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Lycan 01
2011-12-22, 09:54 PM
The planet Belachor V is just like any other hive world in the Imperium of Man. Its cities take the form of massive spires and towers, reaching high into the sky. Millions of people fill these monolithic structures, keeping the planet's industries running at the cost of their own blood, sweat, and tears. The hive's structure seems to reflect the social classes within it - aristocrats and nobles in the upper levels, white collar workers in the middle sections, and the blue collar workers and social outcasts in the lower portions of the hive. But in all these sections and classes, from the greatest heights of the hive to the deepest depths, there is one thing that can always be found: crime.

Crime is everywhere. All across the Imperium, hives are always havens for criminal activities of all form and function. Murder, theft, rape, kidnapping, deception, vandalism, arson, heresy - they can be found at all levels of society in these skyscraper cities. Perhaps the greatest example of this is the Black Market. Many hives are home to highly organized systems of theft, smuggling, fencing, and illegal trade. From the nobleman's contraband augmetics, to the junky's nightly fix, it is all courtesy the Black Market.

But recently, on the planet Belachor V, in the hive city of Arctus Prime, something has changed. The Black Market there has experienced a sudden influx of a certain product - human organs. Typically, this would be investigated by the Adeptus Arbites, and would not be all that noteworthy of an event. But for some reason, the city's Arbitrators have asked for help in this matter. Inquisitorial help.


After days of Warp travel aboard a Rogue Trader charted for Inquisitorial work, four Acolytes of the Inquisition found themselves dropped off on Belachor V. Without much ceremony or delay, they were transported to the hive city of Arctus Prime, where they were then sent to the offices of the Adeptus Arbites.

Now they find themselves sitting in a hallway outside the office of the department's Marshal. The hallways is rather bare and entirely white, sparsely decorated with a few steel benches and some framed inspirational quotes. The hallway is lit by both bright florescent ceiling lights and a nearby window, which allows the hive's artificial sunlight to filter through its iron bars. The door to the Marshal's office is a simple wooden door with a brass knob and a tinted window, which is emblazoned with the title "MARSHAL" in silver lettering. Every now and then, Arbitrators of varying rank and uniform will make their way up and down the hall, though they pay little heed to the Acolytes. Except for Acolyte Quint Pericles, who receives the occasional respectful nod or idle hand gesture from a passing brother-in-arms.

For now, though, the Acolytes can only sit and wait. They have been informed that the Marshal will see them when he is ready - and not before then.

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Alright, here's your chance to introduce your characters, both to the game and to each other. Its likely you haven't had much interaction yet, so if you want your characters to be total strangers, that's fine. Or, perhaps they had some time to talk on the Rogue Trader ship or during the trip here, if you want them to already know each other to some degree.

At any rate, you have a few minutes to kill, then its on to the plot! :smallbiggrin:

2011-12-22, 10:59 PM

Jacques sits idly, smoking a scrounged lho-stick and watching as the smoke disperses around the lazily-spinning ceiling fans. A speck of ash falls on his flawlessly white shirt, drawing a small curse from the nobleman.

Dressed in comfortable business slacks and vest, with Jacques lean build and hawk-like features he seems to be one greatcoat and brimmed cap away from looking like an Imperial Commissar.

"This is an unusual precinct, for a Hive," Jacques notes, taking another drag from the lho-stick. "Look at the wooden door. Must have cost an arm and a leg. My guess, this place has a noble who fancies himself a patron."

Jacques stands to stub out his lho-stick, then looks at the eclectic group of citizens around him. "What are we doing here, anyway? Did any of you even meet the... distinguished individual who we are now working for?"

2011-12-23, 12:57 PM
Arl Maellar

Standing erect against the wall, fully covered in the red robes of his calling, Arl ignores the coming and goings of arbiters in the hallway as tinkers quietly with the auspex unit in his hand.

After a brief burst of sparks Arl mutters a curse and looks up.

"I have not met the personage in question though I met an equally distinguished associate of theirs through whom I was instructed aboard our conveyance to this world"

Putting the auspex away and pulling out his data slate Arl keys it to the meagre briefing material available and then to the instructions he was given. Reading aloud from the slate "You are instructed to report aboard the vessel docked at the facility. You will be transported, with a number of others, to the hive-city of Arctus Prime on his Divine Majesties world Belachor V. You will report to the Marshal on arrival and then proceed to investigate the relevant activity"

Putting the slate away Arl looks up and nods at the door in front of them "It would seem that the budget that paid for that door did not have much left over to pay for information for us."

2011-12-23, 04:35 PM

The pale, black-haired woman is sitting, too. She has given up pacing more or less ten minutes ago. It felt good to be on solid ground again, and in a place that remembers her so much of home, but the wait is making her nervous. And the fancy surroundings aren't helping, either.

She jumps a little at the sparks shooting from the auspex unit before catching herself with a scowl "Me neither, ne'er meet him" she answers. She has a thick accent that betrays a low social origin "Man came with a letter, say'd I work for them, now. I think 'e was another drudge just like us". She laughs a bit, then shrugs, gesturing towards Arl "The letter say'd more or less what his says. Guess we'll all learn more when the Marshal d'cides to see us."

2011-12-23, 07:01 PM
The short, blue-eyed man with the tight haircut and goatee gave a smile. "I guess that means we're all in the same ship, then, info-wise" he said brightly. "Orders come down the line and we jump to it, hm?"

He drummed his fingers on the side of his seat in a quick rat-tat-tat. "I haven't had much of a chance to introduce myself until now. Quint Pericles, formerly of the Adeptus Arbites," he announced, as though it wasn't obvious from the uniform, "albeit far from here. I can see what your vocation is, tech-brother," he continued, nodding at red-robed Mechanicus, "but how about you two?"

2011-12-24, 03:05 AM
Tajah stiffens, just a bit, quickly masking it with a shrug "I do lots of things." she answers "I can beat people up to make 'em talk. Jus' to name one." Also, she can make guns jam with her mind, and people forget they ever knew her...but the Arbitrator in the fancy uniform doesn't need to know that. "I come from a Hive just like this, so maybe they figur'd I would be useful. Name's Tajah."

2011-12-24, 07:22 AM
(Curses, my first post must not have gone through)


The nobleman eyes the arbitrator nochalantly. "I'm also from a Hive. Jorgumundr, if you've heard of it. The powers that be probably decided that you'll need someone of class and sophistication on this little adventure of ours."

"The name is Jacques, scion of the Du Khan trade empire. You can call me Jacq. The full title tends to be a bit wordy for most people." He flashes a grin through perfect white teeth, using a bit of self-deprecating humor to make his new associates more comfortable.

2011-12-24, 08:17 AM
Without ceasing his drumming on the side of the chair, Quint regarded the girl with a blank look and the young nobleman with a nod. "A pleasure." Although his voice was mostly flat, some lack of conviction, coupled with a twitch of his eye, made him seem a little ill at ease.

These are the sort of people who are chosen to uphold the law, he thinks. A kid who likely breaks it at every opportunity and a man who's probably never been restricted by it. He nearly frowned. And a coghead that might not even know it exists. Emperor on Earth knows what law he subscribes to. But so be it.

He smiled back at the group, all politesse and earnest friendliness. "It seems between us we cover all angles of investigation, then, hnh?" There it was again: that odd little strangled laugh.

"I've never been to a hive before," he added, almost to himself.

Lycan 01
2011-12-24, 06:25 PM
"Never been to a hive before?" a gruff voice observes somewhat lightheartedly from the other side of the door. The wooden door then opens, and the Marshal casually strides out into the hallway. He looks to be about middle aged, with a strong jaw, stern features, and flecks of grey in his black crew-cut hair, though he may have access to age-regressing juvenant treatments. He surveys the Acolytes with piercing grey eyes, but wears a slight smirk on his face. The smirk turns into a smile, and he jovially states: "Well, you're in for a real treat then."

"Marshal Alexander Rorik," he introduces himself in a formal yet friendly manner, extending a black-gloved hand out for whoever wishes to shake it. He's clad in the standard Arbitrator uniform, albeit with many more medals and shiny bits, and a noticeable lack of bulky armor.

(Quint Only)

Unless the Marshal has the balls to walk around without protection, he is likely wearing either wearing some form of light carapace armor under his uniform, or he has some sort of mesh lining in his clothes. Either option is likely very expensive and hard to come by.

