are untrusting of others, even those that are supposedly close. In addition, you become unsocial and unfriendly towards those who openly betray you (such as if they fail while using certain skills (such as bluff or sleight of hand) against you). This effect cannot raise you up from hostile. You cannot use Diplomacy or Aid Another checks with such people.

Sign: Your skin becomes pale and blue, and dark markings appear around your eyes.

Granted Abilities: Samara improves her binder's abilities of perception and allows them to strike against those that would betray others.

Heightened Senses: Samara's unwarranted betrayal has left her untrusting of others, and more aware of her surroundings. You gain a +8 bonus to Search, Spot, Listen, and Sense Motive checks.

Haunting Presence: You can unsettle foes with your ghostly visage. Creatures who come within 30 feet of you and can see you must make a will save or be panicked within the range, and for 1d4+1 rounds after it leaves. This is a mind-affecting fear effect. If the save is met, the creature becomes sickened while in range and for 1 round after it leaves, and a creature that successfully saves against Haunting Presence cannot be affected by this ability for 24 hours. This effect can be dismissed and applied as a move action, and you can choose 1 creature to be immune to this effect per binder level (only those present when you apply this effect can be immune). You cannot use this effect if you do not show Samara's sign.

Death Glare: You can blast living creatures with a glance, at a range of up to 30 feet as a standard action. Creatures that meet your gaze must succeed on a fortitude save or take 2d10 points of damage and 1d4 points of Charisma damage. If you use this ability, you cannot do so for 5 rounds.

Vassago, The Dyed Spy

Level: 4

Binding DC: 24

Legend: Vassago was the cover name given to Joren Redsark, Hawk Clan, who was sent to Llanca to discover the meaning of a series of patrols that had come uncomfortably close to Vallheim hunting lands, and more importantly a hidden Hawk Clan stronghold. Over the span of a month pretending to be a traveling dye merchant he discovered that the patrols were in fact preparation from a large raid that would be prelude to an invasion of the southern reaches of the Vallheim kingdom. As soon as he learned of this he immediately tried to leave the town, but before he could escape he was drowned in his own dye supplies by a Dotze Affariata agent. His dying comfort was that he had been able to release the messenger hawk that carried news of the impending assault to the armies of Vallheim. Even now he is remembered as a champion of his trade by members of the Hawk Clan.

Manifestation: Vassago rises fluidly from his seal, appearing as a slim man covered in a vast, plain cloak with a hood hanging over his eyes. Upon standing, attempts to appear composed and graceful are embarrassingly marred by intermittent stumbling, loss of balance, and entanglement by his own cloak. Drips of what looks like indigo dye occasionally fall from the edges of his cloak, the tip of his nose and fingers, and from out of his mouth when speaking.

Sign: Your eyes become particularly sensitive to sunlight, causing no penalties beyond a desire to shade then with a hood or wide-brimmed hat.

Influence: You become cocky, cavalier, and cynical, with a "there's a sucker born every minute" attitude, but you tend to keep to yourself. You must accept any quid pro quo favor you are offered.

Granted Abilities: Vassago grants you some of his phenomenal powers of espionage.

See Secrets: You can cast detect secret doors at will.

See Perils: You gain the Trapfinding ability as a Rogue equal to your level.

Vassago's Mask: You receive immunity to alignment-dependent spells and effects.

Vassago's Blessing: You receive a +1 divine bonus to saving throws per 4 effective binder levels.

Vassago's Talents: You receive a +4 insight bonus to Open Lock and Sleight of Hand checks, +2 per 4 levels beyond 4th.

Spy's Step: You can cast dimension door once every five rounds.

Vepar, Duchess of Waves

Level: 4

Binding DC: 21

Legend: Vepar was a duchess of Maereis and an admiral in its navy. She wielded great personal power on board her ship as well. Vepar was victories for years against her city's foes and was esteemed among her people as a savior. She was killed by a pirate armada, but not before she held off their entire fleet long enough for the Maereis navy to assemble to counterattack, crushing the pirates.

Special Requirement: Salt or salt water must be poured over Vepar’s seal. Any salt disappears when Vepar appears.

Manifestation: Salt water sprays from Vepar's seal and forms a small puddle. Vepar looks up at the binder under the surface of the water. Her voice is garbled by the water and she looks about herself nervously. When the pact ends Vepar swims downward, out of sight and the pool around her seal evaporates immediately. Any water from her seal that was put into a container before the pact ends also evaporates.

Sign: The binder's hair is always wet and he smells of seawater.

Influence: The binder has a desire to seek out large bodies of water. Whenever the binder is onboard a ship he will question the judgment and ability of the ship’s officers.

Granted Abilities: Vepar gives binders some of the power she wielded over water and other powers she used in battle.

Command the Seas: The binder can cast Control Water, once per five rounds.

Command the Wind: The binder can cast Control Winds once per five rounds.

Scurvy: The binder can cast Contagion as a ranged touch (range 25' + 1' per binder level) attack once every five rounds. It can only be used against creatures that are at less than full hit points.

Tend to the Crew: The binder can cast Remove Disease once per five rounds. The binder can use this power once per four binder levels.

Your Enemies are Legion: The binder can cast Mirror Image, with a caster level equal to his binder level. The binder must wait five rounds after this spell ends before using it again.

Old Sea Hand: The binder gains proficiency with the scimitar and may add their binder level to Profession (sailor) checks.

Arynn, The Devoted Ruler

Level: 4

Binding DC: 25

Legend: Arynn was a lady of Soleh, and the daughter of Lorken. While her lover, Orion, fought against him and his tyranny, she was subjected to her father's anger and frustration. Later, she escaped to help Orion fight her father directly, and was responsible for saving him from the near-fatal wounds he sustained in the battle.

Manifestation: A light shines brightly from inside the seal, blinding the binder to the contents. The light then fades away and an elegant, regal woman stands in the middle. Arynn a simple but elegant dress with a dagger at her belt. Her eyes twinkle with power and knowledge, and she then nods to approve the pact.

Sign: While bound to Arynn, you have what appears to be half of a symbol on the back of your left hand, a seemingly random assortment of lines. While you are bound to both Arynn and Orion, however, the lines match up, forming a pattern of interlocking concentric circles.

Special Requirements: Arynn will not answer to an evil binder or a creature with the Evil subtype nor will she answers to a binder who have hosted Lorken in the last 24 hours.

Influence: Arynn was a regal figure in Soleh and causes you to act as such. You speak in a polite and delicate manner. You also are disgusted by those who oppress others.

Granted Powers: Arynn, despite her royal refinement, is a formidable sorceress. She gives binders a few magical tricks up their sleeves.

Deathless Love: Orion and Arynn can be bound simultaneously, but they still count as two vestiges. Their DC is 24, and while both vestiges are bound, your effective binder level is increased by one for the purposes of determining the effects of spell-like abilities.

Fire of Liberty: You can use Orb of Fire once every 5 rounds, except the damage and range are scaled according to your binder level.

Wind of Freedom: You can use Dimension Door once every 5 rounds, except the range is scaled according to your binder level.

People's Love: Once every 5 rounds, as an immediate action, you can make yourself immune to any kind of damage, whether physical or magical, until the end of your next turn. However, at the end of the encounter, you become fatigued for a number of rounds equal to the number of times you’ve used this ability in the last 24 hours.

