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2011-12-19, 10:33 PM
There was nothing... a blank void where not even time existed. One of trillions of universes that remained untouched by the bringer of time and creation. This, was its time. As time dawned, the first second ticked into being. Explosions of color and light flung themselves to the far corners of this reality. The Creator had arrived, and brought with him creation. With something to hold onto, the many entities who dwelt within the void coalesced into beings of great power.

The Creator spoke, an unmistakable meaning from an unfathomable word. None could hope to comprehend the word, but all knew its meaning. "Create." it said, and that meaning reverberated through the void. The forming shapes felt themselves now, becoming the first of the gods. The raw stuff of creation burst into being, flowing throughout the void. some of it coalesced into a world below the void. A world for the newborn gods to shape.

2011-12-19, 10:49 PM
Ein forms from the void, glancing about at the mud ball beneath his feet as the first thing he viewed with his newborn eyes. What curious creation...but the void was so dark. There should be something to let others see...and with a flick of his hand a burning ball of fire came into being that illuminated the darkness but was oddly lacking...unbalanced. With another motion of his hand there came into being a pale silver disk that spun about the world with itís pale light casting in opposition to the massive golden orb that burned bright ever into the darkness. These creations filled the new born deity with glee, moving about on the world with fascination but finding even the very world he had viewed to be plain. There should be...something. Something for him to watch and look over. Something that wasnít flat and dull, for the spirit that raged inside him demanded there to be that which was made.

From where his feet touched the surface of the planet came a rushing of earth from the waves beneath, a massive island bursting forth from the surface of the planet. With another motion of his hand the island was filled with lush green trees that yearned for the touch of the sun that burned above, streams and waterfalls trickled down from the heights of the small mountain that dominated the majority of the island. He then breathed his own essence into the island, calling forth itís name from the void. The first land was made and all that was on it was deemed good. And in his image he created things to tend his forests and island, calling them The People and he deemed them good as well. Perhaps in time he would teach them more but for now he would leave them with the very essence of the Sun and the Moon and his very soul. He whispered the words of the land and the oceans and the sky and the trees, showing the very first People how to wield the raw power of the world and all that was within it. The people moved about the island that was made for them and for them to tend to, dressing in cloth and fibers of the tress. Their skin was tanned under the sun and in the light of the moon they hid in the trees from the dark. They wore masks of bark and colored their flesh in the woad of the plants to denote their power. Their mystics talked to the island or so they thought for the very start of Einís magic was young yet and the world was as well.

But they would learn in time what truly was part of what the world would call Shamanism, the essence of the World itself. It was divinded into four parts, the elements that made up the foundation of creation. Water, Wind, Fire and Earth were these elements and those who spoke with the words of Ein knew each as deeply as one knew a lover. Fire was the spirit of life and that which moved The People for they were beings of movement and vitality that no other creature on the planet had. Fire was the color of rich amber and its sign was the king fisher who ate the water and shunned the earth and grew strong in the air in flight. Water was the spirit of thought, deep and vast like the ever present oceans it was that which would always be. Water was the color of deep turqouise and its sign was the mighty turtle that moved beneath the waves and lived years beyond many other fragile things. Earth was the spirit of strength for nothing endured like the mountains and nothing was eternal unlike the first world that Ein had found. Earth was the color of bright ivory for the bones of animals were unto the bones of the world itself and its sign was the fox for who else but the sly beast dwelled beneath in homes within the bones of creation. Wind was the spirit of change for nothing could stop the winds, ever moving and ever present it was in all things and was needed for any living beast to live. Wind was the color of diamond, cloudy yet able to be seen through like the clouds in the sky and itís sign was the swallow for it moved about with no set home and never ceasing in its travels.

Each of these four elements had a name as well, for they were the words of Ein himself and to invoke even one would call forth their primal power. Fire was known as Kosh and was drawn as three claw marks in the bark of a willow tree. Water was known as Mir and was drawn as an eddy in the current of the rushing rivers. Earth was known as Rul and was drawn as a slab for who could encompass Earth in a simple picture? Air was know as Hei and was drawn as a cloud for it was all that could be seen of the elements. But there were other names and other spirits too, there was Fual the Tree Spirit and Waas the spirit of the Waterfall, the former drawn as three vertical lines and the latter as three horizontal for they were brother and sister. There was Duf the Mountain spirit who could not be tested, the chief of all the spirits and his sign was an open triangle. There was the spirit of The People, Ein and he was God to the spirits and his symbol was an empty circle for all life came from him. These names were used to sing the songs of The People and to communicate with the world they dwelled in though only the mystics knew the full phrases that would invoke their true power. They crafted powerful totems from the evergreen trees to tether the raging spirits of the world.

Create Land (Moon), Create Land (Sun), Create Concept 5: Shamnism, Alter Land (The First Island), Alter Land, Infuse The First Island, Create Race 1: The People. 15-2-2-1-1-3-5=0 AP

2011-12-19, 11:05 PM
Ixth formed out of the chaos, looking upon the universe. He accounted for every speck of creation to put into his plans. Taking a part out of him, he formed a plane out of the ether, a realm of dreams, and nightmares. It would be the realm of his first creations.

Weave Plane:The Realm of the Dream -2
A plane of extremes, its only consistency is the facts that others agree on. Contracts form the basis of the land, only the agreement between others provide context for this strange place. It can be accessed by any mortal that breaks folklore traditions(I.e. Breaking a mirror, and then walking through the frame).
Current AP:13

He creates his Court, creatures that share his mindset. Each unique, each equally cruel. They depended on conflict just to exist, and scheming was their mid after noon snack. They were the Fair Folk, the Fae.

Create Creature:The Fae MR5 -5 AP
No single definition exist for the Fae. Appearance is simply a matter of personal preference, their weaknesses hidden from the eyes of gods themselves. Only their sense of wrongness separates them visually. One Fae might be disguised as a creepy elder at a village, feeding off of their misery they bring him to heal, while another may be a child with black eyes who consumes the pain of other children, even others are angelic statues that eat 'what could have been'. Any Fae in the mortal world is just a shadow of it's true form that resides in the Realm of the Dream.

3 Kings
9 Princes
27 Lords
81 Knights
243 Peasants

This is the saying that spans all cultures, few know it's meaning. It's the exact population, and social structure of the Fae. The Fae have no inherent gender, only what they desire to be. The Fae have trouble creating, preferring to steal from other cultures.

New AP:8

Ixth puts pieces onto his board.

2011-12-19, 11:43 PM
A woman in a plain dress walked through the void. And saw her wonderful brother began to create, to build. A light shone through the darkness. Her dress, she saw, was pink - her skin grey. A shame that almost none would see her in this form. Even this great brother of hers would only see her as either a voluptuous pale creature in a dress of white and ruby jewels or else an iron statue covered in spikes - Belitha wondered which aspect of her this brother would see her as?

All of a sudden Belitha saw her brother make life - ah this brother truly understood. Existence needed life - and life needed to spread - to breed. And yet existence needed something to define it, not to confine it but to provide meaning and context - pain. Life was pain and pain was life. Two sides of the same coin. Without the context of pain, life would be boundless, but pointless. Life not meant to be lived.

Belitha just wanted to share. This life... a feeling surged through her. A feeling that held power within itself. Love. And thus love was born. Belitha's love had force, it would eventually lead to great feats of creation - and great feats of destruction. As a goddess Belitha didn't have a heart, but one grew in her chest at the thought of this gift she gave to the world. She beamed.

Belitha was flooded by the love she felt towards her brother and his creations, and decided a gift was in order. She looked at the new life and smiled: From now on all life would be able to breed and feel the most exquisite pain, the pain of childbirth. Belitha cried, her gift - her gift was too beautiful, she wept for life - knowing it would be thankful, fearful that this love might consume her.

Create Concept [5]: Love + Bless 1: Childbirth
[Craft Artifact 2 + Divine Infusion 3 {Infuse Artifact (Relic)}]: Belitha's Heart:
Belitha's Heart controls love itself, granting it to those it or Belitha wants to grant it to, Forbidding it to those not deemed worthy. It controls the actions of those in love, controlling the causality of those in love. Whoever controls Belitha's Heart may very well be said to control the mortal world, perhaps even control the causality of the gods themselves if they are able experience love = 4 AP

2011-12-19, 11:59 PM
Xulos formed, the skull first, then its body came into being, almost as an afterthought. The Everdying King surveyed the world as it was. He say the First Island, he saw the sun and the moon. He saw the People. He saw the other gods. Most of all, he felt... he felt agony and suffering. He felt what it was to be dying. To have your soul constantly trying to rip itself free. To have your body constantly try to give up and die. This, Xulos understood. Pain was good, pain was bad... pain was a constant. Something that Xulos could gauge the world by, how much pain there was.

2011-12-20, 12:20 AM
The ďSpiritĒ Courts

The People new of other spirits that dwelled within the world and as their proto-religion came forth so too did more anthropomorphic elements into their spirits.

Ein: God among the spirits, Ein appears as The People in brilliant colors and flowing loincloth that oversees the spirits and makes certain they do not harm The People. His sign is the open circle.

Duf: Duf is Chief among the spirits, acting out the will of Ein, standing taller than even Ein himself. He has flesh like stone and eyes of pure light and his sign is an open triangle.

Kosh: Appearing as a brilliant bird of flames, Kosh blots out the moon when he flies and his cry sounds like pine aflame. His sign is three claw marks.

Mir: Appears as a massive turtle in which the world sits upon, where Mir moves so to does the world. Her sign is a swirl

Hei: Appearing as a swallow the size of a grain, he is unseen when he moves but the winds always pick up around him. His sign is a cloud.

Rul: Rul is the Earth spirit and appears as a single stone covered in moss and slick with water. Its sign is a slab of stone.

Faul: Faul is the Tree Spirit and has as many forms as there are leaves, his sign is three vertical lines

Waas: The Spirit of the Waterfalls, Waas appears as a curtain of water that dances and screams into the world. His sign is three horizontal lines.

Salu: The Sun Spirit, a burning chariot that has the face of a man, he moves after his sister in heaven in an attempt to know her. His symbol is a filled in circle with lines radiating from itís edge.

Mal: Mal is the Moon Spirit, the soft lady who watches over the darkness and keeps Dapp at bay during the night. She forever runs from Salu who seeks to know her. Her symbol is an open circle with a dot within.

Xuta: The child of Salu and Mal, Xuta appears as a black disk that hangs in the sky, dying when itís parents return to separate bodies. Xatuís sign is a black circle.

Dapp: The regions where light fades to darkness is Dapp and it is his form. There is no sign for Dapp and any who try to invoke him will never be seen again.

Belitha: Wife of Ein and she who looks over the yougn, Belitha appears as Ein only female. Her sign is two lines curved away from each other.

Faa: The Ocean Spirit, Faa is a single blue line no matter how one looks at him. His sign much like his form is a woad line.

Taloim: Taloim is the Weather Spirit and appears as the mighty wolf with snapping jaws of lightning and feet of rain clouds. His sign is four slanted lines.

2011-12-20, 07:52 AM
Birth of a mad...man?

The waves of the spoken, the word of creation carried far and wide. Eventually they would bounce off something and return as an echo. A shape in the void got hit by multiple echoes and started to form.

First it became a sphere of some sort but soon it began to take odd shapes, shifting in size and color until it was a green cylinder. It then morphed further and began to form limbs, two arms, two legs, a main body, a neck and a head.
A face slowly formed and the rest of the details started to be visible aswell.

It grinned with a unnaturally wide mouth and opened it eyes. Red eyes with black pupils. It snapped it fingers and a staff-like object formed in front of it. With a clawed hand he reached out and took the staff.

"Not good!" it yelled and he looked at the staff with anger. It wildly shook the staff and a wicked blade popped out of the shaft. "Ooooo good good!". Then strange fur clothes slowly appeared at its body. Skulls decorated the scythe and the fur clothing. Another huge skull, big enough for it to wear on its head came into existance. It took the skull and cut itself on the scythe and started to paint strange symbols on the skull. It then put it on its head wearing it like a helmet.

"Kiki-Jiki, is here!" it announced to the void and the other figures of power he noticed. He then saw the world below him. He stared for a moment and then grinned with a mad look in its eyes. A small sphere of power appeared in its free hand and he hurled it towards the world.
The land started to form and a collection of mountains appeared. Within the mountains, many caves and tunnels rand and in those mushroom grew by the thousands. They were various and colourfull, some glowing, some stinking. Small animals would roam underground, eating eachother and the mushrooms. Food for the goblins he was about to create.

"Kiki-Jiki, making mountains! Yes good place for Gobbo`s to live and fight and bleed and die!" He looked at his bleeding finger, then shook it to splatter a few blood drops on the mountains. From the blood small green creatures appeared with pointy noices and wicked smiles the first of the Goblins which would form tribes and fight eachother and others.

He then trickled abit of energy on some goblins and the mushrooms. These would be the shamans of the tribe. The mushrooms would be the fuel of the mushroom magic. The Shamans would be delusional, coming close to the dream world without entering it, by eating the mushrooms but it would grant them power aswell. Shroomies for da shroom-casters! Shroom magic, yes yes. Kiki-Jiki smart, very very smart.

Kiki-Jiki smiled. It was a good start more will be added soon.

Create Land: The Goblins Wasteland -2 AP
Create Life MR1: Goblins -1 AP
Create Concept MR3: Mushroom magic used to blast, create and heal. -3 AP
AP left= 15-6=9 left

2011-12-20, 08:36 AM
Vremya stood, and regarded creation with interest. There was something missing from it, he thought. Ah yes, order, thats what was missing. Observing the races he saw the other gods hade made, he doubted their ability to maintain order. So he plunged his lance into the ground of the mortal realm, and from the dirt that clung to it, he created a new land, one dominated by a tall mountain at the center, with the base covered in lush forests and further out covered in rolling, fertile plains. From the remaining dirt that he had, he created a race of humans, the Aeron. He taught them to farm; the quarry stone; to mine for the metals they would need; to make weapons, tools, and armor from the metals; and to fight. Most importantly, at least to Vremya, he taught them to be chivalrous and honorable in all aspects of their life.

Create land 2 AP
Create life 1 AP
Concept: Farming 1 AP
Stone working 1 AP
Mining 1 AP
Smithing 1 AP
War 1 AP
Knights Code 1 AP
15-9= 6 AP

2011-12-20, 09:07 AM
Love spread like a sickness. Belitha witnessed even more Brothers for her love and admiration being born - for Belitha was older, imperceptibly, but that just increased her love towards her younger brethren - she wanted to care for them like they were her own children. Care was pain, and pain was care. Children won't understand life without adversity. And what was adversity but just another manifestation of pain - pain after all came in many forms physical, emotional, spiritual: and each one was needed in this new world. But pain must come with life! She will give her brother gifts in the future, to show her love - but first she must give her gifts to the new mortals. So many to love.

And from Belitha's hands spread a new race, a race devoted to spawning and breeding, a race devoted to pain. A race that would gladly follow Belitha's footsteps and share her message: bacteria and viruses began to multiply and infect the populaces of the world. Sickness started developing - and as people doubled over in fever and cold sweats Belitha smiled, her love proving too much, she cried - oh how much she spoils these mortals! What must her brothers think of her? But she couldn't help it, to love was within her nature.

Within her chest, her artificial heart decreed the physical pain of war, it began to bend causality: causing love between mortal races - goblin and human, human and First people, First people and goblin. Over the decades the heart will and will have had and has manipulated their love and by reverse, their hatred - all to an eventual great war. Love has decreed this world war. It has already happened. But not yet. Not for awhile.

Create life 1: Germs. Change Causality to create war between all races in the future 0: power of Belitha's Heart. this action also will lead to the creation of half-races if possible - this doesn't mean that Belitha created any half-races, but when another god creates it by their own will, in actuality it was because of Belitha's Heart. Also the Great War can be caused by anything mortal or divine - but it was because of the Heart that all those actions would come to pass

2011-12-20, 09:32 AM
From the void came a child, a child that was a god, a god that was a child. This child called himself Aenum, and looked around. There was something missing from the world, something necessary. Magic, he thought to himself, as he gathered his divine essence together. But first, beings to use the magic. Hyper intelligent, but secretive. Innate control of magic, and ability to use it greater than any other race. Yes, and they would have speed. Pale blue skin, glowing softly in the darkness, and eyes of cold blue, frosty white, and burning red would be their crowning features.

They would be the eldmer. And they would have magic, to be learned, and kept secret. An organization, populated by mostly the eldmer, would be formed. They would govern the use of magic, and keep their knowledge secret. Others would be allowed in, but they would need to follow Aenum and Aenum's path above all else. This organization would be called the Masters of the Esoteric.

He placed these creations on an island of his creation, to be called Islear.

AP: 15
Create Life: Eldmer (MR3)
Create Concept: Scholarly Magic (MR3)
Create Organization: Masters of the Esoteric
Create Land: Islear
AP: 5 (15-10)

Finished with creation for now, Aenum announced himself to the other gods. "Hello, brothers and sisters, siblings all."

2011-12-20, 09:40 AM
Kiki-Jiki watched as the Love Goddess spoiled his creation.
"Noooo! No stinking love for the gobbo`s, love lady no touch gobbo`s! Gobbo`s made for war and chaos and pain and suffering and bleeding and dieing!" With a wave of his hand he "blessed" his goblins, so that they never feel love and only hatred. They would breed only to survive and be able to raid more, to kill more. To spread chaos as he desires.

He then created a new concept for his goblins, to hit and run and plunder and raid. Also he granted them the ability to create strange concoctions that explode or invigorate them. He called it...Alchemy "Yes, yes! Alchemy be good, boom they go!

Curse Goblins: Not able to feel love, only hatred. -1 AP
Create Concept MR1: Hit and Run raiding -1ap
Create concept MR2: Alchemy -2
AP left=9-4=5 left

2011-12-20, 09:54 AM
Belitha saw love taken away from the goblins - but her heart would make sure that its decree would come to pass, somehow - in someway. But she smiled and thanked her younger brother silently for his beautiful gift to the goblins. Love may be important, but pain was more so - what an existence! even more wondrous than her germs. While the germs only existed to breed and spread their gift of pestilence to others, the goblins now only existed to breed and be in pain within themselves and spread their misery to others. What can be a more complete gift than that. Love and hatred are after all the same thing, her heart beat - only apathy would infuriate Belitha. Hate was just love after all. She tried to come up with a gift to give this younger brother of her - he deserved it more than he could know, a single tear rolled down her cheek in realization at how much he loved his creations.

All of a sudden a voice. A child-god/god-child! Belitha squirmed in delight - like a parent she flew to his side and like a mother beamed in pride at his creations. She couldn't help herself, being the goddess of childbirth, of thinking of him as her own - even though he was her brother and not her son. "Ah loved one! Welcome to the world!

2011-12-20, 11:21 AM
Vremya regarded his sister with cold eyes, and said "Sister dearest, I appreciate the "gift" you have given the Aeron. But you seem incapable of distinguishing love from pain. Therefore I will be warding my people from your "gift" somewhat, love is good and can be had, but pain should not be felt unless it is on the field of battle or as a result of love." And with a wave of his hand, Vremya cured the Aeron of their sicknesses. Seeing that the Aeron were not working together, he frowned, and drew a sigil in the air with his lance, and created the Knights of Dryearlylth, an organization divided into three ranks, the Order of the Rose, the Order of the Crown, and the Order of the Sword.

Bless 1 AP: Aeron are immune to diseases
Form Organization 2 AP: Knights of Dryearlylth

2011-12-20, 11:54 AM
Xulos watched as many Aeron died of disease, and then were granted immunity by their god. He disliked this, dishonorable act. To deny the little things, disease, pestilence, plague, was to deny death itself. Pain was an inevitability and Xulos knew this. He breathed his pestilent breath down upon the Aeron, melting away their immunity to disease, not entirely, diseases would not ravage every man, woman, and child as they had before. But diseases were now commonplace. Healers would be needed to care for the sick, and some of the more dangerous illnesses would kill rapidly indeed.

His open sores dripped onto the world below, and fed into the wilds. Small insects, ticks, mosquitoes, fleas, locusts; they all drank in the noxious blood. This blood granted them immunity to disease, but that did not mean they did not spread it. They would come to be feared, as harbingers of plague and death. The Everdying King's sores flowed, his putrid ichor dripping onto the southern grasslands of the Aeron kingdoms. These lands festered, becoming damp, putrid marshes and swamps. Thick with the harbingers of plague, the marshes were a dangerous place, but held resources that were worth plenty of coin. Pitch, herbs, ingredients for poisons and potions alike grew and thrived in the damp climate.

15 AP - 1 AP (Curse) - 1 AP (Bless) - 1 AP (Alter Land) = 12 AP
Curse: The Aeron are no longer immune to disease. While still resistant to it, they are susceptible to the wasting effects of the stronger diseases.
Bless: Mosquitoes, Fleas, Ticks, and Locusts are all carriers of various diseases. They spread it through biting, and are hard to detect, making them a very dangerous thing indeed.
Alter Land: The Festering Swamp, in the Southern lands of the Aeron, the land is a fetid marsh filled with insects, reptiles, and many different plants.

2011-12-20, 12:01 PM
Very nice.

Vremya turned to see which of his brothers had altered the Aeron, and seeing it was the Everdying, he turned back to the mortal realm to see what could be done. Noticing the potential in the swamp, he began thinking. Realizing pitch could be used to seal things, Vremya began to experiment in the void with vessels that could float on water. Eventually, once he had perfected the craft he called a boat, he whispered in the ear of a woodcutter on how to build these crafts, and how to power them.

Create concept: Shipbuilding 1AP
3-1= 2 AP

2011-12-20, 12:23 PM
Kiki-Jiki looked at the creations that were made by the other gods, his so called brothers and sisters. "Plagues good." he said with a wicked grin. He then looked at the so called "boats". "Boats nice, creatures trapped on boat and water. Boats burn!". Clearly Kiki-Jiki is excited about the new creations especially their potential to kill or be destroyed.

He looked down at his goblins, they were fighting each other over mushrooms, which got Kiki-Jiki jumping in pleasure. "Yes, fight! Not only other gobbo`s, attack the others!" Although he did not talk to his creations directly, he knew that one they the other races will be spotted by his mortals and that they will soon find themselves in combat with the goblins as they will raid their villages and bring chaos to the lands around the wastelands.

2011-12-20, 12:37 PM
While Belithia was staring adoringly at the young god Aenum, another spoke to her - disapprovingly? What did he mean she was incapable of distinguishing love and pain? That was like saying someone was incapable of distinguishing between a chair and the act of sitting. Of course she can distinguish it, but without one the other was useless. Belithia just assumed this younger brother of hers was just confused - she smiled, she wold tend to him in his infirmity, she will bestow a gift upon his people and so teach him love in all its glory: he wanted them to understand pain through heart break and battle? Then let them - she thought softly, lovingly.

She caressed the Aeron and her heart beat in her chest - The Heart of Belithia decreed that Aerons will only know adversity in love and battle: some will be victorious and some will be defeated, but each battle for a suitors hand and each battle against a deadly foe will be fraught with peril: causality will never allow them to have easy victories in anything and conversely they will never be faced with certain defeat - there will always be a way for them to lose and gain.

Belithia also noticed another presence - the most wonderful presence she has yet felt in this new world. The one - a being of skulls and sores - was pain incarnate - he was love and life itself. Belithia blushed - she was too afraid of her own emotions to approach him yet, she must compose herself first. Instead she continued to radiate her motherly warmth towards Aenum

Change Causality to make sure that the Aerons will never have any easy victory or certain defeat in battle or love (make of it what you will) : power of Belitha's Heart.

2011-12-20, 12:44 PM
Xulos watched as Goblin and Human alike died in droves. "Dying... such a... Perfect state... He whispered. Looking to the Aeron, Xulos sent in his influence.

A young man, by the name of Garen Drexelhand, witnesses the love of his life fall to the wasting power of the Purple Rot. Her body was riddled with open sores, dripping purple pus and bile. He swore to one day bring her back. Thus started his journey. Taking up the mantle of a healer, Garen traveled the kingdom, learning the arts of the apothecary.

Xulos watched as Garen learned, and knew that he had found the first necromancer. The first of those who would bring the suffering dead back into the light of mortality.

Forming a tome out of the void, Xulos started to write, describing rituals and incantations. Diagrams depicting how to prepare bodies, how to bury the dead properly and how to exhume them without damaging the corpse. It took time, but in the end, the tome was complete. He sent it down to the world, hiding it inside a crypt with an old scholar. Clutched in his rotting hands, the librarian held the tome tight, waiting for the chosen one to claim it's knowledge.

12 AP - 5 AP = 7 AP
Create Concept: MR 5: Necromancy, the art of working with the spirits and bodies of the living to various ends. The knowledge exists only in the Tome of Black Dawn, which is hidden within a tomb in the Aeron village of Bayhelm, in the southwest. Necromancy can be used to create undead, or to weaken and harm the living. Constructs are immune to many of the effects of Necromancy, being things with neither souls nor flesh and blood bodies. Constructs with souls (ex. Warforged) are resistant to Necromancy, but are still affected.

2011-12-20, 12:55 PM
Vemrya watched the Aeron in battle and was proud of them, facing their enemies valiantly and with honor, even if it seemed defeat was inevitable. Vemrya had intended the boats to be used for exploration and trade, but the fact that his creations used it for battle also filled his heart with pride. But seeing Xulos create an abomination infuriated Vemrya to no end. The dead should have peace, not be forced to fight against the living. But there was nothing he could do now, destroying the village would be dishonorable. So Vemyra sighed and turned away to think, and to talk to his siblings. He saw Belithia and said to her "Hail sister, I'd like to thank you for your gift to my creations, allowing them the chance to always prove themselves honorably in battle and in love."