"I've already been briefed on who you lot are, courtesy our mutual friends in the Inquisition. I must say, I think your handlers chose wisely, as you all seem to possess abilities and talents that will prove useful for this investigation. Ah yes, the investigation. I trust you've been kept in the dark about why you're here? Why you're really here?" the Marshal asks, quirking an eyebrow and folding his hands behind his back. "Unless you have any questions, I think we should head downstairs to the morgue, and get this show on the road."

Now is your chance to voice any questions or concerns you may have.

Also, feel free to make Scrutiny rolls if you wish to see if he's hiding anything, or perhaps gauge his opinion of you.

2011-12-24, 07:59 PM
Quint immediately flashes off a technically correct, if somewhat unenthusiastic, salute. "Enforcer Pericles, sir." It's clear the ex-Arbitrator couldn't even conceive of introducing himself any other way. He then shakes the proffered hand.

"If I may, sir, why are we going to the morgue?" he asks, perhaps seeming less nonchalant than one should expect of an Inquisitorial Acolyte. "We haven't exactly been briefed yet."

Lycan 01
2011-12-24, 08:09 PM
The Marshal gives Quint's hand a firm shake. "I like that enthusiasm, Enforcer. Wish more of my own men shared it. As for your question, you just answered it yourself," he smirks. "Our main lead in this case is currently locked up in cold storage."

2011-12-24, 08:52 PM
Frowning slightly under his hood at the mention of the Inquisition Arl Maellar steps forward from the wall. Leaning on the his staff, clasped in front of him, he stares at the Marshal for a second longer than is comfortable before nodding slightly.

2011-12-25, 01:25 AM

Jacques extends a hand to the Arbitrator. No harm in befriending a member of the local constabulary.

"Jacques Du Khan. A pleasure to meet you, Marshal Rorik. I am curious as to what you may have been told about me, I'll try and reign in my curiosity. Shall we head to the morgue? I'm eager to get started."

Jacques tries to get a measure of the man, and what he may have been told. He may be an incredible asset.

Scrunity(Untrained):(Per 38) [roll0]

On a side note, I'm surprised Scum don't start with it.

Lycan 01
2011-12-25, 02:05 AM
(Jacques Only)

The Marshal is certainly a rugged and experienced individual. And judging from his comment about the Inquisition, it could be a safe bet to wager that he's worked with them in the past. Also, your files may be whitewashed, because he doesn't seem to be treating you like a criminal or corrupt aristocrat. Either the info isn't there and your dossier is whitewashed, or he doesn't care. Being an Arbite on a Hive world, though, it seems like something he would care about...

2011-12-25, 03:00 AM
Tajah just nods, fixing her gaze on the Arbitrator, assessing the clean-cut hair, his eyes, and mostly, the several medals in his uniform "Tajah" she says, briefly, without extending her hand.

(([roll0](per 38)))

Lycan 01
2011-12-25, 03:27 AM
(Tajah Only)

Other than what you see before you, you can't really read the Marshal. He doesn't seem to be giving you any weird looks or anything, at least.

Lycan 01
2011-12-25, 02:32 PM
The Marshal gives a respectful, smiling nod to Arl and Tajah, then accepts Jacques outstretched hand. "Right, now that introductions are out of the way, follow me."

Marshal Rorik leads the Acolytes through the Arbitrator facility, down several hallways and past several offices. They pass by the occasional Adeptus Arbites officer, as well as a few of the city's own police force officers, noticeable by their pale blue uniforms. "The city's got its own law enforcement, who handle the majority of the patrols, petty crimes, and smaller investigations," the Marshal explains offhandedly to the Acolytes as they walk. "The Arbites handle the more important cases, investigations, and prosecutions. Normally, the case you've been called in on would be something the local law enforcement would handle. But... as you'll see in a moment..." he frowns.

At the end of a hallway, there's a steel sliding door, with a keypad mounted on the wall beside it. The Marshal taps in a few numbers, and the door raises with a pneumatic hiss. The Marshal leads them into another, smaller hallway. White-walled and brightly lit like most of the other hallways they've been on, this one is different due to the fact that there are a pair of heavily armed and armored Arbitrators standing guard inside of it. The two officers are decked out in full carapace armor, and sporting autoguns with various upgrades. "At ease, troopers," the Marshal idly waves to them, and the two Arbitrators nod their helmeted heads before visibly relaxing. "Had to step up security a bit, just to be safe..." he remarks over his shoulder to the Acolytes. At the end of the hallway, the group finds a heavy steel door marked "MORGUE." The Marshal opens it with ease, then leads the Acolytes inside.

The morgue is set up like a traditional morgue. Its a large room, with a few autopsy tables and stations set up in the center, and walls lined with compartments holding trays and potentially corpses. It smells heavily of antiseptic, and faintly of stale blood. The center of the room where the tables are stationed is brightly lit, while the outer walls and corners are dimmer. Its also quiet. Silent as the grave, one could say.

In the center of the room, one of the tables is playing host to a sheeted body. Next to the table, there's what looks to be some sort of Techpriest. Rather than the typical red robes, their hooded attire is bright white with blue trim, and their idly hovering mechadendrites all seem to terminate in scalpels, syringes, and bone-saws. Silently reading over a data-slate, they stop and look up at the Marshal and the Acolytes as they approach. "Ah, Marshal Rorik. I was wondering when you would arrive. I trust these are the private investigators you mentioned?" the figure asks with enthusiasm, one of his mechadendrites plucking the dataslate from their hand and holding it aloft. His voice, somewhat surprisingly, sounds mostly like that of a normal human male, albeit with a slight mechanical tinge. His hooded form gives a nod to the Acolytes, and he introduces himself. "Greetings. I am Magos-Medicae Korlim Thane. Pleased to meet you." He then turns slightly to directly face Arl. "And blessings of the Omnissiah unto thee, my brother!" he warmly greets his fellow Techpriest, placing his hands together to form the symbol of the blessed cog.

"Now that you're all here, lets get started, shall we?" the Magos-Medicae asks rhetorically. Walking around to the side of the table opposite the Marshal and the Acolytes, he states: "Allow me to introduce you to John Doe, our key lead and witness in this investigation." With that, one of his mechadendrites slithers out, takes hold of the sheet over the body, and pulls it down to reveal the figure's head and upper torso - which are still all cracked open from the autopsy.

Unmodified Willpower Test, folks! Its a pretty nasty sight, so unless you have the Jaded talent, you'll have to roll WP to avoid getting sick. Failure on the WP test will result in nausea and a -10 penalty to all checks for the rest of this scene. Failure by 5 degrees or more will earn you 1 Insanity Point.

The rolls can be made in the OOC thread, and you may then post your characters' responses and actions here. Good luck! :smallbiggrin:

2011-12-25, 08:36 PM

The cold air of the morgue kept away most of the smell, but Jacques fair skin paled even further at the sight of the corpse. "Ah... Charming. If you'll excuse me, I'll be back in a second."

Jacques turns on the spot and exits the morgue. Leaning against a wall, he takes a couple of deep breaths to avoid retching. Fumbling around for a lho-stick that isn't there, he steadies himself and then heads back inside.

"Sorry about that. So, what do we have here?"

2011-12-26, 04:41 AM
Tajah recoils a couple of steps, eyes fixed on the body, trying very hard to suppress a shudder. She has to swallow a couple of times before she can talk again "Throne on Earth, at least warn us, first!" she hisses, but it's obvious by the wavering of her voice that the lashing out is a way to mask her distress. She doesn't like dissected bodies. They remind her of things she prefers not to be reminded of.

It takes a couple of breaths, then she composes herself a bit, even if her complexion remains ashen "Uhm...so, yeah, dead pretty much. Do we know what of?"

2011-12-26, 09:54 AM
Breathing heavily through his respirator mask Arl Maellar pauses for a few seconds before pressing his hands together in the holy symbol of the Cog Mechanicum in return to the Magos.

“Blessings of the Omnissiah upon you Magos” he returns to Magos-Medicae Korlim Thane, a slight tremble in his voice betraying the lingering effects of the shock.

Greetings exchanged Arl walks over to the slab and stares down at the body examining it.

2011-12-26, 09:56 AM
Quint takes it as hard as the others, but makes not a twitch in response; in a way, this is more pathetic than if he'd excused himself to vomit. Some Arbitrator you, a deep, dark part of his mind purrs and rumbles. Here is crime, and then here you are like a frightened little child. Stare at that. The only truth in this world is we all come to an end, the Emperor's justice be damned.

