View Full Version : Magic Item Creation : Class Abilities

2011-12-20, 09:01 PM
Howdy Homebrew~
I'm currently working on building magic items for the fun of it, for pathfinder, and I'm running into issues that the basic cost assessment equations aren't helping me with.
I see a Ring of Evasion and I think to myself, what the heck should I do in order to assess the value of class abilities when applied to magic items?
I'm currently working on a cloak that turns into a wolf, similar to a figurine of wondrous power, but the problem is, I'm trying to figure out the cost involved with bestowing the owner of the cloak with Animal Companion for the wolf after a week of attuning with the cloak.

Any suggestions on how to use class abilities in magic items?
If rules for it already exist I would love to be pointed to it.