2011-12-20, 01:20 PM
The People Travel Forth to Aeron

The people were confused for in their time there were no diseases or illness. Everyone lived happily until their death but now...now was a different time. Perhaps the spirits were angry with them, their worship and sacrifice no longer sufficient to please Ein and his court. For the first time The People were scared more about their lives than they were the darkness. The mystics spoke of Thule the Disease spirit and the only want to combat it. They would need plants and herbs from a land across the waves, they had seen the odd birds fly to their island yet could not think of a way to get there. But it was then the youngest of the Shamanís stood forward, his hair dyed with the great red plant that grew deep in the forests and his loin cloth adorned with the tail of a fox and the feathers of the great king fisher. He was brave and strong and he would venture out for he alone knew the true will of the spirits. He was Yen and he would travel to the lands beyond The First Island. The entire island went to the sandy shores of their home to see him off and held great feasts for him. They drank and danced and sang and for the first time The People had form. They were thin and ethereal, with slightly pointed ears and willowy frames yet were hardy. They were the first creatures and were the children of the Sun and Moon and the Father Ein. Their dancing went on for days but at the end Yen took his leave as the Sun was just rising. He looked to the waters and called forth Mir, forcing her to make a great massive bridge for him to travel across until he came upon the land that itís people knew as Aeron. He let the bridge fall back to the waves as his feet moved across the earth of this new land. He could sense the other creature of this world...he would meet them and ask if they perhaps knew of a place to find a cure for the diseases of his people.

Ein: At the feet of his sister

Ein moved within the void, searching for the Goddess who had so blessed the first people to thank her for all kind deeds demanded payment. With a skip forward he came to the feet of his first sister, looking up at her and her unasked answer came. She was a armored and spiked below yet beautiful and garbed in white above. A strange creature.

ďHonored Belithia, you have blessed like with both harm and kindness...explain yourself so I may know you.Ē

2011-12-20, 02:15 PM
Belithia fussed over the young seeming Aenum, unable to treat him anything other than a son, yet he remained silent. She wasn't sure of how he saw her - she didn't dare touch him for fear that he saw her as a figure of spikes, and may be hurt by his own perception of reality. Instead she began to sing - sing a lullaby and in doing so she bestowed another gift upon the world: the gift of dream. Belithia saw her brother's creation and thought it wonderful - a place filled with cruelty and pain and brimming with the endless possibilities that only life can offer. And so each mortal in their sleep would witness Ixth's Realm of the Dream and be given the chance to dream about the spread of life and love and the chance to experience pain - fantastical ethereal pain that could only exist in ones own imagination. Belithia didn't find this pain ironic, no - her song explained to the universe that nightmares and the pain they brought simply allowed the living to experience their true desires - the true meaning of life itself

And while she was singing she saw her brother Vemrya approach, begging forgiveness at his foolishness earlier, exclaiming the perfection her gift to his people. Belithia smiled - she knew he would like it. And she forgave him easily - for she loved him, and kissed him on the cheek. And then she saw her great older brother approach - and was flooded with love, for he created the first concept of life and she was thankful and she rushed to his side, and smiled and radiated warmth (although those who saw her as a being of spikes might've though she radiated fire) and said:

Dear loved brother, I simply give of myself to all for I love all - I do not harm for life is pain, and pain is life. Love is hate and hate is love. Existence is meant for the living and the living need pain to experience existence. I give and never take.

[Bless 1: Night terrors, Nightmares & Wet Dreams. Ap left = 2]

2011-12-20, 02:21 PM
The Suffering Lord moved towards the spectacle, seeing the grey skinned, pink clad goddess, he let a faint smile spread across his skull. He understood the pain she caused, why she did it, how she did. He knew of her love and life, just as he loved the dead and cherished the agony of dying. Xulos floated towards the gathering, moving along as if gravity did not effect him. He drifted close to the other gods, then bowed his skull, his flowing cloaks blowing about in an unseen and unfelt breeze. "Hello... sister... brothers... little one." He whispered, looking at Belithia, then the other assembled gods, and finally at Aevum.

Standing there, his forehead dimmed, the red light emanating from the Pentagram turning to a pale blue. "It is a gift to meet you all..."

2011-12-20, 02:27 PM
Vemrya gave a knights salute with his lance, and said, "It is a pleasure to meet you as well brother. How goes being the embodiment of the plague?"

2011-12-20, 02:33 PM
Ein embraced his first sister though was careful of her lower half for he did not wish to be cut or burned from her spikes and fire. He nods at her words for she spoke truth but much like her form her truths were half good and half wrong to his ears.

"You see the world in halves yet it goes beyond. Hate is Love but what of Joy? Is Joy Love? Is Hate Joy? The spectrum is not in twos but in thousands. For emotions are like a fishes scales, overlapping and uncountable unless you peel it off their body. So I ask you sister my beloved and honored one, explain yourself so I may know you. As I shall explain myself so you may know me.

I look at your birth and see pain, I see your tiny beasts that cause sickness and see pain. I see your love and see heart break yet in birth I see a way for the mortals to spread. I see your tiny things and watch them kill off the people so they do not overpopulate the lands they walk upon. I see your love and see the happiness and joy it brings. Yet I see other spectrums than just two. I see those who struggle against love and hate, struggle against anger and fear and all the other myrid forms of your implications and I feel joy. A world of Black and White is certainly not what I wish. Do you know me Honored and Beloved Sister?"

2011-12-20, 02:37 PM
Xulos wheezes, as if he is wracked with disease. "Painfully, and with quite the dry throat bones might I add." He smiled, then let out a hearty chuckle, at least the god of Undead and Agony had a sense of humor.

2011-12-20, 02:40 PM
Vemrya laughed, saying, "The plague god has a sense of humor? Wonders never cease." Vemrya then nodded to the other god standing beside his sister. "I don't believe we've met little brother."

2011-12-20, 03:04 PM
Belithia blushed, not knowing what to say next to Xulos, who embodied her perception of perfection: love and pain incarnate. He looked at her as if he knew her in all her aspects - she shyly looked down and said:

Welcome my cherished

Ein suddenly embraced her - and she embraced him back, though she was shy and wondered if Xulos might feel hurt at this gesture, she realized it was a gesture more of a gift to him - for if he was jealous then he would be pained - it was a gesture of both pain and love, she smiled. This embrace was perfect - and she kissed Ein on the forehead lovingly.

loved one, don't you see that I also don't see the world in halves but as one. Each thousand fragment of emotion you see is but love. Pain and joy are love. And love and joy are pain. They are all one and the same - there is no divide in existence, everything is connected. Past and future. Now and what could've been. A struggle against the implications of love and pain, is just another form of pain and love. There is no escape from my loving caress for I love all.

2011-12-20, 04:06 PM
With a flash and a bolt of lightning, Kiki-Jiki appears at the gathering of gods.
He eyes them all and then speaks:

"Kiki-Jiki greets god creatures. Especially Plague god, Kiki-Jiki likes the chaos of diseases. Many of god creatures focus on pain and suffering, Kiki-Jiki likes and thinks god creatures can learn from each other. Especially creator of Burning Ball and Silver Disk must learn!"

2011-12-20, 04:11 PM
"Kiki-jiki, are you implying that we should not create, but destroy?" Vemrya asked, his eyes flashing with anger, gripping his lance tightly.

2011-12-20, 04:19 PM
Ein looks at the new gods though nods at his sister, placing a hand on her shoulder with a fond look.

"I see. We shall talk more now that we know one another."

He nods as well to the younger gods though moves between the Goblin God and the creater of Man.

"Be at ease...a difference of opinion is fair and just. Let him explain before you touch your weapon in the fit of anger."

2011-12-20, 04:30 PM
Aenum smiled warmly at the goddess who looked upon him so lovingly. As if she was his mother. I like this one. She shall not be my enemy. "For your love and kindness, I shall always think well of you. Though you may not be my progenitor, I would be honored to call you...Mother, if I may." The other deities soon gathered around. He kept silent for a time, making certain he knew the proper words to speak before saying them.

Aenum fixed Xulos with his gaze, a gaze that showed exactly how deep his knowledge ran, even though he took the form of a child. "Brother." Looking over at Vemrya, the child-god shook his head. "No, Brother, we have not met. I am Aenum, Keeper of Secrets." After a short bow, Aenum went back to silent contemplation. His people were missing something. He infused them with his essence, marking them as his chosen. He then granted one of their children the ability to become a hero. A child, who would never grow beyond childhood.

AP: 5
Infuse Race: Eldmer
Raise Hero: A Child of the Eldmer, to be named at a later date
AP: 1 (5-4)

2011-12-20, 04:34 PM
Vemrya reluctantly lowered his lance though he continued to glare at the Goblin god. Very well then Kiki-Jiki, lets hear this opinion of yours"

2011-12-20, 05:02 PM
Ixth looked upon his Court, and saw them sending parts of themselves to infiltrate the mortals, feeding off their emotions. Occasionally one would slip up, and stories would be spread, but the Fae were the incarnation of manipulation. He sees the other gods making mortals.

Another piece on the board...

He saw them gain magic, his Fae might not be able to catch up... Unless he gave them the power he carried in every word he spoke. The mortals could have a taste, he wasn't greedy. He created the magic of Contracts.

Current AP:8
Create MR5 Concept:Contracts And Oaths
The Fae can use the power of Contracts, allowing them to make a deal with an aspect of reality, or sentient creature(s). The process is comprised of three parts, the first is the acknowledgment of each other by all parties involved, this could merely be making eye contact with the person you are trying to iniate a contract with, or any other forms of two way communication. The second step is stating the terms, conditions, and/or other effects the contract might entail. This step could be anything from a Fae twisting a mortals words into a magically binding Contract(i.e. "If I eat another piece of pie, I'll die .") to a quick conversation, all the way to years long recitation of terms. This step also establishes what the give and take aspect of the Contract will be. When a Fae makes a Contract with an aspect of reality they can not give less than what they receive in benefit. This restriction dies not apply to dealing with mortals. The third and final step is one of sealing the Contract. This can be anything from an "Okay" to "I, fifth Prince of the Fae, Illien, accept the terms of your contract!" Only one party is required to seal the contract, allowing for the Fae to use careless words to ensnare mortals. A Contract is magically binding, and tied to Fate itself, it can not be broken except by a God, or something infused by a god, but that would bring Ixth wrath onto the Contract breaker. Due to its ties to Fate, it can not be broken by non divine means, and its effects last for however long was stated in the second step, if none was stated the contract length defaults to a year and a day. If the Contract states that the mortal must complete a task, they will be released only when the task is complete, not after a certain time limit. If a being dies before fulfilling the criteria for bring released from the Contract, their soul must go on trying to complete it. Bodies of mortals who enter into Contracts who died, and thus brought back with Necromancy will have their spirits try to fullfill the Contract, despite the Necromancer's wishes for the soul. While only one party is needed to seal a Contract, they can not be made without the words(or intentions,if they are strong enough) of the other party having some role in the process, making it impossible to make a contract with a sleeping or comatose person. Simply not speaking in the presence of a Fae is a valid defense.

Oath swearing is almost identical to Contracts, except for several key differences. Oath swearing can be used by any mortal who wishes to learn it, only requiring a full cycle of the moon to learn. Oaths can not be made with aspects of reality, and can only be made with willing mortals who consciously want to be a part of said Oath. Oaths can not force anyone to kill, or be killed by another. Oaths do not affect natural emotions, but they can create artificial ones. Oaths default to a cycle of the moon (28 days) but can never last longer than year and a day. Oaths can be broken, but Fate strikes them with bad luck, or other terrible retributions for breaking an Oath, these conditions can be added in the second step. Conversely, fulfilling an Oath makes Fate smile upon you, giving you good luck, and other boons, also alterable in the second step. All pacts made using Oaths have an equivalent exchange, Oaths can not be used to cheat others out of a part of an Oath, though cheating others out of mundane things is a valid use.

Simply put, mortals can't handle Contracts, their minds too soft to fully understand. If a mortal were to attempt to learn Contracts though, it would take a decade and ten days exactly. The restrictions on this are that twisting people's words to form impromtu Contracts will ALWAYS come back to bite them, they aren't the Fae, and thus don't have the exclusion from Fate that the Fae so dearly enjoy. Making Contracts with reality is also severely limited, with them only able to form slight changes in the universe. Anything more is unpayable by ordinary mortals, for they are just flesh and blood, not able to store emotions like the Fae.

Payment for contracts regarding aspects of reality usually come in the form of tasks that become a habit, such as making a deal with fire means lighting a torch every where you go, or committing 7 acts of arson in seven days. The Fae can substitute this payment using the emotions they gathered from mortals as payment if they do not want to partake in a specific task. You need a sample of the aspect you are trying to make a contract with to make contact with it(i.e. A match for a fire contract, an acorn for a tree contract, etc.)
New AP:3

Once he was done with this work, he approached the meeting of gods,"Greetings fellow deities."

2011-12-20, 06:12 PM
Stamp, stamp, stamp.



Stamp, stamp, stamp, stamp, stamp, stamp, stamp.

Stab, tug.

It took awhile, but Zalsar grew weary of the abuses of his siblings, so the Leviathan groaned and stirred, that primordial land upon which laid the very first tiny, tiny works of his siblings shook ever so slightly as The World pulled the full bulk of its divine self out of the nethers of the void were it used to rest, too vast for those beings upon it to conceive and too vast for his siblings to encompass.

He dove away from their feet, leaving the Gods standing upon the Void and turned himself aside, opening a cavernous eye like a bottomless pit beneath his siblings. Far from the most wondrous vista Zalsar, Upon Which We Dwell, had to offer. Upon his form were the most glorious vistas of vast mountain ranges, endless oceans, numberless clouds, islands, continents, forests, glaciers, volcanoes. Untamed wonder beyond the scope of reasonable focus.


That said, the newly awakened World had very little to say.

15 AP... Hoho.

Technically just 4 create lands. BUT WHATEVER.
- Create Land: Stratopisces. The skies that engulf all of the World-Body of Zalsar!
- Create Land: Lithopisces. All the rocky lands of the World-Body of Zalsar! The lands already created are along the plate of His head and pretty much unchanged. Zalsar is not reshaping himself, just showing the rest of his bulk that was hidden.
- Create Land: Hydropisces. The oceans, rivers and lakes that cover points of Zalsar's rocky hide.
- Create Land: The Cavernous Depths of the Underworld. This is inside Zalsar, his organs and systems, Caverns and underground oceans, mountains and... It is the Underdark, there.

Disclaimer: The names are mostly for my personal amusement since Zalsar is a fish-eel-thing and not a sphere.

2011-12-20, 07:12 PM
Xulos looks at Zalsar as he awakens. "Oh my..." he whispers, turning to face the leviathan. It seemed that there were nine, not eight, elder gods.

Then he notices Garen. The future necromancer had arrived in Bayhelm. Xulos let out a rasping laugh, extending his bony finger. "Dream." He whispered, and energy went down to Zalsar's body, caressing Garen's Mind.

The world was bleak. Shades of grey, black, and white were all there was, no color. Standing, Garen looked around, seeing the endless plains around him. A faint breeze blew the grass about, the world seemed calm. Calm except for one tiny silhouette on the horizon. Stumbling forward, Garen started walking towards the silhouette.

As he came closer, a faint whisper blew through the air. "Garen..." it said. "Garen..." it repeated, tugging at him to go further. He kept walking, feeling the dryness in his throat, and a heat like that of the desert sun, even though the sun was nowhere to be seen. He coughed, his body wracked with pain. "GAREN!" the voice screamed, knocking Garen onto his back.

A black figure stood above him, the tusked skull of Xulos staring down at him. The red pentagram was the only thing with color in the world he could see. "Hello... Garen. I have been watching you... you want to see your love again... don't you?" Xulos breathed, the grass around him wilting and dying. "She was beautiful... a pity she had to die." Xulos extended his hand to Garen, who was staring at him in fear and awe. "Take my hand, Garen... take my hand and we can bring her back."

Garen reached up, his body trembling in fear and weakness. As he grasped the withered hand of Xulos, he felt the air and space around him warp. He closed his eyes tightly, and when all calmed, he opened them again. He was in a crypt, sarcophagi lined the walls. They were all unmarked, bearing no indications of who they held. All except for one... the one in the center of the room; upon it's lid, was a red pentagram. Xulos whispered into Garen's ear. "Touch the rune, Garen... touch it..."

And Garen stepped forward, his body filled with strength. His hand reached forward, slowly it descended, until it touched the glowing pentagram. The room was silent for a moment, and then all hell broke loose. The air screamed in fury, Xulos's form gone, Garen felt himself being ripped from the place, being transported...

Opening his eyes, Garen looked up, his head ringing. He was in a tomb. The grey stone ceiling was covered in cobwebs. Looking around, he felt pain rush into his ear. Struggling to sit up, he looked around. His ear was bleeding, and his limbs were bruised. He looked at one of the sarcophagi, seeing a pentagram carved onto the front. He stumbled backwards, his mind catching up to him. What just happened? He thought, then felt his limbs fill with strength. Forcing himself up, Garen stumbled towards the sarcophagus, running his fingers along the pentagram gently. He felt something in there, yearning to be let out.

He regained his senses, and started looking for a way to open the sarcophagus. He found that it hadn't been sealed properly, and pried it open easily. The heavy stone lid slammed to the floor, and the corpse within was revealed. Dressed in expensive robes, and clutching a black book, the skeletal corpse seemed to be quite old indeed. Garen stared at the body and the book for a long while, contemplating it. Eventually, he reached for the book slowly, and as he touched the cover, the corpse sprung to life. "WHO DARE'S TO TAKE THE TOME OF BLACK DAWN FROM IT'S GUARDIAN!?" It screamed in a hoarse voice.

Garen jumped back, drawing his dagger. He didn't know what to do, but his heart guided him. "I... I'm Garen Drexelhand..." he said shakily. The corpse looked at him, and then placed the book on the floor, before stepping back into its sarcophagus and ceasing motion. "Then my duty is done..." its voice whispered, and then it went quiet, dead again.

Garen looked at the tome. Pure black with gold stitching on the leather, or least he hoped it was leather, cover. The front held a depiction of a human skull, with tusks on the lower jaw and a red pentagram on the forehead. Garen knew this was what Xulos had sent him to find. Picking up the tome, he turned to leave. Stowing it away in his pack, he left the crypt, emerging once more into the light of day.

It was midday, and he had just exited the crypts. A guard noticed him, and looked at him suspiciously.

7 AP - 1 AP = 6 AP
Raise Hero: Garen Drexelhand, the First Necromancer.

2011-12-20, 08:01 PM
Vemrya felt something was amiss when Xulos turned to creation and pointed, whispering something. He turned regarding creation curiously. What was happening? Then he knew. There was a corrupting influence somewhere in HIS creation. Focusing, his attention was drawn to Bayhelm. There was a young man coming out a crypt, and a guard was moving to stop him. But there was something about the young man, a touch of divine guidance. Vemrya drew himself up to full height and drew a sigil over the guard, naming him a hero. He whispered in the guards mind, who's name was Lyuath Kennyr'rahael, telling him to stop the man exiting the crypt, killing him if necessary, and burning his posessions.

Raise Hero 1AP: Lyuath Kennyr'rahael
2AP - 1AP= 1 AP

2011-12-20, 08:07 PM
Xulos frowned, feeling the guidance given to the guard. "Dishonorable, brother, dishonorable... you would kill a man because he holds a book?"

Garen looked at the guard, puzzled. "Something wrong, sir?" he said, moving a hand over his herb pouch.

2011-12-20, 08:13 PM
Vemrya frowned also, saying "No brother, it is only a precaution in the case that the man attacks the guard. If there is one thing I understand in this creation, it is the concept of justice."

Lyuath looked at the man curiously, and said "There may be, you just climbed out of a crypt. I'll admit, if you're a grave robber, you're pretty stupid, but you don't look like the type. Still, better safe then sorry, I'll be asking you to turn over your belongings for a quick search, and then you can be on your way."

2011-12-20, 08:23 PM
Garen nods slowly, handing his herb pouch over to the Guard. He is hesitant to give him his pack though, and holds it tightly.

2011-12-20, 08:26 PM
Lyuath searches through the herb pouch, careful not to disturb anything too much, and finding only a few slightly questionable items, he hands it back to the man. Lyuath holds out his hand for the pack and says softly "We do give those who cooperate leniency in this country, if there is anything illegal in there."

2011-12-20, 08:30 PM
Belithia beamed at her brother Ein's touch, and bid him goodbye as he went to deal with her younger brother who granted the wonderful gift of conflict to the world. Belithia could hardly believe how loving her brothers actually were. She turned back to the child god and he spoke to her.... and called her mother - her heart broke with joy

My sweet little one! of course you may call me anything you desire, how I love you!

She quickly engulfed him in her arms and kissed him on the cheek, she will show this brother/son of hers the greatest love and pain she could imagine - nothing else you be fit for such a sweet soul. To cause her so much pain at not having a son of her own brood, he truly knew how to create pain!

Suddenly Ixth appeared - and she smiled, another loving brother - stealing love itself from mortals! Except, his creatures were lacking love themselves - she must change this! Surely he didn't mean to save them from all pain?! Why would he?

Ah! An idea bloomed in her heart - causality would not be denied any being! Belithia turned to Aenum and said:

My gift to you is a brother!

And from her lips burst forth a hourglass, which grew into a massive glowing being of stone. its body is wrapped in metal chains with only its left arm is free. It wears a gold spiked crown upon his head and a white blindfold with the around his eyes.

She turned to it with love in her eyes and said

Your name is Asa, and you will be the brother of Aenum - and the gift to Ixth - you are an extension of my heart and will carry its will

2011-12-20, 08:42 PM
As Zalsar, the great World-Eel, uncurled itself, and its dark recesses opened, darkness filled the space created. Not shadow, the abscence of light. But darkness, of a most true and cloying feel. This darkness was a void, drawing light into it and devouring it. And from within the darkness, came a clicking sound. The sound of hard, bony feet upon stone. Someone wandered through the depths of Zalsar's insides. Someone who instinctively knew their way.

"Thirty steps to the south, then sixty steps north-east to get around the chasm, then half a mile due east...."

The clicking stopped. Slowly, the first light shone in that most fearsome of places, the Underdark. An eye, bright red in color, multi-faceted. Then another, then another, until all six eyes gazed out into the blackness. "A most wonderful place. But one in which many could become lost. They have need of a guide. One who knows this place. I must take up that post. And I shall go by...Nuada. Yes. Nuada is a good name for one such as me." The great insect Nuada, Stalker of the World-Eel's Insides moved forward, and deciding he needed a place of his own to rest, called the true darkness to him, and flowed out of the domain he knew so well. Out into the void he went, pulling the darkness with him. And a new world grew in the void, one which was a perfect manifestation of the darkness. An imperfect copy of the world which grew from Zalsar: The Shadow Realm.
Nuada's Realm.

Start with 15 AP
-2 AP for Weave Plane: The Shadow Realm
A place of pure darkness, The Shadow Realm is an imperfect mockery of the Prime Material. Much as the Plane of Shadows in standard D&D cosmology is a reflection of the Prime Material, so to is the Shadow Realm. But the Shadow Realm is literaly forged from darkness. No light exists in this world, and those without the ability to see in such conditions will find themselves blind. But the darkness of the Shadow Realm is even more powerful than this. Those who travel to the Shadow Realm via anything but the natural portals found within the Underdark find that the darkness rises up against them at every turn, and pulls not just at their legs, but at their very animating force as well. Even creatures not technically living find their energies sapped by the Shadow Realm.
-3 AP for Infuse Plane: Nuada's Shadows
The Shadow Realm belongs to Nuada. He knows it inside and out, much as he does the Underdark. Those who are brought to the Shadow Realm by Nuada's will, or who are given Nuada's blessing to move through it, can use the Shadow Realm as a method to travel between shadows on the Prime with great speed. Doing so is not without risks, however-those who are not guided personally by Nuada, or one of his servants, risk losing themselves in the Shadows forever.
10 AP left.

Nuada found his resting place to be good. However, with two places that would require him to guide others through, he needed some assistance. A people who knew as much about the worlds of darkness as he did. And so, taking some of the raw shadow-stuff of his realm, Nuada crafted a group of beings in imitation of his own form, much as the Shadow Realm was an imitation of the Prime Material. Dots of red shone from the darkness, as twisting exo-skeletons clicked their way towards their master. "My Children. My Guides. I name you the Narudan. Go, and keep those who go through the darkness safe."

-5 AP for M5 Create Life: The Narudan
The Narudan are Nuada's personal attendants in the Underdark and Shadow Realm. Vaguely insectoid in nature, the Narudan are made of the same darkness that forged the Shadow Realm. Untouchable by mortal hands, the Narudan keep the dark paths safe for mortal travel. Though they are few and far between, woe betide those who defiles an area of shadow under the protection of a Narudan. They shall be forever stalked by night, never to know sleep again if they value their life.
5 AP left.

Nuada watched as the Narudan took up their posts. It was well, the work Nuada had done. But he could feel the prescence of others like him in the world above. They would seek him out, soon enough. For now, Nuada was content to wait, and watch. As he had done countless times before, and would countless times again. All of this had happened before.