After several seconds of total petrification, the Enforcer suddenly blinks rapidly, eyed darting around the room to take in any changes that he missed during his little fugue. He opens his mouth, but then thinks better of trying to force any words out, waiting for someone to offer an explanation.

Lycan 01
2011-12-26, 07:34 PM
Once Jacques returns, the Magos-Medicae gives a slight nod of his head. "My apologies. I had assumed you were used to such things, given your line of work," he states.

"Yeah, well, even some our best investigators occasionally get green at some some sights. Can't blame 'em too much," the Marshal smirks.

"Yes, well, to answer your questions," the Techpriest gestures down at the mutilated corpse, "What we have here is a vagrant who's body was found on a public transit vehicle. No name or ID, no file or genetic identity in the criminal systems. Vagrant, from the lower levels most likely. It seems he boarded the transport on an unknown level when no one else was aboard or paying attention, and the passengers who boarded after him thought nothing of him. Assumed he was asleep, payed little attention, et cetera. It was not until somebody noticed the copious amounts of blood seeping through his clothes that someone deigned to pay him heed, and by then he was deceased. Cause of death was a combination of blood loss, external and internal, and also internal trauma. The trauma part is interesting. His organs were perfectly healthy. He just had too many of them."

The Magos-Medicae gestures down at the victim's cracked-open torso. Sure enough, it doesn't take medical experience to recognize that something is wrong with this picture. While his heart, lungs, and intestines all seem to be in the right place, a few organs and systems seem to be in the wrong place or in more greater number than should be. "As you can see, we have a second liver, misplaced gall-bladder, second pancreas, inverted spleen, third kidney..." the medically-inclined Techpriest states, pointing at each organ in question with a mechadendrite. "And... ovaries," he concludes, audibly perplexed.

"Now, if you'll look at the outside of the body, things get even more interesting. As I said, external bleeding was a factor in his death. The bleeding stemmed from... these..." Magos-Medicae observes, gesturing at a series of surgical scars and stitched-incisions along the man's flank and stomach. Several of them look to be healed or in the process of healing, while others still look recent, the flesh pink and livid where it has been carved open and then sewn back together. Some of the scars are small, while others stretch for a foot or more. "It would seem that someone was playing doctor with this pour soul. And he was not a willing participant," the Techpriest shakes his head. One of his mechadendrites grabs the man's hand and raises it up into the air. The man's wrist is bruised and rubbed raw, even covered in dried blood in a few spots. "Restrained. Forcefully. I also found traces of various drugs in his system. Antibiotics, clotting agents, sedatives... It would be my assumption that he was either freed or escaped, but was unable to seek help due to his mind being clouded by pain and chemicals. He managed find some way aboard the transport, and shortly afterward his body lost its ability to sustain itself."

"I think you can see now why we called for your help," Marshal Rorik speaks up, leaning back against a table with his arms folded over his chest. "This isn't some serial killer hawking his victim's organs on the black market. This is somebody growing organs in living people."

"Biological Heresy, and likely some form of Tech-Heresy as well," Magos-Medicae Thane interjects.

"Yup. Seemed like something you needed to know about. Something we should leave to folks in your line of work..." the Marshal somberly states.

2011-12-27, 09:14 AM
Jacques Du Khan

As the Magos-Medicae lists the organs found in the vagrants corpse, Jacques expression flickers between bemusement, to interest, finally settling on concerned. He wanders forward towards the body and risks a glance inside it.

Finally, with a nod, he starts to speak. "As always, it is a pleasure to be amongst the servants of the Machine God, Master Magos." He inclines his head toward Thane. "And thank you for the consideration, Marshal," he adds dryly.

Jacques looks around at the group before continuing. "Several things spring to mind initially, and please, add anything that I have missed." Raising his left hand, he continues to speak. "One, what areas of the city did that public transit vehicle run through? Underhive suggests something different to a manufactorum district, after all."

"Two, this sounds like a commerical operation. Horror stories told to the children of my home hive were rife with Bleeders who lurked around corners and convinced one to... 'charitably donate' their organs. Maybe this is some deluded fools idea to replace juvenat treatments."

"Now, in regards to our investigation. We will need Ident cards allowing transit and freedom of movement throughout the different habs that make up this hive. Preferably redundant copies, in case the investigation is compromised at any point. Also, a writ of authority by the local Arbites Marshal wouldn't go astray either." Another slight bow, this time to Marshal Rorik.

"I'd request that any information collected by the Adeptus Arbites relating to this investigation be collated and forwarded to us. Whether that be biopsy reports, rumors, anything that could potentially forward a lead."

"Finally, some form of safehouse would be appreciated." Jacques sighs, and shrugs. "I know I may seem to be asking for a lot, but we are here to do the work of the Inquisition, and if it was deemed necessary for us to be sent here, I believe that the situation is more dire than it appears."

2011-12-27, 10:09 AM
While Jacques speaks Arl retrieves his auspex unit from where it was stowed in his travelling pack and uses it to make a visual recording of the body beneath him before making adjustments to do a chemical scan.

When he is done he straightens up, saves the results to his data-pad and packs it away before turning to the Magos-Medicae and speaking in a voice coloured with rage "Magos, I find this vile heresy most disturbing. I must request a copy of the autopsy, toxicology and genescan reports."

As he finishes speaking to the Magos he starts to pace near the body muttering to himself "Escaped on his own? unlikely given apparent likely condition and evidence of restraints. Facility abandonded? Natural disaster? Would be reports surely. Forgotten? Freed? by whom, not by captors, would be foolish. Multiple groups? Inadvertantly in other conflict? Renegade?"

Auspex advanced scan: Tech use (int) [roll0] and Logic (int) [roll1]

2011-12-27, 12:20 PM
Tajah realizes she has been unconsciously hugging herself and straightens up with a scowl. Stop it, damn it. You aren't a child anymore.

She forces herself to look at the body's face...which is the less horrific spot she can fix her gaze on. She has heard Jacques requesting all the details, but her mind is wandering in a direction of her own "How was he dress'd?" she asks "And did he have anyt'ng in his pokets?"

2011-12-27, 04:27 PM
Quint sucks in air through his teeth as Jacques began his litany of self-absorption. Sure likes the sound of his own voice. As Arl began to mutter, he waited for the young girl to say her piece before frowning at the Marshall.

"Of course, sir, we'd understand if not all of that information is ... available," he said dryly, eyes momentarily flicking to the young nobleman. "After all, we may end up having to follow a lead on the sly, without alerting too many people as to our real motives." Like, say, the whole damn hive if we barge around with the I branded on our chests. "Personally, I'm interested in the Black Market. You have a bunch of usual suspects for selling stuff that fell off the back of an auto, or the like?"

Lycan 01
2011-12-27, 09:35 PM
"Hah!" Marshal Rorik lets out a small laugh when Jacques asks where the public transit runs through. "Good luck narrowing that down, boy. This transport covers at least 50 levels. The majority of the middle hive, some of the lower, and a few sections in the upper sector. Its a fool's errand trying to narrow down where he got on," the Arbitrator shakes his head. Then the Marshal frowns. "I'm not giving you false credentials. Authority or no, I'm not going to forge IDs - which you shouldn't need for movement and access, anyway. This investigation should be kept as quiet and unnoticeable as possible, and flashing Adeptus writs will jeopardize everything. There's a big difference between a private investigator asking a few questions, and a person with ties to the Arbites asking the same questions. People react differently. Word gets around. Investigations can be threatened, even ruined. I'm sure your friend understands what I'm talking about," he observes, gesturing to Quint.

"And we do have more material to provide you. Were aren't exactly done with the briefing... As for a safe-house, we may be able to provide you access to a small apartment nearby, often used as a staging ground or headquarters for Adeptus investigations. Its not perfect, but its secure..." the Marshal shrugs.

(Arl Only)

Judging from the injuries to his wrists, and the fact that knowledge of his existence would threaten the operation, it seems logical that the victim's escape was unintended. He likely broke free, or managed to slip out in a moment of oversight.

"Oh yes, certainly," the Magos-Medicae nods to Arl, before extending a claw-tipped mechadendrite. "Allow me to see your data-slate, please. I will transfer the pertinent files."

