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2011-12-21, 10:21 PM
Alright, so I'm talking about these. (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=217700)

And I have made some new ones. Enjoy.

Favored Weapon:
This was your grandpappy's ax, and you are very good at using it.
Associated Classes: None
Least Mastery: Select a set of weapons of some personal significance to your character (a set of weapons is any group of weapons that are meant to be used in conjunction; for example, two short swords, or a belt of throwing knives, or a hunting bow.) As long as you are wielding that set of weapons, they are immune to sundering and you may take 10 on any attack roll involving your chosen weapons by spending an Attack of Opportunity. This counts as Weapon Focus for the purpose of prerequisites.

Lesser Mastery While wielding your chosen set of weapons, their critical threat range is increased by 1 and their critical multiplier is increased by 1; any projectile weapon applies this property to their projectiles.

Greater Mastery All attacks that you make using your chosen set of weapons automatically bypass any DR that would be bypassed by a special material. In addition, you receive a +3 Competence bonus on attack rolls, damage rolls, or AC as long as you are holding your chosen set of weapons; you may change what receives the bonus as a Swift action that does not provoke an Attack of Opportunity.

True Mastery While wielding your chosen set of weapons, any Combat Technique you use, except for this one, is treated as if it were one rank more powerful (Least->Lesser->Greater->True). In addition, the bonus granted by this ability increases by 1, and now applies to two of the options (i.e., your Attack rolls, your Damage rolls, or your AC).

Yeah... an incentive to stick with the same weapon. Because legendary heroes make their own equipment legendary by proxy, dang it!

Improved Disarm:
With a gesture, you knock your opponent's weapon out of their hands.
Associated Classes: Monk, Rogue, Swashbuckler
Least Mastery: You do not provoke an attack of opportunity for attempting to disarm an opponent, and if you spend an Attack of Opportunity while making your disarm check you may ignore the bonus to resisting Disarm checks granted by a locked gauntlet, and may disarm a spiked gauntlet with a -10 to your check. This counts as the Improved Disarm feat for the purpose of prerequisites.

Lesser Mastery: You are treated as if you were one size larger and wielding a two-handed weapon for the purpose of determining your bonuses to Disarm checks. In addition, you may now choose to have any weapon that you disarm from a foe land up to 10' away from that creature. If you spend an Attack of Opportunity, you may make an attack after successfully disarming a creature at a -5 penalty. The penalty for disarming a spiked gauntlet is reduced to -5

Greater Mastery: You may now use the Disarm action to remove the most well secured items on a creatures body, without having to pin them; when grabbing an item, all items count as if they were loosely secured. You now suffer no penalty for disarming spiked gauntlets, and may choose to end up with your opponent's Disarmed weapon either in a free hand or stashed somewhere appropriate on your body, regardless of whether or not you used an unarmed strike to disarm them.

True Mastery: You are treated as if you were another size larger for the purpose of disarming an enemy; in addition, by spending two attacks of opportunity, you may now attempt to disarm natural attacks as if they were a normal weapon, albeit with a -10 penalty to your check.

I remember seeing somewhere that disarming sucked because it was so easy to negate. Not anymore, my friend, not anymore.

And also, here are some feats:
Combat Learning
Despite your lack of knowledge about normal combat, you have become quite proficient in a single combat technique
Prerequisites: BAB +3
Benefit: Choose one combat technique, excepting Adapt and Favored Weapon. That technique is now Associated to all of your classes, and you may ignore the prerequisites for Lesser rank for that one technique.

Divine Blessing
Admittedly, you have spent entirely TOO much time practicing that one combat technique...
Prerequisites: Combat Learning, ability to cast Divine Power
Benefit: When you use Divine Power, or another equivalent effect that raises your BAB, you may apply the advancement feature to the Technique chosen for Combat Learning as if the BAB granted by Divine Power was your natural BAB.

I'll put up some more later. As for now, please PEACH.

2011-12-21, 10:44 PM
I always liked realms idea with this. I like these as well, but have an issue with favored weapon.
Greater mastery is less potent than lesser, but comes after it. I'm thinking with his system, the bypassing of DR might be a bit too much that early.

2011-12-21, 11:16 PM
Alright, I'll swap 'em.

But other than that, no problems?

2011-12-22, 09:51 PM
I'm somewhat confused by the True Mastery ability for Favored Weapon. And the Lesser Mastery, too, but not quite as much.
As far as I can tell, True Mastery lets you use a Technique up to its highest mastery that you have access to.
True and Lesser Mastery both mention increasing a bonus; what's the bonus, and what're the options mentioned in True Mastery?

2011-12-22, 11:46 PM
The bonus that the lesser ability includes is a typo; it used to be the Greater ability, and I didn't notice that when I swapped it.

The True Mastery increases the bonus to attack rolls, damage rolls, or AC. It also means that if you had, say, Parry at the Least grade, it would improve to Lesser. I'll clean that up straight away.

Any other questions, comments, or concerns? Anyone have any new ones they would like to see?

2011-12-23, 05:28 AM
Alright, looks good now! The ability to disarm natural weapons is a bit... bizarre, I guess, but nifty, and definitely a handy trick.
For other ideas... Perhaps something to use in a grapple? Oh! A way to attack outside your normal reach (like, a temporary doubling on your turn or something).

2011-12-23, 03:39 PM
Alright, can do!

I think I'll call them "Improved Grapple" (what, it's a perfectly good name!) and "Lunge".

Lunge+Parry=A rough approximation of fencing.

2011-12-23, 03:44 PM
Accidental Double Post