2011-12-20, 08:51 PM
Ixth tilted his head at Belithia, he gave a curt nod to the child deity,"Greetings Sister, I see you have enjoyed my lands that I wrought from the void, and shared them with mortals, such a pleasant idea... I'd be a liar if I said the reactions the few who accidentally stumble into the Dream, and found out it was a reality weren't...intriguing to say the least," he coiled a small flower in his hand,"I do wonder, what is this marvelous creation you seem to offer to my person? The creature seems akin to your heart, wrapped in chains, yet wanting to spread its love to all things, despite its limitations."

2011-12-20, 09:11 PM
Belithia beamed at her brother Ein's touch, and bid him goodbye as he went to deal with her younger brother who granted the wonderful gift of conflict to the world. Belithia could hardly believe how loving her brothers actually were. She turned back to the child god and he spoke to her.... and called her mother - her heart broke with joy

My sweet little one! of course you may call me anything you desire, how I love you!

She quickly engulfed him in her arms and kissed him on the cheek, she will show this brother/son of hers the greatest love and pain she could imagine - nothing else you be fit for such a sweet soul. To cause her so much pain at not having a son of her own brood, he truly knew how to create pain!

Suddenly Ixth appeared - and she smiled, another loving brother - stealing love itself from mortals! Except, his creatures were lacking love themselves - she must change this! Surely he didn't mean to save them from all pain?! Why would he?

Ah! An idea bloomed in her heart - causality would not be denied any being! Belithia turned to Aenum and said:

My gift to you is a brother!

And from her lips burst forth a hourglass, which grew into a massive glowing being of stone. its body is wrapped in metal chains with only its left arm is free. It wears a gold spiked crown upon his head and a white blindfold with the around his eyes.

She turned to it with love in her eyes and said

Your name is Asa, and you will be the brother of Aenum - and the gift to Ixth - you are an extension of my heart and will carry its will

As the stone being awoked he saw his maker. A beautiful woman with alabaster skin dressed in white and and adorned in ruby jewellery. He listen to the woman and bow his head down with understanding what he was born to do.

"I will do as you say Mother"

He looked up to see a tall, regally dressed man, with porcelain features. He heard that his mother called him Ixth.

2011-12-20, 09:41 PM
Lyuath searches through the herb pouch, careful not to disturb anything too much, and finding only a few slightly questionable items, he hands it back to the man. Lyuath holds out his hand for the pack and says softly "We do give those who cooperate leniency in this country, if there is anything illegal in there."

A strange man with the hair the color of the freshly fallen snow upon mountain tops walks up to the pair, emanating a sense of....wrongness to the people empowered by their respective deities,"I couldn't help but notice there was a dispute, I could settle this boys...."


Ixth extends a regal hand to Asa,"I am Ixth, my humblest apologies, but what do you see in my future?" For a split second Ixth's true nature as an imitator of what comes second nature to other beings came through, as he saw right into the depths of the souls all around him to see their emotions they kept hidden. He regained his composure, and swept a strand of hair from his face,"My apologies... I had a moment...It was nothing...."

2011-12-20, 10:16 PM
A strange man with the hair the color of the freshly fallen snow upon mountain tops walks up to the pair, emanating a sense of....wrongness to the people empowered by their respective deities,"I couldn't help but notice there was a dispute, I could settle this boys...."


Ixth extends a regal hand to Asa,"I am Ixth, my humblest apologies, but what do you see in my future?" For a split second Ixth's true nature as an imitator of what comes second nature to other beings came through, as he saw right into the depths of the souls all around him to see their emotions they kept hidden. He regained his composure, and swept a strand of hair from his face,"My apologies... I had a moment...It was nothing...."

Asa hold Ixth's hand but then reply

"Sadly I can't see the Fate of your because it much harder to determine the fate of gods then that of beings lesser then gods."

Asa then stood up with the help of Ixth.

2011-12-20, 10:17 PM
Ixth gets cavernous emptyness from Zalsar. A form of... Apathy, it is all too possible that he was being looked down upon.

The World turns, and begins to slowly swim away from the gathered deities.

2011-12-20, 10:28 PM
Asa hold Ixth's hand but then reply

"Sadly I can't see the Fate of your because it much harder to determine the fate of gods then that of beings lesser then gods."

Asa then stood up with the help of Ixth.

"It is better that way, prophecies are powerful things," Ixth takes a few glances to the other gods,"Welcome to Creation."

Inside, Ixth was slightly bothered(Fae equivalent of extremely worried) by the emotional state of the world. Such a massive deity seemed only interested in itself. Though not even aware of some of its actions, it could be bad for his plans. These thoughts were guided from even the most experienced body lamguage interpreter, it was kind of unnerving that he could retain his composure even while in his most emotionally distraught moments.

2011-12-20, 10:42 PM
Lyuath glares at the newcomer and says, "I would advise backing off NOW. Your presence is neither helpful or wanted."

2011-12-20, 10:45 PM
Garen mulls it over for a second, before he passes the Guard his pack. He looks at the newcomer, and scowls, snatching his bag back. "Leave, deceiving maggot!" he spoke, but Xulos's voice came out of his mouth, audible only to the Fae.

Bewildered at what had just happened, Garen blinked and looked at himself. "What in the..."


Xulos returned to Belithia and the other gods, bowing his head. "I'm sure you all know of death... the so called 'finality' of it..." He whispered to them, folding his hands in front of him. His pentagram changed to a sickly green color, as he spoke. "I have given mortals the way out... the way to get rid of the finality of death... oh, how many lost loves will be reunited? How many fallen husbands, wives, and children will be returned to their loving families? I cannot think of a greater gift that I could give... alas, like myself, pain will be a constant reminder that they have died. The moment of death when the soul rends itself from the body and the body clings to the world it was born from. That moment shall be one that all of the risen dead will know well..." He exhaled, his pestilent breath clinging to his words.

"I ask you... who among you will join me in a union of love and pain... agony and joy..." Xulos whispers, gazing at all of the gods in turn. He smiles at Aenum, and bows his head to Belithia. "Come, brothers, sisters, children... who would join me?"

2011-12-20, 10:45 PM
The stranger's smile widened,"Oh, brave guardsman, I don't really think that's such a good idea," he seemed extremely pale, as if not of this world,"I am the Lowliest Peasant," he brushs off a leaf that fell off his shoulders.

He looks at Garen,"Ooh, boy has a bit of fight in him," he bite down on a mint leaf in his mouth,"Explain why you be talkin' in tongues..."

2011-12-20, 10:52 PM
"GET, AWAY FROM THE MORTAL, WORM!" Xulos's voice screams through the air at the Fae, inaudible to the humans around them. "Or you'll be dealing with the god of agony, and I'm sure you don't want to be able to FEEL emotion and pain... now do you?"

2011-12-20, 11:00 PM
Vemrya scowls, and, emulating Xulos, speaks through Lyuath in a booming voice audible to only the heroes and the fae, "You know not what you are dealing with mortal. You know not the powers you defy."
In the void, Vemrya turns to Xulos and regards him coldly, then says, almost spitting his words, "You would deny the dead peace after a lifetime of pain? Damn you Xulos, damn you to the Abyss."

2011-12-20, 11:05 PM
The Lowliest Peasant chuckles a bit, emulating the laughter of children in a schoolyard he passed hours ago,"Oh, I see, I try to help out and prevent conflict, and I get yelled out of town. Are you two really that eager to get at each other's throat that you are using mortals?" The Lowliest Peasant spoke in a voice only audible to the Gods, and their servants,"Still, I'd just like to watch this play out..." he walked over to a bench, and watched, keeping his stupid smile on his face.

2011-12-20, 11:08 PM
Xulos tilts his head to the side, confused. "Tell me brother, have you ever seen one of the dead? Where do they go after death... right now, eternal oblivion..." He gestured at the void around them. "They know nothing, not joy, not pain... NOTHING! Would you deny the dead the chance to live once more? Would you be so cruel and malicious as to condemn your people to one lifetime?!" Xulos pointed his bony finger at Vemrya "You, are a tyrant, oh 'knight'... you are a hypocrite and a tyrant. I say unto you, give the dead their dues, or forever shall they be your foe!"


Garen took advantage of this momentary lapse in the guard's concentration to bolt, running with refreshed limbs and fitness that he'd not felt in a long while. It seemed that Xulos didn't want him being caught.

OOC: Q'Telun, you didn't spend any AP to make the guard a Hero, if that was your intention.

2011-12-20, 11:22 PM
Belithia, cradling Aenum in her arms, spoke to Ixth as her son Asa predicted his future, yet her heart could not bend gods to her will and so the causality of Ixth's actions were uncertain. Her emotions same as ever, everlasting love, were clear to Ixth. Smilingly she spoke

I'm glad you found my gifts to the mortals and to you acceptable though meager as they might be

All of a sudden Xulos appeared. She buried her face in Aenum's hair, trying to hide her blushing face. She listened to his words eagerly. Undeath seemed ... so right. While life itself was the only thing that mattered, undeath was merely the extension of life - safety from oblivion. And the extenstion of life would be life only filed with pain. And the original life would gaze upon its mutilation and feel dread - oh what wondrous multifaceted love was held in such a simple idea! Belithia whispered softly with a voice almost breaking from the love she felt these brothers and sons of hers,


2011-12-20, 11:38 PM
Ixth smiled at her,"Oh Sister, I enjoy what ever you create, from the smallest germ, to the largest of creatures," though the flattery wasn't sincere before or afterward, Ixth said it with a tone that could've even fooled himself into thinking he was honest.


The Lowliest Peasant wanted to follow, to weave his essence into a tale. He reached up, using his position as the third King of the Realm of Dreams to grab Ixth's attention. His peasant's appearance was one he like to wear, in stark contrast the Golden Queen's pretentiousness, and the Philosopher King of Nothing's stuffy attitude, he preferred to put a shadow in the opposite of what people would expect. Ixth didn't respond, since this was a matter between a Fae and a God.

The Lowliest Peasant kept his goofy smile, and turned his head to the guard,"Need help?"

OOC:Not making a Fae hero, too many conflicting factors.

2011-12-21, 01:11 AM
Asa fazed alway from the other gods to attend more importent matters. Asa start getin to work on creating a new land in the world. He rise his hand and a large land mass appear from the ocean. The land was diverse in terrian. It had mountions to the south, a large forest to the east, Tundra to the west, plains to the northand a volcano in the middle of the land.

"I shall name this land Aweven and with all of that done with now is the time to create the first bein to inhabit these werid land that I created."

Asa then pull apart of his skin off and mold it into beings the look alot like humans but were nine feet tall and had even greater strength then humans.

"Because of your size I shall call you guys Giants."

Ap 15-
2 AP Create Land: (Aweven)
2 AP MR2 Create Creature: (Giants)
5 AP Alter Land: (Volcano,Tundra,Mountions,Plains,Forest)
= 6AP

2011-12-21, 03:27 AM
Kiki-Jiki looked at the knight-god and the Xulos. Conflict, how wonderful the chaos is. "Knight God says one thing, and does the other. Kiki-Jiki like. God creatures not destroy, but make life that try destroy eachother! Conflict good, conflict is chaos."

He then thinks about Xulos request and anwers him with a wide grin: "Kiki-Jiki joins in agony and joy and hatred, but leaves love to Love Lady." He then points to Zalsar, "World is getting away, Kiki-Jiki follow to guide gobbo`s."


As the world swims through the void, the goblins that live on top of it have formed larger tribes. Some that were there at the beginning were already wiped out by other goblin tribes, while others merged. The larger tribes began raiding the other races, often returning with mundane items that the goblins found fascinating of just shiny. The raids were chaotic with no true leaders.

Ofcourse some tribes had a chief but that position was not favorable. Tribal chieftains were often killed by another goblin that wanted to take its place as leader. The shroom-casters did not become leaders as the mushrooms clouded their minds. They did enjoy long lives because they were worshipped and fear for their power, as long as they did not blow themselves up in the process. This power was sometimes used during raids and often resulted in the deaths of both friend and foe.

2011-12-21, 08:01 AM
Ixth turned to Belithia,"I have a gift for you," he wrought a figure out of his heart,"Rise, Ethreis, for you understand my heart. I shall give you as a gift to my beloved Sister. Gift her with the greatest love you know."

2011-12-21, 08:06 AM
Vemrya's eyes blazed with anger. "If I could, I would create a place for the dead to rest. As it is, my efforts of the past few centuries have been trying to keep the Aeron alive and well, brother. And you call me a tyrant? For wanting to give the mortals some measure of happiness? If this new magic you created restored true life, I would not be here fighting you about it."

Lyuath turned to the strange one and regarded him coldly. "I don't think I'll be needing your help. but there is one thing you could do. Tell the captain of the guard about this." With that, he sprinted off after Garen.

And yes Dark, I did raise the guard to a hero.

2011-12-21, 08:20 AM
Belithia was in wonderment - first Xulos proposed this wondrous union between herself and him but forcing her to share it with others. Aenum continued to remain silent in her arms through out the span of eternity gods called time - providing her with love and pain of ignoring her. Her actual first born had left so soon, painful separation but, so obedient - causality answer to ensure causality. And now her brother Ixth presents her with the gift of another deity - one meant to steal and destroy all that she owns through deceit and shadow. How wonderful! These sons and brothers loved her so dearly! And what has she given them in return!? Nothing! Belithia cries softly and gently into Aenum's hair, and says

Oh dear brother, you know me and love me to much - I will share once more in return

Her god body was essentially a womb onto itself - she was the goddess of childbirth, and for the first time she experience the pain and love of carrying a child, born of herself. She was pregnant for centuries, but the gods and mortals may have understood her to be with child but no longer that a second. And then - birth!

The first daughter of Belithia and the universe stepped forth - Majestic! Regal! While her mother's appearance changed depending on how viewed pain or understood true love - the daughter was dressed in white and gold, and looked beautiful at any angle - Belithia was jealous of her beauty - the pain of which was the daughters own gift to her mother for the gift of life. A perfect circle. A perfect love. Belithia smiled lovingly and said with tears of pride in her eyes.

Brothers, Nephew, Brother/Son I give you my first daughter!

Belithia spoke to Mao to give her a purpose:

Your name is Mao, and you will be the Sister of Aenum and Asa - and the gift to Ixth and his brood - you are an extension of my love and will carry its power

2011-12-21, 08:26 AM
There was a moment of incompleteness, when Ethreis was not properly sentient, but still lived. A blank moment as he wormed his way slowly into the body. Stretching out, slowly... Ever so slowly...

It was interesting, being alive after so long not being. It was new, and quite frankly a little daunting. But never let it be said that he backed down from it, instead he merely glanced around...

What had created him? A lie. The instant reply, insidious in his mind coiled. How could he be created by a lie? A mockery. Mockery... Yes...

The shape, having wavered unsure of it's true form for a moment, finally solidified. It was like that of a human, but elongated, gangly. The stick-figure like body was cloaked in a cape of midnight. On it's face was two halves of a harlequin's mask. One side happy, the other sad.

And it was alive.

"May it be as your Lordship demands." The servile reply from the newly formed figure as it bowed to Ixth. No love can be given from that which has no love.

"May I please my Lady with a drink?" He asks, bowing now to Belithia, producing, out of no where, a plate filled with various glasses of fine wines... Yes, feast yourself on the product of lies. Love cannot be created by something that cannot know love. Mockery is all.

2011-12-21, 08:37 AM
Ixth smiled, one thatcseened so authentic that only Ethreis could see it was an act. Carefully crafted, this act was one that spanned eternity. While Ethreis could see through his facade, he saw into the loom of Fate itself, for he was outside of Fate entirely. Both him and Ethreis were kin of this sort, neither could hold true emotion it was all an act, a role to play to further your plans. Beings on the outside of Casuality.

Ixth also saw through Ethreis just as easily. He viewed him as a valuable piece on the board, and someone who could understand his heart. He made a small bow,"I am interested in what you are capable of..."

2011-12-21, 09:17 AM
Mao. My sister. She feels...interesting. I like this one. Aenum stayed upon his mother's lap--for she was his mother, if not in birthing him, then in claiming him as her own--and looked at Mao. "Greetings, Sister. You are strong in my eyes."

Short post is short.

2011-12-21, 10:02 AM
Belithia smiled at Ethreis' offer of wine and reached out and took a glass and delicately drank it - she understood his being, and what he sought to accomplish - what sacrificial love he held towards everything. Selfless, pouring his love to all, but never letting it been known that it was he. How selfish she has been to give and give and letting people know it was her, as if the pride of the gift was the only thing she cared about! This gift/son had much to teach her! She spoke to Ethreis with a warm smile filled with adoration.

The wine is delicious, and you are delectable! You were a gift to me but you shall be like my son. No! You shall be my third son! Brother to little Aenum and tall Asa - and brother to beautiful Mao.

Aenum then spoke, not to her, but to Mao - of course he would, he loved her too dearly to take away his gift of ignoring her, she cried into his hair - how wonderful he was. She saw how he was looking at Mao, and grew envious and her heart burst with love at that emotion, perhaps her daughter would be a good wife to her brother/son? She also wondered somewhere if Xulos looked at her the same way...

The Heart in her chest beat - causality demanded a union, but causality still remained unsure of where it wanted the path of Belithia's love to lead - since, Belithia herself wasn't sure, yet.

2011-12-21, 10:11 AM
Vemrya turned back to the gather of gods and saw two new gods had joined the family. The one in the harlequin mask made him uneasy, but most of these gods did. Still, Vemrya thought with a small sigh, he'd better introduce himself to these new ones. "Greetings little brother, little sister. And welcome to creation, such as it is."

2011-12-21, 10:50 AM
Kiki-Jiki rubbed his face with both hands, letting his scythe rest against its shoulder. Love lady breeds like goblins without proper breeding. More god creatures, more trouble, more creations, more chaos. Kiki-Jiki not going to stand around while Love Lady spawns one god creature after the other. Chaos and conflict await!

With that Kiki-Jiki shot away after the swimming world in the form of a lightning bolt, the others could hear his manical laughter as he traveled.

2011-12-21, 11:55 AM
Xulos whispered to the third prince. "I have a proposition for you... how would you like to be the first of your kind to make a deal with a god?" The words echoed in his mind. "All you have to do... is NOT tell the captain on the guard... all you have to do, is ignore these events... oh, and in return, you'll have a favor ready to be called in at any time..."


Xulos spat his putrid bile at Vemrya. "You accept the pain of life that the Beauteous Mother gives, but not the pain of life again that I give? I say again, Hypocrite!" His cloaks burst open, as if a hurricane were blowing them away from him. They flowed around him, revealing his rotted and decayed body. "Who are you to tell the first of the dead what the dead deserve?! Who are you to say that a corpse cannot be of use to the mortals. WHO, ARE, YOU, to say that I, am wrong!?"


Garen ran out of the village, stopping outside and turning, drawing his dagger. "Stop! Stop it! I've done nothing wrong!" he screams at Lyuath.

2011-12-21, 12:41 PM
Vemrya's rage barely containted, he shouts at Xulos, "I. AM. A. GOD!" and lunges forward with his lance.
"If you've done nothing wrong, then stop running! I'm not going to hurt you, I just need to see your pack!" Lyuath holds up his hands to placate the man "Just put the dagger down, let me have a quick look in your pack, and you can be on your way. I won't arrest you, I won't do anything to you, just confiscate anything you might have stolen from the tomb, investigate, and then return anything wrongfully taken."

[roll0] for an opposed attack

2011-12-21, 12:51 PM
Garen shakily backed up. "The-the suffering lord... he, he told me that... that none can see the book." he stuttered, fear on his face.


((Fight in post below))

Divine Combat Roll.

2011-12-21, 12:52 PM
"What book? And the sufferi... You don't mean xulos do you?Whats in that book?" Lyuath paled when he realized what Garen was talking about.

2011-12-21, 01:34 PM
Xulos let loose a breath of noxious fumes, distracting Vemrya just long enough for him to dodge the blow. He then lurched at the Knight, his bony fingers elongating into deadly claws. Stabbing into the Knight's chest, Xulos vomited his putrid bile onto the wounds. Jumping backwards, Xulos let loose his pestilence once more, covering Vemrya in a thousand different diseases. "You need a lesson, oh knight, and I've just taught you one!" As he spoke, the diseases burrowed into his divine body, unable to harm him, but causing intense pain. After what seemed like an eternity of agony, the diseases subsided and left. Only a few seconds had passed, and Xulos had already won the battle. "Now, are you ready to talk like a reasonable deity?"


Garen shakes his head, Xulos's voice enters Lyuath's mind. "Step away from my chosen one... I've already taught your god a lesson in pain... do NOT make me teach you the same..."

Raising his blade, Garen speaks. "I can't tell you... just... just let me leave, and I'll never return."

2011-12-21, 02:57 PM
Belithia sighed, watching her brothers express love for one another, a gift to her and her children. She did not try to stop them - instead she sought to help. Vemrya was the most foolish of her brothers, he didn't understand the connection between pain and love, the truth that all emotion is one - or that mortal life was precious not despite of suffering, but because of it. Belithia cried - this brother needed her help.

Her Heart Beat - her love moved the chains of causality, while Vemrya's humans were forever chained to face adversity - love demanded that, that between those who worship Vemrya, mortals who were truly good would always, in the end, be victorious over those who were evil. This was a gift of love and gift of torture. After all, humans were fated to always suffer, and prove themselves in the eyes of causality - but the human ideal of good was fated to always win over the ideals of evil. Their struggle was rendered meaningless in the eyes of destiny - but they were doomed to repeat it. And yet it was born of love - never would humans be a society dominated by darkness.

Perhaps this lesson of hers would teach Vemrya, more subtly that Xulos's harsh love.

Belithia's Heart 0: Change causality to make it so that evil humans can never overpower a good human. Due to previous causality this means that the battle between the two would always be very close - but like a dues ex machina in a cheesy movie, that good human will prevail every time! But for this to work it has to be Good V. Evil not Good V. Neutral also they must both be human, worship Vemrya, and within causality - if the other person is an evil fey, no dice. If the other person is an undead human - no dice. If one if the good guy is a follower of Vemrya but the other guy worships Xulos - no dice. This is a very limited blessing

2011-12-21, 03:01 PM
Ein separated himself when the battle began, perking a brow at the ensuing fight with a shake of his head.

"This is a shame..."

He murmured under his breath, slowly turning and drifting off into the void to contemplate all that he had seen.

Yen: A Human Village

The strange beasts were like him yet felt different. Their spirit was strange and foreign, they were not made by Ein or perhaps were and merely something that he was not. He hailed one of these creatures, waving a hand in sign of his people that he was not armed.

2011-12-21, 03:17 PM
The Five Giant Clans

With this new land the Giants inhabited the five area of Aweven. These Giants began forming clans base off the the area they live in. Each clan had a different culture and then another.

Sneeu clan: The clan reside in the tundra region of Aweven. Their life style
is very poor because of the area they live in. Their main source of food is hunt and fishing since the it very hard to grow crop in their land. Law state that it survival of the fitness and the weak are killed by the strong.

Vulkaan clan: This clan lives around the dormant volcano. This clan is know for their warrior type life style. Once the children reach the age of 15 they are pited against one another for their entrance into adulthood.

Bos clan:The clan live in the dense forest of Aweven. The Giants are the peaceful beings of Aweven. The are all vegetarian and believe to live with nature. These Ginat beleve in non-violence and prefer peaceful negotiations.

Helder clan: The plains are the home of this tribe. They are the largest of the other clan. They place farming as the most improtent thing in life. They also trade their food and goods to the clans.

Grot clan: These Giants live in the caves of the mountian region of Aweven. They are the crafter of the land. They borrew deep into the mountian for earth materials to build things.

Giants: First contect with humans

As the Giant roam on the island some have even moved on to foreign lands. The Giants were at first suspicious of these being who were smaller then them but after looking at one of the being waving his hand in sign that the mean no harm the giants greet the beings.

2011-12-21, 03:52 PM
Panting, Vemrya stuck his lance in the ground and pulled himself up. As he drew himself up his face was twisted into a snarl. "The first measure of the knights code is to never surrender to evil, death before dishonor. This is not over Xulos, not by a longshot," he spat, before ripping his lance out of the void and attacking again.

Lyuath shook his head to clear the voice from it, and said while drawing his sword, "Just hand over the bag and I won't have to hurt you."


2011-12-21, 05:07 PM
Xulos simply breathed his noxious fumes, a cloud of rot and plague forming in between him and Vemrya, blocking his way. "Is it also in the Knight's code to be an immature fool? Death before dishonor flew out the window the moment you attacked me unprovoked. I did not start this fight, Vemrya, you did."


Garen shouted at Lyuath, taking the Tome of Black Dawn from his bag and throwing the pack at him. He held it tight with one hand, brandishing his dagger in the other hand. "The Poxbringer's will is me, I cannot fail him!"

2011-12-21, 05:16 PM
The Lowliest Peasant, Third King of the Fae smiled even more uncanningly after he heard Xulos's offer,"Alright, I would be fine with that. Would you care to bind that agreement to Fate itself? I trust you of course, but you don't get far in Creation with out some sort of insurance. Not like I can do anything if you do break the agreement," he chews on the mint leaf some more, "I, The Lowliest Peasant, Third King of the Fae, accept the terms of your offer."

He then forms a Contract with Greed, and had a mugger steal some money from a woman near the Captain of the Guard, and gently directed the beggar in the opposite direction of the aspiring Necromancer, and his pursuer.