Ruler’s Touch: You gain a bonus to Diplomacy, all Knowledge and Sense Motive checks equal to your binder level. You are also treated as trained while making Knowledge checks while you are bound to Arynn.

Pangloss, The Perfected Philosopher

Level: 4

Binding DC: 22

Legend: Pangloss is said to have been the greatest philosopher in the land of Patria. It is said that his wisdom caused his downfall, for his learning caused him to suffer the blows of the world. When he died, his boundless learning (or optimism) caused him to escape the mortal death that was his due and he escaped bodily and literally into the realm of spirits.

Manifestation: Pangloss appears as an elderly man, wracked with sores and lashed by chains to the circle. Despite this, he appears to be content with his fate, for he never utters a word of complaint about the injuries or chains.

Sign: Those bound to Pangloss can never make a statement of less than 10 words.

Influence: Pangloss makes those bound to him see the best aspect of every situation, this renders many unable to properly read people (-10 to sense motive checks) or react to situations on a failed will save (DC 20, cannot be aided by bonuses from Pangloss), the character cannot act in a way that opposes the current flow of events for the turn, because clearly things are working for the best.

Granted Powers: Pangloss grants his binders the understanding that the world is essentially perfect, and a selection of abilities to compliment that worldview.

Universal Speech: Being of all tongues, Pangloss allows those bound to him to speak all languages which rely on spoken words.

Panglossian Paradigm: This being the best of all possible worlds, those bound to Pangloss are shielded from the worst the world has to offer. The binder gains a +2 bonus to all saves, and does not automatically fail saves on a 1. In addition the binder may choose to re-roll any role once per day although they must the second roll. For every 4 levels above 12th, the Binder may use the re-roll an additional time.

Everything has a Purpose: In addition to the protection of the boundless optimist, Pangloss allows those bound to him to determine the purpose of events or objects. On a successful EBL check (DC 22) the Binder may use Identify, although a failed check will lead to a false identification. A roll of 1 or 2 always fails.

Metaphysico-Theologico-Cosmology: The binder may choose a knowledge skill, and gain a +6 bonus in it, which allows the knowledge to be used untrained. The binder may also make any other knowledge check untrained, but a failure means that the information learned is horribly wrong.

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Level 5

Binding DC: 24

Legend: Alinys and Gracediana were both best friends who lived together in a human settlement, and they always were amazed by magic. They could discuss for hour about spells, the origins of these powers, components and formulas. Unfortunately, their village strictly forbid magic, as the villagers were actually survivors of a mad wizard attack years ago; their souls were hardened by such a hatred.

One day, a group of adventurers passed by their village for a halt. Two of them were mages, a follower of flame and another of the earth, but as soon as they showed their spells, they were expelled at pitchfork points and thrown rocks. Yet in their escape, each of them dropped a book. Alinys and Gracediana witnessed the entire scene, and they stole the books before the rest of the village noticed the items.

Back at their home, they cracked the books open and perused through them, with both amazement and fear. They knew they had broken the rule. Alinys and Gracediana made a pact: to learn the books’ magic under everyone’s noses. During 5 years they read, practiced and mastered these forbidden arts. Alinys learned to be a red mage, as her book was filled with diagrams on the motions and secrets of flame; Gracediana took the path of the healer, as her chosen tome was filled with instructions on the healer's art and the complex restorative powers of the earth.

They left their home village for 5 long years in order to pursuit their work. Regardless of their chosen paths, both girls remained close to each others, and many had notice this forged friendship of theirs. Their return was quite acclaimed and celebrated by the villagers, as they missed their company, yet one villager remained skeptical: the settlement mayor’s son.

On one night, the boy went to the girls’ home and peeked through the basement’s windows. To his surprise, he found the girls drawing signs and reciting arcane formulas, along with some foreign spell components. The next night, the mayor’s son brought his friends to witness the truth. They blocked every door with debris and threw through the windows blazing torches and barrels. The girls’ house burned up in smoke in minutes, and the criminals fled the scenes before the rest of the villagers came to investigate to put out the brazier.

Alinys and Gracediana were trapped inside the inferno and unfortunately, none of their powers could help them. In their last moments, they locked themselves in each other’s arms and recited a special incantation before losing consciousness and falling on the floor, lifeless.

What remained of the house were ashes and charred wood beams, with no sign of Alinys and Gracediana. The villagers found also bits of scrolls and books. As he discovered the truth with its comrades, the mayor was shocked by the infraction the girls made, but shed tears as he didn’t want this to happen. A proper funeral was made in their memories, and the magic restriction was lifted and the mayor even encouraged the villagers to follow the path of the mage, in their honor.

Alinys and Gracediana were reborn as a single spirit, as their friendship continued to shine.

Manifestation: As you finish to draw the sign, fire erupts from the markings. Suddenly, a large black and white flame bursts and flickers from the center. Slowly, the flame wears down and reveals two comely human women, embraced in each other arms, eyes closed and facing each other. Alinys appears as a maiden with long dark brown hairs and dark azure eyes. She wears a tight black shirt, a knee-high skirt, a flowing cloak and half-calf leather boots. Gracediana appears as a lady with shoulder-length blond hairs and deep emerald-colored eyes. She’s dressed with a white robe, a surcoat tied with a silk rope belt and white leather boots. They turn their heads toward you and gently ask your commands. They speak with a soft voice, and they take turn telling you what you need.

Sign: Your eyes change colors. The sclera of one of your eye turns clear white and the pupil becomes pitch black, while the sclera of your other eye turns jet black and the pupil becomes pure white. Your vision, as well as darkvision and low-light vision, is unaltered.

Influence: Under the girls’ influence, you share a strong curiosity for magic. You peek into spellbooks, scrolls, alchemy labs, as well as magic items. You also feel a kinship for spellcasters; you do everything to protect them, and you retain yourself from hurting one. In combat, you must always attack a non-spellcasting opponent before attacking a spellcasting one.

Granted Powers: The girls grant their binders a portion of both their talents of magic.

Ray of Healing: The binder can shoot a black or white ray at any target within 60 feet as a ranged touch attack. The black ray deals negative energy damage and the white ray deals positive energy damage, and both rays deal 1d8 points of damage per 2 binder levels. Negative energy heals undead creatures and hurts living creatures, while positive energy heals living creatures and hurts undead creatures. The binder chooses which ray to use, and must wait 5 rounds until he can shoot again.

Knowledge of Witchcraft: You gain a special bonus to Heal, Knowledge (arcana), Knowledge (religion) and Spellcraft checks equal to half your binder level.

Hurt to Heal: The binder can be healed by negative energy in response of a spell or similar effect, like a undead creature. He may activate this ability as an immediate action, but must wait 5 rounds until he can do so again.

Share the Pain: The binder may physically or spiritually interpose himself between an ally and a source of danger. As an immediate action, he may choose to take half the damage received for an allied creature. Once per day, he may choose to take full damage, thus negating an ally’s damage.

Sami, Father of the Spirit Island

Level: 5

Binding DC: 24

Legend: Sami ruled an island nation that was famous for the spirits that dwelt among its people. His subjects referred to him as "father" or "Papa-Doc" in their native language. Sami wielded great power, both temporal and spiritual. He reigned longer than a normal man could live, thanks to his command of magic.