The victim's face shows him to be about middle-aged, judging from the wrinkles and the patches of grey in his closely cropped hair. Judging from the nicks and scratches on his face and scalp, he was likely forcibly shaven regularly. Most of his teeth are either broken or missing. His eyes, already fogged grey, seem... odd. The man's left eye is slightly off center, and a tilted a few degrees downward compared to the right eye.

(Tajah Only)

Your growing up in the depths of an Underdive has taught you how to recognize certain things. Its a mutation. Nothing serious enough to warrant Ecclesiarchy attention or condemn him to a life spent amongst the Twists. But also noticeable enough that it would shatter any hopes the man would ever have of a normal life or social acceptance. Yes, you've seen plenty of people with small mutant defects like this - all of them vagrants and social outcasts, unwanted, unimportant, and unknown.

"He was found clad in ragged and worn street cloths," Magos-Medicae Thane responds to Tajah. "Very dirty, unwashed, a few old blood stains on the inside. And his pockets were empty. All the more reason to believe he is a vagrant."

The Marshal catches Quint's glance at Jacques, and flashes a faint smirk. "Ah, I was right. He understands exactly how investigations like these should work. Enthusiasm and brains; I really wish I had more Enforcers like you. At any rate, you could certainly try the Black Markets. We don't have any current leads, as the local law tries to swiftly deal with any dealers or fences they dig up, but there are a few locations where you may be able to make some connections if you play your cards right. Underhive bars, gambling dens, houses of ill repute... You'd have to tread lightly, though. Asking too many questions or claiming any sort of authority will probably get you killed, or worse. But if you can keep low or undercover, you could probably find some good leads..." he muses.

"Now, I believe we had a bit more information to share, yes?" Marshal Rorik asks, turning to the Magos-Medicae.

"Ah yes, I've managed to finish genetic testing on the victim's redundant organs. A few of them came match the genetic codes of individuals in our systems. Strangely, their files all show them to be supposedly living, and no bodies found in recent months have matched their description or DNA..." Magos-Medicae Thane observes, plucking his data-slate from one of his many mechadendrites. Tapping away at it, he begins to list off his findings: "The kidney belongs to a hab-worker by the name of Josiah Rux, age 52, residence in the manufactorum districts in the lower hive, married with no children. Our inquiries into his status through his employer have gone unanswered."

"Bureaucracy..." the Marshal grumbles.

"The ovaries belong to a Miss Valeria Lilas, age 21, residence in the mid-hive residential districts, single with no immediate family. Inquiries into her status have been unsuccessful," the Techpriest states.

"Listed employer said she quit months ago, and we've only had one chance to check her residence - no one was home at the time. Maybe you'd have better luck finding her, or what happened to her..." the Marshal suggests a bit grimly.

"And the liver belongs to a Lord Hiram Cutheringham, age 34, residence-" the Magos-Medicae tries to state, only for the Marshal to interrupt him.

"Eccentric and reclusive aristocrat," Marshal Rorik states with a shrug. "Lives up in a private mansion in the Upper Sectors. We couldn't really dig up much dirt. Only reason he's in the system was because he was apparently "adventurous" as a kid and got his ass kicked by some gangers on his first visit to the lower sectors," the Arbitrator explains with a smirk. "He's so private, nobody can tell us if he's live or dead, or even when he was last seen. However, I think somebody of your position and talents..." the Marshal nods to Jacques, "Might have a lot more luck than we've had."

2011-12-27, 10:56 PM
Shortly after Arl stops muttering he ceases to pace and pulls his data-slate back out to pass it over to the Magos-Medicae's waiting mechandrite. That done he listens to the Marshal complete his description of Lord Hiram Cutheringham life.

When the Magos and Marshal finish speaking about the organs genecode and sources he speaks up while staring at the ceiling of the mortuary "So, organs grown to order or grown to ... superior specifications than this unfortunates own"

As he considers the implications of the latter his pale features, already made paler by the chill, drain almost completely as he considers the possible, even probable scale of the issue.

Turning to face the Marshal he places his hand on the shoulder of the corpse before continuing "I fear that if these people you name are not the intended recepients of these organs then they are now either already dead or much like this one was before his discovery."

Almost as an afterthought he adds "How did the other two come to be in your system files Marshall"

Lycan 01
2011-12-27, 11:46 PM
"It would seem Mr. Rux saw his share of bar fights," Magos-Medicae Thane answers, idly poking at his data-slate. One of his mechanical limbs grabs Arl's own data-slate, and brings it back to the senior Techpriest. He begins to poke at the two slates in tandem, occasionally making an odd hand sign or binary tweet under his breath, as he is presumably setting up some sort of ritualistic data transfer. "As for Miss Lilas, it would seem she has been an upstanding Imperial citizen for the majority of her life, with no criminal activities or noteworthy events. She appears to be in the system voluntarily, which not an uncommon practice here. It lets potential employees run easy background checks, and shows that the individual has nothing to hide. Greatly improves employment opportunities and chances..."

2011-12-28, 02:46 AM

Jacques stops short for a second, chastened. "Apologies, Marshal Rorik. I may have gotten a bit carried away. Back to the matter at hand, we seem to have four people from completely different sections of society involved here."

"A vagrant, a hab-worker, an upstanding mid-hiver, and a reclusive aristocrat. Sounds like the prelude to a bad joke. Assuming that they didn't get together weekly for a knitting circle, we can assume that whoever is doing... whatever this is." Jacques waves his hand over the corpse, "Has access to every level of the hive, or is at the very least an accomplished snatcher."

"In your professional opinion, Marshal, what lead would you suggest that we pursue first?"

2011-12-28, 01:23 PM
Quint ignores the Marshall's praise - not that he wasn't proud, but he didn't want to build a reputation as the teacher's pet in front of the rest of the team. He nods as Rorik explained Miss Lilas and her voluntary records.

"If, as you say, she is a model citizen, we - or I - could call around openly," he suggests to the other Acolytes. "If she is innocent, she should have nothing to fear from a man in uniform. But if Lord Cutheringham's not so fond of the authorities, maybe Jacques could approach him socially?" He waits to see what Du Khan thinks, hoping it came across as a friendly suggestion rather than an order - a habit he guesses he'll have to break working with people who weren't lawmen.

"As for the underhive, I can poke around without drawing too much attention to myself, but if we need to go really under the radar that's not my strong suit. Mmm. Still willing to go plainclothes, though. Assuming I can find some." Quint frowns, realising he'd brought nothing but his uniform with him to Belachor V.

2011-12-28, 02:24 PM
"I've no problem to go in the Underhive and poke 'round. I'm used to it. " Tajah shrugs a bit "I was born in a place like that." It can't be too much different, really. A slum is a slum pretty much regardless of the world.

Lycan 01
2011-12-29, 08:31 PM
"My suggestions would be not to spread yourselves too thin. All four leads could prove fruitful, but I'm not sure if sending one person off on each one would be a wise decision. I would especially advise against sending just one of you to the Underhive. In my opinion, following up on Mr. Rux and Miss Lilas would not be too difficult or time-consuming, theoretically. Lord Cutheringham and the Underhive would prove much more challenging, even dangerous in the case of the latter, but they may also provide better leads..." the Marshal observes.

2011-12-30, 01:21 PM
Quint didn't want to look like he was eager to take the lead, but the gap in conversation made him uncomfortable, and something drove him to fill it. "Well, if you have nothing else to share with us right now, we could try Miss Lilas first?" he offered with a nervous smile to the other Acolytes. "Are you expecting regular reports, Marshall?"

2011-12-30, 08:25 PM

"I agree with Quint," Jacques adds. "The mid-hive sounds like the safest of the options, and the least time consuming. Better we get it out of the way before we start navigating the dangers of the underhive... Or the nobility, for that matter."

Lycan 01
2011-12-30, 10:08 PM
"No, there's no official need for you to make reports to me, though they would be appreciated. For the most part, this investigation is out of our hands..." the Marshal shrugs.

2012-01-02, 05:01 AM
"Yea, right." Tajah doesn't think she can be very useful when it comes to get information from a middle-hive well-integrated citizen...but she isn't stupid either, and she doesn't lack insght. She can be quiet and observe, and maybe be useful in judging this Lilas' reactions. " I suppose I'll tag along, then."

Lycan 01
2012-01-03, 11:45 PM
"Alright, you'll be given directions to the nearest public transit system, and then directions to Miss Lilas' residence. It shouldn't take you too much time or trouble to get there..." the Marshal shrugs.