2011-12-21, 06:59 PM
Vemrya stopped dead in his tracks, and with an almost audible snap there was a faraway look in his eyes as he said "I did didn't I." He shrugs, "Oh well. I guess I'll go back to playing with creation, toodles!" And with that Vemrya the knight skips off back to the mortal realm, and did a silly jig, blessing his creations with insanity. After that, he grafted his lance into his right forearm.

Lyuath stared at Garen and said calmly, "Whats in the book that I can't see?"

Curse 1AP: the Aeron are now incurably insane, with the exception of the Lyuath and Garen.
Also, if you hadn't noticed, Vemrya is a bit crazy now.

2011-12-21, 08:15 PM
Garen gripped the tome tighter, his fingers turning bone white from the pressure. "I don't KNOW, he just told me to read it... to learn from it... and never to let others have it..."


Xulos watched Vemrya snap, and frowned. "I will be here when you return, brother... even the Everdying King has love for his siblings..." He whispered, turning back to the gathered gods. "I am sorry you had to see that... but brothers, sisters, nieces, nephews... I ask again, who would join me in a union of love and pain? In a family of gods, in a PANTHEON!?" He shouted the last word, something very uncharacteristic of him. As he shouted, the cosmos shifted, and Xulos was made head of the first Pantheon, the Crown of Thorns.

6 AP - 2 AP = 4 AP
Create Pantheon: The Crown of Thorns.

2011-12-21, 08:20 PM
Ixth turned to Xulos, trying to discern his motives. Figuring that it could not hurt to question him, he asked,"What would entail this Pantheon? Would we be our own free selves while in this union?"

2011-12-21, 08:41 PM
Lyuath looked at garen with disgust and said, "Fine, take your damned book and go. It will bring you no comfort, and you won't find what you are looking for." With that, he slams his sword back into his scabbard and walks past Garen into the wild.
"By the creator, what have I done?" Vemrya whispered to himself, seeing his peaceful lands burning from the insanity. "I'll tell you what you did, you learned a valuable lesson. Don't mess with the creepy god."
"Quiet you, this is your fault. And now I have to undo it somehow. And was the lance in my arm absolutely necessary?"
"I somehow doubt that you freak."
"I know you are but what am I?"
And with that, Vemrya growled in rage, grabbed his face, and proceeded to tear it off, leaving behind a grinning mask of death.

2011-12-21, 08:47 PM
Ein was dissatsifed with the brothers and their children that dwelt within the universe he found himself in. He even worried for his sister and her children worried him yet the verdict was out on them as of yet. Perhaps an attempt at his own creation would ease his troubled mind. With a wave of his hand he took an idol from The People, imbuing it with life and a divine spark similar to his own.

"Awaken my child, child of The People. Awaken and state yourself so I may know you."

2011-12-21, 09:01 PM
Garen turned and ran, running for a day and a night until he found himself deep in the Festering Swamp. He found himself in a damp cave, surrounded by the insects and reptiles that spread plague and disease. Yet he felt no pain. The insects and reptiles did not touch him, they did not danger the Chosen of Xulos. Garen found his way to a dry chamber, and dropped to his knees, placing the Tome of Black Dawn on the ground before him. He gently opened the book to the first page, and started to read. "Life and Death are one, for all living things die in time. Death is not an ending, but a beginning. Since one's living days are but a fraction of the Eternal existence of Death, life is but a useless distraction to the study and understanding of the long darkness to come..."


Xulos smiled at Ixth "Of course, we would not be a family if we were all slaves to one. All that it would mean, is that we are bound together in a greater whole. I can sense that there is power in such a union, and such power could be used to aid all of us."

2011-12-21, 09:07 PM
Belithia smiled at the state Vemrya was reduced too - he had learned a valuable lesson indeed, in order for love to exist there had to be pain. He had learned this important truth and his way of showing it was disturbing and heartening to her, a most perfect balance: insanity was the inability to comprehend emotions or pain - and that absence was in of itself a form of Vemrya's love and punishment towards his creations.

Xulos spoke and Belithia blushed again, hiding her face in her brother/sons hair once again, holding him tenderly - she offered no reply, but her heart beat and causality demanded this union. It was strange, she controlled her heart, but destiny had decreed that it controlled her, but she controlled destiny in the first place - was she herself shackled by the emotion she brought into the world? No the emotion was shackled by her, which in turn bonded her to itself, the chains of Causality and Belithia were in fact one. And both of them lent their power to Xulos at this moment and the universe shifted and The Crown of Thorns had two among its members.

Belithia's Heart 0: causality forced by Belithia forces her to Join the pantheon 1: Join the Crown of Thorns. Ap left = 1

2011-12-21, 09:12 PM
"I accept your offer of the union," Ixth uses a bit of his power to join the Crown of Thorns.

Join Pantheon:Crown of Thorns -1 AP
New AP:2

"May this foster unity among us."

2011-12-22, 02:57 AM
"I thank you for the kind words and offering to such an unworthy one as me." The reply was soft as Ethreis bows to Belithia once more. For the creator of love to love is simple. Far too easy.

"And as my master and mistress so choose, so will I, the lowly servent, follow." His second statement, a bland one of complete subservience. For the following is the easy part. A mockery of choice.

He liked the word 'Mockery', it felt so good on the tongue, so right.. And as he opened the mask like a mouth and slipped an abnormally long tongue out to lick the lips, he felt a little power exhale from him to join the mists. And then felt the weight of the Crown of Thorns. A group, for such it was an apt name. For those that ruled were those that were destined to fall.

"What is the choice of my Almighty Sister?" Ethreis asks, bowing his head once more to Mao. Oh Arrogant one, come and dance the dance of words. Think only of your dominance.

Mostly he ignored his Father and creator, though. As the one who he truly understood, and the one that truly understood him, his act was ... unnecessary. However, he was around his brethren. They who felt life didn't understand. They were yet another part of the grand Mockery.

15 - 1 AP. Join Pantheon, The Crown of Thorns.

14 Remaining. And it goes without saying that the italics are only heard by Ethreis.

2011-12-22, 03:04 AM
Ein was dissatsifed with the brothers and their children that dwelt within the universe he found himself in. He even worried for his sister and her children worried him yet the verdict was out on them as of yet. Perhaps an attempt at his own creation would ease his troubled mind. With a wave of his hand he took an idol from The People, imbuing it with life and a divine spark similar to his own.

"Awaken my child, child of The People. Awaken and state yourself so I may know you."

Power coalesced within the idol, gathering until it burned so brightly it hurt even for gods to see. Then, with a flash, the glory dissipated in a burst of dreams and joy. The new divinity flickered between shapes and forms, trying to find a self, before finally settling for the moment. A handsome, muscular young man appeared before Ein, looking around in confusion.

"Dude... that was intense." Chadoran ran a hand through his spiky blond hair as he took in the world and his progenitor. "Yo. I'm..." He thought for a moment, contemplating his own identity. He found an answer and smiled. "I'm Chadoran, God of Joy and Death."

2011-12-22, 03:26 AM
Mao. My sister. She feels...interesting. I like this one. Aenum stayed upon his mother's lap--for she was his mother, if not in birthing him, then in claiming him as her own--and looked at Mao. "Greetings, Sister. You are strong in my eyes."

Mao, Born

The newborn goddess was awake. She could see, listen, speak... act. She decided that last one was her favorite, but the others certainly had their uses. She smiled as she turned to this being claiming to be her brother, and smiled. It was a hard smile - traces of her mother's more brutal aspects could be seen it it, but none of Belithia's love was on display. The smile was like a warhammer, driven by eyes sparkling with thunder; elegant in its purpose, beautiful even... but unquestionably dangerous. Mao liked her smile.

"Powerful... yes, I am, aren't I? I'm glad you noticed." She held out a slender hand to Aenum, then to Ethreis, allowing each the honor of kissing one of her many silver rings. Her form was small, slight - were it not for her confidence and arrogance, she might have been mistaken for a mere girl-child. Were it not for the same, she might be seen as a woman full grown. Cloaked in heavy robes of red and gold, with dark hair held in place by a rune-woven headband of the finest cloth. Beauty, radiant like the brewing storm, the thunder bolt, the hurricane. A blade perhaps all the more deadly for being blunt.

"It's so nice to see some people showing the proper respect. Tell me though, who is that clown spewing such... distasteful rhetoric?" She made no effort to lower her voice, looking clearly at Xulos as she spoke. If he was paying even the slightest amount of attention, the god of undeath would most certainly hear her. She was looking through the memories that were her divine heritage, and found herself liking this... thing, less and less.

2011-12-22, 05:36 AM
Kiki-Jiki looked down at his goblins, they were perfect in every way. They did not care for eachothers life and did not fear death or pain. He pointed his finger down to the smallest and weakest tribe. The first Scythe Swingers, skilled and fearless and strong! Kiki-Jiki hopped up and down in excitement, these goblins will introduce a new form of combat to the world. He then saw the Knight God, something was different. He had been fighting but the injuries did not draw Kiki-Jiki`s attention. It was the chaos in his mind that did so.

A manical laughter announces the arrival of the goblin god and with a lightning strike he appears at the Knight`s side. Knight god took beating hmm? Good, good! It changed Knight god, mind is now in chaos. Kiki-Jiki then points towards the Aeron. Insanity makes knight Gods mortals almost acting the same as gobbo`s. Chaos clouds Aeron minds, Kiki-Jiki likes and has proposal for Knight God. Join Kiki-Jiki in a Patheon of Chaos and together Kiki-Jiki and Knight God spread chaos and mayhem and insanity and suffering! He holds out his clawed hand to Vemrya, awaiting his answer.

AP: 5
Form Organization: Scythe Swingers, "elite" goblin warriors wielding a scythe, they have survived atleast one raid and have lived through more combat then the avarage goblin. -2 AP
AP left: 3

2011-12-22, 07:23 AM
Kissing the ring upon his sister's finger, Aenum smiled. Yes; yes, she was potent indeed. Strong as need be, perhaps. "That is Xulos, one of the firstborn." The child-god watched his sister, watched her power; he loved power himself, and her commanding nature appealed to him. He could be subservient if need be. That was a secret to keeping power; do not try to raise yourself above those who would be jealous.

"I would work with you, if you would allow me; I am but a keeper of knowledge, particularly secrets, and a teacher of magic. Any use I could be to you, though, I would offer." He bowed as deeply as possible from Belithia's lap. Turning his head, Aenum said, "Mother, your gifts of pain are potent indeed, but my people shall have something more of pain. Of mental pain. They shall be unaging, but at a cost. They shall be unable to bear children among themselves. The women shall never be mothers like you."

And so it was.

AP: 1
Bless: Eldmer are unaging, but their females are infertile.
AP: 0 (1-1)

2011-12-22, 08:22 AM
"No, you are not who I am. I am order, I am valor. I am not some insane clown!"
"Order schmorder, lets party!"
"Quiet you."
"You know we are you. Except maybe green, crazy bastard."
"I have an obligation to the Aeron to not be insane. I am going to be the dominant one again, I charge you all with keeping green in check. Do not fail me."
Turning to the goblin god, he calmly reattached his face, and then spat his answer at Kiki, "No, I think not."

2011-12-22, 08:47 AM
Fascinated Kiki-Jiki looked at Vemrya. He smiled and watched in joy as the chaos within the Knight God revealed himself. Knight God sure that all Knight Gods within the Knight God agree? If Knight God changes crazy mind, Knight God comes to Kiki-Jiki yes? In a flash the Goblin God dissapears, once again laughing menacly.

Meanwhile the Scythe Swinger tribe had become the strongest of all and were growing slowly. Although still chaotic, the scythe wielding goblins were much more effective than their kin and often survived raiding other races or tribes. Things were changing in the Goblin Wastelands.

2011-12-22, 12:10 PM
"I accept your offer of the union," Ixth uses a bit of his power to join the Crown of Thorns.

Join Pantheon:Crown of Thorns -1 AP
New AP:2

"May this foster unity among us."

"Agreed, may the dead and the Fae flourish together. In fact, I have a proposition, for an alliance... see there." Xulos pointed down to the Festering Swamp, where Garen was reading, learning, understanding Necromancy. "As powerful as Necromancy is, it can't do everything. Most of all, it can't just move you from one place to another. So, with your permission, I'm going to tell your servant where to find Garen Drexelhand."

Power coalesced within the idol, gathering until it burned so brightly it hurt even for gods to see. Then, with a flash, the glory dissipated in a burst of dreams and joy. The new divinity flickered between shapes and forms, trying to find a self, before finally settling for the moment. A handsome, muscular young man appeared before Ein, looking around in confusion.

"Dude... that was intense." Chadoran ran a hand through his spiky blond hair as he took in the world and his progenitor. "Yo. I'm..." He thought for a moment, contemplating his own identity. He found an answer and smiled. "I'm Chadoran, God of Joy and Death."

Xulos shuddered, then frowned. "Something inebriated this way comes..." he whispered. "And it thinks it rules death..."

Mao, Born"It's so nice to see some people showing the proper respect. Tell me though, who is that clown spewing such... distasteful rhetoric?" She made no effort to lower her voice, looking clearly at Xulos as she spoke. If he was paying even the slightest amount of attention, the god of undeath would most certainly hear her. She was looking through the memories that were her divine heritage, and found herself liking this... thing, less and less.

Xulos moved over to Mao, draping his putrid arm across her shoulders. "I'm glad you like the plagues, youngling. Welcome to existence, can I offer you a drink? Bile? Ichor? No? Well, how about a place in the Crown of Thorns alongside your mother?"


Garen finished drawing the rune on the wall, letting out a short incantation and sealing the cut he has used to draw the blood. "Xith Mahal Fia'kuun Moal!" he shouted, the air shimmering and forming into a viewing screen. The white surface laid blank for a while, and then it faded into color. He saw Lyuath, in the wilds. He watched him for a few moments, before releasing the spell. "Incredible... the power... Xulos be praised, I've mastered it! I am the Necromancer!" he shouted to the empty cave, cackling madly. "I must leave, I must spread this knowledge."

The next day, Garen set off to the place where he discovered the Tome of Black Dawn. Two days later, he arrived in Bayhelm. Weaving a charm that concealed him from view, he moved through the town, and went to the cemetery. He descended into the tomb that held the librarian, and went to work preparing a ritual. It took a few minutes, but it was over, and the dead within the crypt jerked, opening their coffins and standing. Most of them were fresh, dead for only a year or so. Regardless of the stage of decay, the dead were weak, easily killable. But these freshly dead were easy to reanimate, and Garen could replenish their numbers easily with short incantations.

4 AP - 1 AP = 3 AP
Create Life: MR 1: Zombies, the fresh undead. Zombies are weak and clumsy, easy to kill. They attack by flailing their arms and biting. The upside to zombies? They're easy to reanimate and can be restored to near full function with short incantations. Zombies will eventually constitute the majority of the armies of the Undead.

2011-12-22, 01:03 PM
A tingling of abnormality hits Zalsar, something is ill on his body.

His cavernous eyes gaze upon the tiny things that live on Him, and Zalsar finds those things called Aeron revelling in their own filth, being merry in their psychosis and wasteful in debauched... Debauchery. Belithia is no doubt proud of the pain so inflicted upon one another.

Zalsar much less so. What his siblings might see as glorious, The World sees as detestable, damaging, wretched and unsustainable.

Luckly enough, there were countermeasures to be taken, always, very efficiently so.

Spiritual things grew forth from and broke out of the essence of The World, wreathed in the elements of his form, fire, water, earth, air, darkness, light, metal, lightning and score more manifestations of its nature. These archons were elementals, akin to Zalsar as antibodies and innumerable other cells were to smaller things upon him. These dispassionate healers were his answer to the madness dwelling on his scales, their medication was swift and without mercy.

7 AP.

3 AP - Create Life: Elementals. The least servants of The World.

The elementals will also be attacking the Aeron. Madness is disease, disease must be excised.

2011-12-22, 02:59 PM
Power coalesced within the idol, gathering until it burned so brightly it hurt even for gods to see. Then, with a flash, the glory dissipated in a burst of dreams and joy. The new divinity flickered between shapes and forms, trying to find a self, before finally settling for the moment. A handsome, muscular young man appeared before Ein, looking around in confusion.

"Dude... that was intense." Chadoran ran a hand through his spiky blond hair as he took in the world and his progenitor. "Yo. I'm..." He thought for a moment, contemplating his own identity. He found an answer and smiled. "I'm Chadoran, God of Joy and Death."

Ein flashed a smile...this was much more like it. So many dour Gods after all.

"Ya? Well, maybe you should go spread some of that joy around huh? The world is a total #$%^hole right now. It could use a little cheering up."

2011-12-22, 04:06 PM
"Agreed, may the dead and the Fae flourish together. In fact, I have a proposition, for an alliance... see there." Xulos pointed down to the Festering Swamp, where Garen was reading, learning, understanding Necromancy. "As powerful as Necromancy is, it can't do everything. Most of all, it can't just move you from one place to another. So, with your permission, I'm going to tell your servant where to find Garen Drexelhand."

"I accept your alliance brother," Ixth adds this to the ten million plans he was formulating at this instant,"I would recommend the Lowliest Peasant. He is the only Fae King willing to associate with mortals."

2011-12-22, 04:22 PM
Ein flashed a smile...this was much more like it. So many dour Gods after all.

"Ya? Well, maybe you should go spread some of that joy around huh? The world is a total #$%^hole right now. It could use a little cheering up."

"You said it, dude. Let's get crackin'. I've got some rad ideas..." Chadoran turned to the world and focused upon it. Joy bubbled up within him and spilled into the world, pushing a new landmass out of the ocean. The new continent was a mix of mountains, rolling plains, and steppes. A moment later, a new race flourished upon it. Large and muscular, with bull heads and hooves, they were the image of strength.

The new minotaurs gravitated into a double society. Some wandered the land in tribes, living out of tents, while others congregated and began building towns and cities. The societies supported each other; sometimes a nomad decided to settle down, and occasionally an urbanite felt the call of wanderlust.

Chadoran grinned widely and stretched out a hand. "LET THERE BE BOOZE, BRO!" And there was booze, and it was awesome.

The worship of Chadoran immediately spread among the minotaurs, and he taught them the secrets of brewing. At the end of each week, the temples to Chadoran organized games of a sacred sport in which two teams competed to bring a ball to the other end of a large field, or kick it between a pair of posts for a lesser score. These worship services became all-day affairs; minotaurs gathered around the field for hours beforehand to drink and roast meat together, enjoying life in the name of their god.

Chadoran looked upon his creations and smiled, for it was totally sweet.

Create Land: Minos Steppes
Create Race: Minotaurs (MR2: They're much larger, stronger, and more durable than humans, but a good deal less intelligent)
Create Organization: Nomad Minotaurs
Create Organization: Urban Minotaurs
Create Organization: Church of Chadoran
Create Concept: Brewing (MR 1: Minotaurs are masters of alcoholic beverages)
Create Concept: Brawling (MR 2: Minotaurs are among the greatest unarmed fighters in the world, and their prowess can seem supernatural to the unversed)

15 AP - 13 = 2 AP

2011-12-22, 05:32 PM
Vemrya approached Ein cautiously, and said "Brother, I have a favor to ask, it is something I would do myself, but I do not trust myself to do it at this time. If you would restore the Aeron to sanity, I would be in your debt. You are the only of my siblings that I trust with this task."

2011-12-22, 06:52 PM
Belithia smiled - her daughter and sons were getting along so well with her brothers - what joy! she felt joy spread throughout the world - it was love without pain, it was beautiful, but incomplete. Joy was just a part of the grand emotion it was but a fracture of pain and love - it should be allowed to run free. Belithia smiled, whoever brought joy into the world must be celebrated - a gift was in order.

She kissed Aenum on his soft hair and said to him, Ethreis and Mao:

My loved children, I love you more that my heart can bear - if you should ever need anything - I would change destiny itself for you, all you need to do is ask and my caress awaits - I leave you in the careful care of your good uncles.

With that she grew bold and sat Aenum off her lap and caressed him once more - even though he wasn't her own - he was her first child, and a mother bears a special love towards her firstborn. She flew over to Xulos and kissed his rotting forehead

Ah, love embodied

With that she vanished and appeared before Vemrya, Chadoran and Ein, and spoke with her absolute love towards all reverberating through her voice:

Eldest brother - how incredible you are, bringing such a being into the world that at once brings love and suffering. To drink is to have joy and to have joy through drink is to have pain due to drink. I see that our brief conversation allows the truth of emotion to shine brightly through the universe. And you brother Vemrya, you have learned so much - my pride at your accomplishments is everlasting. And finally you young one - you are like a son to me! Such pain, such love

Belithia tenderly touches Chadoran's forehead and weeps - and her heart beat: love shifted and joy moved alongside it: causality would ensure that all those that touched booze would feel compelled through chance to never end. A perfect gift.

Belithia's Heart 0: alcoholism

2011-12-22, 06:57 PM
Vemrya looks at Belithia with no interest before saying, "Sister, if you were one iota less intelligent, you would be a primordial ooze. I have accomplished nothing, I have only taken away love and pain from my creations. IF you were not blinded by your idiocy, you would see that. But I somehow doubt you will ever realize exactly how WRONG you are in all of your assumptions about everything."

2011-12-22, 07:32 PM
Ein's expression could be one only of distress though despite it all he endured for the moment.

"Sister, brother...you honor me with your presence. Thank you for your kind words. What can I do for you both?"

2011-12-22, 07:52 PM
Vemrya eyes snap back to Ein before he says, "I was asking if you could do me the favor of restoring the Aeron to sanity, as I don't feel confident in my ability to maintain my sanity long enough to restore their sanity."

2011-12-22, 08:04 PM
"The question I must ask you is...why should I and what shall I gain by doing this thing for you? What shall you offer me when you cannot save your own people? It is a question that must be answered, even if I am the only one you think can do it. What shall I gain from saving your people?"

Ein watches the "Mad" God cooly.

2011-12-22, 08:10 PM

Necessity is the mother of change... or something along those lines. And nowhere was this truer than the kingdoms of the Aeron. Hundreds died from the insane riots, and hundreds more in the ensuing Elemental War. Disorganized and completely insane, they were no match for their foes. They were just as likely to stab themselves as they were to destroy their assailants.

And so Xulos gave Garen his divine mandate. Leaving the Crypt of Black Dawn, as the resting place of the Tome would come to be called, Garen shouted incantations and rituals, drawing ever greater amounts of negative energy to the area. The dead clawed their ways out of graves, zombies shambling forward into the village of Bayhelm. The People of Bayhelm felt themselves free of the mind cluttering fog of insanity. They regained their senses, and took arms against the undead hordes. A futile effort, as the horde was lead by Garen Drexelhand, who slung curse after hex after incantation at his foes. Many fell to his magic, and others still were captured in his dominating hexes, forced to fight their brethren. When a zombie fell, two more stepped forward to fill its place, and moments later, the fallen had picked itself back up, healed by Garen's sorcery. For three days and three nights, the battle ensued, until Bayhelm had been subdued, many buildings lay

Garen wept at the loss of life. Had they laid down their arms and joined him, such suffering would not have been necessary. But Xulos demanded obedience from his followers, and those that resisted were slain of enslaved. Many became just another nameless corpse, shambling forward in Xulos's name.


The survivors of Bayhelm fled, running as far and as fast as they could. As news spread of the undead horrors, the fog of insanity lifted, and the Aeron felt themselves again for the first time in many a month.

Xulos whispered, audible only to Vemrya "You're welcome..."

3 AP - 1 AP = 2 AP
-1 AP: Bless. In response to the undead takeover of Bayhelm, and the growing zombie horde, the Aeron have been freed from the chains of insanity.

2011-12-22, 08:13 PM
"You have every reason to doubt my offer, but I do fulfill my debts. So what will I give you in return? A favor, of any size, to be called in later. That is the only thing I can give at the moment, besides my word as a knight that I will fulfill my obligations."

Vemrya, noticing the end of the insanity, and hearing Xulos, whirled back to creation. "NO. What have I done?" he cried, slumping down in despair. "I...I...I can fix this. There is still time, and I still have resources." With that, Vemrya spoke in Lyuath's mind, 'Your place of birth is under the control of Xulos. Gather the knights, and RETAKE IT.'

2011-12-22, 08:15 PM
"Very well. I will save them from the madness and the undead so they may be free as they wish to be."

2011-12-22, 08:15 PM
Vemrya's insult pained Belithia, pained her deeply and Belithia smiled gorgeously through her tears - Vemrya learned so much so fast, such a beautiful way to quickly stab at her heart and show his love to her. She sighed:

Oh! Vemrya! I'm so glad for you, so fast and a master of emotion. And you want a gift to the humans? I see! Wonderful! Insanity is a form of pain and your love, but taking it away brings them the pain of love and knowledge of life - they can't give birth to children while insane and their unborn will never know my touch! What a gift you and Ein want to grant me dear ones! Whatever can i do in return!

Her smile was genuine and warm. Even warmer when she understood that the Vemrya's gift was lifted not by Ein or himself but by love incarnate: Xulos. She sighed.

2011-12-22, 08:44 PM
Odd, the tingling stoped, but it gave way to a different tingling, that of... Things, small things moving but not living, parasites clogging the most perfect cycles of renewal of the world.

Dutifully, the elementals shifted their attention to the undead, bringing their manyfold arms to bear, but Zalsar understood from his all-encompassing hearing that this was but a symptom, the source stood atop the sky.

So The Leviathan turned and stretched a thousand tendrils up across the void, coalescing them into the fibrous visage of some gargantuan thing the world did not know, like a faceless, four-limbed shark or moray. In that towering form Zalsar finally, coldly adressed his gathered siblings, Xulos foremost.