Sami protected his nation from its more powerful neighbors. He entered alliances with foreign kings and played his enemies against each other. He made himself rich this way. His people did not benefit from his wealth or from his power.

Ultimately the spirits abandoned Sami and he died. Some say he tried to live on through his young son. But the son never displayed any of the power that his father commanded. This lead many to believe that Baron Sami had failed in his attempt to pass his soul into his son. They say that is why he is now a vestige.

Special Requirements: The binder must pour a pint of alcohol or place burning tobacco onto Sami's seal.

Manifestation: Sami appears as a finely dressed man with dark skin and white hair. Drums play in the background as he appears. When Sami speaks smoke comes from his mouth.

Sign: Smoke issues from the binder's nose and mouth at all times, as if he is smoking a cigar. The smell of the smoke remains in an area for one hour after he leaves it. Creatures with the scent ability gain a +8 bonus to track the binder if they know of the connection between the binder and the smell.

Influence: Sami's cunning makes the binder very secretive and self-protective. The binder is cannot volunteer information about himself and must evade direct questions or lie. In addition, the binder will not reveal the extent of his powers unless he has to.

Granted Abilities: Sami gives binders powers of necromancy and charms.

Animate Dead:The binder can cast Animate Dead once for every four effective binder levels. The undead last as long as Sami is bound. They crumble to dust afterward. The binder can do this once every five rounds. The binder must show Sami's sign to use this power.

Remember Nothing: The binder can cast the Forget spell at will.

Father Wills it: The binder can cast Suggestion, as the spell, once per five rounds.

Father Endures: Sami grants +2 to saving throws against necromancy and charm effects.

Papa's Displeasure: If the binder knows the name of the victim or has a possession from the victim he can cast Bestow Curse from one mile away. Blood, skin and hair count as possessions of the victim and impose a -1 penalty on the save. If The binder does not know the victim's name or have a possession he can only bestow a curse as a touch attack. This can be done once per five rounds. The binder must show Sami's sign to use this power.

Mirot, The Silted One

Level: 5

Binding DC: 25

Legend: Whoever Mirot was literally lost to the sands of time. What little knowledge that has survived did so in church manifests collected by priests, sages, and binders in the aftermath of the empire’s destruction. All that is written is the empire he willingly served was washed away in a rain of colorless fire and burned until all that remained was dust and ruined, seared stone. Mirot stayed to evacuate survivors as an oath to the pantheon of his empire. This ultimately was his undoing as one folly sealed the fate of his empire, his own impending folly would seal his fate in an intersecting fashion. What was obliterated to many sages and binders is Mirot attempted to undo the damage to some degree via a time-traveling hourglass. His abuse of the device lead to his failure as he and his temporal counterparts were torn asunder in a series of haphazard paradoxes. His patron, a god of time and tedium, allowed the ravages of time to dissolve his counterparts until his prime body, anchored to the hourglass, decayed into dust and was blown onto the wind. Now a vestige and a chronological anomaly with no past or present to call his own, Mirot is unable to rest until the last survivor of the once-cherished empire he served is rescued.

Special Requirements: The seal must be drawn or traced on surface covered in ash, dust, or sand. A minor magical device, a historical relic, or a book of ancient lore must be placed in the center of the seal. This item ignites in an invisible flame and crumbles into dust. From this dust, Mirot raise and face the binder. Mirot will not answer a summons if the binder fails to place such an object in the seal.

Manifestation: A middle-aged wizard composed of ash and dust but draped in rich robes and clothing of status and power rises from the seal. Cracking flames, soft cries of anguish and persistent rhythmic ticking can be heard around the manifestation from any possible angle or position. The manifestation will say and nods if expecting the binder to agree with him; “There are many more to be saved.”

Sign: Loose sand falls from your body while bound to this vestige. Your throat is constantly parched and you drink water at double the quantity (water, tea, alcohol, etc.) frequently.

Influence: If there comes a time to search for or salvage something of historical value, lost artifacts, discarded lore, etc., then that action must be taken first. If survivors of a devastation or catastrophe can be rescued, then that action will be taken first and all healing magics will be provided to them first before all other tasks including the health and welfare of the binder.

Granted Abilities: Mirot can the binder arcane knowledge and ancient lore as well as the ability to damage his enemies with the heat of the desert or transform himself into a creature of sand.

Arcane Spells: The binder gains some of the arcane power Mirot acquired in the last months of his existence via the spell mastery feat. Without the need for spellbook, the binder can read magic for the duration of the pact, cast locate water four times per day, levitation three times per day, and shrink item twice per day, and Leomund’s Secure Shelter once per day. This cluster of arcane spells works at binder’s current experience level and uses his charisma modifier to determine spell duration, effect, overcoming spell resistance and saving throws.

Body of Dust and Sand: While bound to Mirot, the binder becomes a dustform creature. See Sandstorm, pg. 161.

Knowledge of the Forgotten Sands: Mirot knows the secrets and lore of many lost empires. While bound to this vestige, the binder gains a +6 circumstance bonus to any Knowledge skill and a +5 insight bonus to his Survival skill.

Mirot’s Parched Touch: The binder gains the Desiccating Touch ability as if he were a Walker of Wastes of the same level. Information on the Walker of the Wastes can be found in Sandstorm, Pg. 90.

The Searing Devastation: If bound to a wizard or sorcerer, then those particular classes gain access to the searing feat as per Sandstorm, Pg. 53, and any spell you cast carries the fire descriptor. This meta-magic feat requires the additional spell to work. If the binder is neither and wizard or sorcerer, then any weapon or magical item that inflicts damage is consider magical for the purpose of overcoming damage resistance and caries the fire descriptor for as long as the binder has it in his grasp.

Faint, the Thief of Knowledge

Level: 5

Bind DC: 35

Legend: Faint, as the few tomes which mention him put it, was a masterful thief in some long-distant time, who honed his skill to where the theft of mere items was too simple a task for him. He pushed on into the realm of thieving directly from the minds and souls of those he preyed upon, first becoming a thief of spells, and then on to steal thoughts, memories, emotions, and dreams. So fantastic was his ability that he began to grow complacent and cocky, strolling straight into the places he sought to steal from, plucking the memory of his passing from any guards who saw him. It was this very cockiness that was his undoing, as one day he sought to steal from a wizard whose skill with constructs was a marvel; Faint failed to take into account that a construct has no mind to steal from, and so the masterful thief found himself hunted through the wizard's tower by creatures from whom he could neither hide not escape. It was also the moment of his ultimate theft, as when the rogue was cornered by the constructs, in an attempt to escape and preserve his life, he stole all knowledge of himself from the world, and in so doing stole himself from existence; in the space between heartbeats, he consigned himself to the empty realm where vestiges dwell.

Special Requirements: Faint will not answer the call of any who have bound a construct-like vestige.

Manifestation: A whirling storm of paper scraps, arcane energy, and psionic energy arises from the seal, dissipating after several seconds to reveal a tall, thin humanoid figure covered from head to toe in shadowy grey. No skin is visible, only a pair of glimmering green eyes that seem to sparkle with a lust for knowledge. Faint's voice is never heard, with any words he speaks manifesting directly as memories of having heard the Vestige.

Sign: Faint's mark upon the binder takes the form of a pair of gloves of solid shadowstuff that layer over the binder's hands, gloves, or gauntlets.

