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2011-12-19, 11:36 AM
Well, as you probobly know this is a request for help for a friend of mine, I was a little split on what section to ask this in, but settled in homebrew design because thats the only way he'd ever be able to get help.

I am asking for help in beefing up my friend's Character is a very odd game of D&D, because he has been openly saying how useless he feels, and I know how much that sucks.

Well, starting with the problem is that he is extremely underpowered compared to the rest of us are just so overpowered. Dont ask me how even I dont understand all the scemantics about it, which is kind of sad, but I alone am able to dish out around 500 damage with good rolls in a round, while he on very lucky rolls can barely manage to push out around 50-100.

The reason for the insane damage is because of alot of homebrewing by our DM's part, and while I feel awsome dishing out that kind of damage, I feel bad that my friend is having to take a back seat all of the time.

I am asking here for some ideas to propose to my DM about what we can implement to help increase my friend's characters usefullness in combat.

There are guns in the realm most of which made by the DM, which I mainly use, while my friend never uses.

A basis to go off of, is that he is mainly a meele, mace weilding, wack and smasher with "psycher" abilities, something of my Dm's design, somethings to help him take obscene amount of damage would be helpfull, because he often feels afraid to actually go and attack because of the kind of damage our enemies tend to deal.

2011-12-19, 11:40 AM
There are so many unknowns here, that I don't think we can be of any help.

If the dm substantally altered the game, he's probably the only one who can find out what's wrong and how to solve it.

2011-12-19, 12:23 PM
Giving him access to something along the lines of Vigor (the psionic power), but better, might be a good idea to help his survivability. (If the enemies do high damage via a particular mechanic, maybe it can give immunity or at least resistance to that mechanic as well.)
As for damage...what are you using to do that much damage? Why can't he use the same thing?