True to the Marshal's word, it only takes a few thrones and not even two hours for the Acolytes to find transit and make their way to the mid-Hive sector Miss Lilas' hab is supposed to be in. They find the complex without much trouble - the building is several floors, with a few small apartment-like habs on each level. Miss Silas is supposed to live on floor 3C.

Do y'all want to head straight to her door, try to talk to the neighbors, or visit the landlord's office?

2012-01-04, 06:16 PM
During the ride, Quint forces himself to make a little small talk - not that he feels it really gets anywhere. But the Arbitrator believes that insincere conversation won't tell him much about his new partners, nor develop trust between them; for that, he'll have to wait and see how the operation actually develops.

Upon arriving in the mid-Hive complex, Quint wastes no more time than is necessary to check what floor Miss Lilas should be on. "I think we should head right up," he suggests, not entirely confident the others will agree, but convinced it's the best way to start. After all, if the woman answers the door, they could have some info out of her in minutes. He looks around for a lift, or, failing that, stairs.

2012-01-04, 07:18 PM
Tajah had answered all the attempt at conversation politely enough, but briefly, and never giving much openings, fearing that the conversation could turn on personal matters. Even if, rationally, she knows that sooner or later those people are going to find out about her, she prefers it is later rather than sooner.

"I agree" she says now, nodding. "If she isn't home, then we can start poking 'round - no reason to do that now."

2012-01-05, 09:04 AM
Having sat morosely silent in a corner during the fairly short transit ride. His fingers drumming out a staccato chatter on the metal staff he carried as he thought over the heresy they had been shown and his dark feeling that they were far too late to help this woman.

After they arrive in the apartment complex Arl studies the interior for a minute searching for pict cameras and access routes before finally speaking up for the first time in two hours.

"I fear we are already too late" he says tonelessly before continuing "but we shall need to examine her rooms anyway. so let us go"

Lycan 01
2012-01-05, 11:02 PM
A quick elevator ride later, and the Acolytes are outside Miss Lilas' door. After knocking on the door, they hear movement inside. A short moment later, the door opens, revealing a somewhat scrawny man in casual attire, probably in his 30's. He clothes are relatively in order, and he appears to be well-kept, sporting short red hair and a neatly trimmed beard. Quirking an eyebrow, he curiously asks, "Um, yes? What can I do for you folks?" He seems a bit nervous, and slinks back slightly upon spotting Arl and Tajah.

2012-01-06, 02:55 PM
Quint wants to smile, but knows it isn't the time. He gives the man a cool stare for three or four seconds and then fishes out his Arbitrator ID.

"Good afternoon," he says with a smile. "My name is Enforcer Pericles. We're looking for Valerie Lilas. May we come in?"

2012-01-06, 08:18 PM

For the moment, Jacques defers to Quint, as the enforcer starts to talk with the man inside the house. The Arbitrator probably has a better air of calm authority than the nobleman, but Jacques stands ready to step in with a charm offensive if the lead doesn't seem to be forthcoming with any useful information.

2012-01-06, 08:37 PM
Arl steps forward, to stand just behind Quint, and peers into the room as the man steps back slightly.

2012-01-08, 04:30 PM
Tajah grins, crossing her arms and taking a step forward. She says nothing, aware that the frst impression she usually makes is that of an of underhive lowlife. She is counting on it, actually. Let Quint play the Arbitrator role: she can provide the intimidating effect, if needed.

Lycan 01
2012-01-08, 09:59 PM
"Um, yes, of course, come in..." the man mutters, growing more uncomfortable as the Acolytes encroach upon him. He takes a few steps back, and halfheartedly gestures for them to enter. "But there's no Miss Lilas here. From what the other residents have told me, she was the person who lived here before me. I think she moved out a few months ago, a few weeks before I moved in. Um... Maybe the landlord or some of the other residents may know where she is?" he suggests, smiling sheepishly.

2012-01-10, 09:03 AM
"Maybe they do," Quint nods, eyes flicking to the others. Part of him isn't surprised that Miss Lilas isn't here. But, with a bit of luck, this man might not be completely useless to the investigation.

"So, you moved in here a few months ago, Mr ... ?" Quint waits for the man to give his name. "I don't wish to take up too much of your time, but we appreciate your assistance. Miss Lilas didn't happen to leave anything behind? Or receive any mail since you took up residence here, anything like that?"

Quint doesn't want to waste time here if the man can't tell them anything, but would appreciate a look around the apartment and a short talk with this man, just for completeness's sake - if you'd rather not play that out line by line I can give you a list of questions or conversation topics to respond to en masse.

EDIT: A couple of ideas:

The man's name and job - mostly to see what sort of income he could expect Valerie Lilas to have and confirm that the leads do seem to come from all walks of society.
How long the man had been living there, and any information (even gossip) he'd picked up about the previous tenant.
The state of the apartment when he moved in - did it look like Miss Lilas had been taking care of it, did she leave anything behind, that sort of thing.
A quick look around, very brief, again to see what sort of lodgings Miss Lilas could afford to live in.

He'll be polite and won't be too intrusive, but expects cooperation. Obviously anyone else can butt in to ask their own questions; to the others (and even to himself), the Enforcer's line of inquiry probably seems boring and likely fruitless, but as an investigator he's just trying to do things by the book before moving on.

2012-01-12, 05:03 PM
Arl stalks past the man and ignoring him and paying no attention to either him or the others begins to search the room.

Not truly knowing what he is looking for, or indeed if there is any point in looking, he nevertheless endeavours to make his search reasonably thorough.

Search: [roll0] Untrained. Perception:32

2012-01-12, 10:56 PM

Jacques follows the others into the room. "Did the other residents give you any reason why Miss Lilas may have moved out, by any chance?" He flashes a smile at the man. "Anything that you can tell us will really help with our investigation."

Charm: [roll0]
(Sorry, I've lost the link to the OOC thread with the character sheet, so I don't know what I'm aiming for)

Lycan 01
2012-01-13, 08:30 PM
"Maybe they do," Quint nods, eyes flicking to the others. Part of him isn't surprised that Miss Lilas isn't here. But, with a bit of luck, this man might not be completely useless to the investigation.

"So, you moved in here a few months ago, Mr ... ?" Quint waits for the man to give his name. "I don't wish to take up too much of your time, but we appreciate your assistance. Miss Lilas didn't happen to leave anything behind? Or receive any mail since you took up residence here, anything like that?"

"Mardy. Tomis Mardy," the man introduces himself. "The place was empty when I got here, so I assume she took everything with her when she left. And none of her mail or anything has shown up here. Either nobody has sent her anything, or she gave a forwarding address..." he shrugs.

Arl stalks past the man and ignoring him and paying no attention to either him or the others begins to search the room.

Not truly knowing what he is looking for, or indeed if there is any point in looking, he nevertheless endeavours to make his search reasonably thorough.

Search: [roll0] Untrained. Perception:32

There's nothing out of the ordinary. It looks like a standard hab complex; kitchin, living room, bedroom, bathroom, furniture. Nothing looks amiss, and there are no obvious hiding places.


Jacques follows the others into the room. "Did the other residents give you any reason why Miss Lilas may have moved out, by any chance?" He flashes a smile at the man. "Anything that you can tell us will really help with our investigation."

Charm: [roll0]
(Sorry, I've lost the link to the OOC thread with the character sheet, so I don't know what I'm aiming for)

"I think the landlord mentioned something about her getting a new job, but I'm not sure..." the man replies. Shaking his head, he laments: "I'm sorry, I really don't know anything."

2012-01-14, 03:29 PM
Tajah observes the man carefully as he speaks, noticing how his eyes keep jumping between herself and Arl. The wretched middle-class sod is about to piss himself, really, but he seems too frightened to be lying "Yeah, thanks for the info all t' same" she grumbles, throwing one look inside the apartament. Fancy stuff. The Underhive she grew up in was a lot more lacking in decor. "Let's go talk to the lan'lord. This one 'ere knows jack squat." she says, addressing mainly Quint.

2012-01-14, 09:24 PM
Completing his brief search Arl mutters briefly to himself, pulls out his data-slate and makes a few notes about Tomis Mardy and the apartment.

Putting the slate away he walks with a heavy tread out of the room to the elevator, giving a slight shake of his head as he passes in front of Quint and Jaques.

2012-01-23, 04:50 PM
Quint gives an empty smile. "Thank you, Mr Mardy. The Arbitrators appreciate your assistance on this matter." Quint takes the tech-priest's apparent disinterest at face value - he couldn't really blame the coghead. This chap did seem like a dead end for all intents and purposes.

