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2011-12-19, 11:38 PM
After typing out a rather large post and then losing it I'm going to condense this into one paragraph.

Hello, lurked for a bit, first post, very VERY rough draft of my first homebrew race. The race is the result of interbreeding between goblins and similarly sized humanoid frogs. I WILL TAKE ANY CRITIQUE.

Greemlahn are a fun-loving race, and are commonly seen as immature. Due to their short lifespans, many Greemlahn attempt to squeeze all they can out of life, though they barely seemed worried about death. A common saying among the race is "Death comes to those who wait for it."

Physical Description
Most Greemlahn stand around two and a half feet tall, with short limbs and long fingers/toes. Each appendage has three fingers, and one thumb on the outer side. Their heads are small and slightly oval-shaped. Their teeth are almost all sharp, a throwback to one half of their ancestry. Their skin is wet and leathery like that of a frog, a throwback to the other half of their ancestry.

Greemlahn generally get along with any race. Though expecially with gnomes and halflings, both of which can enjoy the finer qualities of a good joke or prank. The taller races see Greemlahn as quite annoying, but they see the advantages of befriending them and the disadvantages of making them enemies.


Law and Chaos
Greemlahn society as a whole is neutral. The elder Greemlahn are heavily sided towards law, while the younger generations are heavily sided towards chaos. It seems that as they grow, they burn out all their chaotic tendancies.

Good and Evil
Greemlahn are mostly good or neutral. Though there is a small sect of Greemlahn that are more evil and more violent than the others.

Most Greemlahn lands are in temperate climates, and all are situated by some large source of water.

Most, if not all Greemlahn have no time for religion. As such it is all but unheard of. There is a small sect that still worship the old, violent goblin gods.

Ghan is a complicated language made up of short, one to two syllable words. Many sounds in the language are made from the back of the throat, and to a first time listener a conversation may sound like a goblin fighting a rather large frog. Ghan uses the dwarven alphabet.

A Greemlahn's name is usually made up of five one syllable words. The first is their name. The second is tan, which means "Born of". The third is their fathers name. The fourth is tak which means "Born from" and the fifth is their mothers name.

A full Greemlahn name therefore, would look like this. Ralg tan Chut tak Dak

Male names commonly end in a G or a T while female names commonly end in a K or a C.

Greemlahn Racial Traits

+2 Dexterity, 2 Strength: Greemlahn are quick and agile, but due to their small frame they are not vey strong.
Base Speed: 40ft
Size: Small
Track (Feat) Greemlahns pride themselves on their ability to find people. Large hide and go seek contests invariably spring up whenever a group of Greemlahns come together. As such, they automatically gain the Track Feat.
+2 Bonus to Hide, Spot, Search, Survival
-3 on all Fortitude saves against poisons. Greemlahn have a fast metabolism, and as such any poison spreads quicker than in other races.

Greemlahn are a LA+1 race.

Dark Elf Bard
2011-12-19, 11:48 PM
THIS IS GREAT!!! All ya need to do now if you want me to play it is to convert to 4e...:redface:

2011-12-20, 12:39 AM
THIS IS GREAT!!! All ya need to do now if you want me to play it is to convert to 4e...:redface:

3.5 is the way I play. It's the way my friends play. It's the way my family plays. No way in even the Norse hell would I play 4.0 or convert any of my creations or characters to 4.0

Noctis Vigil
2011-12-20, 12:42 AM
These guys would make great Rangers, or any other ranged class, really. Quite well done, has good flavorful fluff. I might actually use these in the campaign I'm running. Thanks!

2011-12-20, 12:51 AM
Did I mention that my very awesome friend who goes by Byzantine just about ran me through the creation? Also, Noctis, my character idea was a barbarian with weapon finesse and run. Also I have a variant which switches the ability mods around and makes them medium size. They're called Ghlahab Greemlahn or Hobgreemlahn.

Noctis Vigil
2011-12-20, 12:58 AM
Oooo, think you could post them too? I'm running a campaign that revolves around unusual halfbreed races.

2011-12-20, 01:11 AM
It isn't a half breed race. It's just a genetic condition. Ghlahab roughly translated means Big F'er. Some Greemlahn grow taller and stronger instead of short and dexterous. Like I said it just changes from +4 dex -2 str to +4 str -2 dex and small size to medium.

Also, incase I didn't make it obvious before. The greemlahn aren't half breeds themselves. They're the result of two races fully integrating.