"Your creations... Disrupt... Me."

Without a hero, all the elementals have is immortality, their numbers are also relatively few.

It is noteworthy that these elementals are more akin to 4ed Elemental Archons or Warcraft's Revenants than standard 3.5 true elementals.

2011-12-22, 09:10 PM
The Wilds Beyond Bayhelm
As Lyuath wandered through the darkness, and his god's divine message reached his ears, he was watched. Two red eyes, fractured and imperfect, gazed. This man seemed troubled. He needed to get somewhere. Somewhere fast. The creature had a command. To guide those who needed to travel. "Aeron. This way. I shall give you speed to where it is you need to go." The Narudan had begun to fufil their duty.
The Narudan are spreading across the surface of the world. If anyone has a mortal that needs to get somewhere fast, feel free to set them an appointment with a Narudan. Nuada himself is still hidden in the darkness. But feel free to look for him. And good luck. :smallwink:

2011-12-22, 10:37 PM
Three Unknown Races found in Aweven

As time pass since the giants clans inhabited Aweven. Asa was bored with just have Giant live on the island so Asa ot start on three new creature that would inhabit Aweven. These creatures were not as strong as the Giants and much smaller then both humans and giants.

Sahuagin race: The Sahuagins were discover by the Sneeu clan. The fishpeople are heavy believer of Asa. They have many temple made to worship Asa. Their cultrue is base on gender were male sahuagins are skilled hunters and warriors and female sahuagins are Preists.

Thri-Kreen race: The Thri-Kreen are the first of the three race to be discovered by the Giants. The Grot clan found these insectroids creatures while diging throught the caves in the mountians. The Thri-Kreen are very small and stand at about 3 feet tall. They love living in the deep dark cave because their eyes can see clearly in the dark. It very rare to see these guys walking outside.

Gnoll race: These beast like creatures were discover by Helder clan. The guys are very smart and tend to plan tactical raid on Helder clan for their food. These beastman love to raid in large with more then 50 Gnolls in each pack.

AP 6 -
3AP MR1: Gnolls,Thri-Kreens,Sahuagins
1APMR1 Create Concept:Worshipers of Asa(Only Sahuagins)

2011-12-23, 05:04 AM
Kiki-Jiki is just sitting there in the void staring down at the mortal world with interrest. Things are happening but chaos not chaotic enough. First things first though. He creates a small ball of divine energy and holds it between his thumb and indexfinger, then carefully aims it at one of his shroom-casters below and flicks it. The goblin gets hit by the ball and is knocked unconscious for a moment. While in that state Kiki-Jiki talks to him. Maka-lek, hear the word of Kiki-Jiki! Maka-lek now champion of gobbo`s! Unite the tribes and let the world know gobbo`s are not to be messed with!.
Moments later Maka-lek wakes up, confused at first and non-responsive. A lightning bolt strikes from the heaven missing the shroom-caster by inches. No delay! shouts the voice in his head. And with that Maka-lek ran towards the village. His chieftain did not listen right away, so Maka-lek ate a small bit of mushroom and blasted the former chief off the face of the world. Maka-lek chief now! Gobbo`s listen, Kiki-Jiki has spoken to Maka-Lek!. The tribe accepted the new chief, it was the goblin way.

Within a week Maka-lek had either convinced other chieftains or forced other tribes into submission by incinarating their chieftains and become chief of that tribe aswell, merging most tribes with his own.


Kiki-Jiki liked his hero shroom-caster. Join or boom, good way to make others do what you want. Need more chaos in world still!. He glanced at the zombies below and grinned, with a gesture he gave the zombies the urge to sometimes eat eachother or even take a bite out of their own flesh. Kiki-Jiki Laughed manicly at his own create, it was perfect. He scanned the world some more and noticed the Narudan teleporting around.

Hmm what of teleport insects?, he muttered. Kiki-Jiki seemed to be lost in thought, sometimes chuckling as funny ideas flooded his mind. He dismissed them all though until he had a great idea. Focussing on the Narudan he send them a curse, teleportation will not be without risk and sometimes a Narudan would teleport to a wrong location.

Kiki-Jiki smiled and then shot off like lightning towards the creator of Minotaurs. After appearing next to Chadoran, he spoke: Kiki-Jiki greets fellow creator of chaos! Alchohol is wonderful gift to mortals and makes mortal do strangest things, like insanity but self-inflicted! Kiki-Jiki could not think of better way to bring chaos to Minotaurs...for now

AP: 3
Raise Hero: High Shroom-Caster and Warchief Maka-lek -1 AP
Curse of Zombies: Cannabalism, sometimes they eat eachother -1 AP
Curse Narudan: Teleporting seomtimes brings Narudan and those who teleport with them to a wrong location -1 AP
AP left=0
Chaos Reigns Supreme!

2011-12-23, 06:47 AM
Nuada watched as his creations spread throughout the surface world, guiding the people of other gods. It was well that they fufill their purpose. But then Nuada noticed something...amiss. Some Narudan were not arriving at their destination. They had walked wrong. Something was interfering in their travel. No, not something. Someone. Another god.
Nuada stirred. This was unacceptable. The Narudan were his creations. And for someone else to interfer was wrong. So Nuada moved. Through his Realm, Nuada appeared before the god who dared change his creation. "Goblin Lord. You dare to touch the blessed of Nuada. Explain yourself."

2011-12-23, 07:17 AM
Kiki-Jiki jumped up in suprice. Aaah its Insect god of Shadow Place! Insect Shadow God no like the chaos? It is wonderful! Wrong teleport does not kill...well not directly anyways.. Kiki-Jiki stood there with a grin on his face, leaning casually on his scythe. Some were just to attached to how they created their mortals and expected that other gods would not interfere. Kiki-Jiki was here to change that and their creations ever so slightly, just for fun and the sake of chaos.

2011-12-23, 10:05 AM
Xulos watched the Zombies eat each other, and whispered, quite calmly. "No." And with those words, the zombies stopped, becoming mindless once more. They were absolute slaves, unable to do anything but fight the living without direction from a necromancer.

2 AP - 1 AP = 1 AP
Bless: Zombies don't eat each other anymore, they're utterly mindless, and default to killing any living thing they can detect, unless under the control of a Necromancer.

2011-12-23, 10:11 AM
Lyuath jumped when the voice spoke to him from the shadows, but quickly regained his composure and said, "I'm trying to get to the fortress of the Knights, at the base of that mountain in the center of the island. But if you are really willing to take me there, its probably best if you drop me off outside the town."

2011-12-23, 10:18 AM
The Lowliest Peasant felt Xulos's presence in his mind once more. The Everdying King whispered into his mind. "Hello again... I have something for you... a location... and an alliance. Go to Bayhelm, the undead hordes there will not harm you. Find the town hall, and speak to Garen Drexelhand... you've met him before." Xulos's presence retreated from his Mind, and the Lowliest Peasant was left with the feeling that this will be VERY profitable.

2011-12-23, 03:43 PM
Eye for an Eye

Nuada gazed at the god of goblins. The mind of this one was just warped. There was no logic to him. Nuada shook his head. "It is not the chaos I object to, as such. It is that you alter the very purpose of my Guides. If they can not guide properly, then they are not who they are." One eye of Nuada blinked, and the perfect connection between the Narudan and the Shadow Realm was re-established. "But, if you enjoy chaos so much, I suppose I can oblige you, with some among your own creation." A second eye blinked, and suddenly, shroom-mages across the goblin tribes grew afraid. They saw horrible, terrifying things within darkness. Even at night, those who left the safety of fire found themselves screaming with fear at what their own minds created. Satisfied, Nuada closed all of his eyes, and returned to the Shadow Realm. Hopefully, Kiki-Jiki would be too concerned with his tribes to further interfer with the Narudan.
5 AP
-1 AP: Bless Narudan
The Narudan now can teleport with perfect accuracy, as they could before. However, others who use the Shadow Realm for teleportation may find themselves lost, as per the original curse.
-1 AP: Curse shoom-mages.
Goblins who indulge in the power of the shrooms find their minds to be altered. The shrooms which give them their power also cause them to hallucinate in places of darkness. Images of unnamable terrors plague them. Even the palour of night frightens them.
"Then come. There is no time to lose." The Narudan took Lyuath's hand, and guided him through the darkness of the Shadow Realm. Lyuath experienced a brief blast of cold, such as he never knew before. And then, the two found themselves outside the gates of Bayhelm, hidden in the shadow cast by the walls. "My people may not leave the shadows. This is where we part, Aeron. But know that should you need aid, you have friends in the dark places. The Hidden God blesses those who seek good in the shadows."

2011-12-23, 04:22 PM
The Lowliest Peasant looks at this idea, and agrees with it. He summons forth a temporary portal into the Realm of the Dream, and goes into his lands. He travels for a single day, appearing in a mirror in Bayhelm. He exits the mirror, and searches for the town hall. He sees Garen, and walks up to him,"Hail, young Necromancer. Do you remember me?"

2011-12-23, 06:07 PM
Lyuath shook his head like a dog trying to get water out of his ears, then thanked the shadow and sprinted off to the castle to raise the alarm, only to find the knights in formation, about to move out. Lyuath quickly joined into their ranks, after a brief word with a Knight of the Crown. Then the army of 200 knights and 1000 footmen marched towards Bayhelm.

2011-12-23, 06:41 PM
The Lowliest Peasant noticed the smell of an army approaching on the wind. He creates a small, almost unnoticeable Contract with the Clouds that loomed over head. A small sprinkle started falling from the sky, in minutes it would be a bearable rain. Nothing much, just a deterrent to slow them down a few minutes.

2011-12-23, 08:05 PM
Garen stopped raising zombies for a moment to glance at the Lowliest Peasant. "Oh, you've arrived. Xulos told me to expect you." He finished an incantation, repairing a zombie that had been torn in two. "From what I've scried, and what the dominated scouts have told me, there's an army headed this way, and I'm not quite prepared for another battle." Garen stopped, wiping his grime covered hands on a rag. "I've got sixty dominated residents, and roughly seven hundred zombies here. I would say we can hold the village for a few days, and hopefully I can whittle them down enough to replenish the zombies during the fighting. However, if you could provide assistance in the form of some reinforcements or extra 'UMPH', we'll have a much greater chance of holding the town."

EVERYONE, As a Holiday gift from me to you, +5 AP to everyone! :D Happy Holidays!
1 AP + 5 AP = 6 AP

2011-12-23, 08:25 PM
"Oh, I could be of some assistance," the Lowliest Peasant draws forth some emotions he appropriated from the sorrow of the widows he has encountered, making a contract with the Skin of a zombie, causing all of the created beings to have skin of iron. It sopped every blow from blades, except for for a straight strike, which would lodge itself into the zombie, but not be retrievable easily. He then took the anger from a thousand drunkards, and caused the advancing army's provisions to spoil, and all wild food to be repulsive to the stomach,"I have reinforced your creations, now I bring forth my subjects," out of a mirror walked a woman wearing beggars clothing,"The Princess Clad In Rags," another being walked out, this time a man in scorched clothing,"The Baron of the Lost," another being walked out, clad in rusted armor,"Knight of the Broken Blade," and then a man clad in the regal attire of an emperor walked out, only a close look revealed the rags that compiled the costume,"And finally, the King of Everything, the previous holder of my position."

2011-12-23, 08:34 PM
Garen clasped his hands, laughing. "Magnificent! Welcome, all of you. There's not much time to loose, we've seven hundred zombies, sixty dominated humans, and us; against... well, roughly twelve hundred warriors."

2011-12-23, 08:49 PM
The Lowliest Peasant nodded at his subjects, and they went off, creating all sort of nasty traps, like quicksand that pulled you into the Realm of the Dream, and entrances to the Realm of Shadow, without a guide. They created rocks that mesmerized, and pools of water that released a mirrored self to fight. The Peasant then hung a torch from the tallest building in town, that shed a light that slowed the living to half speed, excluding the Necromancer of course, and the Fae. Words were spoken to make sure arrows never flew true, and their very presence be signaled to all undead around.

2011-12-23, 08:56 PM
Yen had seen much in the human lands, returning to his own people to share his knowledge of the world outside and it was a grim one. The creatures outside the world were mad, fighting against horrid putrid dead that wandered about. Only his magic saved him from both the madmen and the undead. The First Land was a save place for now...and it would be a safe place forever though the still tribal creatures would not know it was the blessing of Ein himself that would not allow an undead foot to touch their soil. But Ein watched his people and saw them as good and with a single motion of his hand he willed their totem spirits into reality.

Create Life: The Shaman Spirits -5

2011-12-23, 09:10 PM
"More," spoke a voice from behind them. The child-god's hero stepped forward, visually only a child himself. "I come with my own magics, to use to aid you and your necromancers." He had found one of the Narudan while wandering around the wilderness, and he had asked to be brought here; his god had told him this day would come. "I am Arliyan of the eldmer, and I serve Aenum, the Keeper of Secrets. He wishes that the practice of necromancy continue, and determined this to be its best chance of survival."

Focusing his mind, Arliyan prepared his magics. "Anything I can do, I shall."


Aenum smiled at his mother. Yes, he felt affection for her; strange though it was, he did. Just then, he felt a surge of power through him. Interesting. It seems there was a surge in the general power of the universe just now. He filed the information away for future use. Gathering the energy, he crafted a mighty artifact; this artifact would store an unlimited source of energy; along the inside, the true name of energy was written in all of its many forms. This artifact was given to Arliyan, to use to fuel his magics; it was placed inside of his heart, to be a part of him. A heart of stone and energy.

An unlimited power source...this was a gift worthy of his greatest follower. As was a gift of near divinity. "Arliyan," he spoke in his follower's mind, "I have made you my exarch. Keep my secrets, and recruit those who are worthy into the ranks of our organization." No more was necessary. Arliyan heard and understood.

AP: 5 (Bonus!)
Craft Artifact: Stoneheart
Infuse Hero: Arliyan, Hero of Aenum, Wielder of Magic, He of the Stoneheart
AP: 0 (5-5)

2011-12-23, 09:36 PM
The Spirits and their Court: Part One

High atop the mountain of The First Land sat the entirety of the Court of Spirits, speaking and discussing the lives of nature and the lives of The People they were placed in the world to protect. It was said that they were made each from totems and as such each Spirit could transform themselves into the appearance of a male or female member of The People to walk among them if they wished. The Spirits could become invisible or divide themselves through out the world to inhabit the world in which they identified with. Only the Greater Spirits were made, the lesser spirits still mere totems in the villages and towns of The People.

2011-12-23, 09:43 PM
The gathered deities kept about their own concerns, such action angered The World in his most magnanimous and egotistical selfishness.

Zalsar's small form shifted, and in turn his great shape turned, darkening his skies with storm clouds.

"Answer me. Brothers. Sister. My cycles are perfectly balanced, they must not be disrupted."

4 AP + 5 bonus AP = 9 AP!

1 AP: Curse. Storm clouds darken the skies.

Curse will certainly be lifted once Zalsar is adressed, so save your AP!

2011-12-23, 09:49 PM
Ein blinks at the sudden booming voice, appearing before the source in a flash of light.

"Greetings...you who are the world. What is it you desire? Do you to wish to ask me of something in aid of your petty squabbles or are you the first sensible entity in all this world?"

2011-12-23, 09:54 PM
Ixth looked at Zalsar,"You are angered by the undead, yes? I fail to see why, mortals are fleeting, except for the Shaman spirits, the Guides, and the Fae. A few given this fantastic imitation of life should not bother you," Ixth is fiddling a Chess piece in his hand, even though the game hadn't been invented yet.

2011-12-23, 10:21 PM
Sahuagins race New powers

While looking around the world Asa saw that a reat war was brewing with Aenum,Ixth,Xulos creations against Vemrya Knights. News of this war also spread to the races that inhabited Aweven. Asa heard pray coming from the Sahuagins temple Preists. The Sahuagins pray that Asa protected them from the dangers that are to come. In fear of what might happen to his creations Asa gift only the Sahuagins with a special power that will heal the sick,turn that undead and give them the abilily to bless weapons. Asa give them holy magic.

AP2+5= 7AP-
MR3 Create Concept(Sahuagins only): Holy Magic allow for turning undead, blessing weapons, and healing.
= 4 AP

2011-12-23, 10:24 PM
Garen grinned, and barked an incantation, a blade of shimmering light materializing in the air next to him. He grasped it, and as he did armor of intangible force covered his robes. "Xulos demands my presence on the field of battle. Arliyan, please do anything you can do aid in the battle, afterwards, I can discuss with you." Garen waved his hand, Zombies jerking their limbs, and starting to march. They moved towards the oncoming army, dark clouds above.


Xulos turned, seeing Zalsar. "Greetings, Brother earth... what is the problem? Surely the dead deserve life for what they've been through?"


Garen chuckled, deep underneath the town. His Simulacrum would lead the battle, and then he would know if these Fae and the Eldmer were truly his allies.

He took the ceramonial dagger in his hands, carressing it tenderly. He stabbed himself in the gut, grunting in pain. "By Xulos black dawn may love be reborn in darkness and life." He spoke, taking the knife out and dropping it.

Wincing in agony, he plunged his finger into the oozing wound, and began to write in his own blood.

2011-12-23, 10:26 PM
Belithia squealed with joy when Zalsar and Nuada revealed themselves - more brothers to love. She will remember to go to each of them in turn and greet them with the love that they deserve.

Kiki-Jiki's madness and combined efforts of the Crown of Thrones brought such magnificent misery into the world - the tender care of loving fathers upon their prodigies. It was moving to watch. But even in Xulos undeath something was missing. Undeath brought an end to emotions - it was the end of love, yet it provided pain towards the living in such a harmonious way. Their must be a way to balance Undeath and still increase the spread of love: and just then the universe swelled with power. Belithia felt the touch of the creator once more - a care even more incarnate than Xulos'

Belithia caressed Chandoran's cheek and bade him farewell and that if he ever wanted to talk - she was ever welcoming. With that she glided toward Ein and bowed her head slightly, her elder brother held a special place in her heart - but then of course so did everyone else. She kissed him on the forehead and turned her head slightly and smiled at Vemrya:

I just had the most wonderful idea: another gift to existence!

Her heart beat, the grand one emotion connected every living being that felt any emotion - this link was a soul. Every living being shared this link with everything else - this link was wrapped in the chains of Belithia's heart. Causality and this soul was intertwined. With nowhere for souls to go after a mortal experienced the pain of death - where the one emotion was felt in a final grand finale - that was the end. Belithia using her heart changed this finality. Now when a mortal expired - and experienced the one emotion of pain/love their soul was grabbed and dragged through the chains of causality into Belithia's heart. Mortal souls will now become part of causality itself - part of pain - part of love. Souls will forever be immortal, and will reside within Belithia's caress till the end of time. It was the perfect gift to mortals - an eternity of torture and an eternity of bliss and happiness in all in absolution. Within Belithia, souls after death would face every emotion known - till the end of time. So causality demanded - Her love will never end. Instead it will be compounded with soul after soul throughout the eons!

Belithia smiled and spoke to the universe:

Our mortals will never know an end to my love

With that Belithia vanished to appear in the void, alone separate from any other god and reclined unto to nothing and fondly gazed at the world: which she had just discovered was yet another brother and starred at it lovingly, and began to sing to it a lullaby.

AP 1 + 5 holiday AP: Create concept [5]: souls! Only people with emotions have souls - so Fae and undead don't have souls: after a person dies their soul in dragged into belithia where it becomes one with causality and emotion itself. AP left : 1

2011-12-23, 11:17 PM
Lyuath growled, these delays were giving the undead more time to dig in. But the damnable fae were against him, and the nuadan wouldn't be much help in an army this big. So he sighed and starting marching again.
Vemrya laughs, "Petty squabbles? I guess they are, but I do not intend to let my creations suffer for my mistakes, so I will squabble on." He then turns to Zalasar and says "I apologize for any pain or discomfort I have caused, and I apologize for disrupting your cycles with my actions. I will endeavor to prevent this in the future, but if I do, please tell me and I will endeavor to fix whatever needs fixing. And as for you Belithia, you're a whore, and the sight of you disturbs me, with your damn grey skin and your hideously pink dress. What are you, the goddess of "Oh god my eyes are bleeding, please kill me now"?"

2011-12-23, 11:28 PM
Zalsar turns to Ein with one of his empty eyes.

"Those are none of my concerns."

He swims up to look down upon the gathered divinities.

"Your dead are stagnant conglomerates of rot unwilling to scatter back into the greater cycles of renewal that provide for My Greater health. Life starts, life grows, life ends, and those elemental components of it return to My Greater whole to be sent towards new life."

Zalsar illustrates his point with a mass of twisting elements depicting the cycles of life at an accelerated rate before merging back into his aspect-form.

"Minuscule and insignificant as these disruptions in themselves may be, you are their source. And you are neither minuscule nor insignificant, and it disturbs me that you, creators, might endanger My Greater existance, all creation, with such reckless..."

Zalsar pauses, looks towars Ein and back to the gathered divinities.

"... Petty squabbles."

2011-12-23, 11:38 PM
Zalsar turns to Ein with one of his empty eyes.

"Those are none of my concerns."

He swims up to look down upon the gathered divinities.

"Your dead are stagnant conglomerates of rot unwilling to scatter back into the greater cycles of renewal that provide for My Greater health. Life starts, life grows, life ends, and those elemental components of it return to My Greater whole to be sent towards new life."

Zalsar illustrates his point with a mass of twisting elements depicting the cycles of life at an accelerated rate before merging back into his aspect-form.

"Minuscule and insignificant as these disruptions in themselves may be, you are their source. And you are neither minuscule nor insignificant, and it disturbs me that you, creators, might endanger My Greater existance, all creation, with such reckless..."

Zalsar pauses, looks towars Ein and back to the gathered divinities.

"... Petty squabbles."

Xulos blinks at Zalsar, then laughs. "So that's what that... thing... is. My apologies brother earth, I didn't realize that behemoth of a tub of lard was your body." Conjuring a zombie in his hand, Xulos laughed. "See, you're wrong about this. These mortals that live on you... they're NOT made from you... they're made from US. And I suppose its time we took them off of you."

A plane popped into being, a sphere of rock that mirrored the established terrain and physical features of Zalsar's body. All of a sudden, every living or dead thing, every corpse, race, bit of civilization, or anything that a god other than Zalsar had placed upon the world, was transported to this plane.

The gods found themselves unable to enter the plane, the presence of mortals somehow interfering.

6 AP - 1 AP = 5 AP
2 Pantheon AP - 2 Pantheon AP = 0 Pantheon AP
2 Pantheon AP: Weave Plane: Mirrodin, the Prime Material Plane.
1 AP: Bless: All creations have been transported to Mirrodin through divine intervention.

2011-12-24, 12:09 AM
Zalsar's spiritual gravity shakes the Void as it denies the pull of Xulos' fickle act.

"My nutrients feed your shores, which feed your plants, which feed your animals, which feed the lands in turn, my winds carry their seeds and give them what they need to breathe. Only your dead break from my cycles. Maybe your firstborn creations were not of me, but what exists now is. Even your dead are made of flesh granted by my processes."

8 AP - 1 = 7 AP

1 AP: Curse: Counter the blessing that pulls all things to another world.

Don't get me wrong Dark, but that action kind of poops on the 8 AP expenditure I made earlier. Converting it into nothing more than an exceedingly overpriced create plane.

Not to mention the thematic screwup, if this goes through I may as well drop the game (or at the very least rework his entire precept), because as is, Zalsar doesn't survive as a concept if things... don't dwell upon him.

2011-12-24, 01:30 AM
A strong wind blows over Lyuath's army, with dust rolling by. When it clears, the five Fae are visible on the ridge, outlined by the sunset. The Lowliest Peasant smiles, as he has made contracts with weapons of all sorts to protect himself. He felt a new power at his fingers, one of equal strength to Contracts. One that allowed him to become the god of his immediate surroundings, and over Casuality itself.

Fate-shaping, and control. The power to control the strands of Fate itself.
Current AP:7
Create Concept MR5: Fate Shaping and Control
The Fae can control Casuality itself, they can see Fate's threads, and cut them, or add them anywhere. The Fae shapes the reality around them, the future general could be diverted to being a simple soldier. The applications are nearly endless. The Fae can gather energy from breaking threads of Fate, and they can use them in a manner that emotions are used to fuel contracts, but this method is much more potent. Fae can even alter Contracts, and end lives indirectly with this power. This ability doesn't affect the undead, or other Fae.

Mortals can learn a weakened version, allowing them to twist fate in interesting ways. Mostly it's used for implementing a pattern into real life(Rule of Three, Unlucky 13 etc). It can create small boons of luck, or inconvient curses. Using this ability makes one more Fae, and will be part of becoming a willing Changeling once they are created. The use of this loosens Casuality's effect on you.
Current AP:2

The Lowliest Peasant looked on, and swooped in and kick the first in line of the soldiers, grabbing his cord of fate, and removing the event when his now never-existent daughter was born. He savored the ripples this caused, and used it to summon a hundred mirror copies of himself to fool the enemy.

2011-12-24, 02:05 AM
As Belithia was singing her lullaby towards the world her new found brother she felt the struggles of her siblings, and wondered why weren't her children invlved. A mother was always worried that her children weren't getting along with their relatives. Just then she heard Vemrya's insult catch the wind and carry itself to her ears and a tear rolled down her cheek, he had learned pain so very well - he was a fine student and a Xulos a fine teacher. Her lullaby carried her pride at Vemrya's progress and her love toward Xulos 's brotherly affection towards Zalsar and Vemrya - what a fine father he would make.