He follows the others out, to go see the landlord next.

2012-01-23, 09:22 PM

Jacques sighs. "Well that was worth the trip. Let's hope the landlord has something more useful." Providing no one else has any suggestions, Jacques starts walking on ahead to the landlords office.

On arrival, he stops to wait for Quint and the others. Gesturing at the door, Jacques notes "Quint should probably do the introductions. He's probably the only one of us who can pass for an investigator."

2012-01-24, 09:38 AM
"I can do more than pass for an investigator," replies Quint, a little brusquely. Looking to see if the landlord's name is written on the door, he gives a few rapid knocks with his fist.

2012-01-24, 04:28 PM
"Gee, yeah, we get it" Tajah mutters to herself, not quiet enough to not be overheard "Big scary lawman. Right.". Most emphatically someone she didn't feel the need to have as an acquaintance, considering her background. Much less an ally. I guess a lot of things have changed, now.

Lycan 01
2012-01-25, 01:32 PM
"I'm comin, I'm comin!" a woman's voice gripes from the other side of the door. After a moment, the door is flung open, and a squat middle-aged woman appears in the portal. "Yeah, wha'd'ya want?" she growls. She's wearing a bath-robe and has curlers in her gunmetal grey hair, and she looks very irate about being bothered right now.

2012-01-25, 09:54 PM
"We are the Adeptus Arbites" says Quint, somewhat aggresively. "We're looking for Valerie Lilas. Tell us, what do you know about her sudden departure?"

Lycan 01
2012-01-28, 12:56 AM
"Sudden departure? She moved out months ago. Got herself a new job, moved up a few levels. Got herself a new hab and whatnot. I think I've got it written down somewhere, as she wanted me to forward any mail she got..." the lady shrugs, turning to go back into her hab and look for the paperwork.

2012-01-31, 01:32 PM
Arl steps forward, tredding quietly, following her into her room.

Lycan 01
2012-02-04, 10:55 PM
The landlord's hab is much like the others in the complex, though with various personal touches and slightly better furniture. "Alright, here it is..." the woman growls, stomping back into the living room with a scrap of paper in her hand. "Here's her forwarding address. If she ain't there, you're S.O.L. Emprah be with ya; now get out of my hab," she says as she grouchily gestures for them to shoo.

The scrap of paper lists a mailing address for a hab a few levels up.


She isn't lying or hiding anything. She's just a grouchy old lady, who apparently doesn't like to be bothered.

2012-02-05, 06:21 AM

Jacques loiters at the door of the room, typing up the new discoveries on his dataslate.

Lead 1:
Moved out several months back, as indicated by Arbites. Forwarding address listed. So far seems to be standard change of location, nothing immediately suspicious about events.

Not bothering to interact with the landlady, he stands at the door until the rest of the group is ready to depart. Sighing, he says "Well, thanks be to that scrap of paper, or this would have been a complete waste of time. Shall we head uphive?"

2012-02-05, 01:59 PM
"Yeah, we'd better." Tajah shrugs, not bothering with politeness "See what nice place she got 'rself up to." Mid-hive people actually got jobs and moved up levels - not a thing she had ever dreamt of do, in the underhive. She grimaces. Except, if what they saw at the morgue was any indication, that probably hadn't been the case this time. "You happ'n to know what sort of job she has gott'n herself?" she asks to the landlady.

Lycan 01
2012-02-05, 02:51 PM
The landlady scowls at being hassled further, be she then looks aside and seems to ponder for a moment. "Waitress," she finally states. "Think she said somethin' 'bout getting a new job as a waitress as some swanky diner. Yeah, pretty sure that was it..." she shrugs.

2012-02-05, 08:35 PM
"Thanks very much, ma'm" Tajah says without much convinction. She stands just outside the door, arms crossed, waiting for the others.

Lycan 01
2012-02-23, 04:46 PM
The Acolytes take their leave, and are able to find transportation uphive. Traffic is not on their side, but they manage to make it to their destination in a bit under an hour.

Miss Lilas' new hab complex is certainly a step up. Surrounded by small shops and right across the street from a cafe, the building looks much more sturdy and well-built than the one a few levels down. Its not quite classy, but its definitely upper middle-class.

According to the old landlady, Miss Lilas' new apartment is G17. After a quick elevator ride and some annoying music, the Acolytes find themselves outside of her apartment. Before they knock, though, they overhear voices inside the hab. In fact, it sounds like a man and woman arguing...

Awareness test, or feel free to just start knocking or kicking in the door. :smalltongue:

2012-02-25, 01:59 AM
Tajah throws a look to the others and gets a bit closer to the door. She doesn't knock, yet, instead trying to hear what is being said.

(([roll0] vs per 38. I don't know if the sickened penality still applies))

Lycan 01
2012-02-25, 02:09 AM
Tajah only

Tajah can hear the man and woman arguing, though she can't fully understand what they're saying. However, something seems... odd... about their voices. And there also seems to be music playing in the background.

((Sickened penalties no longer apply.))

2012-02-26, 04:31 PM
Quint seemed to take the landlady's curmudgeonly attitude poorly - the trip uphive has passed in silence. Perhaps chastened a little, he thought better of taking out his frustration on the door - instead of knocking, he unclenched his fist, mouthing to Tajah What do you hear?

2012-02-27, 03:07 PM
Tajah shrugs a bit, the corners of her mouth bent slightly downwards in a displeased expression Damned middle class habs. The walls on those actually blocked sound. Unbelievable.

The young woman doesn't seem to have given up trying to pick up...something, at least. In fact, she still seemed concentrated into listening.

((OOC: odd, huh? I want to try something... maybe it's ridiculous and completely inappropriate but oh, well...

Psyniscience test [roll0] vs PER 38. It's used to detect unusual psychic phenomena too, right?))

Edit: gah!

Lycan 01
2012-02-27, 03:57 PM

Your irritation with the class and architecture keeps you from focusing enough to reach out with your mind.

The arguing sounds like its getting louder, and a bit more heated...

2012-02-29, 03:00 PM
"Screw that" Tajah mutters, scowling, and knocks on the door. Three knocks, as loud and forceful as she can. She wants to be sure they are heard over the argument.

Lycan 01
2012-02-29, 03:59 PM
The arguing carries on for a moment after the knocks, and then stops abruptly.

A few seconds later, footsteps are heard from the other side of the door. The timid voice of a young woman asks: "Yes? Who is it?"

2012-02-29, 05:35 PM
"Valerie Lilas?" replies Quint brusquely. This was meant to be the easy lead; he didn't expect the operation to go smoothly, but it would help to have somewhere to start.

Lycan 01
2012-02-29, 07:17 PM
There's a moments pause. "Who wants to know?" the voice asks after a moment, suspicion audible in her tone.

2012-03-01, 08:43 AM
"The Adeptus Arbites," Quint snaps off immediately - and then, with a modicum more composure, "Voluntary records check."

Lycan 01
2012-03-01, 06:18 PM
"Oh, just a second," the voice replies. The clicking of a deadbolt being thrown back is heard, and then the door opens. Standing in the doorway is a petite young woman with medium-length red hair framing an attractive face. She is clad in black pants and a white blouse, which has a name tag clipped on the front stating: "Valerie." She looks up at Quint, a hint of confusion in her eyes. "Yes, what can I do for... you?" her voice trails off slightly as she realizes Quint is not alone, and that the people with him are not Arbitrators. She becomes clearly uncomfortable, visibly concerned by the number of strangers standing in her doorway. "What... what is this about exactly?" she asks.

2012-03-02, 08:33 AM
Quint gave a smile, almost trying to seem apologetic about the frightful-looking ensemble. "It's really nothing to be worried about, ma'am. Your voluntary records came up in the process of an Arbites investigation, so we'd just like to ask you a few questions. May we come in?"

Lycan 01
2012-03-02, 12:17 PM
"Do you have any sort of identification?" the woman asks warily. She's not entirely convinced, despite Quint's appearance and charming demeanor.

Anyone else is free to interact, y'know. Charm or Intimidation checks could prove useful here...

Scrutiny could also come in handy.

2012-03-03, 12:23 AM
Jacques Du Khan

Jacques steps more prominently into view. His professional attire should at least detract somewhat from the unusual look of his compatriots. "Hello there, Miss Valerie. My name is Jacques, a private investigator assisting the Arbites on this matter." He smiles politely, and offers a hand to the young woman.