Influence: Faint is envious of secrets held by others, and drives those who bind him to try to unearth secrets held by others, while guarding their own.

Granted Abilities: Faint grants his binders some of the immense skill of subtlety and magic of the mind thief himself.

Theft of Thought: The binder gains the use of the Psionic Dominate power; for every four effective binder levels, the binder gains the use of an additional two psionic power points to invest in the power; this may not be used to affect multiple targets, but is otherwise identical to the psionic power. Once the use of this ability ends, it may not be used for another five rounds.

Spelltheft: When a spell is being cast within 30' of the binder, he may choose to make a Spellcraft check as if identifying the spell; if successful, the spell's energy is siphoned off and stored in the caster until the next round, when he may choose a new target for it; if the spell is not recast, the energy dissipates harmlessly. This ability is usable only once every five rounds.

Out of Sight, Out of Mind: When attempting to hide from hostile creatures, the binder may attempt a Bluff check instead of a Hide check, opposed by the Sense Motive of the opponent. If successful, he steals all awareness of his presence from his victim's mind. This ability is only usable once every five rounds, and is a mind-affecting ability.

Rogue Scholar: The binder is able to make Knowledge checks as if trained, gaining a bonus to the check equal to one-half their binder level, rounded up.

Ithaqua, the Wind Walker

Level: 5

Binding DC: 27

Legend: Said to have come to the frozen north along winds that travelled between the stars and earth, Ithaqua is a terrible hunter of all things living. When it walked the snows, sacrifices were laid out in hopes that it would take them and leave the hunters alone. Such was not always the case, and finally a circle of brave shaman and spirit-touched men went forth to banish the Wind Walker. It is unknown what happened, the people of the north say Ithaqua was sent along a wind back to the stars, at the cost of all the lives of those who went to stop him. Binders whisper that he was banished, but as the aetheric currents move, Ithaqua will become stronger, claiming those foolish enough to call on him as his new body.

Special Requirement: Ithaqua's circle must be drawn in the blood of a freshly killed mammal.

Manifestation: A horrifying giant with a roughly human shape and glowing red eyes, his hands dripping blood. Around him the blizzard winds blow, waiting to be released.

Sign: Those binding Ithaqua have their eyes glow an unholy red, and their hands and teeth are stained lightly red, as if with blood.

Influence: Bound to Ithaqua, a binder must kill at least one sentient being per day.

Granted Abilities: Ithaqua grants his binders the ferocity of a hungry predator and control over the arctic wind to which he is bound.

Hunter of the North: The binder gains the trackless step feature, which applies in natural settings, or anywhere where snow covers the ground.

Wind-Walker: Those bound to the Wind-Walker may Air Walk, as the spell, at will.

Bloody Hands, Bloody Mouth: Ithaqua grants his binders claws to rend their enemies, which do 1d10 damage per strike and qualify as magical and evil for the purposes of overcoming damage reduction. As a bite attack, the binder may deal 1d8 damage, this attack suffers no penalties in a grapple. You cannot use this ability if you do not show Ithaqua's sign.

Wind of Boreal: As a standard action, a Binder may summon freezing winds against their enemies. This wind deals 1d6 cold damage per 3 effective binder levels, a reflex save halving the damage. This has a range of 50 feet + 5 feet per effective binder lvel Additionally, a fortitude save must be made, or the target suffers a -2 penalty to attacks, AC, and skill checks due to cold. Spells or equipment which aid resisting the cold aid against this effect, or negate it, depending on the spell, creatures with cold immunity take no penalty, while those with cold resistance gain a +4 circumstance bonus.

Wymitanuk, The Beast in the Wind


Binding DC: 26

Legend: Centuries ago, a small village whose name is now lost to history sat on the fringes of a forest that no person dared enter for fear of the ancient spirits of hunger and madness, the wendigo. During one long winter, a famine set in, drawing the creatures closer and closer. When it looked as though they would be faced with being annihilated by these vile hordes a champion, Wymitanuk, from within the people arose and pushed back the creatures to their resting place, and without question took up the mantle of protector of this village. For years he protected the people of this small community until one day he fell victim to a winter madness from which the people knew there was no recovering. He slowly transformed into one of the horrible beasts he had given his life to fighting and soon began to stalk the townsfolk, hunting those he swore to protect. With their strongest enemy evidently gone the wendigo began to amass and after some time swarmed the village in a bloody fury. When they thought all was lost Wymitanuk, long since turned into one of the horrible creatures, appeared in the path of the horde and began to fight back, ignoring his enemies superior numbers and his ultimate futility. In the last moment the before he fell, the former hero exploded into waves of energy, killing the monsters attacking his people. As the people searched for his body among the dead monsters they were curiously unable to find it. It is said that even now he watches over them from the stars, protecting them from the horrors of the forest.

Manifestation: You hear a variety of whispers, male and female, old and young which build up in a crescendo, then stop as soon as they began. A form darts past the interior of the seal, too fast to be recognized but eventually settles into view. A man, about 6 feet tall, hovers a half foot off the ground, where his feet would be are now charred husks. The man's features are more primal, and are vaguely animalistic. As he moves his form blurs and distorts and its voices is disembodied . As the pact comes to a close the form starts wheezing and rays of light shine from cracks on its body, which explodes when the pact is finalized.

Sign: When you move more then 10 feet in a round you trail a fine white mist, not unlike fog or the mist that flows off of sublimating dry ice.

Influence: You become quite and observe and almost predatory. You prefer to hide in the shadows and sneak around rather then overt confrontation.

Granted Abilities: All these abilities granted let you confuse and disorientate your opponents, like the tactics of the wendigo.

Wilderness Adaptability:
-You gain resistance 10 cold
-You are not required to make Fort saves for forced march
-You receive a +2 to survival checks.

Wind Whisper: You may add your binder level to all Hide and Move Silently checks. The wind stirs and covers the sound of your movement and the shadows obscure your form.

Corner of the Eye:
-When you are stalking, tracking or otherwise following an opponent while concealed they take a -2 penalty to all Wis based skills and checks as they succumb to paranoia.
-You mat also cast Ventriloquism 5/day.

Wind Walker: As a move action that does not provoke attacks of opportunity you become wispy and foglike, gaining the incorporeal subtype, a deflection bonus to AC equal to your Cha modifier and an incorporeal touch attack that deals 1d3 Wis damage. While useable at will you can only remain in this state for a number of rounds equal to 1/4 your binder level, at which point you become corporeal and are unable to use this ability again for ten minutes. At lvl 13 you can change as a swift action. You must wait 5 rounds to change back into the incorporeal state after you leave it.

Surge of Redemption: As the champion overcame his dark side and saved the villagers, you too can make a final stand. Once per day you can create a burst of retributive energy that damages all enemies in a 60 feet burst centered on you as a standard action. This attack deals 1d4 damage per binder level to all creatures in the area, if you are at half health it deals 1d6 per binder level, if you are at one-quarter health it does 1d8, if at exactly 0 Hp you deal 1d10, if you have the diehard feat or similar ability and are thus in the negatives it deals 1d12. Regardless of your health before initiating this ability your health is set to -1 and you are immediately stabilized.