Just then she felt her scheming elder brother begin twisting and cutting at the strands of fate. She smiled - a struggle against destiny? Such a thing was itself the epitome of hope and dread. Such a thing was a balance of conflicting emotion - and belithia had already seen it that souls, emotion and fate were all tied together. Cutting one strand did not eliminate the others - they were braided together. Did Zith think causality didn't take the manipulation of causality into effect? The futility of it - would prove a torture to mortals, it would prove a source of love. Zith was the lord of hope! Such a dear brother of hers - he always knew how to give the best gifts! she blew him a kiss that would traverse the void to reach him.

Belithia though thought it would be best if she mentally let Asa know that time was being changed - she had worried her children were missing all the fun - perhaps this would be the best thing to have him get out of his shell. How her love made her worry for him, So she csend a message through the bonds of emotion and time, and reached Asa as he was playing with his giants - she spoke of mortals breaking loose of destiny and then she wished him luck - and smiled. A smile that Asa could feel, a smile that contained all the love a mother can give.

2011-12-24, 07:28 AM
Kiki-Jiki looked at his shroom-caster now screaming in fear and agony. Yes chaos was at its climax within them but it had to be turned into something useful, but how? It was a concern for later.

World god speaks of cycle and renewal yet elementals are immortal. Hypocrite babbling and non-sense. Gobbo`s made by Kiki-Jiki, not world god. Gobbo Wasteland created by Kiki-Jiki, not by world god. Kiki-Jiki granted wastelands to world before world revealed itself as a god creature. And Plague God, what is Plague God planning? New world?

2011-12-24, 11:43 AM
Xulos spits his plague-ridden bile at Zalsar. "As Kiki-Jika said, we created these beings, not you, and when I give them a new home, you take them back. Relinquish them, or I will be forced to take them by force."

2011-12-24, 01:04 PM
Zalsar's tentacles grow iron spikes and his body oozes molten stone.

"My elementals are but spirits, once they need their bodies no longer they abandon them back into the world."

"And if force is the means to your end, then force it shall be met with."

It does not bear mentioning that the spit evaporates.

2011-12-25, 03:59 PM
Vemrya steps forward in between Zalasar and Xulos and says, "Brothers, you have nothing to gain by fighting, and and you both have much to lose. Now, if you cannot be civil about where your creations will live or not live, I would suggest Xulos move his to Mirrodin. Zalasar, if you feel that you need those creations to sustain your cycles, I will replace them myself." With that, he turns to Ixth and says "You're creations are impressive. But I know how to defeat them."

Rollover AP! 0+3= 3 AP

2011-12-25, 04:03 PM
"The World speaks truth. Your petty fighting only causes more harm than it causes good. Perhaps he alone is the sane one within this family of Gods. He can defend himself against you all. Perhaps some sanity will come."

Ein turns, glancing back at the Gods.

"I forsake all but the World itself."

2011-12-25, 04:09 PM
Vemrya turns to Ein and bows. "As you wish, but remember that I owe you a favor. I wish you luck in your endeavors."

2011-12-25, 04:51 PM
Xulos grins maniacally, weaving his hands in intricate patterns. "And so Mirrodin regains its people." All creation upon Zalsar again feels the tug, being transported to Mirrodin. "I forsake you as well, oh pitiful one. Forevermore, shall your people be plagued with pestilence."

5 AP + 3 AP - 1 AP - 1 AP = 6 AP
Bless: Again, all creation is going to Mirrodin.
Curse: The People are cursed with extremely poor immune systems, and an abundance of disease spreading insects on their land.

2011-12-25, 04:52 PM
Vemrya's eyes flash and he says one word, "No."

Bless: The Aeron are returned to the first world.
Bless: The Aeron decompose immediately after death.
3-1-1= 1 AP

2011-12-25, 05:00 PM
Ixth looks at Vemrya,"I don't care if you know how to beat the Fae, you are a god. You told us that yourself, didn't you? Right before your little scuffle with Xulos. The Fae are immortal, the shadows they use as bodies can wither and die, but their full self remains."

"Regardless, the Fae still reside in the Realm of the Dream. They will be able to access both worlds regardless. I will refrain from your petty struggles, they are illogical"

2011-12-25, 05:06 PM
Vemrya laughs before saying, "I am illogical. Maybe thats why I keep losing these fights. But I like being illogical, its the only way I can love my creations. They're important to me. So I'll go on being illogical and getting in petty squabbles to protect the Aeron.

2011-12-25, 05:21 PM
"If you truly want to protect them, you would create a plane for them, and keep them in there, away from danger," Ixth puts the chess piece down onto a materialized board.

2011-12-25, 05:40 PM
Zalsar prepares to force against Xulos once more, until he feels that Vemrya did it in his stead, the deed is prevented.


For a tiny fraction of the creatures of the world. Pale flames of unknown colors light themselves in the hollows of Zalsar's eyes as he realizes the fact, and his world-body squirms and twists, thruming even as it releases the plaques of its back upon which the original lands rest, and then pulling back the tendrils whose end are his aspect-body between the gods.

The Leviathan twists and coils for a few moments, before curling into a ball and starting to bleed magma and strange fumes, his tectonic hide stretches strangely and rips, then in a burst of geological gore, the deity splits open and his innards stretch out to reveal a brown and gold Spark of Divinity, which soon churns into a sickly purple, green and brass and sinks once more into its flesh, which colapses and starts to boil into new form.

Filaments of flesh and silver stretch out from the seed of a new deity, spreading like capillaries, micelium or roots. Dirt, meat and tarnished metal follow in their wake as if musculature, leaving only the hint of wood, metal and stone bones visible before they settle, horrid organs burst from the center, rising and decending surrounded by those same capillary structures, pus floods into diseased oceans from malformed vases and the begginings of a hundred titanic lungs exhalate their first bursts of smoke into a polluted atmosphere. From the bottom of this new thing grow tentacles and tangled limbs, and from its upper side rise barbed spires of queratin around a tall central mountain not entirelly unlike a massive nightmare tree.

Zalsaram hums for the first time as the world did before him, and turns the radioactive light of all his eyes towards the gathering of deities above him.


It is apparent that this... thing is larger than Zalsar used to be.

8+3 AP = 11 AP.

0 AP:Zalsar is reborn as Zalsaram!

0 AP: Four Create Land actions (from way back) reworked into four Weave Plane actions. Four planes form the four-layered World-body of Zalsaram, The Charnel Forest.

Layers remain his surface, his oceans, his sky and his underdark.

2 AP: Create Land: Flying continent, the original landscapes that existed upon Zalsar were ejected from his back before his demise, races that lingered on these lands were unnafected. Continent floats between Zalsaram and the new world.

3 AP - Gain Domain: Air (Erosion)
2- Created his sky.
2- Created flying continent.
3- Created elementals.

3 AP - Gain Domain: Water (Pollution)
2- His oceans
2- His underdark (it has pockets of water, any action goes)
2- His landscape (see above)
1- Curse, keeping living things upon him (uuuuhh... Living creatures are predominantly made of water!)

Lesser God.

3 AP left.

2011-12-25, 06:45 PM
Ixth looks down on Zalsaram, he whispers one word under his breath,"Check..."

He applies his power to bring the Fae into himself, allowing him to fully connect with them, and exert influence over their antics.

AP:2+3 Rollover
Gain Domain:Immortals(Fae) -3 AP

5 for Fae themselves
2 for Realm of Dreams
Current AP:2

2011-12-26, 01:05 AM
Belithia smiles at her siblings engaging in brotherly love towards one another. It was so beautiful and heartwarming - heart rending. Her heart beat. There were two planets in the void now - shining like her own two halves - yet the two were actually one, just as she was. Just like the one emotion it was simply a piece of paper - reality that is. Before conception of reality itself was born that piece of paper was blank - only after the creator spoke and consciousness was born was that paper colored differently on both sides. Duality was an illusion - fragmentation was an illusion - the side of the paper represented the truth, just as Belithia did. Everything was one and the same. Your soul, your love, your hate, your death.

These planets represented the struggles and hatred of her brothers - one was born of the god of death and the other was born of the death of a god. Duality. That too was an illusion. And as the dutiful mother only Belithia can wipe the veil from her children's eyes - she was the mother bird flinging her young from the branch - so that they may fly and face adversity on their own. Belithia owed it to her brothers - they had given her so much and she gave almost nothing in return. She weeps and screams to her brethren:

Loved ones!! May you see the truth of love and hatred, hope and despair - of what these two worlds represent.

And with that she sang her lullaby and the chains of causality themselves - as the souls of every mortal who ever lived, lives and will live pushed and merged Zalsar's withered body and Mirroden together. And just like that two worlds became one

There was no mutuality, no duality, just the truth. The two planets now coexist within the same physical realm. Travel between the two will simply depend on the individuals conception of reality. Those who have lost all hope will find that they are really on Zalsar: those who still hold hope within themselves will still find themselves on Mirroden.

One realm of reality would be for those who gave up - a wasteland of a dead, no progress - just despair. The other reality was full of struggle, hope abound - as long as you hope, no matter how forlorn you had the privileged to face adversity, as soon as you give into depression, your eyes wake up on Zalsar. That is not to say Mirroden was happy, just progressing - Zalsar would be the reality of those who can no longer look further - it was for the dead ends of Causality.

Create plane actions 2: Merge Mirroden + Zalsar: New world has no new name, Fae/undead with no emotions cant change realities of the planets: but they can travel to the other world whenever they want: its the same planet. Enter a mirror on mirroden, go back through mirror and be on Zalsar.

Also what can happen is a whole army loses hope and is saved by finding themselves on the wasteland that is zalsar.

Travel is depending on if you feel hope or don't feel hope. its easy to fall into despair, but once your on Zalsar its hard to get the hope enough to wake up in the other reality (Zalsar is a wasteland).

The realities other than being on the exact same place on the material plane and same topology do not interact. A person on one is not there on the other - a city on one will not be there on the other side.

I leave it to the rest of the gods to define how the realities interact

2011-12-26, 12:20 PM
"yes, I could move them, but they are for the most part happy were they are, so I will not move them."

2011-12-26, 01:15 PM
"Your logic doesn't connect, mortals don't like dieing."


The Lowliest Peasant grabs a soldier's hammer, and crushes his head with it, before flinging it at another man, breaking several ribs,"Hmm. No matter your strategies, I doubt your blades will ever reach me."

2011-12-26, 02:43 PM
"No one likes dying, and for the most part, the only cause of death is old age and some diseases. I can't totally prevent death, and the men and women who die in battle are mourned and given a heroes burial."

2011-12-26, 02:52 PM
"You are saying you can't stop something you created... Diseases can be destroyed."

2011-12-26, 04:17 PM
Xulos wheezed, drawing power into himself. He wove a network of necromantic energy, making it a part of his being. He cackled madly, reveling in causing annoyance and strife. He rose to new heights of power, exhaling corrupted energy.

Gain Domain: Magic (Necromancy)
-Created Necromancy 5/7
-Created Zombies 6/7
-Raised Garen Drexelhand 7/7

Gain Domain: Evil (Antagonism)
-Created Mirrodin 2/7
-Yanked all creation over there, twice. 4/7
-Cursed the People with weak immune systems and diseases. 5/7
-Cursed the Aeron with susceptibility to disease. 6/7
-Blessed Insects as carriers of disease. 7/7

Xulos is now a Lesser Deity.

2011-12-26, 05:06 PM
Zalsaram felt a metaphysical shift in his dimensional alignment, and focused his boiling gaze upon the source of the change, his sister Belithia.


The flash of light widened, and wisps of noxious energy aglutinated within it into the form of Zalsaram's avatar, that same fishlike thing that Zalsar used, but... Different, somehow less beautiful but now with visible glowing eyes. Still gargantuan in size, coiled around the gathering.

"Ssssisster. Will you help me reclaim what wasss taken from me?"

2011-12-26, 08:31 PM
Nuada watched as his father, the great World-Eel, was torn assunder. Tied as Nuada was to his father, he too could feel the pain of life, and existance itself, ripped from his father's surface. And in his shadowy palace, Nuada weeped. Even as his father was reborn in a twisted shape, and joined at the hip to a new world, Nuada felt the pain of destruction. So too, did Nuada know who was responsible.
Xulos. The Undying God. That plaguespreader, the source of the cancers that drove Zalsar to change into this new god. Xulos had killed his father. And so Xulos' creations must pay.
"My creations, come to me." Three Narudan shifted out of the shadowy ground beneath Nuada's feet. "Your god, Nuada, gives you a new command. From this day forth, the creations of the Undying God, and those who ally themselves with him, shall not be guided through the shadows. They must find their own way through. Indeed, you must do all you can to slow their progress through our realm. Xulos shall find the shadows work against him now. Give my command to your brothers, and ensure Xulos and his creations know our displeasure." The Narudan nodded, and moved themselves to the new Prime Material, to execute their master's will. But for Nuada, this was not enough. He needed champions in his new crusade against the undead. An orgainization of people who would use their strength to put down the twisted beings that caused his father's death. And they would need a power, to give them the edge against the evil. They would also draw power from the shadows-shadows that would burn undead flesh like fire.
Nuada sighed, and pulled something from the shadows. A game board. And a million miles away, on the board of Ixth, a black king appeared.
3 AP
+3 AP roll-over, +5 AP for a Christmas bonus
11 AP
-1 AP - Curse Necromancers
From now on, Necromancers seeking to use the Shadow Realm for teleportation will be rejected. Further more, even the shadows of the Prime Material make travel difficult for them, pulling at their feet, and the feet of their creations.
-4 AP - Create Concept: Shadow Weaving
Shadow Weavers can work with shadows as easily as most mortals work with physical stuff. Anything which their minds can conceive of, they can create. The most practiced of Shadow Weavers can even pull creature made of shadow into existance, though maintaining such creature requires great concentration.
However, the power of Shadow Weaving springs from Nuada. As such, the shadows possess a unique property agaisnt those who are aligned with the powers of necromancy. Undead and Necromancers both find that shadows woven by those using Nuada's power are caustic to them, burning their flesh as the most pontent acids. Because of this, those touched by necromancy can not use Nuada's power.
-3 AP - Gain Domain: Travel(Safety)
2 AP - Weave Plane: Shadow Realm
The Shadow Realm is where teleportation, the fastest and, oddly, safest of all travel takes place.
5 AP - Create Life: Narudan
The Guides, Narudan have the charge of keeping safe those who travel in the shadows.
-3 AP - Gain Domain: Justice(Retribution)
1 AP - Bless Narudan
Break the curse laid by Kiki-Jiki
1 AP - Curse Shroom-Mages
Retribution for interfering with Nuada's creations
1 AP - Curse Necromancers
Retribution against Xulos for killing Nuada's father.
4 AP - Create Concept: Shadow Weaving
The inspiration for the power is Nuada's fury against Xulos. That fury is intertwined in the power, giving those who obtain the power the means to destroy the undead, and those who create them, with great vigor.
Nuada is now a Lesser God. And on Ixth's chess board.

2011-12-26, 08:54 PM
As the Lowliest Peasant was slaughtering the army, he sensed something off. He noticed that the Fae he brought with him....had swords in their chests! He swirled around, to catch a blade destined for his heart. The one holding the blade, was the Philosopher of Nothing!"Philosopher, what are you doing, I am carrying out Ixth's will!" the Peasant was screaming at this point. The Philosopher politely responded while sending a razor blade at the Peasant's throat,"You fool, you misinterpreted Ixth's will, why would he ally with a liability? Necromancers are a thing that will never flourish," the two Fae kings engaged in battle, with all the trap contracts disengaged, the army advanced on the undead easily. The sympathies of the Fae was in doubt, and Ixth's true intentions could not be discerned.


Ixth looked at the new piece on the board, not worried about the ascendancy of the deities around him. He looked at the new piece, puzzled by it.

2011-12-26, 10:45 PM
Lyuath bashed another image with his shield, cursing whatever god had made these damn things. He looked around the battlefield, and recoiled in shock, two of the interlopers were fighting! He called, "Knights, to me! We march to Bayhelm."
Vemrya looked at ixth with sadness before saying "Brother, I went mad trying to end diseases. it is not as easy as it seems. Now tell me, what is that board you always appear to have?"

1+5 AP Christmas gift (Thanks Dark) = 6 AP
Gain domain: Humans (Aeron)
Creating them 1/7
Mining 2/7
Farming 3/7
Stone Working 4/7
Blessing them with immunity to disease 5/7
Cursing with insanity 6/7
Returning them to Zalasar 7/7
Gain Domain: Warriors (Knights)
Smithing (Weapons and armor) 1/7
War 2/7
Knights Code 3/7
Ships(used for fighting) 4/7
Knights of Dryearlylth 6/7
Raise Hero 7/7
And now Vemrya is a lesser god.

2011-12-26, 11:15 PM
The Lowliest Peasant looked over at the army marching past him,"NO!" As he was distracted, the Philosopher punched him, and swung his blade, drawing a fine cut upon the Peasant's brow,"You haven't been a Fae King for even a decade, you lack the foresight to make decisions about Ixth's will," the Peasant fought back, sending lightning and arrows out of his hands, the Philosopher takes a cut upon his right arm. They throws the elements, and stolen emotions at each, brewing up a literal hurricane around them as these two forces of nature collide.


Ixth has an expression of knowing acknowledgement on his face,"This is a chess board, coming from a game mortals play. It is a game of strategy, and waiting for your plans to come to fruition, it reflects me in many ways. Greatness should never be rushed, for with a strong base, how do you stand?"

2011-12-26, 11:20 PM
"Interesting, I-" Vemrya blinked midsentence and when his eyes opened they were grey instead of his usual blue, "-'d like to learn to play it sometime. Strategy is always important, and should always be improved upon." He smiled coldly after saying this.

2011-12-26, 11:26 PM
"There you are," Ixth says this coldly,"So, you would like to learn how to play?" The board shuffled the pieces of gods off to the side, as one side became populated with the Fae pieces, and the other side became populated with Lyuath's Knights, and Necromancers,"You are beginning to understand....I have much to teach you."

2011-12-26, 11:44 PM
Vemrya laughs dryly, "You were waiting for me? How sweet, and here I was thinking you didn't have emotions. As for the learning, I'm reason. There are some things you could teach me, but always remember, I wrote the book on strategy. Vemrya keeps losing because he listens to pink and red too much. Now how does this game work?"

2011-12-27, 12:17 AM
"We shall see.... Chess is a game of what defines us. The King," Ixth lays a finger on the figurine of himself,"Is the heart of the army. Everything revolves around keeping him alive," he next places a finger on a figurine of the Lowliest Peasant, and the Philosopher of Nothing standing back to back,"The Queen, soldier that rises above the mundane battlefield," he points out a figurine of the likeness of Vemrya,"The Knight, striking in unconventional ways." Ixth then places a hand around the crystalline figure of Zalsar at the corner of the board,"The Rook, the Brute of the board, comparable to a cleaver," he taps the simulacrum of Xulos,"Subtle, the Bishop is, only as strong as the mind which wields it, like a scapel." He finally turns his attention to the likenesses of the other gods, strangely he is among these small likenesses, while also be the King,"Pawns, they form the basis of the army. It proves unnecessary to bring forth a cadre of powerful individuals when you send out a the small creatures, but this too is a lie, the pawns are the strongest unit in the game."

He smiles a near inperceptible wicked smile.

2011-12-27, 12:23 AM
"I can already tell I'm going to like this game. But it seems strange that you should have to keep the weakest piece alive. But maybe not, if the king is the strategist." Vemrya smirks. " So who goes first?"

2011-12-27, 12:31 AM
"Why you of course, I doubt you would have it any other way," Ixth folds his fingers, "You seem to be learning quite expediantly."

2011-12-27, 12:36 AM
"I was watching two mortals play to learn the movements. Lets see here, Knight B1 to C3. Its an interesting game, 20 possible opening moves, and it only takes one to lose." Vemrya bares his teeth in a feral grin. "I don't understand how I failed to discover this game before now."

2011-12-27, 12:50 AM
Ixth keeps his composure,"Doubtless you were busy fighting others for no reason other than you could," they played for what could have been an actual eternity, neither gaining any ground. He stayed true to his word, and not a single pawn was harmed, sacrificing every other piece to keep them alive,"I as formed to engage in this kind of activity, both on the game board, and in the matters of gods."

2011-12-27, 12:57 AM
"Now that was an interesting game. Thank you for the lesson Ixth, Grey and I will remember it for how many ever eternities we live, I'm sure." Vemrya bowed, and started to turn, before turning back to Ixth and saying "I think an alliance could be mutually beneficial, don't you? We are both gods of order after all."

2011-12-27, 02:25 AM
Zalsaram's noxious form breathed its fumes towards Bellithia and she blushed in delight. She hadn't yet spoken with this brother of hers and now he comes to her in need. What joy! His rudeness affronted her - in such a delicate way, this was a god built for punishment and vengeance! Another god may have thought of him as a tool to spread this image upon the universe - Belithia instead say him as a blessing, he himself was a blessing to the world. The world needed punishment - the world need vengeance - the world need love, how else was it to grow?

She floated toward him and caressed his eel shaped form, her body began to erode with such exquisite pain - Oh, how selfish her brother was not to share this feeling with others. As she bathed in his fluids and gases she looked into his eyes and asked

What do you wish to regain dear one? As one who sees all emotion as part of the same biological process you can already sense that you are both on beloved Xulos's new world and connected to the carcass of your old form - what have you lost?

She smiles, envisioning the strife her help would cause - the progress, the pain, the love - Her aid would be her gift to Zalsaram and her gift to Xulos.

Yet, As long as I love you I will help you dear one, and my love lasts till the mobious strip of causality ends. Tell me what your heart desires?

2011-12-27, 05:15 AM
Asa was watching as the Sahuagins use their holy powers to help the other races in Aweven. Asa gift of holy magic has changed the Sahuangins in many ways. With their power the Sahuagins form an Organization bent on helping the people of Aweven. This Organization was founded by two Sahuagins. Rhan was the High Priest in charge the other priests while Jager was the commander of the Organization army.The name of the Organization was The Creed of Asa Palms. Asa had gain a new power because of his gift to his people.

4+3 =7 rollover
3AP Gain Domain: Magic (Holy)
2AP Form Organization: Creed of Asa Palms
3AP Holy Magic
2AP Raise Hero: Rhau and Jager
=2 AP

2011-12-27, 08:58 AM
Ixth looked at Vemrya,"An alliance would be most agreeable between us."

2011-12-27, 12:50 PM
Kiki-jiki just watched as his goblins were transported to Mirrodin. A new home, ready to be conquered. Then he stared into the void, his mind flooding with ideas, concepts and Death. More images flooded his mind, Goblins getting killed by their own concoctions , Shroom-caster getting killed by their own magics, goblins getting killed during scythe-swinger training. Death being self-inflicted in the hoop to take others with them. Kiki-Jiki concentrated on those images, carving the primal depictions of them in his flesh with a sharp nail while mumbling words of power. Death...so pure...so violent

Rollover +3 AP
Obtaining Death (Violence) Domain -3AP
Create Alchemy 2/7
Create Shroom-magic 5/7
Form Organization Scythe Swingers 7/7
AP left: 0

2011-12-27, 01:31 PM
As the army passed the fighting fae and continued their march on Bayhelm, they had forgotten one key fact. Xulos was not the only deity opposing them. So, while they marched on, a figure stood in their way. An eldmer child, appearing no more than ten years of age, stood in their way. "I would suggest you turn around and march the other way; it would be such a loss if I were forced to destroy your army. Calculate your chances; it is not likely that you will make it past me, and even if you do, you will not retain enough forces to destroy the necromancer and his followers within Bayhelm. Of course, this is unless you propose an alternate scenario."

Arliyan, Exarch of Aenum, was only obeying his master's will. He was to stop the army here, unless he could somehow force a situation more favorable for Aenum and his followers. So, even while Arliyan mentally prepared himself to cast his spells of biting cold and fierce flame, he kept his options open.


Aenum waited and watched. How would this battle go? Would his exarch be forced to destroy the army--did his exarch have enough power to?--or would the army submit? Or would they, perhaps, take the third option, so tantalizingly unphrased? Gathering his power to himself as he retreated away by himself, the child-god smirked.

AP: 3 (Rollover)
Gain Domain: Power (Magic)

Introduced Scholarly Magic to the Eldmer
Crafted Stoneheart, which has near-limitless energy that can be drawn upon by magic-users
Infused Arliyan, a magic user himself

AP: 0

Plans for next week:
Gain another domain, this one Elves (Eldmer). Simple and straightforward, I know, but regardless.

2011-12-27, 06:14 PM
Love. Zalsaram knew none of it, pain neither, Zalsar knew of pain, but he was dead and but a memory for what he had become, he knew what both meant to his sister, however. Dearly and detestably so.

"Your effortss are appreciated ssisster..."

Zalsaram caressed Belithia's face with one of his tongues, a barbed thing covered in cnidoblasts bearing a thousand different toxins.

"But all you gave me are the dejectss of the wretchednesss Xuloss hass wrought, the worthlesss manure I will conssume to feed my mosst progresssive exossystems... None of the vitality that wass taken from me, hiss diminisshed mirror still clingss to all that was lively and gloriouss about Me..."

Zalsaram retracts his tongue, careful to inflict no further wounds with it, the cruelty!

I require the busstle of activity, my body iss no mere carcasss, for in sspite of hiss effortss I live. Sso part the gatess you have laid and allow them to be used freely ssisster, so that more may walk Me and know the wonderss... And the horrorss... I have to offer."