Charm: [roll0]

"An underhiver was recently found in possession of some of your personal belongings. With no direct connection between the two of you, they sent us to make sure that you were alright."

Gesturing towards the door, he asks. "May we come in? I'd like to ask you a few questions, if that's alright. Don't worry, you aren't under suspicion of any crime. We just want to tie up a few loose ends, figure out how your property could have ended up in the man's possession."

As soon as the words leave his mouth, Jacques grimaces slightly. Great, that sounded threatening.

Reroll from fate point: 33, made in OOC thread.

Lycan 01
2012-03-04, 09:32 PM
The woman accepts Jacques' proffered hand, and gives it a light shake. "Oh, hello. Pleasure to meet you, Mr. Du Khan," she smiles meekly, apparently disarmed by his charm.

"A... what? Somebody had something belonging to me? Weird, I'm not missing anything..." she furls her brow in confusion. Looking slightly concerned, she takes a step back and gestures for them to step inside. "Yes, come in please. Are you sure you have the right Liles? I haven't had any sort of break-ins or thefts. That I know of, at least..." she says as she walks across the room to take a seat on a green. The living room is decently furnished, with not only a sofa, but also a few chairs, some paintings on the wall, and a holo-vid screen in the corner. What looks like a detective thriller is currently playing, though the sound has apparently been muted.

2012-03-05, 09:27 AM
Quint glances around as he follows Jacques and Valerie into the hab. Once inside, he throws Jacques an appreciative nod - if the fop can charm Valerie over, he may as well take the lead on this one. And perhaps he won't be so bad an ally after all.

2012-03-06, 01:15 AM

Returning Quint's nod with a wink of his own, Jacques follows the young woman into her apartment and sits on one of the chairs. "A lovely apartment you have hear, Miss Lilas. As I mentioned at the door, we have some questions for you about our investigation."

Leaning back on the chair, he continues. "Have you had any surgery over the past couple of months? This may come as a bit of a shock, but the suspect we apprehended was carrying some organs, one of which was identified as yours. We believe that he may be involved in an organ smuggling ring."

"Naturally, we assumed the worst and were expecting to find an empty apartment, so it was a pleasant surprise when you answered the door."

Lycan 01
2012-03-09, 01:59 AM
Miss Liles' eyes widen, and she recoils back in confused shock. "He had... what? What are you talking about? No, I haven't had any sort of surgery. How..." she shakes her head while staring at the floor, trying to grasp what she was just told. Looking back up at Jacques, she asks, "Are you sure you have the right Valerie Liles? I mean... What organs did they even have? I think I'd know if they had my spleen or something..." she tries to laugh, but its obvious she's a bit too stunned to find her sense of humor.

2012-03-09, 11:14 AM
"Ovaries, ma'am," Quint replies softly. "We're not saying they were physically taken from your body, but the DNA matched what we had on record as yours." Quint pauses; hearing himself say it out loud only makes it sound more ridiculous. How many possible explanations were there?

He observes Miss Lilas carefully, trying to judge the sincerity of her reaction before continuing. "Is there anything in your medical history that could tell us anything at all about why someone might ..." he waved a hand vaguely - want to use, or could have gotten their hands on your reproductive system?"

Scrutiny test, Perception 32: [roll0]

Lycan 01
2012-03-09, 03:35 PM
Miss Lilas' expression becomes one of mixed horror and confusion. "He... What? No! I- How- No!" she exclaims. "There's no way some random guy should be walking around with my ovaries in a box. There's obviously some sort of mix-up here..." she shakes her head.

Scrutiny tests are advisable.

Also, you'll need to be careful with your wording. "Hands on your reproductive system" is not the best way to phrase that sort of inquiry. :smalltongue:

A Charm or Intimidate check would also be useful.

2012-03-12, 05:10 PM
Tajah huffs irritably "No way, you say, hon'?" she drawls, consciously making her hunderhive brogue stand out even more. She knows for experience it tends to put middle-hivers on edge "You're eith'r a dupe or tr'ing to fool us." The look she launches Miss Lilas states very clearly that the second option would be a really bad idea "Try that again. DNA. Medical h'story. Wha' can you tell us?"

OOC: ((I feel a bit like I'm playing the bad cop here... :smalltongue: [roll0] Fel 39, untrained.))

EDIT: GAAAH, she probably likes me now and wants to be my best friend :smallannoyed:. How about I roll that again OOC?

2012-03-13, 04:16 AM

Jacques shoots Tajah a glare, then turns back to Lilas, an apologetic smile on his face. "Sorry about the outburst. As I mentioned, the suspect was caught with multiple organs in his possession, most of those who 'donated' them... Well, they weren't as fortunate as you seem to have been. Naturally, we are all very eager to catch the culprits."

"Is there anything that you could tell us to help with the investigation? Anything about your recent life that has been out of the ordinary?" He shrugs slightly, and smiles in a self-deprecating manner. "Besides four investigators paying a visit, of course."

Jacques leans back on his chair, waiting for the woman to answer. His tone and manner are friendly, but he listens for any hint of deception in her responses.

Charm: [roll0]
Scrutiny [roll1]
Good lord, my rolls are absolutely horrible in this game!

2012-03-13, 08:32 AM
"We honestly don't mean to upset you, ma'am," Quint adds gently, successfully quashing the urge to glare at Tajah. "It's very unfortunate that we have to bring you this disturbing news, ahh, in such a blunt manner. Everyone's just trying to get to the bottom of this, and we could really use your help."

Untrained Charm test, effective Fellowship 19. I'm willing to spend a Fate Point.

Edit: Welp, two failures.

Lycan 01
2012-03-18, 09:43 PM
"What are you talking about?" the young woman recoils in fear from Tajah. "I honestly don't know what you people are talking about! I'm trying to help you, but this... this is all just too much!" she states, clearly distraught. She looks like she's on the verge of a panic attack or something. Despite the best efforts of the two male Acolytes, they are unable to calm her down. "You're telling me that someone is walking around with my organs - part of me! - and then demanding I tell you everything I know! I don't know how to respond to all this!" she exclaims, tears forming in her eyes.

You can make more interaction tests, but they'll be at a penalty.

Alternatively, you can stick to direct roleplaying, and hope your skills are better than your rolls.

Or you can kidnap her. There's always that...

2012-03-19, 03:39 AM

The situation was rapidly spinning out of control. "Valerie, look at me," he says, compassion soothing his voice. "Let's get you a drink. I think you could use one."

He stands and extends an arm, old courtly mannerisms coming into play, and leads her to whatever passes for a kitchen in her apartment. "Where can I find a glass?"

As he rummages around and prepares a drink. "I know what it feels like to hear something like this, your world starts crashing down around your ears. If you like, we can leave for a while, you can invite a friend over and try and calm down."

"If you think of anything, or feel like someone to talk to, you can reach me here." He finds something and scribbles down means of contact. "No pressure." He smiles, and motions at the rest of the group. "We've taken up enough of your time today, and there are a few other people we need to track down, so we'll depart with your leave." He bows at the waist. "Thank you for your time, Miss Lilas, call us if you need us."

2012-03-19, 06:52 AM
OOC: I can see my post, but it didn't update the post count.

2012-03-19, 07:52 AM
Quint scribbles down some contact details for Ms Lilas as Jacques fixes her a drink. With a final polite nod, he leaves the apartment with the others.

Only when the door shuts behind them does his opinion sour. "That was a bloody mess," he mutters, scowling at Tajah. He looks as though he's about to make some further comment, but bites it back - no sense having an argument with another acolyte.

"Do you think you'll have more luck with Cutheringham?" he asks Jacques.

2012-03-22, 12:52 AM
Tajah scowls right back at Quint "Bloody mid-hivers" she mutters, but you may notice she has her arms crossed in front of herself, in a subconscious defensive gesture.She has always felt nervous around arbitrators, nevermind they are supposed to be on the same team, now. In a more normal tone of voice, she adds "Yeah, Cutheringham. May 's well try there."

2012-03-22, 09:05 AM
"Jacques is probably our best bet getting him to talk," said Quint pointedly - that said, he tries to loosen up a bit. Keep your temper. Don't let one bad lead mess with your head, he tells himself.

He briefly makes eye contact with Tajah, looking apologetic. "And then there's Rux. I doubt an Arbitrator and a, hnh ..." He searches for a word. Fop? Private detective? "... trade magnate will have much luck downhive. We might leave that to you." He shrugs, looking a little chastised.