Level 6

Lorken, The Beshadowed Lord

Level: 6

Binding DC: 25

Legend: Lorken was once an evil lord over a fief in Soleh, where he brutally tyrannized his peasants. He was on poor terms with the church, partially because he refused to pay them any taxes, and partially because he was a student of the dark and profane arts. He had but three knights serving under him, one of whom was Orion. After many years, Orion grew increasingly incensed against his lord's evil ways, and the cruelty with which he treated his daughter, who was also Orion's love, the lady Arynn. Together the lead a revolt that slew the two other knights, who had been seduced by their masters promises of power, and fought Lorken himself. Orion finally ran the dark lord through on his sword, but was gravely injured. Arynn nursed him back to health, at which time he was selected by the King-Archbishop to succeed Lorken as lord of the fief.

Special Requirements: Lorken will not answer to a good binder nor will he answer to a binder who has hosted Orion, or Arynn or in the last 24 hours.

Manifestation: Lorken appears as a black-haired, harshly featured man in black-enameled chainmail, or as a vicious black boar with red eyes.

Sign: Your chest has a short scar that extends along the line between two ribs on the left side. Your back has an identical scar, as if you had been run through with a sword.

Influence: Ganon is a ruthless tyrant and expect tactician. You take your time to plan an exploration, rescue or siege. You also tend to snarl when around young couples.

Granted Powers: Ganon spent his life studying the dark arts, and grants his binders his talents.

Dark Magic: You gain the warlock’s eldritch blast, except the damage is equal to 1d6 points of damage per 3 binder levels. You do not gain any invocations, blast shape or otherwise.

Dark Channeling: You can as a swift action, once every 5 rounds, channel your eldritch blast into a melee weapon, and the next successful attack with this weapon deals both the weapon damage and the eldritch blast damage against the recipient of the attack.

Shape of Darkness: You can assume the form of a fiendish dire boar as a standard action once per day per 4 binder levels, as the shapechange spell, with an effective caster level equal to your binder level.

Dark Prowess: You can a +2 enhancement bonus to Strength and Constitution. These bonuses are also applied to the Shape of Darkness.

Gilgamesh, the Tyrant

Level: 6th

Binding DC: 26

Special Requirement: Yes

Legend: Gilgamesh was once a great and fearsome king long, long ago, across the Endless Ocean from Patria. He was renowned for his wrestling skill and his bravery, which he used to enforce his rule. He was known to be a child and servant of the Old Gods, and fought bravely against the many foes that challenged his city.

Special Requirement: Gilgamesh is only willing to bind himself to someone that can rule with force and demand obedience from others as he once did in his life. Anyone wishing to bind Gilgamesh must have at least 5 ranks in Intimidate.

Manifestation: At first he appears as a tall, handsome, very muscular man with long, golden hair and a full, golden, ringleted beard. He wears kingly robes, a bronze skirt that covers his lower torso and his upper legs. On occasion he is known to appear with a wild beast choking in his grip.

Sign: The binder's height and weight both appear to increase by 20%, though this does not increase the binder's strength nor does it change his size category. In all instances, it simply appears to others that the binder is a mere larger version of himself than before.

Influence: As a vestige, Gilgamesh's nature has not changed since his death except for the fact that he is more furious and tyrannical than ever before, as if that wasn't already possible. Gilgamesh's influence on the binder is his domineering will and chance to feel the power he once had. He refuses to listen to the commands of another and refuses negotiating and pointless subtlety. If the binder uses a Bluff or Diplomacy check for the purpose of social interactions or negotiations, the binder suffers the penalty that vestiges bring on the binder. Only the use of the Intimidate skill satisfies Gilgamesh's desires.

Granted Abilities: While bound to Gilgamesh, you gain the powers his worshipers knew and hated him for.

Gilgamesh's Strength: As once a champion of strength and athletic prowess, you gain a +4 bonus to Strength.

Gilgamesh's Wrath: Gilgamesh was known to show his displeasure in the form of lightning strikes. You can deliver a set of lightning strokes once per round as a standard action against foes within 10 feet per effective binder level. The lightning bolt deals 1d6 points of damage (or 1d10 in a stormy area) per three effective binder levels. You can conjure one bolt at a time, plus one bolt per 5 effective binder levels. No more than one bolt can strike an opponent each round. Once you have used Gilgamesh's Wrath, you cannot do so again for 5 rounds.

Overbearing Might: Due to his tyrannical and iron-fisted rulings, you receive a boost to your Intimidate checks as a competence bonus equal to your effective binder level.

Supreme Wrestler: Wrestling was a martial art that Gilgamesh had mastered. You gain the Improved Grapple feat and you are considered one size category larger for the purpose of grappling (for a total modifier of 8+BAB+STR). Also, your unarmed strikes deal lethal damage as if you are one size category larger.

Tyrannical Might: This ability functions like the Greater Command spell. Your caster level is equal to your effective binder level and the save DC is Charisma-based. Once you have used Tyrannical Might, you cannot do so again for 5 rounds.

Ourar, Mother Ocean

Level: 6

Binding DC: 27

Legend: Ourar is, was and always will be the spirit of the immeasurable mother ocean.

Special Requirement: Ourar's binder cannot stand on solid ground when calling her.

Manifestation: Ourar appears as a motherly woman, whose eyes reflect the depths of the sea. The smell of salt water follows her when she appears, and the ground around her is transmuted into the bottomless depths.

Sign: The binder's eyes gain an unnatural depth to them, those looking at the binder's eyes may see the depths of the sea.

Influence: Those under Ourar's influence become the mother to the world. When treated with respect they must behave, if mistreated a binder must take revenge on those who were disrespectful of the seas.

Granted Abilities: Ourar grants her children the caress of the waves, and the force of the crushing depths.

Breath of Water: The binder gains the benefits of the Water Breathing spell at will.

Body of Water: Becoming as endless as the ocean, a binder becomes nearly immune to slashing or bludgeoning damage. They are treated as if underwater when attacked with such weapons, giving attackers a -2 to their attack rolls, and halving all damage. Any effect which allows a person to function normally under water negate this power.

Sea's Embrace: Still a mother, Ourar holds bounty for all. When near a body of water, the binder may summon food and purify water enough to feed a number of people equal to half their binder level. If there is no water, a binder may create water as the spell, although no food will appear. This power may only be used three times a day.

Crushing Depths: It takes a great deal to anger the ocean, but when pressed, the seas crush those who think to master them. The binder may target up to one creature per turn with the pressure of the seafloor as a standard action. A target with any water in their body (some non-biological constructs and elementals, such as air, stone and fire, are immune) takes 1d6 damage per 2 effective binder levels, half with a successful fortitude save. Aquatic or water subtypes, or targets in the water, take 1d10 per two effective binder levels damage. Once used, this ability may not be used again for 5 rounds.

Gio, The Gambler

Level: 6

Binding DC: 20

Legend: Gio was once a canny professional gambler, the son of a noble of Marcelena. He spent his life making money, losing money, swaggering in and running away. After his death at the hands of a debtor, he did not cease to play his games.

Special Requirement: Either a die or a playing card must be flipped into the middle of the seal.

Manifestation: Before the die or card touches the seal, Gio appears and picks it up. He tosses the die between hands or examines the sides of the card before addressing the binder.

Sign: Your hair (if you have any) becomes bleached blonde. You have a strong tendency to participate in games of chance.