2011-12-27, 07:40 PM
Belithia sighed at the withdrawal of pain, it was so sensual and incestuous how Zalsaram teased her.

Oh you poisonous flirt! You exist in this diminished and wonderful form on Xulos's present to yourself and on the carcass of your old form. All that was lost was the shape you have lost - you are no longer the world - but you are now part of two worlds! You yearn and this furlong hope has you trapped mentally in Xulos's reality - End hope and you are in both places at once. Then you must spread! Breed! Birth! Spread your fertile wastes across both realities till they are one and the same!

Belithia smiles

But dear beloved brother I understand you want the mortals of the world to see themselves walking on your past glory - even though they, in fact, are - but if you truly want them to perceive themselves where they once were, all you must do is eliminate their hope. Turn hope into despair and your wastelands will be populated once again. Remember vitality is born in despair as well. There is no gate to un-weave just visions to change.

2011-12-27, 08:51 PM
There was some deranged, unthinkable truth to Belithia's words, nonetheless, Zalsaram seethed and boiled at them.

"Rejoice in how your wordss hurt my pride, dear ssisster."

His tongues stretch out once more, hooked and needled and sheltered in verdigris-encrusted metal tubing. Steel cables dancing about Belithia.

"Sstill, they sspeak truth. If I let mysself be defined ssolely by what I losst, then I may well remain Zalssar, sstagnate and be dead, I will accept your mosst lassciviouss invitation then..."

Zalsaram suddenly pierces Belithia with his tongues, churning through her innards with those hooks and thorns and tearing through in search of the life he desires. All too soon the tendrils abandon her, craddling a purulent sac.

"Rejoice, ssisster dearesst..."

Zalsaram rips open the sac over the flat of one of his tentacles, releasing a host of iron-plated things not quite wolves but perhaps more akin to ants or locusts and terribly tarnished to boot, nibbling ravenously at their parent.

"... For they are without number."

As the creatures bore through Zalsaram's flesh, they erupt upon the worlds bellow, still hungry and still countless, but perhaps luckly scattered, the tiny, tiny horrors.

3 AP:

2 AP - Create Life: These wretched things that the Elementals call simply Kruthiks in their most taxonomically exacting tongue.

2011-12-27, 09:27 PM
The pain was excruciating and unimaginable - Zalsaram's caress was so beautiful, so full of care. Belithia cried in pain and joy - she was a mother yet again! As she healed she admired her mortal children - born of her own body like Mao.

And Zalsaram's brood was one of dark desire: They had only one goal. To spread throughout the reality of mirroden and to devour all hope, to force perception - to create perspective. Belithia smiled, these babies of hers had already begun to spread love. Pain and despair. Love. It was all the same in the end.

Oh brother dearest, my dear lover, you've made me a happy mother yet again! I'll grant them a gift born of our love

Belithia's heart - the souls of each mortal - the chains of causality - the singular emotion: Kruthiks would breed upon these concepts themselves. The Kruthiks could not escape destiny, they could never be unable to feel every emotion every waking moment, and even sleeping ones, they could never stop hearing each scream of every mortal who lived, has lived or will live screaming their horror and love into their brains - but these concepts would drive the Kruthiks, the Kruthiks despite being trapped in wolf bodies were given all of Belithia's power - and they worshiped her in their way. Zalsaram was the father, but She was the brood mother. They were her beloved brood - she would never control them, just care. Care in her way.

The Kruthiks used emotion like a fang. The Kruthiks used causality like a claw. The Kruthiks would impregnate souls themselves - souls that had been or will be.

And they shall be endless, for like the mobious strip, they have always been.

Giving some flavor to the Kruthiks. They can now use 3 5AP concepts: The Kruthiks will worship Belithia as the brood mother and Zalsaram as their home. Belithia doesn't really control her children - and even if they turn against her, that love for belithia and if someone hurts them that their love for her children, the Kruthiks soul will simply impregnate another soul and then another ten Kruthiks wil be born: The Kruthiks are a never ending brood now (also very powerful now).

2011-12-27, 10:43 PM
Speaking already? Zalsaram takes note to leave more toxins in her next he does something of the like, all the best to keep Belithia entranced in her masochistic euphoria longer and needing less of the emotional act on his part.

The power to multiply faster and further certainly pleased the Charnel Forest, but he could care less for the unending sadism she endowed them with. But such a dint in efficiency was certainly balanced by her other gifts to his... Their children. Zalsaram takes note of that, and remembers to spawn his higher exosystems solely from himself, like Zalsar did the elementals.

Elementals, these spirits still lingered about Him and that bit Zalsar had cast off before dying, Zalsaram shoved that bit aside, he wanted not to think of it.

In his musings, Zalsaram callously forsook answering his sister's words, she would certainly treat such distance as some sort of emotional torment and delight at any rate.

Love: The Kruthiks love to inflict suffering, their primary feeling is endless sadism, their secondary feelings are endless praise to a dualist pantheon.

Souls: Kruthiks are numberless even as individuals, within their shells host gregarious spirits that split off with every bit of flesh, every drop of venom. A slain kruthik can eventually regenerate out of each bit that still remains, and creatures that die to their poison bear their larvae within their bodies. Only utter consumption by flame will stop these multiplications.

Causality: Uh... Yeah, what mystic said.

2011-12-27, 11:08 PM
Zalsaram's silence after their act of mutual love was torture - it was sublime. She wept and lustfully caressed his toxic body, before fleeing to the void alone. If she spent any more time in his presence her heart would have shattered due to the overpowering force of his love for her.

Alone in the void she sighed and looked at how her brothers, children and brood brought love to the world.

2011-12-27, 11:23 PM
"You do well to try and aid my dead father, Mother-Mistress." A voice from behind Belithia spoke, as from nowhere. "Still, there are things I do not understand. Your words, your actions seem illogical." The six, multi-faceted eyes of Nuada, only son of the slain Zalsar, appeared behind the iron maiden. "You seek to bless my father's ghost, yes? Then why do you tie him to the foul designs of Xulos? Why does my father's fall delight you so? Your heart seems pure, but your mind seems muddled."

2011-12-27, 11:52 PM
Belithia turns and faces the eyes looking at her from the void, and she smiles in delight - she seeks to touch her nephew but she only grasps at shadows. The lack of contact was a jab at her heart - this nephew was so unique in his love - the lack of connection was so delicious.

My dear shrouded one, why do you hide your beauty from the world? And what foul designs? Xulos simply loves your father too much. And your father loves too much in return. No one has been tied to anything - everything is as it should be, a perfect complete shape. Falls are just rises in reverse. The reverse is the reverse of the forward. Just like pain and love is the same. The truth of reality is singularity. I take delight in it all - and I feel sadness at it all. It's all one feeling in the end. There are no curses... just blessings. But my dear darling, how may I aid you? Your concern is so beautiful and I wish to grant you a boon !

2011-12-28, 09:14 AM
"I seek no boons, save understanding, Mother-Mistress. You say that all is one. Yet here I am, clearly not born of the same basic being as you. My nature is that I must remain hidden, apart. I am shadow, the opposite of light. And I seek to prevent pain from reaching those I care for, and wish to give pain to those I despise. I still can not see how pain and love are the same. Nor do I think does Xulos, or the ghost of my father." The eyes began to circle Belithia, as though whatever they are attatched to was pacing, trying to gather his thoughts. "I have been seeking revenge upon those who ally themselves with the Undying One. Already, my shadows work against the agents of undeath, and my eyes and ears look for works to use against the mageling Aenum. The Faelord, Ixth, is undecided as to his alliegence. Which leaves you." The eyes stopped, and a rapid clicking sound emerged from the shadows. Laughter, or as close as Nuada could come to it, with the strange formation of his mouth-parts. "I have watched you since the beginning. Even before I was born in the darkest parts of the World-Eel, I was with you. The shadows have always watched. You have a heart which is pure in love, and yet your works cause such pain. You delight in suffering, yet you love your creations, and indeed, everyone. It is perplexing."

2011-12-28, 10:43 AM
Oh, dear one - you seek no boon, but a gift it not given because it is sought by the given, gifts are given by the giver! And you and I are the same - before the creator spoke, you were too young to hear the echo of its voice, there was only him, we are just fragments of itself, we're different but the same. The contrast is an illusion - break free of it. Reality is based on perception, and its the very the difference between your separation of light and darkness which creates what you perceive as conflict. And what is conflict? Conflict is simply adversity? How does anything grow without? I am the goddess of fertility little one, I wish to see my loved ones mature and progress - stagnancy is the cruelest form of love - Xulos and your father advance each other by their every plan to drag the other down.

Belitha smiles and looks back at the world, knowing the her nephew was still watching, his constant gaze warmed her heart - his care for the world and her was deep and everlasting.

Before Ein was born there was absolute darkness, and after Ein was born there was matter. Darkness is not the absence of light - it is the natural state of being. Yet your darkness is not true darkness, darkness was all encompassing, you merely reside in shadows dear one. Shadow and light are just pigments of the true darkness. They are not opposites- just like two twins who mirror each other aren't actual opposites.

Belithia holds her hand palm facing the sun. The shadow of her hand in the light of the sun shrouded her face is shadow as deep and dark as the void itself

You don't have to learn these lessons, a mother does not need you too to love you so, but a mother relishes when her children grow. Gifts are given, because of the gifts themselves - although they have reasons attached in the end its because I want to give you one.

2011-12-28, 11:15 AM
The shadows stayed silent for a long time. Then, slowly, Nuada began to speak. "I think I can see now. Why you do what you do. I understand it more than I did before, at any rate. I thank you, Aunt. I may not agree with all you have said. But you have given me much to think on. And whether my darkness is the true void which was at the beginning of time, or simply a shade of reality, you will always be welcome within it. Though you align yourself with Xulos, I will give you safe passage through my halls of shadow." From within his dark veil, Nuada bowed to his strangest relative. He could not decide whether she was the wisest of them all, or mad as a march hare. Nor was he sure if it mattered.

2011-12-28, 11:16 PM
Ethreis hovered in the void, a smile touching his lips now that no-one was around. The harlequin mask covered his face anyways, was there someone actually watching.

It was odd, as he was almost sure that he actually felt happiness, and yet he didn't. It was a void, but a ... content void?

Slowly he breathed onto the combine of Zalsar and Mirrodin. Flourish would the horror of his will.

22 AP O.O

- 5 Create Concept: Treachery. No, not the normal kind. This is a voice that whispers in peoples ears, willing them to commit the act against someone that trusts them.

Someone commiting the act is aided, their footsteps silenced, the investigators blinded. A voice that alters actions to hide the event of treachery....

-2 Create Orginization: Or, more create 'cult'... The Last Whisper, a group of people who are in the employ of others. Their entire existance is about removing any belief in trust. Their goal is to make every man be untrusting of his son, to suspect his wife. A noble to watch his advisor. A man to watch his trusted friends.... That is their goal.

-3 Gain Domain: Betrayal(Guided)

12 remaining AP...

2011-12-28, 11:29 PM
"Child, we go not to battle, but to contain the army there, to protect the citizens of this realm. If you would stand aside to let us perform our duty, I'm sure at least one more god would smile upon you. But if you will not let us pass without a fight, then I suppose we must negotiate." Lyuath spoke calmly and determinedly, hoping to win this strange child over to his side.
Vemrya's face broke into a cold grin and he said, "Excellent. To our newfound friendship, may it last as long as the void."

2011-12-28, 11:55 PM
A smile cracked over Ixth face as Vemrya said this,"And span across the time itself..." He looks inward, at the loom of fate, seeing things set in motion. His spawn was doing well, having created the power of treachery. The Fae would make good use of this....

He sent a shadow to meet with Zalsarsam, creating a crystal square to sit cross legged on. He exposed his true form, peering into the loom of fate, from the exterior,"Greetings, Corpse World. My condolences for your loss, but you can....rebuild. Would you like my assistance in such efforts? My techniques are...unorthodox at best, but we could work an agreement out."

2011-12-29, 03:43 PM
Ixth turned an eye upon the mortal plane, and saw that even with the immense power of the Fae, a mortal still, albeit very rarely, could permanently kill one if they ventured into the Realm of the Dream, and struck it down there. Even looked upon the souls of mortals, and a wicked idea came into his head. He took the unique energy that comprised the Realm of Dreams, and the Fae themselves, and made it to attach itself to souls. This would open their eyes to the loom of fate, and the agreements of the universe. They keep a tenuous connection to fate and causality, which suited his goals.

Create Race:Changelings MR2
The result of interacting with the Fae, or "following your dreams", a Changeling is only slightly physically better than a member of the race it was derived from. Any member of a race that has a soul can become a Changeling. Changlings can use Contracts and Fate Shaping innately, just not on the level of the Fae.

There are 3 ways to become a Changeling, the first is accidentally. When a mortal enters the Realm of the Dream, their soul becomes tainted with Fae essence. If someone stays in the Realm of the Dream for three days, their shadow will change. After a week their eyes will change, and after a month their body will change. If they realize their new nature, they become a full Changeling. If they leave the Realm before the realization, they will not become a Changeling, but their soul will have permanent Fae taint.

The second way is indoctrination, a Fae can make a mortal into an Apprentice by revealing its true nature on a night of a new moon. This doesn't make the Changeling a slave, but the Changeling can't use any of his new powers to affect his "Mentor".

The third way is to become a willing Changeling. A mortal needs to be proficient in mortal lvel Fate shaping, and Oathes to become a Changeling in this manner.

The Fae energy is a parasite,gradually replacing the soul with a Fae mockery of the immortal soul. The Fae energy grows as a mortal realizes the truth about Fate, which is that only by becoming a Fae can one escape the chains of causality. When a Changeling realizes that truth, and gains enough power to make another True Name for itself, it undergoes a Second Birth, with its physical form cracking, and revealing the Fae form underneath. If a Changeling dies, both the soul and Fae Essence attached to it go to Belithia, letting the Fae Essence taint the immortal souls of the dead. This may affect Belithia sometime in the future.

Changelings are emotionally distant. While reversing the process is impossible, strong emotions can keep one from becoming one of the Fae, usually extreme hate, or true love. Even sadness can keep a Changeling grounded. The only exception to this is mind crushing despair, speeding up the change in an effort to escape emotions. Changelings can go between worlds like the Fae, and can enter the Realm of the Dream like them. Changelings can also store emotions like the Fae.

-2 Pantheon AP

2011-12-29, 06:24 PM
Zalsaram turned his all-searing gaze unto Ixth.

"Fickle Lord. Brother. I resent what your wordss, I am no corpsse, but alive and wrathful ass only the living can truly be."

Wrathful fits, indeed, because his attentions alone burn with caustic light, mortals under Zalsaram's emerald gaze would surely and immediately disintegrate in ash.

"But tell me, Brother. What assssisstance do you offer in resstoring, no... Recreating My glory, and bringing low our truly corpsse brother'ss heresy?"

2011-12-29, 06:39 PM
"Excuse my unintended insult Brother. As we both know, appearances can be deceiving. What you are asking for is humiliation of a god, you make sure to understand that. But first you must ask yourself, do you want to return to your former glory? Or do you wish to reinvent yourself as the world of lost hope?" He summoned forth a crystal chess board,"How low are you willing to become to defeat such an adversary as Brother Xulos? Would you forsake your creations? The sky, the ground upon which we stand? Would you eschew your body, and cast away Belithia? Would you tear yourself from the loom of fate itself, Brother, are you willing to do these things?"

2011-12-29, 08:08 PM
Zalsaram frowned at Ixth, the focused light of his eyes burning all the stronger for that.

"I care not for hope or hopelesssnesss or any ssuch mediocritiess. I will not casst away land or ssky for that would be simply abandoning mysself and dying once again, to be reborn ass ssomething else that would not be me. I wish not ssuch, not again."

"Further sstill, what are fate and causality if not consstructss defined by the godss? By my tacit decree, riverss flow and the land doess not, and inssectss do not sspontaneously become men nor the other way around. Where I a god of whim, these and more could change. You too, and our brotherss and ssister, ssonss and nephewss all define asspectss existance by decreeing them sso. To break free of the mosst sspecific of divine designss is your gift to a few mortal thingss, it doess nothing for the godss they cannot do themsselvess."

Zalsaram looks at the board, lowering a long tentacle towards it and evoking an emerald king in that limb.

"Ass for your quesstion, how low I will go? Not very. I will not casst away who I am, for who I am iss the ssole reason for my designss."

He lowers the king on the board and evokes an emerald peon.

"I will not abandon our dear ssister, because that would be moot, forssaking ssuch an excellent tool ssolely to gain the aid of another god iss but trading a mildly reliable aide for a lesss reliable one..."

Zalsaram lays down the peon in front of the King.

"No offensse meant."

Zalsaram fiddles with the outline of an emerald queen, but does not quite forge it yet.

"I will ssee our dear brother ssuffer what he made me go through, I will ssee him feel all that he iss lose all meaning and implode and be recasst ass ssomething else, ssomething useful to exisstance, with any luck. I will have death and pain lose all meaning if I may. And I will have Ein'ss light filter my fury to ssear Xuloss doingss off the face of all creation if I may..."

Zalsaram creates the rest of his emerald pieces and drops them on the board.

"I do not believe you offer the help I desire, for the quesstionss you assk have nothing to do with anything I concern mysself with, brother... Sstill, perhapss your game might disstract me for awhile."

2011-12-29, 08:59 PM
Ixth looks down at the board,"If you seek to bring down a god, then you must take down... His supporters. He created his Crown of Thorns for protection,"Ixth summoned up figurines of members of that Pantheon, which included him,"Say...you took one out of the equation," she shattered his own figurine,"You could make him fall, would you be too averse to doing that?" He stood up, and pointed down to Mirrordin,"You must send them a message they'll never forget," he pointed to his heart,"Would you be willing to carve out a heart, and send a fellow god to the Waking Sleep?"

2011-12-29, 09:17 PM
Zalsaram squints lightly, or perhaps he frowns further?

"An interessting proposal, but it risskss creating enemiess where there need be none. Ssoundss mosst unwise, doubly sso, coming from ssuch a clever tricksster ass yoursself."

2011-12-29, 09:25 PM
"Oh, but I am oh so willing to go through with it," Ixth unseals the cavity around his glass heart,"This is merely the first step to my grand plan, I am not well regarded around my brothers and sisters, this will foster unity."

2011-12-29, 09:35 PM
"Fosster unity? Pity, pity poor Ixth, victim of brother Zalssaram'ss cruelty? I will not be the sscapegoat for ssuch an inssolent plot, brother."

Zalsaram's glare does not relent.

"But do try and ssell me on your deviancess. I am sstill lisstening..."

2011-12-29, 11:08 PM
"Well then, I am afraid our goals do not align anymore," Ixth draws out a long dagger," For I will cut out my heart," he slides the dagger into his chest cavity, letting the heart slide out,"To prove my point," he grips the heart, already falling down,"I will cast it out," he falls down toward the realm of Gods,"and... I will become..." he falls into the Waking Sleep, the Sleep of Gods. His heart landed in the battlefield where Vemrya's army was facing down the child god's exarch.

Create Artifact:Ixth's Heart
Allows a mortal to control Fate around them. A Fae can not use it. It is a glass heart inscribed with runes of Fate on it. The first use taints your soul with Fae Energy, while the second use makes you into a Changeling. The heart corrupts mortals so they'll act like Ixth, and when they undergo Second Birth, they desire to pass it on to another mortal.
Current AP:0

2011-12-30, 12:15 AM
Vemrya stands at the chess board he had seeming lost at, before whispering under his breath, "King E1 to E0. NEver forget the gods can change the rules of the game brother." He then turns and looks for Xulos, and finding him, closes his slate gray eyes and reopens them as electric green. Smiling, he walks over to the dying god and says, "Hello brother, father, whatever you are. Wonderful weather today, no? Care for some tea? A bit of cheese perhaps?" The mentioned items appear before Vemrya, who is grinning so widely that it stretches literally from ear to ear.

2011-12-30, 12:24 AM
Ixth slips into the Waking Sleep in the heart of the Realm of the Dream, his very presence causing the Fae to get into a frenzy. His dreams were of the work that must be done, because he could...

Mortals saw into his dreams, becoming slightly mad as they dreamt, but forgetting it as they woke. His heart was missing, so his dreams had no purpose.

2011-12-30, 02:15 PM
Xulos glances up, clouds of putrid disease and rot surrounding him. He is weak, recuperating from his ascent. "Cheese perhaps, would you like to share? I'll cut it." as he speaks, a cloud of foul smelling gas erupts from behind him. "I think I've just invented a mortal joke." he grins. "What brings you to my humble home, Vemrya?"

2011-12-30, 02:45 PM
"Just thought I'd check up on my favorite rotting corpse. But I can't find him anywhere, so I'll talk to you in the interim. This whole Bayhelm thing, it probably won't end well for anyone, so Mister high and mighty sent me to negotiate with you." Vemrya begins pacing back and forth, eventually pacing in a vertical square around Xulos. "He is willing to let you have Bayhelm, and not destroy your undead army, on the condition you don't get it into your head to try and expand your influence on Aeron. A bit presumptuous if you ask me, but oh well."

2011-12-30, 04:52 PM
Xulos laughs, his breath spewing filth into the air. "Bayhelm? Ah, right. Go ahead, keep it. I never really cared for it, but Garen got it into his head to test his skills." conjuring a chessboard with the pieces in mid-play, Xulos moved the queen, a depiction of Garen Drexelhand, forward. His invisible opponent used a knight, a depiction of Lyuath, to capture it. "What can seem your most powerful piece... is often not." he whispered, gesturing over the chessboard. It changed, it was now Xulos's turn, and he had four pawns, zombies, that were next to the opposing edge. Moving one of them, it changed to depict an undead Garen, his flesh rotting. "All eventually returns to life... ALL."

2011-12-30, 05:09 PM
"Normally I wouldn't talk to you, but I feel I have to point out a flaw in your logic. What seems your most powerful piece is your most powerful piece, its the weaker pieces," Vemrya gestures to the board, and a pawn in the shape of a guardsman advances to the opposite side, becoming a knight in the shape of Lyuath, "that become the strongest pieces of all brother. Now I'll let green hammer out the details of the arrangement, as you disgust me on multiple psychological levels."
"Is the gray one done? Good. So you never had plans for bayhelm eh? Well, that makes my life a little simpler." Vemrya smiles.

2011-12-30, 05:52 PM
Xulos gestures, chuckling as he shrugs. "I may not have plans for it, but I think Garen may... and I'm not one to tell someone that they can't do something, that would be... 'Unjust'..."

2011-12-31, 12:09 AM
"I am like the honey badger in regard to justice. I just do not give a f***. Vemrya is the one you want to talk to about that, but he sent me instead of him. You could gently dissuade Garen from expanding, politely explaining to him that a god will drop a mountain on him should he stray more than a mile from the swamps, or let him go on his merry little way towards being the first necromancy practicing pancake." Vemrya shrugs.

2011-12-31, 03:47 PM
Ixth's body was laying down in the Realm of Dreams, the lines of Fate tethering him to Creation, and keeping him from fluttering into the void. He was unconscious, barely functioning. Ixth's heart was more than an organ, it was him. His goals, his plans, most of his memories, almost everything that defined him. A rare moment of consciousness appeared, and he was a blank. He felt nothing. He was nothing. Only a slight sliver of ambition remained, and that kept him from the void. Suddenly, a small bit of emotion hit his body, a tingle tear drop of sadness. He absorbed this, and a single tear fell down his cheek, cracking his porcelain features. A rush of divine energy came out of the crack, he had a sudden revelation. He was a Lord of Fate, he deserved this....

AP:0+3 Roll Over
Gain Domain:Fate(Manipulation) -3 AP
5 from Fate Shaping
2 from Ixth's Heart
Current AP:0

Ixth is now a Lesser God

Ixth burst from the Waking Sleep, and onto the Realm of the Gods, and yelled at the top of his lungs,"Who am I!?"


Ixth's Heart stirred, it awoke. It knew everything Ixth had lost, and that this was all part of the plan. Now it only needed a host to carry out another goal.

He tugged at the strings of fate to bring him a knight, one to corrupt into one of the Fae.

2012-01-01, 07:37 PM
The chains of destiny rattled and shook - Destiny was absolute, actions were only dependent on the individuals current perception of emotion - and since all emotion was in reality a singular state of being, what was destiny except a forgone conclusion. Their is no difference between being, or being. Being is a being that is being. Being is being. There is no simpler intermediary between being and non-being that explains and classifies being. To be is to be bound by causality and destiny - to not to be was to be outside it. But how can something not be?

Appearances are deceiving- if everything is identical to being and being is the same thing as being then there can be neither differences between things nor any change. To be different, or to change, would amount to becoming or being non-being; that is, not existing. Therefore being is a homogeneous and non-differentiated sphere and the appearance of beings is illusory. Reality does not exist, it flows, and beings are an illusion upon the flow. Just by existing everything already had a conclusion - that was the way of reality. Illusions were important - but they are easily swept aside, but causality and destiny are not part of that illusion. They are absolute.