OOC:I'm not actually suggesting we split the party, unless Lycan thinks that that's a good option.

2012-04-02, 10:06 AM

"Well I have always found that the difficult thing about recluses is not convincing them to do what you want, as much as getting in to see them at all." Jacques feigns a long-suffering sigh.

"But after a travesty like that last interview, we can hardly do any worse. Let's head uphive, and we may be able to find a nice eatery, at least." Provided no one has any objections, he turns to leave.

2012-04-07, 06:02 PM
Tajah nods at Quint "Dunno 'ow much use I'd be uphive" she says, shrugging uncomfortably at Jacques' words. Unless they need to jam some gun or make someone's memory confused. As far as her fellows acolytes are concerned, she is just the muscle, and the dumb muscle at that. "P'rhaps it's better if I head down'ive, myself."

OOC ((Feel free to stop Tajah anytime. I don't like much to split the party, either))

Lycan 01
2012-04-26, 11:46 AM
Tajah Only:

As the group begins to walk away from the apartment, Tajah's ears pick up on something. Despite being several doors down, she hears the sound of a glass breaking in Miss Lilas' apartment, and what sounded like a heavy thud.

2012-04-26, 12:26 PM
Tajah starts to walk away with the others, then startles and whirls back towards Lilas' door "Damn" she snarls, quickly going back on her steps "Ms Lilas?" she calls out, but tries the door handle without waiting for an answer, putting all her weight on it.

Please tell me if I have to roll something, 'kay? :smallwink:

Lycan 01
2012-04-26, 07:55 PM
Tajah finds the door unlocked, and it opens without any resistance. However, there is no answer to her calling out or the opening of the door.

Quint Only:

Quint heard what sounded like a glass breaking just before Tajah went back to the door.

2012-04-27, 06:10 AM
"Damn," muttered Quint, eyes widening. He fiddled nervously at the clasp of his holster as he made eye contact with Jacques, flicking his head back in the direction Valerie's hab. "Miss Lilas?" he almost shouted, drawing his autopistol and stepping through the door. "We're coming back in."

Lycan 01
2012-04-27, 12:07 PM
There is still no answer.

As the Acolytes step through the door, they find the living room empty. The vid-screen is still muted; the apartment is dead silent.

2012-04-28, 07:49 AM
Tajah draws her revolver when she sees Quint doing the same and steps trought the door, quickly crossing the living room to locate the source of the noise. She keeps a bit to the side, so as to avoid hindering the aim of the other two men if there is shooting to be done, and at the same time, she concentrates in reaching out with her mind I KNEW something was not right, chaos be damned!

Just because [roll0] vs per 38, trained.

2012-04-28, 07:56 AM
Quint follows Tajah, eager to quickly hunt down the source of the noise, Ms Lilas, or evidence of whatever has just happened.

Lycan 01
2012-04-28, 08:49 PM
Tajah ONLY:

Reaching out into the Warp, you sense Miss Lilas's life force nearby. She is apparently slumped unconscious against a wall in the kitchen. The residual aura of emotion around her is one of great sorrow, horror, and fear.

2012-04-29, 04:11 AM
You damn midhiver, what did you get yourself into? Tajah thinks, with very little sympathy. She doesn't loose other time, heading directly for the kitchen, stub revolver still in hand.

Lycan 01
2012-04-30, 01:39 PM
Followed by the others, Tajah darts into the kitchen, gun-raised. She discovers Miss Lilas slumped against an opposing wall like a rag-doll. A puddle filled with broken glass lays a few feet in front of her, the remnants of her fallen drink.

There are no signs of a struggle, and none of the doors or windows are open.

2012-04-30, 03:14 PM
Not yet holstering his gun, Quint investigates the room for any hint at all as to what the acolytes just missed.

"Don't touch the glass, hmm," he advises. "Could have been poison."

Rolling Awareness against Per 32: [roll0]

Lycan 01
2012-05-04, 10:45 PM
Quint doesn't notice anything amiss, other than the obvious lady and broken glass.

2012-05-06, 03:18 PM
"You say?" Tajah retorts with no tiny bit of sarcasm. Instead, she crouches near the woman. She isn't particularly fond of the idea to touch the woman, but she guesses they should try something to keep her alive...promising lead, and all that. "I think she's just unconscious. Could be she tried to off 'erself.". That would explain the sorrow she perceived...but she doesn't elaborate on that.

((Uhm...what do you roll in these circumstances? Awareness to check if she's alive, and? [roll0]))

Lycan 01
2012-05-06, 03:35 PM
The woman is still alive. Breathing normally, too. Looks like she just passed out.

2012-05-10, 11:55 AM
Quint looks around for another glass, a sponge or any alternate way to scoop up some of the spilt drink. After that, or if he can't find anything, he looks for a cloth to wet to try to bring Valerie about.

2012-05-12, 06:22 PM
Tajah fiddles with her hair, tucking a stray lock behind her left ear "Should bring her to tha' Marshal" she mutters "Be a bit more equip'd to detain her". Nonetheless, she scoots a little closer to the young woman, putting a couple of fingers under her chin to lift up her head "Ms' Lilas?" She slaps her lightly on the cheeks, a couple of time. She's clearly disliking the whole business. "Come on, you stup'd girl, you're just fine. Wake up."

Lycan 01
2012-05-12, 06:31 PM
Quint is able to find a rag to soak up the spilled drink. While he does so, Tajah's attempts to awake Miss Lilas are met with success.

"Hm? Wut?" the girl groggily mutters, her eyelids fluttering. As she regains consciousness and recognizes the people in her kitchen, though, her eyes suddenly snap wide open, and her expression becomes one of sheer horror. "Oh Emperor!" she screams, recoiling back completely against the wall. "God-Emperor, no!" she howls, tears forming in her eyes as she pulls her knees up to her chest. "I- I- I didn't know! I thought- I thought-" she stammers incoherently, before breaking down into tears, whimpering "Oh God-Emperor..." repeatedly.

2012-05-13, 04:20 AM
"What exactly did y' think?". Tajah's voice is very cold. She is obviously not moved by the girl's tears.

2012-05-13, 10:29 AM
Quint rummages about in the cupboards for a glass, squeezing as much of the spilt drink from the rag as he can into it. He frowns as he sets it aside on the counter. Then he turns to the panicked woman.

"Miss Lilas, do you remember us? I'm Enforcer Pericles," he says in a soothing manner, but it's unlikely to have any effect while Tajah's still being unfriendly. "Do you know what just happened to you?"

Lycan 01
2012-05-13, 03:30 PM
Miss Lilas coughs, and tries to compose herself. After a moment, she inhales deeply, and sighs. "Yes, I remember you," she states. "I think... I think I fainted when I... when I realized..." she shudders.

Taking a moment and another deep breath, she manages to regain her composure. "My doctor... He took some samples. Blood, tissue... He said they were to find a match. He never said anything about..." her voice trails off, her face dark with worry and horror. "You don't think...?" she asks weakly; its obvious she already knows the answer.

2012-05-14, 03:54 PM
"A match for what, exactly, m'ss? And we're gonna need the name of this doctor, you realize." A second after she says it, she realizes she should probably leave the questioning to the Arbitrator, who is actually trained for it. She launces a look at Quint, with as close an apologetic expression as she can manage. Which, in her case, means something like an half-hearted scowl: apologetic has never been Tajah's strong suit.

Lycan 01
2012-05-14, 05:13 PM
"Transplant..." Miss Lilas mutters. Drawing her knees closer to her chest, she looks down at the floor. "I'm not... I... I can't..." she murmers, tears welling in her eyes again. Hanging her head, she finally mumbles weakly. "I can't have kids..."

2012-05-15, 03:41 PM
Me neither, and you don’t see me making such a fuss Tajah is almost tempted to answer, but bites her tongue just in time. She doubts Miss Lilas' story for why she can't conceive is half as bloody as her own, but she doesn't particularly feel like sharing.

“Th' doctor’s name, miss” she repeats, flatly "An' where he can be found"

2012-05-15, 04:24 PM
Quint frowns. "Miss Lilas." He hunkers down, probably looking as awkward as he feels. "I realise that this is difficult. The Arbites are doing everything we can to solve this case. If you can tell us what we need to know, we can leave, and you won't hear from us again until we have good news for you."