Influence: You become obsessed with gambling, and always participate in games of chance. Also, if you have the Pact Augmentation ability, you must choose the luck bonus on saving throws.

Granted Abilities: Gio gives the binder power of luck, chance, and time.

Granted Weapon: As a swift action, you may create a single +1 Keen Shuriken. You are considered to be proficient in its use, but only with those that you create. The shuriken disappears at the beginning of your next turn.

Lucky: At the beginning of your turn you may designate a luck bonus on any one of the following: Attack rolls, damage rolls, skill checks, caster level checks, or saving throws. This bonus lasts until the beginning of your next turn. The bonus is equal to your Charisma modifier (minimum +1).

Rig the Game: Once every 5 rounds you may use either Haste or Slow as a spell-like ability. Caster level is equal to your binder level and the save DC is charisma-based.

Incurable Charm: As a charming rascal, Gio allows his binders to cast Dominate Person once every five rounds.

Cheat: While bound to Gio, you may reroll a number of d20's per day equal to your Charisma modifier, before learning whether the result was a success of failure.

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Level 7

Ta-Iago, The Unyielding Hunter

Level: 7th.

Binding DC: 29

Legend: Legend remembers Ta-Iago as a brutal warrior and ferocious hunter. Born of a High Druidess and a fearsome War Chief, he was nigh unstoppable and was said to never give up on his prey regardless of the difficulties. He is remembered as a

Manifestation: The muscled, scarred form of this Urgal hunter leaps into the center of the seal with a hunter's gleam in his eyes. He carries a weapon that varies from pact to pact. Sometimes it is a spear, other times an axe, other times a bow. However, the weapon is always worn and blackened with dried blood.

Sign: When a binder makes a pact with the Unyielding his skin grows small lithoderms, or large calluses. Though this causes him no discomfort or ill effect he is disconcerting to look upon.

Influence: When under the influence of Ta-Iago you become obsessive about your goals. You must never give up on a chase or relent to an opponent. Surrender isn’t even an option no matter the odds or obvious suicidal nature of the situation.

Granted Abilities: Ta-Iago grants you incredible resistance to pain and fatigue while giving you the ability to hunt your prey anywhere they might go.

Juggernaut: You are immune to non-lethal damage and any effects that cause or manipulate pain. In addition you never become fatigued or exhausted and do not need not eat or drink.

Nowhere to Run: As a standard action you may use Discern Location as the spell. Once used you must wait five rounds before this power can be used again.

Marked for Death: You may, as a free action, choose any target you can see. Until this target is dead or disabled you do an additional 2d6 damage to them with all melee or ranged attacks. You may not choose another target until this one is dead or disabled or you are no longer bound to Ta-Iago.

No Surrender: When fighting an opponent of greater HD then yourself you gain a +4 moral bonus to your Strength and become immune to fear effects.

Peerless Hunter: You gain a +10 competence bonus on survival checks.

Attis, the Undying Defender Going to tie Attis and Cybele together story-wise. Not sure how, yet.

Level: 7

Binding DC: 30

Special Requirement: You must create Attis's seal using the blade of a dagger.

Manifestation: the moment you finish creating the seal, a dagger decorated with gold patterns emerge from the seal, followed by straps of white cloth. These straps start gathering together and take on a humanoid form. From within the wrappings and holding his dagger, his golden eyes looking righteously at you, Attis introduces himself and asks for your name.

Sign: The skin in your hands appears to have tattoos that resemble a cloth wrapping on each hand.

Influence: Under Attis's influence, you are compelled to protect any friend or innocent person being attacked

Granted Abilities:

Overcome Death: whenever you are reduced to below -1 hit points, if you succeed on a Fortitude save (DC equals half the damage taken + 5) you automatically stabilize and you heal a number of hit points equal to twice your EBL. This ability's maximum usage is once every 5 rounds.

Unshaken Determination: you gain +4 bonus to saves against energy drain, magical death effects, death spells and negative energy effects.

Willing Sacrifice: each round as an immediate action, whenever an ally within 30 feet is about to be damaged by an opponent's attack or spell, you can instead take half of that damage to yourself to halve the damage dealt to that ally.

Eternal Devotion: if you are bonded to Cybele, you gain a +3 bonus to attack and damage rolls and, once every 5 rounds you can use this ability to gain DR X/- (where X equals your EBL) against all attacks made against you until the start of your next round as an immediate action (this damage reduction stacks with the one granted by your pact augmentation ability).

Cybele, Nature's Maiden

Level: 7

Binding DC: 30

Special Requirement: You must place two tree branches on Cybele's seal.

Manifestation: As the seal is finished, the branches vanish as if absorbed by the seal. They then appear to rapidly grow from the center of the seal, forming a sheltered central area. As they rise, a body starts appearing within the branches. It soon manifests as a woman's body, with tanned skin, with deep, golden eyes, and smooth black hair. She is holding larger versions of the branches offered up during the ritual. With a kind and calm face, she introduces herself as Cybele.

Sign: Your arms appear to be tattooed with a pattern of vines and flowers.

Influence: Under Cybele's influence, you fear being alone. As such, you want to be with someone as much as possible, no matter what.

Granted Abilities: Cybele grants her binders the affection of the wilds, and the ability to defend oneself from ones foes.

Wild Empathy: You gain the benefits of the Wild Empathy class feature (your Druid level equals your EBL).

Nature's Wrath: This ability mimics either an Entangle spell or a Wall of Thorns spell. Your caster level equals your EBL. Once this ability is used, it cannot be used again in the next 5 rounds.

Call of the Wild: You can cast Summon Natures Ally, of the appropriate level, as a Druid of you binder levels. This ability can be used once every ten rounds.

Eternal Bond: if you are bonded to Attis, you gain fast healing 4 and once every 5 rounds you can use this ability to gain spell resistance equal to twice your EBL until the start of your next round as an immediate action(the fast healing granted by this ability stacks with the one granted by Buer's fast healing ability).

Cinder, Spirit of Fire

Level: 7

Binding DC: 29

Legend: The phoenix has fascinated many scholars for its ability to revive when it dies. According to some legends, the phoenix sacrifices itself in a massive ball of fire, only to be reborn fully healed a few seconds after. Other legends state that a new phoenix emerges from the ashes of the dying one to replace it. However, it is unknown how the soul of the phoenix is reborn. Is it the same soul that remains in the same place and reintegrate its body at the rebirth, or is it a new soul each time?

Special Requirements: As a spirit of good and fire, Cinder will not response to a binder with the cold subtype, an evil binder or a binder with the evil subtype. Furthermore, the sign must be drawn using twigs, branches, oil and other flammable materials, which you then set fire when you are ready to make the pact.

Manifestation: As the sign begins to burn, the flame makes a charred sign on the ground. The fire then reshapes itself, dislocating from the materials, into a bright ball about 5 feet in diameter. A pair of wings then unfolds from the ball and that same ball reshapes into a hawk made out of fire. Cinder fixes the binder with its deep blue eyes and asks calmly its biddings.

Sign: You exude a palpable, yet harmless, heat.

Influence: As an avatar of good and fire, you seek to punish any evildoers with fire, whether it is by hitting an opponent with a torch or by incinerating enemies’ corpses at the end of an encounter.