Before Belithia appeared a chess board. Ixth's chess board. She smiled - Zith's gift to the mortals was the greatest illusion - fooling them into believing that destiny was the illusion instead of their own existence. The goal of manipulating fate was to become. It was to not exist. Ixth's provided mortals a way to erase themselves from reality. He gave them the keys to their own torture - it was a beautiful loving gift. He always gave the best presents. Belithia looked at the board - the duality of the squares was a misconception - just like love and hate are part of the grand emotion of her own heart. The board became grey. The pieces were all different - yet since they all existed - they were all just an illusion. That is not to say that the illusion itself didn't deserve love - it deserved pity - but knowledge that destiny, fate, causality would make that illusion reality within Belithia. Only emotion was real - the only way for illusion to not become. The grey board empty of all pieces became a sphere. That was reality. It was a sphere with a beginning and an end, because destiny had a purpose.

Ixth's heart rattled the chains of destiny. It tried to change the absolution of the conclusion. The conclusion though was already determined far in advance in Belithia's heart - causality took the shaping of destiny into account, shaping destiny was just another untold destiny. Regardless as Ixth's heart manipulated destiny a Great wolf like creature strode to it. The effect had been changed by this god's heart - a knight would have it eventually - but causality, the effect, had been changed by this wolf.

The Kuthirks were endless, they had already began to spread and devour hope, hopeless men with torn families suddenly find themselves on Zalsar, safe and alone. As wolves there society was based upon strength, the weakest were Omegas and the strongest were Betas. They each could change causality, devour souls yet to be born, and rend emotions based on their relative power. Yet one Kuthirk was an Alpha. If Belithia was the brood mother-goddess and Zalsaram was the father-god, this wolf was the king. Its power absolute.

Alpha smiled and looked upon the heart, it's power would corrupt a lesser mortal - but the Kuthirks devoured souls themselves - as mortals were corrupted and died and fae taint was drawn towards Belithia, the more powerful Kutheriks devoured this fae taint, as a delicacy - a taste that should not be. Kutheriks who devoured fae taint increased their power increasing in rank. Alpha had devoured the most fae energy of any other - for if Kutheriks were made to instill hopelessness in mere mortals, Alpha was destined to instill hopelessness in heroes.

Alpha would fulfill the destiny created by the heart, but the cause was different. He opened his maw and swallowed the heart, before disappearing into the shadows - it seemed that the Kutheriks, children of Belithia and Zalsaram were favored by the darkness. Alpha ran with its powerful legs, Ixth's heart trying to corrupt him from the inside - struggling and finding it hopeless, for Alpha, like a true gourmet, knew all about fae taint. And thus causality intervened.

Belithia remained in the void with her grey sphere with a beginning and end - her love for this illusion of reality was absolute - just as the destiny of this illusion was absolute. She sang her lullaby of love towards the world - and every Kutherik in existence howled. If a heart of a god could know hopelessness - this might be the moment.

As Ixth's sleeping form yelled in confusion demanding to know reality Belithia obliged

Oh wonderful brother you are the giver of great love, providing illusions for the illusions of reality - false hopes and false dreams. Few exist with love as pure as yours.

Raise hero 1: Alpha Ap left : 5 Pantheon AP: 1

2012-01-01, 08:16 PM
Ixth's heart struggled to corrupt the Alpha, never ceasing in it's attempts. But the Heart had Ixth's cleverness. It began to seed the mind of it's captor with true intelligence, allowing him to be more than just a puppet of the damnable Casuality. He also used the fae taint in his soul, and planted the seed of being a Changeling in his soul, allowing him to slip from the hands of fate. The final act was to make the Alpha's life perfect in every way, the things around him just fell into place


Ixth looked looked at Belithia, only seeing her true form she had at the beginning of Creation,"If I am a brother, then you must be a sister...What is this love you speak of?"

2012-01-01, 09:31 PM
Belithia smiled warmly and took the essence of her brothers sleeping form and held it to her bosom

Love my dear brother? How do you, the bearer of such beautiful emotion, not know it's meaning. Love is absolute reality. Love is unchanging fate. Existence is an illusion - it has no meaning without causality and destiny - emotion provides the meaning - it provides being. There is no being without acceptance of love. It is the greatest gift one can give - it is a required gift - being is reality and reality is existence and love is being. Love is existence itself. My dear brother are the provider of existence - you are a creator of love!


Alpha felt the god's heart coalesce the fae taint that he had devoured from the majority of souls into a seed in the center of the Kuthrik. He howled in laughter. The seed tried to change him - to make him lose sight of destiny - to make him lose the brood mother's gift of life. The seed found no fertile soil - intelligence gave him a choice. To accept destiny and become a puppet of causality that he could control but a puppet nonetheless or to hide from fate itself. If the heart had granted him less intelligence, escape from fate would sound like the correct choice. Intelligence though allowed him to know - there is no escape, you can't change the effect. Just the cause.

The Alpha knew the heart belonged to a Knight, but Alpha smiled - why should Zalsaram's mission be extended to heroes of the world - why not the gods themselves. Belithia's love and Zalsaram's revenge should not be hidden from even the most powerful. Through the helpful shadows it regurgitated the heart - and thanks to the hearts affect, life fell into place - the heart fell upon the feet of Xulos and Vemrya. Vemrya the greatest knight of all.

Alpha howled urging its brethren to spread and breed. The reality of Zalsar must be revealed to all.

2012-01-01, 09:43 PM
Ixth looks at Belithia with tears in his eyes,"I...am a creator of love?"

2012-01-01, 10:09 PM
Beloved Brother, everyone is a creator of love and no one is. From the lowest germ to the greatest god - each of us creates and furthers existence. Yet being is integral to existence. Love is integral to being. We can no more create love than to create ourselves - our creation is the spread of something that already is. Our very action merely breeds love like love demands to be bred. And each breeder is a creator - to breed is to create. You exist because of love and existence is the creation of love.

2012-01-01, 10:22 PM
A dark shadow falls upon Ixth's face,"You still have not explained love to me."

2012-01-01, 10:46 PM
Zalsaram's all-encompassing ears ached at the distant derangements of his siblings.

The Dark World shifted its attention to Itself and to That Which Was Not Itself... Could, perhaps, it feel fatherly pride at the righteous works of its brood? Wishful thinking, such things are not the nature of the World, they never were. Feeling was wasteful, Zalsaram was proof of it, his boundless fury and quintessential spite polluted and corrupted his landscape, the only reason he did not hate was due because he did not wish any further defilings of himself.

Nonetheless, his children performed their duties admirably, pockets of stolen life being returned to Zalsaram, and the charred lands from which they were claimed becoming a bit further unto Zalsaram, but split from him by the chasm designed by Xulos, accursed Xulos, his bones would be gnawed upon by the brood, as surely as Zalsaram would reclaim all of existance, in time.

For the mortals upon him, Zalsaram was certainly the doomed world Belithia promised unto them. Life was violent, difficult and short, so very, very short. Too short for anything to be acomplished, really. Such stagnancy of the mortals upon Him... was unnaceptable. Thus Zalsaram evoked his servants, those elementals of old, wreathed in their coronas of omnipotent emerald flame and their blood-rusted iron shells. It has been long since elementals had been seen by man and the tales of old told only of violence. Such was only to change ever so slightly, as the light of inhuman eyes measured mortal populations and culled the weak and the worthless, bestowing upon the survivors the gifts of the Leviathan Unbroken, bone and flesh of transhuman potence. The gift to survive and to thrive in the wretched world that raged and despised, to sing their vacuous prayers to Him and become of him, perhaps even one day reclaiming the hope of a better Zalsaram.

The god himself dared not hope as certainly as he spurned despair, he certainly did not fear the taint of emotion warping him further, but knew the surety of such ruinous feeling.

1 Ap + 4 AP = 5 AP.

5 AP: Create Concept - Mutation: Directed (or not) evolution of the self, allowing long term survival on Zalsaram and numinous, inhuman power to those devoted to the path.

2012-01-01, 11:00 PM
Vemrya's shift from a deep green to cold slate gray, and he says to Xulos, devoid of all emotion, "I believe there is something I need to take care of, please don't think that green speaks for all of us with the mountain threat, I am much more inventive," and picked up the strange heart, regarding it curiously, before moving towards Belithia and Ixth. Hearing Ixth's last question as he nears them he speaks, saying "Love is an interesting emotion, capable of giving both great joy and great sorrow. It strengthens, weakens, and is generally a paradox. Sister dearest would have you believe it is causing pain to others, but she is as, if not more, insane than the aspect of my insanity. Welcome back to the void brother, I assume you had an enjoyable rest?"
AP: 0
Rollover 4+0=4
AP: 4

2012-01-01, 11:05 PM
Ixth looks at Vemyra,"I guess I slept well...who are you?"


Ixth heart rattles, knowing that it is too soon to be reunited with its body.

2012-01-01, 11:09 PM
Vemrya's eyes shift from their deep purple back to gray before he says "A pawn in the grand scheme of things, but here and now, your friend. Or ally at least."

2012-01-01, 11:19 PM
Caressing the sleeping essence of Ixth, Belithia smiles at Vemyra's appearance

Dear brothers, love is not pain and pain is not love, yet pain is love and love is pain. They are neither contrasts nor a mutual duality. A paradox implies logical statements that lead to a contradiction or a situation which defies logic or reason. Yet Love holds no real contradiction nor is constrained by logic or reason - reason after all is dependent on causality which is born from love. The premise that their is a contradiction is an illusion. Instead love is emotion itself. All emotion is derived from love and love is the derivative of emotion. Emotion is existence. And existence is Destiny. Love is ruled by causality - and everything is caused by love. There is no circle. Everything is one. Everything is love. Love is everything my dear caring brothers!

2012-01-01, 11:19 PM
Ixth looks about, and then at Vemyra,"Then...did I know you at one point?" he looks at Belithia,"I still don't understand."

2012-01-01, 11:26 PM
"You taught me to play chess Ixth, and we had a very nice match. You won. And Belithia, as for your theories on love- Shut up gray and let me talk. Love is not everything Belli, it is part of a whole that makes up the spectrum of emotions. It is a paradox because it does defy logic, as gray would tell you, and crosses all kinds of lines, gender, wealth, race, everything! Its a wonderful thing, but you somehow corrupt it. Meanie."

2012-01-01, 11:38 PM
"Hmm, Chess...I will have to learn how to play some time..." Ixth smiles,something that seems uncanny on his face.

2012-01-01, 11:41 PM
Belithia smiles the smile of an ever patient mother

As a mortal does not see past the horizon he thinks of all his eyes see as the world. This is an illusion. The spectrum of emotion is also an illusion - love is part of the spectrum and is the spectrum. A paradox is not a set of statements that defies logic, but circumvent it - love does neither. Logic is the result of any given causality, and causality is the result of love. All emotions are simply love, and if all emotions are all emotions, then all emotions are all emotions that are love, all emotions become love and love is all that remains. The illusion is the paradox - there is no corruption just a casting away of illusion, I have much to teach you my dear brothers but dearest, Vemrya I am so proud of you for understanding love to the extent you have done so since I saw your glorious birth! Your understanding is so beautiful to me.

Belithia summons her chess board - the grey all encompassing sphere that yet still has a beginning and an end - with no pieces present upon it.

There is no game - just love

2012-01-01, 11:48 PM
"Hmm, yeah, I don't buy it Beli. Just because you take away the pieces doesn't mean there isn't a game. And you probably don't want to say you're proud of me, Red doesn't like you, and the rest of us only really tolerate you, besides green and me. Also, your logic is twisted and convoluted. Ixth, gray says to tell you he'll teach you to play chess again sometime, he just doesn't want to deal with the crazy sister."

2012-01-01, 11:56 PM
Ixth just stood there not able to comprehend what Belithia was talking about. And then, an idea came into his head, maybe Belithia was ...wrong.

"NO!" he stood up,"Love is the illusion, illusion is just an illusion," the crack on his face expanded, knocking his jaw to the ground. It shatters,"There is nothing," a small glimmer of emotion welled up from nothing,"Love is pain, what bull****, love is the shield the weak use to avert their gaze from the inevitable," he rips off another chunk of his face, revealing a loom of all the strings of fate,"You can not understand the lack of emotions, but you desire to spread your ideology to all who don't agree with you."

His entire face falls off, revealing the eternity that lies behind his porcelain face,"You sicken me Belithia."

2012-01-01, 11:57 PM
What is hate but a form of love dearest one? Even in the absolute absence of love, which is non-existence - even if you did not exist, i would still love you. Even if you did not ever exist or will exist - total non- existence the absolute absolute absence of love - I would still love you. A mother will never un-love a child, and a sister will never un-love a brother. And adored Vemyra, the pieces are an illusion; being and being is the same thing as being, thus their is no difference between things. Therefore being is a homogeneous and non-differentiated sphere and the appearance of beings is illusory - look upon this board. Conflict is a form of love, and with love their is no conflict - why divide the game between dual concepts? Instead just embrace everything, at once - as part of a whole. At that whole my dear sleeping Ixth is the truth of love.

Then when Ixth's true face falls open upon her bosom, she began to cry

Oh my, poor brother - even lack of emotion is illusion. The creation of emotion created shades of emotion, just like darkness is not true darkness from before the creation of darkness just the same with your lack of emotion is not the same as the lack of emotion before emotion. Truth is painful - illusion is easy to accept. And Pain is love - loves breeds truth. And truth is inevitable for truth is causality and love is causality and causality is inevitable. That you do understand. Look upon this board; it is an all encompassing sphere but it has an end. The conclusion has already been determined my loving brother - love is not a shield to hide from that fact but the embrace of the inevitable itself

2012-01-02, 07:13 PM
"I was making a metaphor with the whole chess thing, but can you please stop calling me dearest or saying you love me? Otherwise red might want to come out and RIP YOUR FACE OFF, SHOVE IT DOWN YOUR THROAT AND PISS ON YOUR GRAVE. AND THATS JUST THE FIRS- Thats quite enough out of you. And Ixth, you are falling apart, put your jaw back together."

2012-01-02, 07:31 PM
Ixth's face begins recreating itself,"You lack clarity , sister. Emotion is the illusion, the illusion one puts over their eyes to protect them from logic, cruel logic. Logic that sears away pain, pain that distracts from the truth of the universe."

Ixth looks at Vemyra, his face completely fixed,"I do not know what you are talking about brother."

2012-01-02, 08:01 PM
The ever patient Mother continues to smile - it was not plastered but completely genuine - radiating warmth.

Logic is based on thoughts and perceptions - perceptions are based on the illusion of existence and thoughts themselves are determined by any given emotion felt within the subject due to causality. If emotion was an illusion then logic itself is an illusion - existence then not only an illusion but an illusion within another illusion. Dear brother - see your own logic of fighting against this truth is based on your anger and love toward me for revealing the truth of reality. For logic to exist reality has to exist and logic has to be devoid of emotion - not the mere absence of emotion.

She looks towards Vemyra and extends her arm caressing his cheek and cries

Adored one - hold your love it is too much for me to handle right now


Every now and then a beta that created enough power for itself, by forcing others to follow it in a pack or by devouring enough fae taint to bend effect as well as cause would challenge Alpha. Alpha howled. He was hungry. This was just causality giving him more power - the beta's strength, went to his bones, his fae taint went to his own inner seed. Fate and Ixth's Heart's decree worked in tandem.

Alpha began to run through the shadows, the Nuaduran watching over him - he was after all the spawn of two gods who held the respect of Nuada himself - his new found intelligence demanded him experiment with his powers. The changeling seed allowed him to change Fate, his nature allowed him to eat effect. Alpha's mouth inverted and swallowed himself whole! In the dense void of himself he created a closed time-like curve. Ordinarily, causality demands that each event in spacetime is preceded by its cause in every rest frame. Now cause and effect happened in tandem. Causality broke down. Because an event can be "simultaneous" with its causeóin some sense an event may be able to cause itself - and so it was.

Alpha looked upon himself eating himself and devoured himself eating himself. Creating another collapse of causality - till he was sated: his own power - near absolution, among mortals only a fae king could match it - perhaps not even then. Regardless he would pay them no heed, he was to hunt those that should exist on his father's corpse, and the fae did not really exist anyway.

Alpha looked upon the chains of fate intertwined with emotion and souls, with a deep breath he drew into himself all hope within a mile radius and let out a howl to be heard across the world: a cheer for the arrival of a whole hopeless city into the reality of Zalasar and news of his domination. The Alpha returned to the shadows to begin his hunt for those too powerful for his weaker brethren - his weaker subjects.

2012-01-02, 08:13 PM
"Thats it, Red, you're in charge."
"Its about time! Lets get this party started! Belithia, you're gonna be in a world of "love"," Vemrya growled, his red eyes flashing with battle lust.

2012-01-02, 08:21 PM
Belithia blushes at her brothers forwardness and sighs in sensual anticipation.


Alpha emerges from the shadows and looks upon a fallen city - its living inhabitants long ago awake to the world of Zalsar. Only the dead remained. And the dead walked. He eyed one leading the charge. Garen.

But these are the dead magots of his father's killer, Alpha thought, what purpose was their to return them to his father's corpse? Besides undead didn't truly feel emotion - hope - despair. They had no concept of any of it. Just the pain of death.

Alpha continued to watch.... how should he proceed?

2012-01-02, 08:26 PM
Vemrya's eyes widen in sudden realization, and become gray again, before he says "I'm not going to do anything to you. None of me are. Not red, not Vemrya, not green, not purple. We are not going to lay a finger on you." He smiles coldly, predatorily.

2012-01-02, 08:27 PM

Zalsar is dead and there is no such thing as Zalasar.

A city arrived on the coiling, livid slopes of the Dark World, fortunate enough to appear where the atmosphere of Zalsaram was breatheable, instead of flesh-melting gas or worse.

... Much, much worse.

Uh... I digress.

Fortunate were these hopeless men and women, for their lands appeared in the shadow of Zalsaram's central spire, from which his numberless burning eyes cast out the ubiquitous emerald radiance that illuminated the world and gave it long shadows.

The spire was not these people's fortunes, far from it. Their fortune was an extant city, Mien'Dakar, most ancient and venerated of elemental strongholds, from its coiling cheratin, marble and obsidian spires looked out the ancient spirits of the world that served the Leviathan Unbroken.

Look up to these fortunate men and women with the pity they deserve.

2012-01-02, 08:36 PM
Belithia cries in orgasmic pleasure, embarrassed at her weakness in front of her brothers love. She sighs, smiles and states

Oh! such a tactician you become my dear - providing and withdrawing your love like a scalpel! Emotional torture of the finest degree - you remind me of sweet Zalsaram's touch - with a pinch of Xulos' love for me. You are all so similar - as you see all your varied emotions are connected. So beautiful, so gentle, so caring.

2012-01-02, 08:40 PM
Vemrya's smile widens further "Sister dearest, you truly defy all logic. But I have no emotions, I leave that to the others. So my torturing you causes me no pleasure, no love, no nothing.

2012-01-02, 08:51 PM
Ixth's face grew stone cold, the Lord of the Fae combed back his silver hair,"Belithia. You did not forsee the day when all mortals will be free from your tyranny. For I am Ixth, the One Without Love, and you shall not bend reality to your whims nor keep beings from understanding. Belithia, I find you to be an obstacle in the path of the freedom of the self. I may not remember anything from my existence prior, but I do care about those I am tied to, the Fae, and the Changelings, serve under me, as I serve under them. For this is not an act of love, this is a system, working to keep the other alive for mutual benefit. No mortal deserves to be shackled in your invisible chains, for their invisibility makes it so much crueler. I, Ixth the One Without Love, renounce your chains upon my creations. I am a god, one of few that will stand up to you, Belithia. Vemyra restrains himself, but I see that he is willing..."

Ixth the One Without Love, reached up to his face, and grasped the porcelain mask, for that was what it was, an intricate mask, and removed it from his face. He had the features of a veteran, who had fought in a dozen wars, yet still soft as freshly fallen snow. His features were chiseled out of granite, yet they seemed as brittle as porcelain. His teeth shined with a soft sheen, and his eyes looked like they were looking your very soul(probably were). A head of silvery hair affirmed his head, and he shed his regal garb, revealing more practical clothing underneath. It was a merchants garb,"To put it simply, I do not agree with your politics."

2012-01-02, 08:52 PM
But it causes me pleasure, and cause me love. And you are not the void of emotion, just the lack of emotion, just a shade - and not even. You are simply caused by dear Vemrya's escapism, his emotion that caused him to escape and create you. You are caused by emotion - true emotionless is emotion that never existed, never will exist or does exist. I'm very very sorry Vemrya, for all your and Ixth's escape - emotion, love, will always surround you.

Belithia smiles and continues

Besides your vindictive smile shows your capabilities for emotion same as dear Ixth's annoyance and anger. That is love, ever present. It does not chain mortals or us - it caresses everything, granting perception and thought - granting existence itself in this existence that is in fact not existent. Provide adversity dear ones - spread love and I will love you in return.

2012-01-02, 08:54 PM
A flash of searing viridian light engulfs the gods, and beneath the rippling of its waves swims the Leviathan Unbroken.

Zalsaram then emerges behind Belithia, looking down towards Vemrya and Ixth, his fumes filling the air around him.

"Must you all waste words trying to think beyond yourselves? Has the tale of who I was teached you naugh?"

Zalsaram sounds angry, but that is no big deal, he always sounds angry.

2012-01-02, 08:59 PM
Vemry's eyes shift rapidly through the color spectrum before settling on their original light blue, and he laughs. He laughs a hollow, mirthless, unsettling laugh. "Gray smiles because he wants to intimidate, he wants to cause fear. Only green, purple and I actually smile, laugh, love, and cry. Gray is cold, cruel, and ruthless. And none of my personalities were created by my escapism, when I realized what I had done with Xulos, I retreated into myself, but someone had to take over, and unfortunately it was green. The things he did made me withdraw deeper, and more personalities split off. Gray was the last to emerge, and mentally slapped me. He is the reason I am not mad," Vemrya's voice took on an edge as he glared at Belithia, "So NEVER presume to call him a shade. Or I will give free reign to Red to do as he wishes to you."

2012-01-02, 09:03 PM
Ixth stands tall,"If Creation is filled with love, it is your fault Belithia. You fail to grasp the meaning of love. You keep using that word, I don not think it means what you think it means."

He looks over at Zalsaram,"I fail to sees the relevance, I may not have memory, but I can look back, and see the lesson here is to not get into a p***ing match with Xulos."

2012-01-02, 09:16 PM
A billow of venomous clouds was Zalsaram's answer to Ixth's... Insolence.

It is possible that the smoke cloud was just a trick, however, because one of Zalsaram's many tentacles erupts from the smoke in front of Ixth, opening a glaring, crimson eye.

"You had better be that much of an imbecile and not mocking me, Ixth."

2012-01-02, 09:21 PM
"You are not all powerful Zalsaram. You are just another god, like us. We have the privilege of being insolent with you, simply because you are not our master, nor our better. Thinking you are better than us will get you nowhere.

2012-01-02, 09:25 PM
IXth simply sighs,"And you wonder why you fell, Zalsaram."

2012-01-02, 09:33 PM
"I will nonetheless bear no insults Vemrya! You said it yourself, I am a god and every bit your equal!"

Zalsaram still fumes.

"And truly, you are ignorant. I, Zalsaram, have never fallen... My predecessor did when his domain was shattered. That is his cautionary tale, that you mimic not Xulos and try and murder your kin."

It doesn't end well for anyone.

2012-01-02, 09:37 PM
"Bear no insults then, but don't think you can order us around! And you did fall, you are just a fallen form of your predecessor," Vemrya growls

2012-01-02, 09:49 PM
Far away from the mind-boggling discussion of meta-physics, logic, and philosophy between the three mad gods, Nuada looked upon the dual worlds of Mirrodin and Zalsaram. His gift of Shadow Weaving had already begun to spread through the people of Mirrodin, giving them a weapon with which to lash out against Xulos' foul creations. But they needed more. They needed guidance. They needed someone actively aiding against the undead hordes. They needed protectors.
So Nuada extended his will towards Mirrodin, the mockery of his once vibrant father. The mortals upon the world heard Nuada's call. Every single one who could claim union with the shadows heard Nuada's will.
"The Dead Walk. They are against the natural order. They are evil. Destroy them. In the name of He Who Stalks The Shadows, the Hidden God, flay them from existance!"
And some answered. One in particular answered most strongly. An Aeron from the city of Bayhelm, named Oscam Rosenhurtz. A refugee. His entire family had been slaughtered by the undead horde. And now he wanted justice. "You, Oscam, shall be my champion among the mortals. I give you a shard of my own strength. Do you accept?"
"Yes, Lord Nuada. I am your humble servant."

Rollover-4 AP
-2 AP-Form Organization: Shadowstalkers
The Shadowstalkers are a group of devotees of Nuada. Shadow Weavers all, the Shadowstalkers have gathered for a single purpose. They are hunters of the Undead, and Necromancers. That was the reason for their joining the Shadowstalkers, at any rate. As a secondary goal, however, Nuada has charged them with keeping the darker paths of the world they live in safe. Guides second, Hunters first.
-1 AP-Raise Hero: Oscam Rosenhurtz
Leader of the Shadowstalkers, Oscam Rosenhurtz was a refugee from the cursed city of Bayhelm. His family slain by the zombie horde and fey incursion, Oscam wandered the Aeron kingdoms for a long time, searching for a purpose. Finally, approached by a servant of Nuada, Oscam took up the mantle of Shadowstalker, and proceeded to unite his brethren under the will of Nuada. Now he leads the Shadowstalkers to find a new place of residence, where they can be coordinated, and rest between missions. A place born of shadow, and as one with it as they are.

2012-01-02, 10:09 PM
Zalsaram lowers his glare on Vemrya.

"Your valour is admirable, brother, but when did I order you, or our ill-mannered brother for that matter, to do anything?"