Granted Powers:

Wings of the Phoenix: As a standard action, you may transform your arms into crimson-feathered wings. You gain a fly speed of 60 ft (good) (or 40 ft (good) in you are wearing medium or heavy armor or carrying more than a medium load). Any items worn on your hands or arms meld into the wings, becoming non-functional. You may make a wing buffet as a standard action while you are not flying, or two as a full-round action, each dealing 2d6 points of fire damage plus your Strength modifier. Should the wings be extinguished by water, a quench spell or winds of hurricane force or greater, dispelled by an antimagic field or dismissed by you as a free action while flying, you descend in the air as the feather fall spell for 1d6 rounds. If you have not landed after this time, you fall normally and take appropriate falling damage. Once the wings have been dismissed, you may not summon them for 5 rounds.

Talon Fire: As a swift action, you may sheathe your weapons in fire. You deal an extra 1d6 points of fire damage, as per the flaming enhancement. Thrown weapons become normal 1 round after leaving your hands, and any bow, crossbow or sling you wield imbue its ammunition with this ability. At 18th level, your weapons become enhanced with the flaming burst enhancement. If your binder levels become 21 or higher, your weapons become enhanced with the flaming blast enhancement. In all cases, this damage cannot by applied to the wings.

Phoenix Fire: As a standard action, you can immolate yourself and burn everything within a 15-foot radius, centered on you. The blast deals 2d6 points of damage per binder level to every evil creature. Neutral creatures take only 1d6 points of damage per binder level, while good creatures do not take any damage. You die in the explosion, with no saving throw or resistance, while a Reflex save halves the damage for other creatures. Half of the damage is fire and the other half is divine power which is not reduced by resistance or immunity. After 10 minutes, you reappear at the exact same spot you die, as the true resurrection spell.

Karr, Clarion Commander

Level: 7th

Binding DC: 30

Special Requirement: A binder who summons Karr must...?

Legend: Need one that isn't Faerun-specific.

Manifestation: Karr's sword slowly fades into sight within the seal, followed by a burst of light. When the light fades, Karr is standing behind his sword, his hands resting on the hilt. He greets the binder and lectures them on proper tactics throughout the binding process.

Sign: A glowing white sigil that looks vaguely like a raven hovers slightly in front of your chest, as if you were wearing a tabard with the image on it.

Influence: You become extremely protective of those under your command. If one of your allies is knocked to negative HP, you must immediately attempt to stabilize them, if they are not already stable.

Granted Abilities: Karr grants you the mastery of the White Raven discipline that he possessed in life.

Tactical Genius: You gain the use of the tactical options provided by the Clarion Commander feat.

Supreme Commander: Choose one or more maneuvers of the White Raven discipline with a total level no greater than 8, you may use each such maneuver once per 5 rounds. At 17th level, the limit on maneuver level total increases to 9. Your initiator level for these maneuvers is equal to your EBL.

Proper Technique: You gain access to one stance from the White Raven discipline that a Warblade of a level equal to your (EBL - 4) could access (ignoring requirements such as a certain number of White Raven maneuvers known).

Prester-John, the Distant Savior

Level: 7

Binding DC: 30

Legend: Many nations spoke of Prester John, often by different names. He was depicted as a king of a distant land who guarded many powerful relics looked over the entire world with his enchanted mirror.

The legends held that Prester John would lead an army to relieve the righteous nations who were under siege by evil. Most scholars state that the fervent belief of so many people created the vestige of Prester John.

Manifestation: Prester John appears as a regal man of late years sitting on an ornate throne. He is dressed in kingly regalia. A large mirror stands near him.

Prester -John speaks in a booming voice that is clear to all nearby. He asks what the binder intends to do with the power he seeks. Prester-John demands that the binder state the names of his enemies whom he will use these powers against. The binder must speak loudly, clearly and honestly to bind this vestige.

Special Requirement: Prester John will not answer the call of a binder who is now bound to or has bound the following vestiges in the last 24 hours: Amon, Acererak, Geryon, The Sin-Eater or Tenebrous.

Sign: The binder's hair turns white and his voice takes on a booming quality. The binder cannot whisper.

Influence: The binder always makes his presence known. He cannot whisper and will not disguise himself. He will not lie about his identity or intentions so the binder cannot make bluff checks for these purposes. He can, however, exaggerate the position he is in or the forces he controls if that would serve to defeat an enemy.

Granted Abilities: Prester John gives binders the ability to strengthen his allies, protect sanctuaries and spy upon his enemies.

A Mirror on the World: The binder can cast Scry once per five rounds. A mirror is necessary for this power.

Strike at Your Enemies: The binder can cast Spiritual Weapon at will.

Strength of Conviction: The binder can cast Heroism, once per five rounds.

Cornucopia: The binder can cast Heroes' Feast, once per day.

King's Redoubt: The binder can cast Forbiddance, once per day.

Cast Them Out: If the binder has the ability to turn undead or outsiders he gains a +3 insight bonus to those checks.

Blood of the Heavens: The binder is treated as having the Half-celestial template.

Ranet, the Ember of a Goddess

Level: 7

Binding DC: 29

Legend: Fire is cool? I need a legend for this lady.

Manifestation: Ranet‘s seal bursts into flame and heats the air around it greatly. A moment later the fire takes the shape of a woman. The goddess is a fair-skinned woman with flame-red hair that moves like tongues of fire. Her voice sounds like a roaring fire.

Ranet appears to sicken as she speaks to the binder and her skin becomes jaundiced. When the pact is concluded Ranet slumps down and the air around her cools. A moment later she disappears.

Special Requirement: The binder must place a flammable object in Ranet’s seal and set it alight. Ranet will not appear to a binder who has poison anywhere on his person.

Sign: The binder’s hair turns bright red and the air around him seems hot. His skin is hot to the touch.

Influence: The binder cannot use poison and will distrust anyone he sees using it.

Granted Abilities: Ranet gives binders a flickering of the power she once wielded.

Gift of Fire: The binder can cast Produce Flame at will.

Revoke the Gift: The binder can cast Quench once every five rounds.

Pain of Burning: The binder gains the ability to fashion a 15-foot-long whip of fire from unstable ectoplasm as a move-equivalent action. He takes no damage from a fire lash he creates, and if he releases his hold, it immediately dissipates. The lash deals 1d8 points of fire damage per three binder levels to a target on a successful ranged touch attack (max 5d8). The whip remains in existence as long as the binder holds it. .

Burn Your Enemies: Once every five rounds the binder can cast Fire Storm. Unlike the spell, the binder can designate objects or creatures that will not be harmed by the flames. One person or object per binder level can be left unharmed by this power. This power can be used once for every four effective binder levels.

Mistress of Flame: the binder gains access to the powers of the clerical Fire domain. He can turn or destroy water creatures as a good cleric turns undead. The binder can rebuke, command, or bolster fire creatures as an evil cleric rebukes undead. The binder can use these abilities a total number of times per day equal to 3 + his Charisma modifier.

Fear No Fire: The binder has a constant Protection From Energy (fire) spell in effect. At 14th level this protection can be extended to a 10-foot aura.

Ungaran, The Mountain with a Heart of Fire

Level: 7

Binding DC: 30

Legend: So he's a volcano. Cool Story Bro.

Special Requirement: Its seal must be made on soil or stone.

Manifestation: A small version of Ungaran erupts from the earth. A vaguely humanoid shape made of flames and magma, it's flaming eyes and maw burn brighter at the sight of the binder.

Sign: Your skin becomes darker and whenever you become angry your eyes become pyres of flame.

Influence: You will not accept the help of the gods, you do not willingly take healing from a divine source and if you are healed against your will become very hostile.

Granted Abilities: Ungaran grants the binder power to burn enemies, resistance to flames, and control the earth.

Lava Breath: You can breathe forth a torrent of magma in the shape of a 30ft cone from deep within once every 5 rounds. This breath does 1d6 damage/2 binder levels. Half of this damage is fire and the other half is divine and cannot be reduced. Those effected must also make reflex saves at dc 10+1/2 binder level+Cha mod or catch on fire, taking an additional 1d6 fire/divine damage every round for 1d4 rounds. The binder can choose who is affected inside the cone and can deem allies immune to the effects.

Fiery Aura: You can summon a fire that ignites your whole body but not your possessions as a standard action. This fire does 1d6 fire/divine damage to all who are adjacent to you at the end of your turn and anyone who hits you with natural attacks or close range weapons. They must also make reflex saves or catch on fire for 1d4 rounds. The binder can deem allies immune to this effect.

Fire Immunity: You gain immunity to fire damage and effects from high temperatures.

Ungaran Calls, The Earth Answers: Even a fragment of Ungaran's might can call the earth to protect him. You can use the utterences Shield of the Landscape and Transform the Landscape at will, though you do not need to make Truespeak rolls to use them, the earth simple follows your mental commands. Using Transform the Landscape takes a swift action while shield of the Landscape takes a standard action.

2011-12-17, 12:35 PM
Last one? Maybe?

2011-12-17, 12:52 PM
Nope. Chuck Testa. This is the last one.

2011-12-17, 01:18 PM
Holy crap. Okay, I will be looking into this very carefully, but my time is short at the moment. Just wanted to let you know that you've piqued my interest, and I very much am looking forward to looking through these.

2011-12-17, 03:58 PM
All of them are epic, but especially Hale. I like Hale a lot.

2011-12-18, 10:52 AM
Wyntonian> You. Win. At. Life.

2011-12-18, 01:17 PM
I love these. So much.

2011-12-19, 06:29 PM
Jus wondering, does anyone have any real feedback? I've determined that they're pretty decent, but I'd like some details.

2011-12-19, 09:44 PM
I've only gotten through the level one vestiges thus far, but they all appear pretty balanced. I really like a lot of the abilities, like Flowing Sleeves, Hidden Knife. I'll keep commenting as I read more.

2011-12-20, 12:24 AM
Okay, here comes some feedback.

Athelas: Solid. Though I probably would not use him (in favor of Alryn, Hanassa or perhaps Ranga), the abilities are useful and just right in terms of power for 1st level vestiges.

Alryn: Probably my favorite of your 1st level vestiges. I will say that at 1st and 2nd level, Will of Fire is extremely powerful, and should probably only be usable once every five rounds, otherwise you could drop low level foes with that alone in two or three rounds. At later levels, perhaps return it to the current version.

Lared: Perfect. I might also tack on something benefitting Move Silently though, if you are going ahead and giving Hide bonuses. Perhaps give a choice between the two?

Charn: An excellent vestige. I particularly like Masking the Trail.

Chinua: Another winner, though I might offer Scent at higher levels.

Hanassa: Flowing Sleeves, Hidden Knife is lovely, but Willow World is probably a touch too good for a 1st level vestige. I'd recommend making it X/day or 1/encounter.

Junlee: DR 2 at 1st level is rather a lot, as assuming a Dagger (1d4) attack from some Mook with, say, a +1 from Dex negates almost half of the damage (and that's on roll of 4). Still, not too unbalanced, and the other abilities are good.

Nemu: Sleep effects are win at early levels, but not too useful later on. A solid 1st level vestige.

Ranga: Here we come to the problematic vestige. Aura of Peace and Merciful Blow are really powerful. Being able to use Sanctuary alone is something. I'd try to tone this down a bit or raise Ranga's level.

2011-12-20, 08:15 AM
Oh, man, that thread. Vapula in that thread is one of the first homebrews I put online. Nostalgia!

2011-12-20, 11:30 AM
Yeah, there's some great work there. I generally don't associate the WotC forum with great homebrew, but this is pretty dang good.

2011-12-20, 11:53 AM
Incidentally, looking over the list you posted, a number of them are (like the bulk of the original vestiges) swiped from the 72 Demons Of Solomon (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_demons_in_the_Ars_Goetia). If you're reflavoring them, it would probably be wise to look into their their original lore. Vassago, Furtur and Vapar are all variations on goetic demons (Furtur and Vapar are known variations on Furfur and Vepar on the Wikipedia list).

2011-12-20, 12:20 PM
Well, these were all intended in their currently refluffed state for a world without any aligned planes, so use of demons as demons isn't really workable. There is a ton of inspiration there though, so thanks.

2011-12-20, 12:26 PM
Hm... somehow, this seems familiar...
I'll go through these as I have time.

2011-12-20, 07:04 PM
Well, these were all intended in their currently refluffed state for a world without any aligned planes, so use of demons as demons isn't really workable. There is a ton of inspiration there though, so thanks.

Well, they don't have to be baatezu or whatever - vestiges usually aren't. I'm thinking of the ones from Tome of Magic like Agares or Malphas whose backstory is built around explaining why they resemble these completely lunatic descriptions from demonology texts and have the associated attributes.

In a few cases, the people in the thread didn't really bother to do that beyond stealing the name and seal, so you end up with kind of boring vestiges that are unrelated to these wonderfully bizarre mythic beings they're named after. It seems like a waste, because these designs are just so amazingly weird (which is why a lot of video game designers like to borrow them). My point is if you're looking for inspiration to refluff vestiges, you can have much worse starting points than "so why did this guy become a man-deer with angel wings who has the power to create love and cause thunderstorms?"

(And obviously they don't literally have to have become such a chimera during their lives - in most cases of ToM vestiges it's just a reflection of aspects of their story and personality.)

2011-12-20, 07:15 PM
I've also noticed that a lot of those demon princes and whatever don't seem all that evil. Seriously, teaching people about medicine, liberal arts and agriculture? Turning water into wine? That's Messiah-level material right there.

2011-12-20, 07:23 PM
I've also noticed that a lot of those demon princes and whatever don't seem all that evil. Seriously, teaching people about medicine, liberal arts and agriculture? Turning water into wine? That's Messiah-level material right there.

The 72 Demons of Solomon are kind of a weird thing mythologically. Summoning them isn't considered black magic - the magic that allows them to be conjured and bound into service was supposedly developed by King Solomon as part of his defeating the demons and wild spirits of Israel and the surrounding lands. This part of his career was apocryphal but made for very popular stories, and is also supposed to be the same reason that djinn and efreet were sealed in bottles, lamps, rings and so on with magic that bound them into service.

Some stories say that the 72 Demons will try to tempt you into evil by offering you an easy path to do things - "you know, master, if I made you a master swordsman you could just kill your enemy" or "if you like, I could just enchant her to love you" or things like that. Even in those, though, summoning the Demons of Solomon isn't itself an act of black magic, and as long as you resist the temptation to commit sins with them there is no sin actually committed.